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o ride Into Now York on a freight
train is a heinous offense. The law
says so. Rtailroad companies sug
gested the law and secured Its enact
ment. They prefer to handle their
- passenger traffic In the regular way.
Pares cannot so easily be collected
rromi passengers who are secreted
around the trucks. Fesides, freight
train trvelers have gained the repu
tation of being uncertain per'sonS.
They someties steal small things
n--at. richi persons would not think of steailing. Yet,
ayxainst them as the law N patrons of the box
pour Into New York at all seasons of the
An Ohio boy, one rmorning last witelr. was In
ouirt for beating his way Into the metropolis. le
only sixteen yers old. and rather sall for
isage. Ills coat fitted hfim a little too soon and
ewas o it. imadn't had time to slick
up since hle was pulled from the truck. Still. hie
was cheerful. Answered the court.'s questions as
:J it ere a pleasure. Tod all about the folk at
bitmeo. anid why hie left homne.
lIeI and another boy craved
the big life. Thef-y wanited to -
.o -m the iydst of sonething
and be soomething. Only, the m
oithe.r boy hatd a little hioth to
WA amlcbitions. w ie wanted to
go to Chicago, whero he hSd
!3n vmmat who, Ilef homer.
gen cy, might, be indaced to
vrovide food.
The boy who stood before
M lbio.nor waved his conm
xadet avway.
-a -told y c h ," he Said, - -
"that I would rnther be In
New York, broke anI hungry,
he Chicgo witha
m e liketa.vey to.re r . e
ri ther waed hiy fae sfans cud n
bat it.hretfthwa.
tol il inlsub ttill ithe same wa,ddntha
'fvit hoy' tory wthout beeing -,rngte e
iaYor, brokedican min hadry goebc tota
preference in (hgo oCiaoadlvn with
Nothingi~ cat ellusrt etratr tha lethmy nchumn
rht hre. f Naid y taehaps far other culd ever
hna it tharet af prtge ofthayrd'.'pua
hio ('uled. A byger back, haing "buffed" it
neede here, utor withu doencm. Theripoint res
thatxl .the ~cii~ had theepower to eatagethpat
andeast itno lShe gone, who heomparniless
ked comparisoonsb ol his nti twn. tohe
sare othrs in eto s.yh asoly Ia h
boTh call tdes noth trks thedof hew Yorozen
wrld; easti to thgoint whcag and east ins wsth
Jh. wes ~'is easJIt. haNho gt evryody tomes btn thisy
Sody hears. Moyllions youl ad like gn to et
:osrnctay. And uilntoeld husnsdocme'n
aloathinkstig ofxltrtebte thmpn 100,00 incide
he re nof New York. Pehapsnoohay.t e
The lrea forsotmuch omin th s pOlain. Eoul
:ryody blies. to biedwor wthan sufed'. The
.ngger there sutess thces beotte. NewYor isl ui
ijite Waty" hath pover tat a ak throughlth
night ands some ofite msto prodmgarisbrs.ero
-of te circlatingisil wodum t ~lt that thdazereny
-ocmmfu ity cni.
.ti as varet asf whieays limes, the esag tl
VIx wit is grea Nt severybo come bat evr
-of theasilos wondrflbines lierhp the cncspa
es ndt teybody wd lke atest to sdte ure.
TsiNew York in apeay.vrtemotipr
place rnfhich anytccoing iswhlean. hpen.
&ryasd lik. oa buh mine upldt masuesor Thred
ai ner tr uccessWhedd better. t New York. i
Har. builingefellridchest mnua vth wtet
'ayslto.y Hat er. cnega strpek thrug thec
iiarkt and soramedo he ankoht pairWhy
ver an Iaiany oeray conge, th Russagevou
aionist thanish ratrisucmesto thcom acounty
whirs wdoerful bgndsA. er . thatewity
:s nd u the stnewdo thew mottrk. adteue
Ase anr atlnspa ver~ieo the mosadstlendor-o
at grea' tot nw.therae sees .ode only tonte
astMr Royefellge, pai histanalyut visit to thee
ashow. Has Ca r.o Carnegie sled inathe iy
Ia m a a
/lsi."h w rhas" I h atwr
-xrml e pesn'eidsteophnIhm
'evs riwa rnpraionadbadwr
bthghlIutteso'aeu nseeywa
Itlckdincs. nCsee inCar4tclrp
pwld oth'hckerae yuh Itasascn
inwihte w rhn wee itig n h
stp f rnt chuch.Thesno wa rtn
donovrthi thn~ sholdrs rad aa
*h"gdwt eetins os-asfe ln
ategtmlsa or Nbd okda h r
phn.H tth rhnsieta itl pyxs
see pier seemo Ohave aIe the st wre
clerto thev horsonsohn bust burpdins andm
peole, and peplaernoo and board tlte bede
boah.Bt the nnsh owa mdetinscably vhat
pt ackdit.Ot.eei ~riclr p
Theained tshce-raded yth.s Ind wa t ascn
i'tnsehichire. two orhas be offtin N thrk
Atl orurinte shwwch he sanota driouge
rivwtedvto thei splendi sulrf Broadway whe
w hole thoughfareanseemedstohim tolew altreng
atight mesgn oaeu alood looed rat the r
Whay"-ah lit the orphans, ase ha litteampdytso
lookind straiendt ahednstrat uo thebsterealac
thateening. Nroradway he ianificnit sewl orlth
see inter oredoae ct"ea the era.th
clea mone tha hericnsar Notru uildveings mad
peolad't~e n bu ildiob ngrs taill tand a dgood
atoth inishle iwouad fintinbeershal ae bofa
The opeada oth cones poordly keel)xt hins sat.a
'rhoepatret sestuad fetd glasy eyed fromthe
witer foer. o ien mutp fbnd a too N York.
Allhdreisng tih show, nrc he ar nt og day
riaetd o the slepdto visaof hoeady mothe
whe nthrofringemhe to himkene b a tris
e-houe car opporstunto horse, hoofd.As when te
liht thegsirt thbaze mope alanered forehamWhie
Heycalls itis hallrtas He hadi NIewme itr to
bae! l grad! Al supas ingly grat! nb h
t hkind freds, he goiout t hn lobr rafact,
th evening No do his mgtiajobnt jtaree, ghe
twante oresubway cresent atri the ofer With
sevehe onevrtheleanspares ord so nn te
wythe compbyan' loferst, aecnde rygllof
bhe iatn' lloioud posfiitihmes. Neher anxa
the ounr So, he dnepol fora sixat oent dat ha
sidgstht raestauratts of glaosy eyte fom the0
wairepowr not givingicitip fnds natcho 'inhticade
thres oulgh th baterne arnight .oda
Tan goeo neseepm to drtvfhe ad osthr.
Thbway'. Onhi the oy awakdnedy a h mi
celeuso andsre tha noises, ranig rohr'
elevaes whehelras thores hetter. Atsbreakpuhe
hear the shrt therbyayaut motendanerdo hi, to
he.a.r. take am suddehn lurch back t tha of
FRO#7;1 ROM1 d/[A51Y
cvry y
big town. Going to run a
train driven by electricity!
Going to run a train bearing
fifteen hundred human be
ings, each of whom has put
his life, for a time, In her
son's keeping! Such confi
dence as the company must
have had In her boy to in
trust him with so grave a
responsibility. Oh, it is such
a comfort to her to know
that her son, whom she has
loved since she felt his first
heart-beat; for whom she has
toiled and suffered and de
nied herself-it Is such a
comfort to her to know that
he has been recognized at
what she knows to be his
true worth, by the most won
derful city in the world.
A year later, what rejoicing
there was in. the little home
when the boy wrote that he
was comIng back on a vaca
tion. Mother could hardly
read the letter, she was so
* .~ excited. Ran to the fields to
tell father. Ran back to get
___ dinner. Coud hardly cook
burned the eggs to a cr-isp,
something slie had not done
in thirty years, and had to fry sonme more. In such
a hurry to put on her "other dr-ess" and run over to
Mrs. Pratt's to tell her: "Mly boy is coming home."
The boy came home, When he took mother in
his arms andl held her for a full minute, she couldn't
speak. All choked up. So glad to see him, she
couldn't say a word. And, when she did speak, the
first thing she said, as she looked up into his brown
eyes, was: "Oh, my boy, howv pale you arc!"
H-e was pale. Hie knew it. S'ubway air makes no
redl blood-corpuscles. Kills some of the red ones
tihat exist. Nor does the electric light of the sub
way brown the cheek as the sunlight browns the
cheek or the far-mier. All the year that he had
been away, mother- had carried In her mind the plc
tumre of her farnmer boy. Never had dreamed that
her farmier boy would come home with a grayish
white facq. Didn't need to say she was shocked.
Looked it. The boy caught the message and laugh
ingly relhied:
"Oh, mother, all city folks are pale."
During the week that lhe reniained at home, the
boy was kept talking. Father and mother con
stantly asking questions, Seemed to miother as If
she couldn't ask questions enough. Wanted to get
first-hiand informationi about everything of which
she had read.
Six months after he returned to work, his mother
had an opportunity to see for herself, just how big
was New York. A telegrani told her that her boy
had been hurt. She nnd father found him in a hoe
pital, with his head bandaged until they could bare
ly see his eyes. At the end of his run, he had
tried to cross the tracks to catch another traIn back
and get to dinner more quickly. Didn't see a train
running in the opposite dlirection. Car struck him.
Picked up for dead. Seemed to have a fractured
skull. Fortunately, did not. Revived in the hos
pital and would get well.
Oh, but the mother's heart was glad when she
heard the best instead of the worst, Glad until she
and fathier went to the boy's room, Not his room
in the hospital, but his room In a lodging-house,
Glad until she saw how miserably he had lived. A
dirty street. A dirty house. A dirty hall. A cheer
less room. Little light. Bad air. A skimpy bed. A
frayed counterpane, Not a decoration, save her
own picture, stuck in the edge of a mirror-.
Her boy could afford no better place to live. His
pay' was only $2.25 a day. That is his pay from
the company was only $2.25 a day. The lire of
New' York made up the rest that was needed to in
duco him to stay,
Such is life for millions in New York. Not life
as the newspaper dispatches describe it. Not life
as the stage pictures it. Life as it is,
A few draw colossal prizes. A few more draw
good prizes. Bunt if only those should come te New
York who can earn a better living here than t! ci
can elsewhere, a handcar, running once a-day, wcuild
almost bring them in. 'inety-two per cent, of the
population have not ( a.wn enough prizes to enable
themi to own their own. homes, Yet peopte come.
Come from eyery state in the Union. Como fromi
every town in ever ,~ state-every hamlet, Come
from Itaby, Norway, Sweden, Turkey-comai froin
~verywhere. -
AVegetable Preparation 'orAs
similating the oodandRegula
ting the Stomachs and Bowels of
Promotes DigestionCheerful
ness and Rest.Contains neither
> Opium.Morphine nor Mineral
'W 4se.J dI
.$ - C(
4.A perfect Remedy forConstipa.
M (ion, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea,
t WormsConvulsions,Feverish
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
fac Simile Signature of'
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Miss Ethel Brown, of Allardi
I had several very serious
helped me at once. I advis<
womanly complaints to try
medicines for women, and re
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lot to suffer so, and endui
Mrs. Brown says Cardul hel
her trouble had continued fo
The Wonr
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reliable medicine, establishe
favorite remedy for weak
American homes.
Get a bottle from you
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Even Her Mother.
11er Mother-I feel, Mr. Owens
that I can trust my daughter to you.
Owens-You can indeed, madam
everybody trusts me.
Tf a dose of Hamlins wizard Oil take1
at night will prevent .your having a ba
cold 'in the morning. isn't it a good ide
to have it ready to take the moment yo1
feel the cold coming?
' Harsh.
Gerald-Coffee keeps me awake.
Geraldine-Me, too; I always drini
an extra cup whleni I know you ar<
coming to call.
Hicks' (CArumsz is the best remedy-rE
lieves the aching and feverishness-cures thx
Cold and restores normal conditions. It'
liquid-effects immediately. 10c., 25c., and 50c
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moral perfection-in others.-FInle3
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The editors of "Health~ hints" at
"Questions and Answers" havo one quo
tion that. is put to them more often the
any other, and which, strangely enoug
they find the most difficult to answe
Tha ,is "Hlow can I cure my constipj
Dr. Caldwell, an eminent specialist,
diseases of the stomach, liver and bow.e
has looked the wvhole field over, has pma
tised tho specialty for forty years and
convinced that tihe Ingredients containt
~,n what is called Dr. Caldwell's Syrt
epsin has the best claim to attontic
ro m constipated people.
Its success in the cure of stubborn coi
.tipatidan has done much to displace ti
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s of pain, conclude it is their
e the pain as best they can.
ped her at once, even though
r years.
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tan's Tonic
rite that Cardui helped them,
from vegetable ingredients and
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:1 for more than fifty years; a
women's ills, in thousands of
r druggist today. It will help
tore you to health.
The Wretchedness
of Constipation
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. ure veTTabl
Biai.u.n., I R
neat ad Indcgeaon. They do their duty.~
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n th e good health of all its members.

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