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i"4 nN'WI
31j.m Ohugg OU Dnow ad Some
Ion DOEn Know About Our
S ~ TOwns, Countya Popli
- L. Hester and wie, of
Woodstock, Ga., are visiting
rehat~es in Pickens.
-Mrs. C. R. Ferguson visited
relatives and friends in/Easley,
Saturday and.Sunday.
Our space is taken up this
week in such way that we have
to carry over several good ar
ticles until our next issue.
-Oourt convened- and also ad
ourned Monday. There was
very littl'e'doing except the pre
paring of the A-rand jury.
-Capt. D. 13. inney is feed
ing his boarders on nev pota
toes, peas, beans, beets, and
other truck raised in his garden.
-WIANTEI-FiVe or six relia
ble colle ctors to travel: $60 to s90
anmonti ,, Bond1reIuired. W\rite
F. P. Si'r.:Li-:, Angusta, Ga.
-WANTrE'ID-'jo let coitro-t
with part y to Log Saw Mill with
10,000 feet dall v capacity. Ad
dress . P. Q. Box, No. 3JIG, Sww
ter, S.C-.o -m
-Lost; on stretof Pikes
Sunday, bet ween1 m-11Y residence
and P7resbyterian church, gobi
locket, "M. E. G." engr-al oil
it. Su"itahin reward for retu-n
to JAS. M. G.ANT.
1. F. Paroni has remo1deled
his home, "Maplerroft'' and
110w has ofnE (V the cosiest little
"nests" to be found in Pickens,
and, Dame Rumor says, he is
pining for a mate to occupy it
with him.
*The contest is certainly
warming up, and it looks harder
now to place the winners than
it ever did. Some of the hind
-e'making great
gains, and Is a neck-and-neck
race with of therh.
-Mr. a . Mrs. Geo. S. Legare
have arrij at their summer
home in F'ckens, much to the
delight o'f their .many friends
here, who so deeply sympathize
-with them in their recent be
-Aickens is surfeited with
social events this week, all of
them falling on Thursday night
-a mardage, ,a'reoeption to- a
lyride and groom and a reception
A by B3. F. Parsons to Rev, and
Mrs. C. A. Waters.
-We are requested to an
nounce that the boys of Bethle
hem district will meet next Sat
uurday, 10th inst., to organize a
ball team. All boys who want
s.to join this team are requested
to be present at Mr. J. W.
Dorr's, at 1.30 p. m.
-J. T. (Bub) Richey has been
apilinted by Governor Coleman
L. Blease, as treasurer of Pick
ens county, to fill out the unex
'.. pired term of Mr. B. D. Garvin,
deceased, and will take charge
as soon as the comptroller-gen
oral checks up the office and
turns it over to him.
-Married, Sunday morning,
4th inst.,by Rev. John T. Lewis,
Miss Lula Ballew and Mr. Rob
ert Evans, all of the upper sec
tion of Pleckens county. Their
many friends wish for them
much happiness through life.
A hearty pair, they paid their
fare-and went on their way re
~ oicing., *
-B. B. LaBoon, state detec
tive, has been doing very effect
lye work among the blind tiger
element of Pickens county, since
he has been commissioned, and j
iong his latest seizures were t
about 50 gallons of whisky that I
lie got on a raid' Saturday night C
and some, five barrels of beer t
seized in' Easley, Monday. I
Wherever Mr. LaBoon hears 11
of affiolation of the law he looks
a fter the niatter.
speak at .GrliAtn church 'next
Sunday at"1 d. rne.on the 3ib
jeot of eduatiOk. Tere vill be
nQ cpliection -taken up for this
purpose and the ,alk is given to
create greater interest'along ed
ucational lines. The public is
cordially invited to- attend.
Prof. Iughed is well known to
many of our.readers and it goes
without saying that those who
hear him will be greatly.edified.
-We were honored Monday
by an agreeable and substantial
call from Mr. J. P.- Lark and
his est'imable wife, of Easley,
R-'2.r The editor regrets that
he was absent. and failed to
meet these old and valued
friends. To one of the Journal
force who waited on them they
extended-the "warm mit," and
through him invited the hungry
editor to partake of their hos
pitality at his earliest conveni
ence, which the editor'will make
it "convenient" to do 'long 'bout
waternieloh time.
-Malrried, on Sunday. J une
4, at the riesidence of Mi.r. Calvin
Keith, Miss Hlattije M. Moody,
of Gi'N-envi1ll county, S. C., and
Mr. Idwjin R.. Griffil. of PielI
els coty, lie. WN C. SeabIhorn
offciaing 1Te bideis a;
daihter of I. J. W. Moody
()f North ren il, hl til
groomi is 1the youllgest so' o"
a l1t. -Jamles .-\ Gr1iffjj. yht
.OvIn" Couple )pssess man n.11
bl Chr istiael i acteristies ald
nubrtheir hirr by- the(
s'ore. TrJ ~ many friends join
the wvriter inl extemlding congrat
tflatioi.; ai( wihing them a
lng, happ1 y 111l prYoVPer(Nu voy
a-e thr-on~gh [ift
Liberty Circuit Appointments.
liberty: 4th Sunday 11 a. m.
and 1st Sunday night 7:30 p. m.
Ruhamiahi: 1st Sunday morn
ing 11 a. i.
Bethlehem: 2d Sunday 11 a.
m. and 4th Sunday afternoon.
Gap Hill: 3d Sunday 11 a. m.
Fairview, 3d Sunday after
Twelve Mile: 2d Sunday af
The mocking birds are with
us agailn, and all the world is
ringing with their mockery.
The government's crusade on
coca-cola will probably cause a
great many more to drink the
beverage. Sweet are the juices
of. prohibition, and forbidden
fruits,~reye ever tempting..
Secret Order Meetings.
Masonic-A. F. & A. M. meets
Saturday nights on or before
the full moon
Chapter-R. A. M. meets Fri..
day nights on or after the full
K. of P.-Meets every Mon
day night after the fi''st and
third Sundays.
W. 0. W.--Meets every first
Emd third Tuesday nights.
City Council meets Tuesday
nights after first Mondays.
They have decided to educate
iwo- Chinamen each - term at
West Point. Gradually the
Jelestial Empire may get its
ilmond eyes open to real war
Speaker Champ Clark had
~igned for ten lectures at Chau
auqua, at $900 a week and ex
enses, so he lost $10,000 by the
~xtra session of congress.
"There is a pleasure in the
>athless woods," wrote Byron, t
>ut such poetry will soon be out
>f date, unless the conservation- t
f-our-forests movement gets a
IOtice 01 Sale.
By virtue of an order of the j
'robato Judge of Pickens couun
y I will sell at the residence of 1
L. B. Gilstrap on the 10th day
f June to the highest bidder for
ash, the personal Property of C
he estate of Mrs. L. A. 'DIacus, j
eceased, consisting of house- a
old furniture, at 2 o'clock p.m.
Arthur Jones, d
[ay 25, 1911. Executor. 8
t'drysiev a Bnke fa:
-See W. A. Thor &
8. C. Rhode Island Ued eggs
$1.00'setting, good hatch guar
-For land anywhere. in Pick
ens county see or write J. R
Ashmore. "The Land Man."
-Dr. T. A. Seawright's Den
tal office is in the Mysonic Teni
pie, upstairs, over the. Pickeni
Drug Co.'s store. When in nee<
of dental work call and see him
Two Ways of Kill
ing Corns
Some-persons -prefer a cotn
plaster, others prefer a liquid
treatment for ridding them.
selves of corns
So long as it does the work re
quired, either method of
treatment is right.
Dike's Corn Ease
A liquid that dries and forms a
thick, medicated, protective covering
over the corn, whille loosening the
hardened tissue so that it can be easi
ly removed after a few applications.
Dike's Korn Plaster
Acts quite similarly. It has one ad
vamntage over the lili: t is verv
con venioit for Ile use of I ravelers
and those who do n.,r. like o b
* ~ ~ ,,.........
bther with i piim.I . tim other
ery-dayv hii'--.elche a1- :o I for what
i it b tle
Pickens,.S. C.
127th Year begins September 29
Entraltne exammion a t alt hl''om
-iats on Fri:tiy, July 7, at 1ti. in .
TLhe College is wvel endove(. e
Kahn it to uitin t16- highest stind
It offers coml)letet 4-Yeiar cotirsus it
A twient mi 3114id odern Lanigiages. Al.mtie
matics, History. Economcs, Science
and Engineering.
Courses for B. A., 13 S.. and B. s
degree with Engineering.
A free tuition scholarship to enci
County of South Carolina. Vacan
Boyce scholarships. giving $100 a yen
and free tuition, open to conpfttiv
examination in September.
Expenses reasonable. 'rns an<
catalogue on app~lication. W rite t o
- Charleston, 8. C.
Notice of Election.
Wheseas, a petition from the free
holders and electors of 01.-. oy
School District number 86 has b'.en filed
with the County Bo rd of Educatiori
asking said Board for permission to hold
an election to determine whether or tnot
an additional extra levy of four mills
shall be le'ged othsaid.Pitet f o r school
It appearing to the County Board of
Education. that the petition meets the
requiremnents of the Jaw:
Therefore it is lhereby ordered that the
Trustees of the above named District d
hold an election in above named District
for the above stated purpose, the elec
tion to be held at Oolonoy school house
on Saturday June 24. The Trustees of
the anove natned District are hiereby asp
pointed Managers of said election. The
election to be held according to the in -
qhuirmnents of Section 1208 of the School
By order 01 the Count~y Board %r Ed..
scation. tK. T. H ALLUM.
Chim. & See.
Schola'rship anid -.En
trance Examination.
The examination for -the award of
racant scholarships in Wimtherop Col
ege and for the admission of new stu
lents will be held at the County Court
louse on Friday. July 7, at 9 -a. mn.
Applicants miust be not less than fifteen
rears of age. When scholarshiips are
'acant after July 7 they will be award
d those making the highest average at
his exrmination, p~rovided they meet
'he conditions governing thei awardl.
Lpplicants fur acolarshmtp should wr'i e
o Pi esident Johnson hefore the exami.
Schiolarshiips are w"ortha $1~0i mwal free
p~temiber 20, 1911 . For il'uher infor
ation and catalogueo. a- drtess Pies.
i. B. Jhn~on, hoe k lull, i. ,
lotice to Debtors and Creditors.
All1 persons holding claims against the
ste to of the late Mrs. L. A. Dacus. de0
~ased must present the' saime duly
rmoveni on or before* the first day of
Luly 1911l, or be debarred paymient and
I Persons indebted to said estat mkust
Lake payment on or' before the above
ate-to the undersigned.
Arthuar Jones,
May25 .- Executer.
4.- mn
El . -
Deige by ose
Pikn, .O
'I8f iCoe ikn ak
PeIc atCnrleer endy
C ateHl
Kni. mf P.
Prte onesiona Cardp.m. Moda
By ordereof
is L. Cta. ,.
SA R . R. . IoL ad
Paten Logstne Sndle2
Kie tiu rvlof wheP.,
.9tatend ovSion S 3p.in, Ina
eveningafer hlt b a d Bo dya.
Worw atl eafrath. 1w~
By Evrdear e of hg ls ae
sae.ig Qu ality.CC
Running Cadost StyBinghA
'pAent TonYouit ncej~g
oiled ithou remova ofwheels
qpaened Sd Spng ...
U t
Ski, Dep
. I. x
Yes, and m.n aity a pret
ty tace tolps A multi
tutde of sins.
Now when you get
clothes -at Roths
chil-d's you can sjafely
buy those that look
good to you-because
weknow tind have
Stud1(ied thle essential
Iui nS OUT
I Yesand lay a) re4
by thre tos to k
tdoes'ins th*ie
cldesseda polh r
bu ther thravt ok
tald &sWeil, Chicago.
w ren aind hae*
ears -,r C Iothier."9
e 1 or Ismem en em
-SEE- /
Greenville, S. C.
Strictly one price
ATri.ETIC CUT CLOTHEs' orMnyBaki o r
N EW YO RK not Siid.
Mu chi Needed Necessaries
nerfe of Ph ve thin we have to ofe our custome r iste
to never clog up, saves cuss words, hard feelings andl mule pdwer.
You need a grain cradle? We have the best 14-finger cradle
Enamel ware, all kinds. The best (Jualit3n $he market.
Ourl 1c counters contains mtany ar'ticles you need each da.
re e I ) r ar d( Wndm s. t 11s sell you these absolute
Our 0 rocery Deparit mn rt is compil e e. SeeN o oeh
goOd1 in this~ de(partmn ent.' nu o o ehn
Coq ctr e nicE' line' of Hard ware, Iubber Roofing and
darmykng atov ith offset, 15-gallon tan k attachment js a,
Oome to see us.
Picken Harren &rocerr Co.
T. It. ALLEN, Mfgr. - s

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