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For Self:
(Copyright. 1911. by A
"I'm positive it's - Ralph," Vera
eaned forward in her steamer chair
get a good look at the man who
ha d Just passed. "lie has marched
ar und about 40 times so far this
mor ing, Phil, and I do wish you'd
find ut for me."
"I dn't know you were so keen
on diggi g up Ralph." Phil's tone
was a rr. re grunt of disgust, from
the depth of his rug. "Didn't that
die out at - nehurst last fall?"
"Didn't w at die out?" Vera
looked medita Ively and innocently
out to Pea.
"Weren't you eA gaged?"
"Not exactly."
"Not exactly? Up, n my word, Vera,
you girls get on i V nerves. You
think love's a Polo gine. When a
chap conic's a cropper, \you lift your
eyebrows, and say it's ktoo bad he
can't play right. You kNow Ralph
was awfully cut up after ".vo6 left,
and-when did you see him las',t?"
Vera rose, smiling mysterioubly.
"Phil, it wouldn't be right fir me
to tell you. It's bad enough t9 en
courage those-er-polo players, iibut
it's worse to give a "description'.,of
how they took the tumble. Go an'
find cut from the ship's list if it is
Ralph; there's a dear. And it it is,
look him up, and be nice."
Most unwillingly Phil obeyed in
structions. There was over six years
between Vera and himself, and an
elder sister has rights which even a
fellow of eighteen has to recognize.
Carefully he went over the list of first
cabin passengers, but found no such
name as Ralph Maynard.
"He's In stateroom D, promenade
deck, because I asked a steward,"
Phil protested. "Who's got that room
--can you tell?"
"Somerset Lane, for self and wife,"
the purser told him. "I think they're
just married, and on their honey
"I don't believe it," Vera ssig,
calmly, when Phil brought back the
news. "It is Ralph. I know, now,
Vera's Face Was a Study.
TIf'anse I bowed to him as lhe went
by the forty-first time, while you
were gone, and he knew mec. Why
should he ship under an assumed
"Maybe it's a secret marriage."
g~gested Philip archly. "lie's a else
01(1 4og, anyway."
"He is niot, Phil. It ever' there was
an open-and-above-board, straight for
ward boy, it's Ralph Maynard. Did it
give the wife's name?"
Phil shook his head.
".Just said for self and wife."
"flut where's the wife? If he were
on his honeymoon, would he be tramp
ing the deck madly hour after hour?"
"Maybe she's scasickc," Phil sug
gested brightly. "I saw him talking
to that old chap from Virginia in the
smoker this morning, so on the way
back up the companionway I ran into
him and asked if he knew Somerset
Lane. Hie said he did, that he wvas a
bully young chap, and it was a shame
his wife was so delicate that she had
to keep to her stateroom all through
the passage over,"
Vera's face was a study. She
frowned and pursed her pretty lips
tensely. Some way, she could not
picture Ralph's wife at all. She could
only remember the last night at Pine
hurst. It had been in September. amt
the Carolina beach looked wonderful
ly fair in the rich, golden moonlight.
Hatless, they had mounted horses and
gots for a canter at low tide along the
wet sands, far, far out, to what they
called Lovers' Leap, It was a jutting
headland of rock that cut off the
beach. And it was here that Ralph
had taken his chanee with Fate. She
could see him still, bending toward
her from hie saddle, his face a bit
hard and tense in the cool moonlight,
his eyes full of yearning. She had
said no, of course--every. girl does
the first time she is asked by a man
-and if be had been older he would
have understood the challenge i her
eyes and words, and fought .the game
out with her to its winning. She had
wished him to win, but the next
morning when she had risen she got
the news of his departure for Npw
York on the first train out
And now he was on board, under
an as~hmed name, in a- stateroom
"for self anid wife."
and Wife
isoclated Literary Press.)
"I say, Vera, here he comes," Phil
said suddenly. "I'm going. Good
luck, sis. You might offer my con
gratulations with your own. They
say lemons are good for seasickness."
The next momdnt Ralph Maynard
stood in front of her, cap off, very '
erect, and on the defensive, but with
the same splenqid brown eyes that
could plead a cause better thari all
the lips in the world, she had once
"I would have spoken before, but
you didn't seem to remember me,
Miss Chalmers."
"We've only been out one day?"
She looked up with a smile, but it
was not an encouraging smile. A
girl does not feel sunny and sweet
tempered towardl a man who takes
unto himself a wife six months after
he has made love to her. "I had not
noticed you before."
"May I take Phil's chair for a
"Surely, if you wish." She waited
a moment, then said gently, very gent
ly: "How is your Wife, Mr. Maynard?"
"Good Lord, I'm not married,"
gasped the boy. "How can you ask
that, when you know I never loved a
.ay woman In the world but you, 5
Mera? Why, I heard at the last min- 0
uke you and Phil were sailing on this o
boat for the Tuttle wedding in London '
and 'I caught it at the last minute, just 0
for the chance of even looking at 9
"Hven't you a wife in stateroom
D, who is seasick and unable to ap- 4
pear during the voyage?"
lie met her clear blue eyes un
finchingly and tried to speak, but she ;
went on. "Didn't you tell the old gen
tleman from Virginia, in the smoker, o
that your wife was delicate? Area't ;
you registered on the list as Somer- '
set Lane? Oh, T4.lph, I never thought
you could do such a [email protected]! And then
to make love to me-"
She tried to Ase, but he caught
both her hands and helid her firmly.
"Listen, sweetheart," he said. "I
was fool enough to let you get away
from me last fall at Pinehurst, but
you won't this time. ' I arn registered
as Somerset Lane. Don't struggle,
please, till I get through, and the
passage was booked/for 'self and
"Then where's your wife?" she
flashed back.
"She's a myth," he laughed. "It was
too late to engage a regular passage
on this boat. Everything was taken. t
So I hustled to the brokers' offices C
and landed a ticket and booking for s
Somerset Lane and wife-" n
"But who are they?" a
"W\ho cares? I took the double it
hooking, of course, far the chance of hi
crossing with you. And I had to n
carry it out, didn't I? I am Somerset J)
Lane, pro tem. If my wife isn't sen. r'
sick, where is she? I have to tell"
something about her, or they'll accuse a
toe of having thrown her overboard. t<
Don't you see?" I
Her eyes were full of mirth. "It's ti
very suspicious." si
"Not half so suspicious as it will d
be wh'len I come hack on another boat hi
under my own name, with another
wife. Can you risk it, Vera ?"
She hesitated and sighed, then
laughed again.
"I suppose that is really as near asy
you'll ever get to a proposal. Ralph, a
so I'll have to say yes. You may c
book passage for self andl wifec on thec
.return trip, but dlon't you dlare take
it on this boat." e
Hurrying Up Things. p
"Yes, in this business we have to e
hustle some," said the drummer, "but c
occasionally I run across a man who v
enn beat me at hurrying upl things. e
For' instance, I got off at a small towni i
in Indiana a few~ (lays ago( and, dlis- dI
covering a good-looking girl, I flirted o
with ber' a bit and received an invite o
to call at the house that evening. Be- p
fore I had been seated ten minutes the
mother lookedl into the room. Five il
minutes later the old nman took a peep. v
At the end of 20 he entcred and asked C
my name anid prospects. Becfore the a
hour was up he was back to ask if I a
loved his daughter. I had to answer o
yes, and what do you suppose he d1id?" (1
"It's hardl to say," was answered. u
"He telephoned at preacher and C
brought him in to perform tho mar- I
ringe ceremony, and when I begged
for a (lay to think things over ho a
bumped me out of the house, and next I
morning saw that I took the train. He p
said he was a ,born hustler, and h9 a
dlidn't want a son-Ia-law who wasn" ni
the same."
Little Girl's Long Vigil.
Forty hours on a cold, lonely mnoun- a
taini by the side of her disabled eel
lie, wvas the~vigil kept en Illgh moun
tain, N. J., recently by Anna Martin.
five yearft old. Anna's prIotector had fi
been rendered helpless by a big boul
der which broke both his 1hind( legs '/
and held him i'inned fast to the ~
ground. The rock was too largo for
A nna to move, but hour after hour she
stood by her stricken pet, giving what e
comfort she could in endearing words -
and caresses and bringing water to
him in her hat from~ an adjoining
spr-ing. On the second night, after
vainly waiting to be found, little Anna,
tired out, went to sleep, with her
arm about the neck of the injured pet
Thus they were found by a searchiri
Darty next morninteg
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minutes and serve on
Ask for Libby's in the
sealed glass jars.
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ornamental, tnen
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Clark Howell of Atlanta tells o
ie Psad case of an elderly darky Il
corgia, charged with the theft 0
mrne chickens. rhe negro had t b
isfortune to be defended by a younj
nd inexperienced attorney, althougl
is doubtful whether any one coukl
ave securedl his acquittal, the conm
ission of the crime having beer
roved beyond all doubt. The dark:
~ceived a pretty severe sentence
l'hank yo', sah," said he cheerfully
Idressing the judge when the sen
mee had been pronounced. "D~at'i
ighty hard, sah, but it ain't any
dung what I expcted. I thought
ily, dat between my character and
it speech of my lawyer dat yo'n
mng me, shore!"
"When a child, I suffered eight
ears with eczema. I could not sleet
night, and had sores all over my
ciest. We had doctors and none
mld do any good, until my mothei
wthe advertisement of the Cuti,
ira Remedies in the paper. We used
1e Cuticura Soap, Ointment and
esolycnt, and they cured me of
3zemai. I also used thern on my five
'lidren. Two of them had eczema
ery badly. When my children had
azcma, I was not worried at all, aE
knew the Cuticura Remedies would
a their work. They had sores alt
v'er their heads, their hair would fall
Lit, and they wou-ld scratch all night
nid day. They had it on their heads,
ice, and in back of the ears so that I
mnught their ears would drop off.I
ashed their heads and bodies with
uticura Soap and they are as clear
a the driven snow. Cuticura Soai
ndl Ointment also cured my children
fringworm. I would not be without
1e Cuticura Relmedies. They aren
onderful." (Signed) Mrs. Violet
ole, 2G S. Rledfield St., Philadelphia,
a., Oct. 29, 191-0.
Cuiticura Soap and Ointment ar(
yld throughout the world. Send te
otter Drug & Chem. Corp., sole
reps., Boston, for free hook on skir
ad scalp diseases and their treat
Ask a favor or an enemy andi yor
ill probably make a friend:l ask 0o
friend you may make an enemny.
WVrath and wine unveil the' heart 01
lend to friend.-Plutarch.
win. Winslow's Soothing Sy'rup for (ildlrr
ething, softens the gtne, red uces infnmma
on, allays pain, cures wind colic, 25c a bottl
Lots of city farmers make a spec
aity of sowing wild oats.
If Your. to fluttering or
Wise-Do you see that striking look
ing woman with the veil.
Wise--Do you know why she wears
the veil.?
Howe-No. Homely?
Wise-No; she's afraid the sun
might blister the paint.
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA, a safe and sure remedy for
infants and children, and see that it
Dlears the
Signature of
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
Strange Children.
George B3ancroft, the historian,
used to relate with gusto a joke that
he caught while trotting to school
along a Massachusetts country road.
It was about old Levi Lincoln, says
Percy 1-. Epler in "Master Minds at
the Commonwealth's Heart."
The old gentleman was nearly
blind. A flock of geese was being
driven gobbling up Lincoln street.
Leaning far out of the carriage, the
fine old aristocrat, thinking they were
children, threw out a handful of pen
nies, graciously exclaiming:
"God bless you, my children!"
An Astonished Boy.
In lrebruary of this yea-r a WViscon
sin farmer took his twelve-year-old boy
a village for the first time, and
there the lad saw a train of cars. tie
was so astonished at the sight that he
lost the power of speech for three
If that youngster is ever taken to a
circus or a zoological garden he'll
surely be struck dumb for the rest o1
his life. His father's farm must be
hidden away in a hole in the ground.
He Was innocent.
Johnny Williams had been "bad"
"Ah, me, Johnny!" sighed his Sun
iay school teacher, "I am afraid we
shall never meet in heaven."
"What have you been doin'?" asked
Johnny, with a grin.-Harper's Month
Very Select.
The landlady was trying to impress
the prospective lodger with an idea or
how extremely eligit>1e the neighbor
hood was. Pointing over the way at a
fine mansion, she said in a hushed
"Young man, over there across the
street there's seven million dollars!"
And They Adjourned.
The Mutual Admiration society met
and was called to order.
"WXhat of all the things in this world
do you like best ?" asked the girl.
angling for a compliment.
"Beefsteak!" cried he, taking tun
awarca, and a moment later the so
ciety adjourned.
So Familiar.
"Yes," said Nagget, "a woman ua
nlally treats her husband as the aver
age servant treats bric-a-brac."
"Go ahead," said the wise Mrs. Nag
get. "What's the answer?"
"W~hy, the more he's worth the
more she tries to break him."
Allen's F~oot-tEnse, t hD unisleptic powder. It'a t he
greatest comfort discovery of t he age. A llen's Fo't
liase msnakes tight, or new shoes feel ea*.y. it i s a
certain relief forsweating, callous. swoillen, tired,
acbing fcet. Atwaysuse It to nreak in New shoos.
'Try it forftsy. Sold everywhere, 25, cents. l)#on't
etcet nysusttu e.Fo tIC10 trial pauckage.
Getting On.
"Well, little boy, dlid you go to the
circuis the other clay ?"
"Yes'm. Pa wanted to go. so I had
to go with him."
ANt iii I LI,) I!i' TIIE RYSTFr, I
Take the Old Standardn GJ~ov10 '8TBTIH 8~
o)filAi' ON'lo. Yy u know what you are taking.
Thle formula Is linly rinted on every bottle.
showing it is simpl QnI'no arnd Iron In a taste
teas fortn,. The3a Qiine drives out the malaria
rn s h i ro y rls ice system. Bold by ail
If thou knowest anything goodl ol a
nuan, tell it ulnto others; if antyihing
til, tell it privately andI prtudently to
For<'011)s and E111P
Illeks' CArn-:r. is the he't remedy-re
lIIeves the achinag andat feve-rishnesst'~i-- i'ures the
Cold and rest oreu naormal0 ctond itionras. It'ii
liqauid-effectsimmtediateliy. it0..,'25.,and M0e.
A halting spe'e-n may be0 the result
of a lame excuse.
Garfield Teca regulates~ a lazy liver.
-Jf you don't belit re hionesty is the
best policy, try it.
weak. nas "mrEanOVaNa Mtadea I
-f A
Dr. Pierce's Favorite, Pre
Is the best of all medicines for the ou
disorders and weaknesses peculiar to wo
only preparation of its kind devised by a i
ated physilan-an experienced and sk ie
the diseases of women.
It le a safe medicine in any condition o1
THE ONE REMEDY which containa
and no injurious habit-forming drugs
creates no oraving for such stimulanto
THE ONE REMEDY so good that
are not afraid to print Its every ia
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It is sold by medicine deulers everywher,
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trusted. He is triflng with your most g
may be your life itself. See that you got S
Market Hogs Much Lighter.
The average weight of hogs market
,d in recent years is much lighter
han in former years; in the decade
870-18S79 the average weight of hogs r_
Cilled during tho winter months in
vcstern packing centers was about
175 pounds; in the decade 1880-1889
b5 poun;nds; I the I de 1880e1890
1899 about 239 pounds, and in the
>ast decade 1900-1909 about 219
)ounds. In other words, hogs mar
ceted between 30 and 40 years ago 0
tveraged one-fourth heavier than .q
hose marketed in recent years. othi
The Second Dimension. the
It was on a little branch railway o
n a southern state that the New bas
England woman ventured to refer to
he high rates. "It seems to me five
rents a mile is extortion," she said,
kvith frankness, to her southern cou
"It's a big lot of money to pay if B3
rou think of it by the mile," said U
the southerner, in her soft drawl;
"but you just think how cheap it is
by the hour, Cousin Annie-only
ibout 35 cents."-Youth's Companion.
Cured by that wonderful remedy Elixir
labek. Once used. nothing else will b- CU
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Out of the Hare. In
"Here's a hairpin in the soup, wait- in
er," said the mad diner.
"Yes, sir. It's all right. It's hare
sopp, air."
Whether from Coldn, llent, Stomali or
Nervous TroubWleH, capuline will relieve you.
i' lL(uid pleasant to take-acta immeli
ately. rry it. 10c., 25c., and 60 cents at drug
And lots of people who think they 0
have nothing but trouble don't know 11
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unble Eye B~ook in Each Package.
It is difficult to convince the head II
of the house that t wo heads are bet- W
ter' than one.
GTarfield Te'a corrects constipation by
arousing the digestive organs to their in
tended activity. C.omposedl of Herbs. F
Isn't it about time to burly the dead -
languages? Si
Chm d soe ue~rntaxed tor'k lhe Tnn.
Your wife as well as your sins will
fl you omut.v
All Need
Women of all ages need a bi
at times, to help them through t
all women. Young girls, young
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Thousands of women have
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The Womai
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gredient on
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h benefit. Such a man is not to be
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hat you ask for.
a Torpid Livers
IFckly rollovif K llItioen "sti.Cematlpaion anid thq
I IllI Which llow li (i1ir trai-suci an Indt
ion. heatliurn. Qys1w100Iln. diZtless. sick brad.
fatinnes. iluitertog t thi n teart. rhenai a
ilier (IliordHos arisin 6 trin a dorangoiont, as
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zilding, strengthening tonic,
he hard days that come to
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their friends of the bene
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ich year. You have heard
ut have you tried it ?
i's Tonic
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I remedy for women's Ills,
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year. I nearly wasted to
dn't raise my head off my
nig Cardui, and have taken
I can work all day now.
ine lin the world."
.z, too. Sold everywhere.
g*. Tan. Price a$1_0a

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