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ifted aftPckens Pustoioe as Seom0 0lass (
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T4UR8DAY, JUNIC S. 1911.
Old Soldiers' Reunion.
Saturday. June 3, was a great
day for Pickens and the Confed
erate Veterans of Pickens coun
ty, the ocda ion being the an
nual reunion of the Confederate
Veterans. The good women of
Pickens Chapter of the United
Daughters of the .06fined'eracy
were hosts to the Old Soldiers,
and right well did they do their
part. An interesting program
had been arranged. Forming
at the Methodist church the
Veterans, headed by the First
Regiment Band of Easley,
marehed to the courthouse,
when the following program
was rendered:
Prayer by Rev. J. E. Foster.
Music by the band.
Mvrs. .T. J. Mlauldin, president'
of the Chapter, in a few vWell
chosen smlences,welcomed \et
(e1ra1klls tiul f'riildls.
H1 ]onl. Ham1. Crai;g, nm,-yor of,
(v wriit . en by \rs. (1 1, . tlihin
NVOn,1 ild r ('I by ) l s. ('. .
P. KI(~8' 4 1.1 v ' I VI JI -\
Tr m, v i fs. i o J. k vol
Gee. J.til M. C.unn ." 1'
ior G. I'. Kirhv. tof tw
'Met hodi 'ivrch (W aielo-:
D W the addres .
('rompt a Holnk were mre
seeld 1o the fOlwig: l , dI .
Allgoowd. W. B. Ur1amllett, F.
rmagwell, J. r. tlin, . tn
co, Jas. N. Cox, J. rank Fol
ner, Jas. A. Grifli, J. J. Herd
Mathew eiendrix, A. E. Kelley,
-P, E,. Mauldin, G. WN. K,,lle~y
. P. Mahaffey, A.ner . Mc.
Gee., J. M. Mlgenkn S. T .
Prior, W. O.pfingletoni, G. W.
Troti, an.d . Townes, Daniel
tW schester, W. T. Aiken and
D. W. Cantrell.
Imcpromptu talks wefr mtde
At severalmo the Old Solder.I
thog the courtesy of the o
grybohy arowdrepare to e
cthousay an Prnonere t la
gishdsreat aSucncfuldin
ne.The od msolicr mad band
added geatlg the easrs ofhnr
Ther vaso alrg crodcin
oni faro the ood behates o
the Detretd everiheres.
at certaington spand we othe
withpleasuricen htcounthy.
shoin 2.4 per henld Thlis
plaee hie utomobithe listesn
lrogh he uromte 21t
fwrst pl achm inis. Kn
droseryody fouer to tenjoy
plhe. day, ntir proouedt a
ofrtht suterss. e i 892
after mreyt thn plears of
The, valionaet pretired
bnree of he Yoknity, Stas
the Depthetspot whef hgisculthere
is bpleasure thsad owuthearo
8inra eads.bnhinrae
plcs e'1t i.hels and
brnshr pfo te2s
>resent Isver
There ws a I".* a
dross Roads chuydh.a . SmUn
lay; an all'day sinki nd
inner on the gre40 Those
vho were present repodgt
Misses Nona and Maud Talkey
mntertained Messrs. Byron Chil
Iress and Oscar Looper last
Mr. .3111 Hooker,. 'of liorth
Darolina., visited relatives ad
Eriends here last week.
Mrs. Elvira Robinson isort a
visit to her sistdr in Rome,' Ga;.
Mr. and Mrs. Tomnie Looper
visited4.'ard Mr. W .
3utherland last Sunday.
Mr. Malvin Hunt is. slowly
recovering from a very severe
Dr. W. M. Ponder, W. D,
Sutherland and sons and Mart
Hunt and sons, of Dacusville,
and Bud and Arthur Masters,
Tally Clark and John Medling,
of Greenville, enjoyed a hunt
ing and fishing trip to the
mountains last week.
I know the girls would eijoy
riding in Walter and Segal Bol
dig's iew top buiggies; butt my
deal ".Blue Lil.Ivaes,'' we have
lnew top buggies anid rubber
tils ill (ol I acuisville, and our
"irls are ge ting 1sed to theml.
Sueh Iiri fles. Cu11so no flttring
ulum1 0111 l femllniitN; igyi
A Pickensite Over in Georum.
3lo'srs. J. E. MedlinanT. 11.
S'e.wIrt, roeeitly eljoveIe a trip
aniongu th "Crac*'iokers."
Tiu- v~fied the1 Fmne'
brot her,31r. . \1. .e(lin, whoimi
Ihlo fomund well and dIoing fino.,
On1 Suiubli they attelded
hurch and Sidlay -school at
\Woif Stake. whore they listened
toi (aOtpinent semoi Iv Rev.
L. M. Lyda.
They spent the afternoon with
Mr. V. M. Murphree, formerly
of Pickens, who is conveniently
domiciled in Oconec, on a nice
farm, and is making good, and
just laughing up his sleeves.
Mat. is superintendent of the
Wolf Stake Sunday school, and
everybody seems to be delighted
with him.
We spent Sunday night with
Mr. V. S. Medlin, another Pick
ensite, who appeared to be en
joylig prosperity:
Monday morning we left the
hospitable roof of Mr. M. and
started for Georgia by way of
Prather's bridge, and .landed at
our destl4.opskbut.4 o'clock
in the .afternoon, where we
found Mr. 3. A. Peek comforta
bly situated on one of the finest
farms in the up-country.
We also run up against Mr.
Jai. Hendricks, another Pickens
boy, who has a fine farm and
is stirring the soil in the usual
Pickens style.
Mr. Hendricks and Mr. Peek
are experimenting on corn.
They said to tell their Pickiens
friends that are contemplating
moving to Georgia that they
wvill try to supply them with
After spending a couple of
days looking over some fine
Georgia soil we returned hpome
and found all well.
Those wanting fine lands at a
low price should take a look at
Mv~r. Peek's numerous places.
North Pickens Appointments.
The following ar'e the appoint
nents of Rev. E. L. Thomason,
?astor of the North Pickens cir
~uit for the Year of,. our Lord,
.911. Let everybody encourage
he preacher by keeping his ap
ointments in mind and giving
urm good congregations:
morter's Chapel 1st Sun. 11'm. ]
i'riendship 1st Sun. 3 p. m. ]
sethel 2d Sun. 11 a. m.
ew Hope 2d Sun. 3 p.m.
cKinnie's Chapel '2d Sun 11
alepi 4th Sun. 11 a. m.
What congress didn't do to
rimer na rbe~ the IllInoileg
l ther ei'fo
dlpises noe gie -,uch uni
ssaction :sVke's
EczmanLotte In -the treit.
mient of Eezema, Tettpr 9..ar
I , . a'* . ).
ber'sIth; Rngworm, Dryor
Sall tn, Pimples or Erp
-ins - of any kind, including
.avy Poisoning.
eisn't pleasant to be affltt
ed ith any skin dieae, fbut
no aliment is mores orEp
Sttstic say that one person-in v.
ery three suffers from som im of.
skin'disease--and most of(4M auf .S
fori=tinc nd co i .
b e seo a f
cacy occasioned by the utireasonable
prejudice against aftlictionsof this
Dike's Eczema Lqtion, 'applied
faithfully, will do more than re
lieve the itching and scratching.,.
If any skin diease is curable. this
reliable remedv will cure it.
2 Sizes, 50 cents and 61.00
Pickens, S. C.
Comle inl andl hear the
Victrola-the instrumient
y\oul have seen adlvertisecl so
extensively as "the most
wonderftl iislical instri
ient the world has ever
You can't know how wonder
ful it really is until you hear it.
Why not stop in today?
John H11I. Villianlis
CGr nville, S. C.
Pend leton St
Our house is
New-Crisp S;
anging from a 5c Calico to-a $
~he Lady needs for her Spring'
or the Quality of the Goods,
-O WEST. We shall be please
-rove our Assertion.
A. K. F
Vest Ehd.
( 0.. B.) Gurs Through The Blood
Blood Polson,
RZheumatism, Eczemas
Itching Humors.
B.1B It. (Botaii Blood Blood) is the
:niy Blood Remedy that kills the poison ]
In the blood and then purifle-1 it-send
Ing a flood of pure, rich blond direct to
he skin sarface. bones. joints, and (
wherever the disease is located. In this E
way all sores. ulcers. pimples. eruptions
are healed and cured. paine and tcbes
of Rtheunatirim cease, swelling. tubside.
B. B. B. completely chan)'es the body (
into a elean healthy condition, ?ivimg
the skin the rich. red hue of perfect
health. B. B. B. cures the wosst old
cases. Trv it.
pIeasit and sate to take; composedi of pure
lotiaic ingredients. It purifies and enriches
the blood i. 11. H . strenigthens the nerves
mimd bmid . otime torokem down sytm )rug.
rists $1 .4ii iiL NA I I Ti i E with diree
tIonis for home cure.
Sold at All Drug Stores.
1.8 \\'HAT' Y(jUREQL .IU
16S Wllt I 01 1t41 }A01
111H811 0 * .1Ls 11
'ITEA %.')I J I-tICE. LOE '1,A -
H. o n ider,
SCleanses and beau tifieg the har.
Prnoe t lual o wth.eGa
- NverFaIltos *storer
oto it YouthffUllo
C.oo thca diseases & harhling
' M (ex0 c epl0 t 0 a hat.
:. t show you our Goods and
0en" .1 e g
REAL,.tC~ rJ
io. 1. 50 acres, 5 miles west o Plickens, 15 apres alaiee
a woodland and pasture, good new 4-room house an,d
mall outbuildings within 1-2 inile fropa the -ne - hurch
'Mountain View." This Is an excellnt plce in a neigh
orhood and a bargain at $1,400. Terms.
To. 2. 1 3-4 acres In forks of road at Six Mile, 4-roorfh dwelling,
tore house and barn, This Is an excellent place for the man
'ho wants to rup a store. Going at $1,000. Terms, if you need
hem. Your mov.
To. 3. 64 acres, known as the G. W. Childtess place, joining lands
f Benton Freeman and the Clark lands. 20 acres in cultivation ,
-room house, fine young orchard. If you want this land at
1,100, say so. Terms.
io. 4. 40 acres, known as the Parker place near Mile Creekb.,
Asten, now: Good 2-story 7-room house, large barn,'25 acres in
ultivation, close to school and church, and the best Improve(d
mall place that I have on my list, $1,650 on terms. of one-half
,ash, balance In 1, 2 and 3 years.
o..5. 187 1-2 acres, 5 miles west *of Pickens, 9-room 2-story
lw41ing , new 44eom tenant house,"good outbuildings, 75 acres in
,ultivation, good pasture and orchard, 1 mile to chuich, 1 1-2;
niles to school. This Is a well improved place, some rolling land
)ut cheap at $27 per acre.
Nlo. 6. 62 acres, known as the George Kennemur place, near W. 4
. Seaborn's home place 5 1-2 miles from Pickens in a splendid
section, 40 acres in cultivation, good orchard, 4-room house with
:mtbuildings; small tenant house. Price, $2,500, $900 cash, bal
ance $250 per year. How would you like this.
B1ox 2 64. 'Pickens, .C
Pickens Bank Building.
LAet ie, write\ your fire insurance; I'll place you in KOod re
liable conie)Ti(s
Blues Wrh of Con
W i# i that our prices on an average are lower than
any concern in Pickens County-that do(e; a time business.
Tch trade that we hold ought to prove thi;. We have some
special valiies worthy of your consideration, which we quote:
Ribbon, No. 4o, all silk, for joc.
Japanese art squares, 9X 1 2, $3 48.
Good tumblers for 15c set. Extra heavy tumbler-will +
stand sone falls and probably not break--25c set.
One set Glassware, consisting of butter dish cream pitch
er, spoon holder, sugar dish, all for 25c.
Jelly Tumblers ---35c to 40c a dozen.
Large white bowl and pitcher, with rolled e'de bowl, for.
Extra good values Bowls and Pitchers for $1.5o.
We have on hand---one only---bed lounge that we will sell
for $io.oo --well worth $12.50.
.Bed Springs---i 20 coil folding spring $1.7 5---1 20
coil heavy spring $2.00.
Nice line window shades 25, 35, 50 and 75 each.
Galvanized Sprinklers 40c---Now is the time to use sprink
lers on the plants and flowers.
See our fly trap for 20c.
Lot calico, checks, igas ht lt cyr o
quilts, &c.igas~wiecoh cyr o
What about that plow shoe? We have a splendid one,
for men, for only $1.oo.
Ladies' all leather dress shoe, will give ,satist action for
Cooking~oil ioc per pound or 7oc per gallon.
2 cans apples 15~c.
Large can string beans i oc.
Visit our store frequently. Look for our ad in every issue
of the Sentinel-Journal. Will tell you of the good things we
have. Yours truly.
One.-price Cash Merchants.
P. S. Dont fall to see our suite of Drexel Furni
ture on display for $35.00.
Phone 45.
Pickens Bottling Works,
-t R. Davis Proprietor

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