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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1909-1911, May 18, 1911, Image 4

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kdwIv'rteim1 fist4s q lq 1eo40ofll
sIubserlpt4oia 1'rIC4% Olke. vo)ijar a Ytii
Mi~t~td.t~ PIO o sUB i'ol) as SOCOMJI MR%
Mail Matter
Plewse allow 11" .'S,)flc( ill the
(learl old A.-.J.
Iiea1th of this -. -octi veiv
'mo tV preseti t, except, the I lit t I"
sonl (W All. 'and Mr.L. 'P. 'St
plieliis.- who has thuc -z e;Lsles.
1Rev. J. Ai. Vostevl tilled his
regular appojlt ilieit 41 WI11
taiii V~ ic ,'x churiichi lat1 S.i'i iiay.
-ils 1401111110) \V's fll ! (.1, vailiial
aaili fi-nd Mal..\
The I~ -ik apl
.1da fillcihcW.
' . 1 ). nlv a ole'i ~~ieii
Cltlilit V 1ic~( iida whic wnsiig
\1'tlv ( \Uiljo'i (Ao bY.- al prearu.
Mr.i Bartt ..,16hs
\I ill~it hci'iie .iidt aSndy
and A it Itet tit rabbitI
it wiil I -, his (lIji hif II sharn it
trijul Wav11iq vo i' 1W it ted,
Fo11 M Sn 1)rt. ofE.Y
(aioli tW wQ(i(th Mr 13d
dhi't4 Ihelc'ou~ Ii .1111 v iin
and sAltel IS, viane 1 al( . 1141Ii
Ch~ihh!l . of o-vo -u Ii~'v sa
11Il i i I ',' tter :i ,1.-t ll c 111111
1.1Ve MI.'(-cI11
fo Iliest. ~i o t -iMiheis
fioni vla( the ! n io lagst
tliel)Olbl 4) Soiili'ol i.We
Agricultural- Departmenit -at
Washington is accomplishing on
0he "demonstration farms."
rho article shows that on thes'
larms, where work is. conducted
m scientific principles, from the I
selectioU of the seed to the har
vesting of the crop, the increase e
in the yi'd of cotton-to take t
the (crop we o are most interested
in--hva, been almost, donbledl.
'Inll TI:::s the average yield in
p~onmis of seed cotton to the acre
n as 477, while oi the demon
stration farms it was,7.10 pounds.
hn i Loniama the average for the
stato was only 390, while that
for 1 Iodentontration farm was
781. In Mississippi the* -yield
was increased from 519 to 943:
inl Alabama from 474 to 1,220;
inl Georgia from 522 to 1,299: in
South Carolina 636 to 1,249: an id
inl North Carolina the iicias'
was froin st to 1,:):32. Ti
World's Vork justly commelts:
"T11,11k, t ,#)32 ponuids of cottonl
r')OW wre 681 grew before-by
t he work of Ihe sam oimen-is
n1ot l act of oratory or of legis
latioll or of learning, but it
marks a higher reach from the
lev i the Clod1lopper toward
theco level of the ellicient. nuI I
Ithan most ef1'orts at hnman im
povelinelt. can show. It. ma
niot, be spectiaenlar, buit it. izi
To Hold Farmers' !iistitutes.
C.1A:NsION CoL .Of(,
Mav 9, 1911.
). (,UWN.\.G:- -hile we are
_(o*ing: h) Spendq a1 good de.al ()f
timc I lis suIliner in (b1)':l ing
our live stock trainl. yet wv
kilow lt- It ere will be 1 .1re"at- I
1nov e111c 4 ltiols through whIch
WO Wil III 10 he 'Illo ct ariv flle,
gos~pel for in i p'o'' I agr'ieniItury:
ill Illik, wnlT. \V 1 flirefore have.
11) ble4' of 11O.a lee i f'. I lle re!.11 - -
wvilfeiat my wormk very
ma ,r:dly ifI ser I'j d firivlh
thee ns~ilieswill tahe their
ap'ilcalin IT pron ipfly Z11-1 s
i ibi. I w Il.111li it- it you
bring. tilis to Ohe atctnlioai
U. N . l.X.\)l . Engl.
houw~ for vaa ion1 from w La
drumll 'lle I!e.' "We are hn!in
have ?liss Nelie with us .mure
closed( Friday, 1 2t~h inst., with
a pienie. \We all grveat ly' '0
good9 term~ this cen-oni, with
jMies:t' E!zabe Mar 1:tinm as t h
i'(9ru, njufo .'Ilr. and \li's. W.r
E Owvens, oni the 2m)h nilt.,
RvJ.Travis Taylor lrea CL,
ed1 a fine Seronl~ to a lare run(94 -
ing at the Tah~ernlacl( church of
Pelzer next Suniday.
Unrrah ii for the Irolly line! itI
is comingL righlt thro( 'thb (9ur
town .. Gess wve can hmmn "al
Wants to Come "Back Hem..
.h hnso 1)i y, T e ., .\! C
rece'iv e hv( the inYa. ria!0 6.I
( armeia Int the 't acna
(Tnehfil )hai'glae a
il a t (b 9 . i. W. ile Iobr1s see
r''. dc r i I *li lox'o m e' r i O 1.\: 9ia
0ti .lt , m. ( . E'uin.:o
- '<rr-- e sn n
Most Painful of All oot AIlments. .
How to Cure Them.
The Mushroom corn is so called from
3 pitted cone top, resembling a tiny
1ushroom. It burrows -deep into the
)e and gets more inflamed than other'
orns. For the quick rellef and cure of
Liese and all coris and callouses the
allowing is the tr cst effective remd y
(ntown to Sei
ence: )isSolve
2 tablespoontu!:b
of Calocide Iot-it
Potilnd lit a 1
in of hot water. ioak the feet in this
or full fifteen ininittes, gently i:'rs
aging the sot'e parts. (Less time will
tot gir e desired restits.) All sure
Less inst:antly disappears and the corn
>r callous can be easily peeled off. it
iny be necessary to repeat this for a
Lumber of nights for a complete cure.
nut if adhered to it will surely succectl.
. little olive oil rubbed on the a: U
s very leneficial. This Calocide is t
e'ry remark able Iroparation 'o r : '
oot tii!lent's tnii i no longel cotii.l.'e1
,o doctors' tis. Any druggist 1:1,
nit stock or will quickly get it froim I.
wholesale houwe. A twelnty-fivet.'
package is uual ly sui cient to ]mt
worst feet in tinle Cond itioll. 1a1d ,w
Ing feet atnd ten(ler feet itid ill
ew treatments, likewise with idI11:
bunions. This item will be we a
by personis who have tried ineffer 'li
pmou' ders anid tablets.
: .. .
v-w h I In sit i -a I3 n k ill -l4 1
W InItIr I t o i:.3 s - ht Iiz S 1
; -4 : 4 I. ;I I .(,1i -t - I 4.
W a 4 ;i I f I .1. i 4le.-.1p:' : 1
. t": -ltt . 4 -- b
\ M P :' t . T'.: 44 ' '4 I'
I v41' I'.. 1
I ~ ~ ~ t kit I4't~ tt411
thn ~ ~ ~ ~~To oi h . wh>
a I i vl ri- t- . 1 . ' 4 '
: 4' 4: 4 , ~i ll s I T :
I. ,: I-;. It ner . 1 v m , ' I i -
i t it a . i h : A'
14 444? A . 8 1 ''.' r1i .
Pikn Lodgejc "'. 122
-voiin a~ter 44-- 4' ' 's ' Oht\-I
Professionald Cards
0Our house
R: .nging( l.from a 50' Calico to a
the Lady. needs for' her Spriin
For the Otuality of 'the Goods,
LOWESTF. WVe shall be plea
Prove our Assertion.
"Miore GOod? F
(B. B. B) CureS Through the Blood
Blod Poison,
tching umAors.
p. i(0n.-ba I'oo(O iz n'h
('1n1v Blood l'RiedN 1 . is the 4119o1
in the blood andli thet. '.: i i d- -
ing a Jimu I of ,i16, Iruh i i 411ik.d i '% I
he skin stuilace. i" -i I. 11(
wher..ver. t4h. t I-II4.,
w;y :il sores. nlceir. "imid -.. ei optiolns
.no h'-a l an; CU -t p:t '. 0 1a1i
of lb u timconso, slwbs'- o
B. . I. com oh tq Iv bo;'-'' oy
iPd.. t Cl1an heauithy clitlit ion, v'iving
ih ski i the I 'ii. ri i, o verfect
husalth. O. I. L. 4441
n i~am, en i earebe
;II :- 1 -i htn t ':, !\1 1.11'. 1- 4he
*4 ~ ~ ~ l M, '.il *. '
A l I ::.!- .*11
S1 a , Dr!eSo . -
Nodce~ ofEfcin
- ... i ng~
I4 t~i s ci -
- S i' - - a
4' 4iQV *~ i i44 A f I flu 411*i,
- - ItjU 1,f
;h n w i t 0 1h.
'*4 ik te'(c nlv 1'~)-'l ( pu iIIe ,the .
1.Csan . t'
-l ii i llh h( idl
lie'~~~ It'.'t' 4 .4 0 V.- Ii. I I wc~ii
: k- i s,101 1 4 ti 10 .'-' h . w
141.A r 4 4 'o 414 i , only Boar j( l1f Eil
T. ii\4LLU
lIw. a p .io tr1 -: th' li re" -
Sc 4, Di-re. nu be 10h.,benfi4
asm .,.:le r fo pri e no ol
0--.bbia- e t e'y o -o '
r uir -.10 ful ofth !.w
Mak.c-Uw " isierxyc. ept a ha).h
T myte Price SbhAo l1 .BE THrEt
h ed toe..ni sho u or oods and't e
t h tohe eldav o-1 e' g h c -.
'aubr .3s M 40 o Ta ~w" .
Knv nane l'itito -brh
Friends Hear Us!
HIere is the biggest BOX PAPER OFFER you ever +
heard of vnd 1he quality is excellent.
Sheets of Paper
En velopes
all in Nice Box, for only
A Little Better Quality for 35c.
This value cannot be equaled anywhere except
Symphony Lawn Box Paper
is perfection in paper manufacturiig. A
o ]Lr-ic 2O0 . jper '0->O
* To see is to now better. W% are ready with 01
+ the proof
Pickens Drug Co.
0 4 -to 'e 1), + -3 0 11 0 Qa sA , 4 .04
Quick Service Pressmg Club.
For first class work on gentlemans suits. Ladies skirts an
oat suits, kid gloves, gent's hat; and 'also new1 bands o!
ent's hats, see the
Quick Service Pressing Club
It it; the place where you can get first chss dye work don
at any time. Give me a trial.
Quick Srvice Pressig Club.
Now Upstairs in the W B. reeiman 1uildigI.
WlyneS LO )illsOfli~ POP.
No. 1. 50 acvres, 5 miles west of Pickens. 15 lacre; cleared, balni
ill ,woodhmfld alnd pature. good new -1-r(om honse completed an
small outbuildiligs within i[2 i- fmm f14 t nwli l iptist CAharel
"MOun itain View." This is n excellein pla. in a good neigI
borhoodl aIed a )-ain at $1,100. Terms.
No. 2. -1 -4 acre i frks of, road at Six Mih' ., 4-rloomu dwellin;i
s.oe ouse anid harn, This ik al 'xlell place for the ima
w lo wanis to riml. a stior. Going at 81,000. i erms, if yonunee
theml. Your MOvN. 1.0. lrls H \()tle
.No. 3. G. acres. known as 1 ite . W. Chid s Vace 39i '
of Benton Freimnu a nd th ' Cirk h-1ds. 2.) or'es wulti ...
1-ruoomhonse, hie yugi~ 4ranl. (I ~ you' wal this land
tCO00 say so . Termnu'.
No. I. 0 arrz (Iiw apla le I IDT ce nleal Mile crn.
Listen , no ~ w: ' od 2-st o)ry 'iroom hoinse, large b arn, 25 a'res i
enlItivatiion, 0lose toi Ss)'o tol n church,'I mil thw best impr1ov<
small~ lace' that i have~ oiin my llt '-1,0.50 on1 termlis of1 on1-1
No. 5. 187 I.- aen-i's, miil' w4'st of icHens, ri'oom 2.sh
dwl~itl:im \: w 4-iroom1 t'i-mmt hono ;'' oi d 4(n)thn'dings, 75 acree
cultivatiom, Zood1 pa~st uro mi~ or''hard~, 1 niOV to c'hurlch,
iljes to s'Ihool. 'i'hisji- a wellt imprm-IOVid p)l41e, 5omei rollinig I
bu Il heap 'I at 32 per* nere.
No. 0. 4e ares, known as the (Gtm<. ('i ennimnr place,' near'
C'. S'aborn)'s hiomii phiret 5 1-2 muiles- frin Pickeiis ini a splew
sectioni. It) aer ( in i (enliVati~i..~oh, p o i ->re ard, -oom house4 wV
IBox 264 Pickens, S.
Let~ ime wvrite v'oor lire inlsuran;ce; i'tl p.lac( yon. inl good
Cloth..-for ----c--Per Yard
and~ have toi buyh~ll accord in to'prs
goods wve coul~d posilyrv m5ace
c h c h s g g h a n s n e b' ) n - s p a n .jj h & b ,
anyv~her'~e and are al g. o ad
your . clcesadeg n rdc
thie very best possi ble priciie.
. ome14 to see lus weC wuil treatyt
,Onc.-nrice Cash Morv-Anrve,

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