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IGHT I have a wor
with you, sir, witi
out the cabin ?"
Immediately lea'
ing my associates,
followed the shor
muscular, athletic fi
ure of the camup do(
tor out to the edge c
the forest. "What'
up, Doc?" I aske
"I want the 'elp of a man as 'o
the nerve to do an ugly job befor
daylight," he whispered sententious:
"Murder?" I tried to smile.
"Alaybap!" he quietly replied, to m
"I'hat lets me out, Doc. I'm o
for iy bunk."
"No it doesn*t" he hissed, folloN
Ing my hesitant retreat. "What bring
me 'ere late at night in a stormi
inore important to the company an
its hundred and sixty-two hands I
canip, than to you and me. This job
'goli' for-ard tonight, come what ma
And you who are handy with a gu
und I who have no talent for tal
afterward-wels, it's we two for tl
perfawimence. 'i diead serious, I ai
m-JnI you'll stand b y--i'll ('m ertainl I
tbat. Come, the tide's just a-turii
We'll havo to be mnovin' with it. lvei
Inoient we're nearer a stampede i
a panic in camp. Got your gun at
eneak to my hut right away. Not
!peep to them gents from iBoston, n
to any one else. We're going P<
bet-, understan', plain brown bear
That Alaskan night was of the fot
east! A fretful kainook bayed disnu
dy on the opposite shore where Hal
'ndians sometimes dwell on the
'tcanioe voyages among the Prince,
Wales Islands. The Coplan ,Coppi
,company's smelter cast fitful patter,
of alight and shadow upot 'the freezir
Ibay. The wild voice of, the hills sio
the vea beyond with a hiss and roa
January was in angry mood in ti
wilderness as I Wicked the snow fro
-my boots befote the doctor's cabi
udiYL his bound uttered a long, k
~idi vlthin. It seemed but a ir
rnent when our pipes were loaded, t
"whuskey" on the rude table beside t
- nnd the fire roaring in the doctor's I
th1k rus'ty stove.
T1urniing suddienly and bringing hi
list to the level of my face, tihe litt
mani unpacked himself brusquely:
"A -J correctly informed th;
you're leaving camp for the east
* ho next boat?"
''That's my intention unless th
storm detains mo."
W iell, sir," continued the doctor,
'le placed a foot on the hound's thh
fleck and recharged his glass, "I hoj
miothinig will interfere wvith your lea
uin'.: but I can't see the horizon or
Mtl mess flown near the Indian qur
tor's behintd the mll1. You see, I car
nay anything to those timid city dir<
tors about it, foarin' of their ind
cretoon and a tangle with the heal
otiler at the' port o' entry. Tihem n
rector's hate mie! Now you've appleal
Th ine as a man of tile woodls. You'
beeni about some where a mall's a
Lto be1 several1 tilnes a man. TI
4---d 1ndian must bo haindi
mightilly roulgh tonight. At least
can't weepi over him11. 1lie sneaked
night before last withlout permlissi(
sa~nd it'll ex plode anly mlinte .'"
Whenl tile doctor rultmmaged forit
black shlroud-liko gowns and carehe:
* ly t hrew t hem across the bed, 1 i
pected that we were either to lynl
somebcodly, commit a corpse to the s
or participate in some1 ghoulish ce
.anony3 of pagan belief amongstt
Elwashi across the bay. Finally
'blurted: "Doc, what are these bia
kimionas for? Looks like a hangin1
"it mlight better be a hangini',"
retorted, pawving amongst his apot0l
-cary stores, from whlich 110 occasi<
ally set aside a package. "It's sim
pox! That'o whaft it is-ini a cai
of1 panicky miiners ready to bolt on
fIrst whiff. Smlallpox-fourteenl-di
stuage, and1( a l)est house harboring t
d--d--( case. Do0 you understan:
Thelan with a toss of the head a
one of those sudden turns, upon
auditor wvhich characterized all Is
tense utterances, he growled: "Cci
~alonlg now, we've got to move ti
asett out of camp before dawn or, wv
youu'll see the company's boat in t
hands of mnutinous miners, and
creditors dividin' its assets in bat
r'uptcy, and me n-gein' to the COOP I
violatin' the law."
We skulked along tile beacl'1 as I
hs possible from tile glare of . t
.smelter. Black buzzards, sheltering
~a wood pile, chattered raucously.
'le doctor whispered: "Our pir
remember. If the buck shows fig1
do your part; I'il do mine. WVe
arvoidl a rough-and-tumble as long
!t*ssible. Hear that sea racing pm
the. Inleti Gad! what a pght
"th~en and childremit This bread a
bacon, won't' be lteeded, I'm bniiV
covmo av P
= T
A Poor brown devils--and yet-Stand by
a ntow, and If you feet yourself cavin',
>r bite that cigar like a mink trap a..
>r work away. Musn't bungle this!"
\Ve remained for a moment In the
shadow of the silent mill to rehearse
1. the "Job" about to be perpetrated.
1. The Indian's rudely-curtained hut win
at dow gleamed faintly red-a bleared
Ir eye in the dark void. We knocked.
A menacing grunt and a shifting of
rmoccasined feet within-nothing more
is hospitable,
g "The doctor, with food and medi
.e clne. Laet me in." We let ourselves
r. Into the hut before the Indian had
Sarisen fromt the floor.
The but reeked with the foul stench
npeculiar to the domestic conditions of
,wnomad IndiansH In this. region.
O_ We lured the Indian outside. Our
lereturn from pestilence to the cold,
ssweet air of the Alaskan forest, Intox
t-5 aedfe
Th0otrbga eaigy
5s"h intyurieoto h on
5 n ie o adyuwudls
. ih.Yule ad anyu n
It -dnee h elho h hl
' ap9o'egttwmymntst
padeof ,hyorfmlyo.e
m oved browar hec-anoet-Stand the
la bchan f O " feuaw orsic. cauntfor
meatr allway. Mu' bunge theiwate
esleeps-m obbe silenty. lie turee
a1 tShe reo aoThtlnet po'erpcomae
, h Inithis rudely-ctaineht inr
Sdwuleamedtyo fityredav gbveayou
c- ey winay te dlar vout Wtte rknod
i ncing rumn and awrhifing the
t ocined fhee wihimonthi've oe
Sltent me in the lhado orselve
m*ilo thcd hto beound the nin hua
whrien frm the flrk.Younrsa'
SThewhu e'eedo th quie foul wenchd
s Iitarto'. tayhn doeich cotion doo
rw oahnisitwhile ren.ee h
v e lur ndsied the Indian'sutsidle.Ou
reur rog peslkencae wa thcoldn
' swetaim the Alask norhsch itoay
Th- e doctor whose mieacihadlad
is vhyncd'tou stae otof tesicaon
liGo iexo mlsd you ost; lastl
(ngt Yous wate and damn youlen-y
pnayr'd tanhe te assh of hr whout.
caddpe ou'v oet he'~rr whenutes toa
npddl yourf o with ufatl so Now,
shot.h" v of.
is 'lng giveln h~ilsullommyans the
rn dotowarind thoe mgho y upongh
ttad allsday.to get when toat away;
he , the tl~h hiinsrltan ale caught(IC
d? flte wtr lznhead fitsdepy. ae
a"aft ofdiese anddet, ou'v hatred
ind;o tte wean, wihnat tointeer
in-t aorl doutfuoufat. I'e ground you
ne( day teo ear'n the ht fIre andko
at brncirng t'en vetig eckifthe s
Ul, t hadr for' rited nth. H'e g ot
rerashore.~l to hadvanid yolie p hul
its frotr theut Indarks. dyrr firueIahe'
Ik- fgid sotly, ayd aing towardlt (Othe'
Ir sering190 whil-esIctrhi squat
irgtrad eih athde rrint' ' lhe.w
ar As lon posie Yestee whe was'
he'and trm there le calledi ito layhi
We've oe awr d-fie ob; butd
n, gotingd to tihe it ageone Sedacaor
it, opftedrer da afte tomorrow, or pck
ast ser if d'mlinfeected. 'lagm
s in sirtle higoinavr tee ns er the
Sr etach, t's and ' iyo coe' thion-a
oda hundredet o dthin teslf et I'ma llt
n'. ir'rr geaboar off.''yo ofo
the states. I say-burn the Indian'
hut, sneak to my shack and lay lon
Don't explain anything. Those miner
woul'ln't stay in cali) a minute, an(
the health officer'd hang me for not re
portin'. Thanks, old chap, thanks. I
was a dirty job for you."
I heard no more except the woolie
gathering aloft and hitting the distan
sea with a roar. The sturdy littli
Doc would "finish the job alone!"
Firing the hut from the inside,
sneaked through the camp toward th(
doctor's shack.
It so happened (as it always hap
pens) that on the day after my grue
some job with Dr. Dickson, one of th<
visiting eahtern directors had a "tre
menjus case of cramps," as the super
intendent impressively announced.
"Now, where was that good-for-notj
ing, lying, scheming little Doe? Why
drunk abed, of course."
So, with this verdict, a collection o
exasperated directors visited Dicl
son's shack to rout him out. The (100
unlocked, but the dloctor was nowher<
ini camp). A meeting of the director
w~as called which resolved that it wa
dangerous to the camp to continue th<
Oml~lloymen~t or a man who was this
that and the other bad, incompetent
unfaithful thing. So D)oc was dis
charged on the spot, the while an in
' itation was pr1eparedl to another lphY
sician at Juneau to comue and filll thui
exalted position.
It was an innate sense of responi
sibility which impelled me to sten
away on the third night- after Diclh
son had gone to sea with his aicl
wards. Packing my light kit I bun
dIled upl what remainqgd and left I
labeled to .follow me in the Mary Ani
wheni the visiting directors returned tb
Ketchikan. My note to them did no
create a favorable impr'ession of mn;
attentiveness to their distressed bus!
"G entlemen: As I may serve y'ol
more by flnding Dr. Dickson than b;
r'emalning in camp, I have left som'
of my13 (dutile to accompany you 01
your v'oyage to Ketchikan. I an
cr'uising dIown the bay to hunt for 1111
and for-bears. While sailing, pleas,
look for' my fire and a freshly-blazel
spru'1ce On y'ourl port sideC. Kindly blo0t
the launch whistle every two ile
dlown. I ought to be0 fr'oml six to eigh
miles south on tho west coast a
Prince of Wales Island."
From the dloctor's shack I appr'c
priated his rifle, a supplly of ammtuni
tion andl such medicines as I though
he mlIght need; also I took soml
Scotch whlisky, and brandly, Ipies an
tobacco, . a cot, tent and beddIng,
stove, shlotgu~n and shells, field glasx
disinfectants, anid all the provisions
'old~ indu~ce tile cook to hand out.
One of tile squaw's babies hlad die
Onl the (lay following their rough v'o3
age from the mule. "And the ot he
little valrmlint," said Dickson softl3
"will pass in hIs chlecks presenltly. Th~l
squaw'll pull through if the buck don'
lay dlown tis week, I'm goln'
standi by the case a wile longer .1
y'ou say the boss isn't cussin' ef me.
Early the next day we heard th
siron of the Mary Ann., 'The launc
was sailing down the bay. What
said1 to the rubicund and pudlgy Do<
and1( just what he said to me as h
stoodI off twenty yards or so with eye
of greater eloquence than Is quais
tongue hlad ever known, doesn't ma
ter here and now. Suffice it that
mlade mly shuort but tangled wvay to th
shore alone, stood -under Doe's pin
shirt andl near the fat new blaze an
waltedi for the Mary Ann. Her pirat
c'aptain, seeing me waving a urna
birch sigr.stuashion, stopped.'his- 01
gino and drifted as close as he dqenie
prudent. In a few moments ie blaune
lifeboat had taken me aboard and to
a cabin load of sleepy directors. They
suddenly perked up with a chorus of
questions concerning "the irresponsi
ble little scamp."
Yes, I had found him in the interior
of the island. He had fallen in with
some Indians, and, well, to be quite
frAnk, he had asked me if the ian
agement and directors missed him,
and if I would convey to them his
apologies for leaving camp without
the usual polite exchange of a good
bye and so forth.
This twaddle exasperated them as I
had intended. Their language of and
concerning little Dickson shall have
to be fumigated before public use can
be made of it.
My violent and obsequious friend,
Captain Furloso, and I were alone in
the wheel house where he kept his
eyes on the companly's mail bag. As I
espied the bag a villainous idea seized
upon me.
"Have a smoke, Cap'n?" -I offered
the bandit this bit of eastern hos.
pitality in my most persuasive
"Cap'n," I began, leaning over his
smelly, little black and tan figure in
a confidential, warm-hearted manner,
"Cap'n, I wrote Dr. Bumpus of Juneau
a letter at the mine which I think I
ought not to send him until I have
seen some one in Seattle. Just let mo
open that bag a minute and I'll with.
draw it before I forget it in the rush
at Ketchikan."
"Cert," piped the captain, like the
good, brave soul that he is, "here's
the key." Then looking around fierce
ly at nothing, he half whispered:
"Ju't turn ,the key in the wheel.
house door. Them gents from Massy.
chewsitt might butt in afore 'you'
ione it."
So, having "done it" in a jiffy, I felt
assured that the temporary custody of
Dr. Bumpus' letter gave me control of
the situation created by my all-too
precipitate friends, the directors.
Just before we sailed from Ketchi
kan I enclosed the Bumpus letter in
one of my own and addressed it back
to the company's manager at the mine.
These letters, therefore, went to the
mine on the Mary Ann's return trip
and were in the manager's hands on
the fourth day following our depar
ture from Ketchikan for Vancouver.
This is what I wrote the manager.
a man preposterously jealous of his
ofilal prerogative:
"I beg to enclose the letter you ad
,dressed to Dr. Bumpus. pursuant to the
,direction of your board while I was In
. camp. In a fortnight Dd. Dickson will
return and explain the important service
'he has been rendering your company.
-"Inasmuch as my counsel and advice
concerning your company has been the
object of my examination of its proper
ties andl affairs, I suggc.t that nothing
be said to apprise Dr. Dickson of the
I action of your board, nor of its injustice
.to him. I shouldi regard the doctor's
resignation from your statff, at this time,
as a serious calamity.
"Meantime, I am explaining the doc
tor's absence to the directors while they
are on their wvay to Vancouver."
"Great little runt, that cahip doctor
at the mine," I soliloquized, as wve
finally debarked from the steamer and
settled into a Pullman bound for Se
"What's that?" came a screeching
andl derisive chorus. "lHe's a little
beast, anid if-"
"Now, see here, gentlemen, I've de
termined to raise you to the lofty level
of that little cut, between hero and
Seattle, or wreck this train in the at
So I told~ them of the heroism of
this runt of the wilderness, and heard
their snivols and saw their tears, their
hedging and squirming and justifying
and all that men do whose condiuct
should bring regret and remorse.
A month thereafter I received this
assuring report:
"Keotchikan, SS. Alaskra.
S"Dear Mr. fobs:
"I'm well againfi btu badly pocked. CGot
away from the Cape as soon as I dared,
and came here. The squaw pulled
throuigh, b)ut her kiddies died. I envy
themi The buck was almost decent while
I was down. Still. I've a mind to lick
him aplenty when I get strong again.
r "Two of the boys wvent to the mine,
sneakced my things aboard the Mary Ann,
and left my written respects for that
manager. I shall have him also to beat
t up when he comes my way. There's a
y rumor here that he has been discharged.
"I've heard something of what you did
for me with them entomological gents
from the 10ast. Much obliged. I'm going
Sto hammer the binacle off the one with
the blue whiskers whien ho comes to
Alaska fagain. Keep- this quiet, so I'll
have him to look forward to.
*"Much obliged for tihe port wino and
a other good things from New York. I'm
going on t ho staff of the Neille Mine next
s month. A..big bunach of the boys~at the
t Copian Mine -want to go with me, but I
-won't do that' sort of tihing.
"Yours in Todoform,
SIEleven days later I received the
I following telegram from the jubilant
e D~icksotil
l"Met and mangled the manager to
i- day. -He's' in hospital. I'm in jaIL,
d All, the ,boys satisfied.
b "DC.
Edjth-Vhat would you do if I at
tempted to run away and leave you
here in thb parlor alone?
Ernest-Why, I--er-would try to
eatch and hold you.
Edith-Well, get ready then, I'm
going to attempt it.
People Are Liberal In Their Contribu
tions to Young Men's Christian
This year Young Men's Christian as
sociations are likely, it is said, to
break all records in amount of money
raised for new buildings. The success
at Philadelphia, when $1,030,000 was
secured in twelve days, has given
stniulus both to Young Men's and
Young Women's associations. Added
to it was the $2,000,000 campaign for
buildings in foreign capit4ls. Brook
lyn women, with the aid of a few men,
have just secured $416,000; Atlanta
men, $G00,000; Reading, $217,000;
Elyria, Ohio, $127,000, where the coni
mittee asked for but $100,000; Charles
ton, S. C., $150,000; Raleigh, N. C.,
$75.000; Walla Walla, Wash., $18,'000,
and Lshpeming, Mich., $22,500. Asso
ciation leaders say three things help
thei in getting these large sums:
Christian unity, a short and public ap
peal, and real results accomplished in
buildings already erected.
Head on Crooked.
Little Pr. had always been taught
by his moth. r that God had made him
and that he ought to be thankful that
he had been made so perfect; eyes,
ears, feet, hands and all complete.
Ma mother had bought a new cook
stove and Pamie was examining It.
He lifted the reservoir 4d and looked
in. There was his picture, as natural
as life, in the water, but he was sore
ly troubled, while looking at It. When
asked, by his mother, what the trouble
was, he said:
"Dod might o' made me persect, but
he put my head on trooked."
IN1 OffWU ao W.Clg
1UL.L O oN. Paukow bt you ar
Tb formula is o1rnVy 1Anled tvm every S.,
balers for l0 yeaws. a. W oents.
That Liberal Congress.
"Washington has asked for one
hundred additional policemen."
"what about it"
"Congress wants to give them that
many new laws, instead."~
Wherther- from ha 14 Ieat, atetnachx or
koervous Troubles, onp kne wil ro~Meve you.
There are times in the life or every
..mail boy when he would like to as
sume the role of father to the man for
a few brief moments.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets first put up
40 years ago. They regulate and invigor
ate, stomach, l'iver and bowels, Sugar
coated tiny granules.
Man a man's Idea of being woU
dressed is noisy necktie.
Chills ai
cause a great deal of distrei
Rutherford, of Douglassville, 'l
I was caught in the rain, and
an~d fever. I suffered more t
rnedicines that I thought wou
four different doctors, but the
tried Thedford's Black-Draug
fully. Now, I feel better thaf
Is a wonderful medicine,"
has been uni'formly sulccessfui
when used to relieve chills ai
Is nearly always caused by s
bleed. Thedford's Biack-Drat
trouble by cleansing and purif
the system to its normal cond
siestic friends have writteni, fr
Ing of their experience with
medicine. They speak with
- rience. Why not try it for
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effectually; Dispels
colds and Headache%
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Best for men, women
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and old. '
To qet its Beneficial
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name of the Company,
plainly printed on the
front of every package
of the Genuine
The Lummus AIr
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success. Guaranteed su
perlor. Thousands In ser
vice. Built to lagt a life time.
Ask for list of users, sent
free with catalogue.
Bunldersef Air Blast and Brush Outlts
Box 710
ober starch, ey 1 i ounce"am price and
Atlanta Directory
Atls. endn.O Qae BLPhot
!7hC - . 3 -.c t e 1 ? -
Barber's Furniture
and Supplies
K*n.,fitures and chair
for' satatog.
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DYE everything worn by men and
woman; also household goods. We
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24-28 a u oeean Guita, Georgia
id Fever
s and sufferin~g. Miss Edna
ex., says: "SoGme years ago,
was taken with dumb chills
ian I cani tell. I tried all the
id do me any good, and had
y did not help mie. At last, I
ht, and I improved wonder
t I have in many months. It
during more than 70 years,
id fever, in any form. Fever
>me form of poisons in your.
Ight strikes at the root of the
ying the blood, and restoring
Itlon -and efficiencyr. Bntlig- -
om all over the ounty, tell
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hedford's. -

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