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Probate Oifce x
En tewre4 April 9, 103 at C-*flew. M. 0. s w NO 4 e*me in asi 461tl-s er. felelt - Uisgr o s,
41-t Year
- 22, 1911.
A\Love Affair Ends Disastrously.
U. er the above caption the
Daily \Enterprise, of Sheridan,
Wyoming, gives a full account
af the uicide of George W.
Chapmai, a former citizen of
this county,, including a cppy of
the letter purporting to have
been written by him just before
the awful tragedy..
. From this report we make
excerpts, space forbidding the
use of the entire artlcle.
That . beautiful, f ysterious
passion ycleped "love"' worse
han the most danger s ex
losive when it is tam pere with.
Chapman had been w ing
t the Forbes ranch,at Bec n,
d Lecame infatuated w
ss Amelia Maler, who worke
the'Denio ranch, above Big
rn, where her uncle, Fred
rer, was foreman.
he other man in the case
C. C. Vorce, and he was
'1t in the abdomen a:nd mor
1y wourided.
Vrom what we can gather the
o men were rivals for the
,ections of Miss Maier, with
I discard bn Chapman's side.
apman calledt up the girl
;1rfday evening over the tele
hone and asked to visit her
--*hat-night. She turned him otf
with a laugh, and told him she
was coming to town , with
It is said Chapman had, upon
another occasion, asked the girl
to marry him, and she finally
told him that his presence was
#not desired, and that she was
through with him.
OChapman brooded over the
rebuffs he had received at her
hands, and decided to kill her".
and his rival an~jd his own
life. .y
:2 r4rote a note t lling the
uthorities that he d writ
n a letter at Beckton
fore his departure for the
enio ranch, giving his reasons
r committing the rash act.
his letter we publish elsewhere.
Chapman rode over to the
nio ranch, about 10 miles (is
P pt, and knocked at Vorce's
tabout midnight, and when
d itted shoved his Winchester
-qVorce, who grappled with his
" Oiallant. 'lhe gun exploded as
h 1barrel ,was pointed down
rand the full charge went
* ~o Vorce's abdomen.
'Chapman, believing he had
killed hiirival, rode to the Denio
riea..mnile distant, and we'nt
itothe house- w here he knew
Miss Maier was sleeping.
* The first she knew was when
she awoke to see a man stand
ing in her room with a lighted
lamp in one hand and a rifle in
the other. HeI leveled the gun
at her and fir'ed, the bullet cut
ting the leaders on her right]
wrist and passed through her
right side, inflicting only a tlesh
After leaving the ranch Chap
man proceeded to where his
horse was tied, and after taking
off his coat and gloves is sup
posed to have ended his life by,
Sholding the rifle to his left side
and pulling the trigger. 1His
cap) w~as powVder-burned, show
in g that he had fired at short
TIhe e'xplosion1 blew the right
si~le 01 the mn's head off, the
b Iullet ranging dloXwward and
(comning out uinder his right ear.
H1is brains had oozed out his
skull, and he lay in a small poo01
cf blood. He was found lying'
IBat upon his stomach with the
rifle underneath the b)ody.
SChapman had used a 80-30
Winchester rifle in doing anl of.
his shooting, and no other
weapons were found on his body
when searched.
Following is the communica
tion which Chapman wrote at
the Beckton stock farm before
he went to the I e.io ranch:
Beckton Stock Farm,
Sheridan, Wyo., 9 June, '11.
I guess some, or quite a few,
know about me and the girl.
I came to Sheridan, Wyo.,
April 23, 1908, and worked on
the Hoke ranch, near Big Horn,
until July, 1908, and thence to
the Denio ranch, adjoining the
Hoke ranch.
At Denio ranch I became ac
CIuainted with Miss Amelia
Haier, and I fell in love with
her, but being a Royal Arch
Mason and she a Catholic, I
would not begin a courtship
ith her.
I left this place the 18th of
June, 1909. Didn't know where
[ would go, but I stopped at the
Beckton stock farm, and I saw
A.melia again in October, 1909.
[sent her .a Christmas present
:hat year, aud we also corres
For her sake I gave up the
\Iasonic lodge nn I ab.o the K.
>f P. lodge. and I spei r. a lot of
non~ey on her. 1. ws a'iming,
;o get marrie(l, blit didn't. i
I went aw ty to Chica go, Ill.,!
ast Februarvand on to Charles
;on, S. C. While I wats il South
Jarolina she (Amelia) kept
vriting to me. , didn't ask her
;o write to me, but through it
ill I came back, and have spent
nore money on her. and she
said on last Sunday, a week
igo, that we would get Inar
ried, and I was to go over to
rnorrow night, but now she says
aot to come, that she and
inother fellow are going to
bow'.. She ma)y go, but not if
[ find her and the fellow to
night or to-morrow night.
I ought not kill this fellow,
but he knows what has taken
place between Amelia and my
;elf, and of the money I have
worked for and spent on her,
aind titat it is not right for her to
:o off with another man.
I would let the whole thing go
were it not that I have re
niounced my lodges. I gave-myI
3ooks to the girl, Anielia. the
:ituals of the blue lodge and
:hapter and she was to read and
>urnl them. By this act I gave
rier the advantage over me, but
we all make mistakes. I left
-Theridan on account of her hut
she thought she would keep on
"working"' me.
I am an honiest nman and ha ve
lever (lid any great harm to
myone since I came to know
~ood from evil, but people all
ecem to go against me and as
he result I am ruined. I have
dlways tried to be0 decent and
1onest but am reminded of the
>ld saying that the world has no
iso for an honest man.
May God have mercy oni the
~irl's peOple and my poor1 old
niother. brothers and sisters. I
rope m*y peole wvilI not spen'1d
my money to ship my body
)ack to South Carolina.
Well, it is '25 minutes to 10 P.
n., so, better (lit wvriting.
fiy people live at Eastatoe, $. (.
Any bulsiness man in Pielonis
knOws me1,
Now~ 1 am about to end the
brouble that has bothered nme for
thr'ee year's, and~ so far as this
wVorldl is concernedl it will end.
II hope this wvill be a lesson and1(
also hope it-wvill leave the wVorld1
beotter off.
I have pictured greoat things
for' my ifIe but got mixed up
wvith the 'wr~ong class. Young
men~i anid women1 he very care
ful of the company you keep.
Circumstances forced me to
work for a living, so I havesee:
something of this world, eE
pecially the worst side, ai
know of "man's Inhumanity t
man," and so I lose my life bu
my soul is for some one else t,
decide about.
Now, don't say, "He's hot
headed" or "crazy," for If I an
crazy now I have always beei
so. Brooding over rebuffs fron
those you love, fighting the bat
tle of life against a cruel world
and your faith iri humanity de
stroved by those you took for i
model, and your hope of happi
ness dashed aside by fals<
friends, is enough to win the
cognomen of "caazy."
This is not the first time thal
Amelia has played me false ani
done me thus, but I think it h
the last one, so goodbye to gos
siping tongues.
Friends, if I have any, pleas(
do not call me "crazy." Ma.
sons and IC. of P's. hold no ser.
vices over me.
This is written hurriedly and
looks somewhat rambling.
While enroute to the Denic
ranch, Chapman severed the
telephone wires so that conimu
nication was cut off from that
It will probably be several
days before the coroner's in
quest will be concluded as the
testimony of Miss Maier will not
be taken until she is able to at
The Enterprize of the 12th in
stant says that Vorce is still alive
and there is a chance for his- re
Hopes are entertained that
Miss Maier's hand will not have
to be amputated and unles
blood poison or some other corn
plications set in the girl will
soon be on the high road to re.
Chapman formerly belonged
t6 the Masonic and Knights of
Pythias orders, and according
to his letter, he renounced both
for Miss Maier's sake. Mis Mai
or is a Catholic and is said tc
have )romised to marry Chap
man if he would (rop these or
ders. Chapman admitted telling
the girl the secrets of the Mason
ic Blue Lodge atd said he had
givenl her the signs and rituials
on her promise to burn them.
This he said she had afterwvards
refused to do. When Chapman
discovered he was going to lose
he girl; he became remorseful
and this, in connection with his
insa nelv jealous passion is said
to be responsible for the tralgedyV.
Mlrs. J . F. Banister snent t h
lotter part of hist week with her
p~arents, Mr. andl( is. R. A.
Biowen, at Pickens.
si ness trip to Spart anburg oni
the 14th.
Miss Theo 11 nghes, of' Wal
halla, is the attractive guest of
her sister, Mrs. Ri. E. Bowven.
Dri. Eugene Br'own attended
miedical examinat ion ini Column
ia last week.
Mrs. W. B. Glenn is visiting
her parents, Mr. andt Mrs. Shel
don, at F~airpla.
Mr~i. an M11 \rs. J . TI. (Gaines am
I wo 5011 spent Sunday with r'ol
at ivyes atI Norris.
Mri. S-. iB. hln', of ineai Gr'en
vilIle, spent Mu ndai y a ft rn on a
Caiteechee, spent a few days as
week with her many friends ii
the city.
Miss Fay Smith is now th
accommodlatim onneator at th
Pickens Telehiole Exchange.
-Mlsses Aliene and Hattie Wil
tlanis, accompanled by thei:
D fri-nd, Miss Nannie Roberts, o
t Cateochee, spent a few days las1
week with the former's grand
mother, Mrs. G. E. Robinson.
Master R. S. Cheney and hb
lifitle brother Herbert, of Elber
i ton. Ga., are spending a mdnti
pleasa thy with their grand
parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. S.
Mr, and Mrs. J. W. Smith,
accompanied by Mr. and Mrs,
D. H. Kennetnur, spent Sunday
as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. T.
S. Ramsey, near Clemson.
fr. R. L. Crenshaw, of At
lanta, suent Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. J. J. Wakelin.
Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Rankin,
Jr., of R. 1, visited Mr. and
Mrs. J. C. Rankin last Friday.
Several from our city will take
advantage of the cheap rates to
Charleston next Tuesday.
Mr. B. F. Chappelear and fam
ily left last week for Lavonia,
Ga., where they will make their
future home. Their many
friends in Liberty al(d elsewhere
regret very much to give them
up. But Liberty's loss is La
Mr. and Mrs. Palmer Greer,
of Birmingham, Ala., spent a
few (lays last week as the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. V. L. Boggs.
Mr. John Robinson spent Sun
day night with his sister, Mrs.
J. F. Williams, at Cateechee.
Miss Ethel Grandy, of Char
lotte, N. C., who has been the
guest of her grandmother, Mrs.
G. E. Robinson, for the past
three weeks, left Tuesday for
Greenville, where she will spend
several days with relatives be
fore returning to her home.
Mr. and Mrs. Hood Cheney,
of Mt. Airy, spent Sunday a8
the 'guests of Mr. and Mrs. W
L. Boggs.
Liberty is coning to life again
since the home-coniing of sc
many of outr boys and girls whc
have been attending the differ
ent colleges of the state.
Miss4es Gladys, Grace, Fannie
and Del orah Manidin. of neat
Easley, spent Friday as the
guests of Miss Meda Hunt.
Last 'aturday nighti while
I Mrs. T. N. Hiunter' was out
spinnin;g in her auto, acconi
paniedl by several small clhildr ien,
she ran into the buggy of Mr.
E. B. Richard(son. She was
passing an electric light jutst
wheun it flashed out, which
blinded her, miaking it impos.
sible~ for her' to se1e. The cli..
dr'en wer'e thr'own out, bntl no
one0 serionsly injured.
Marietta. R. 2,
Mr'. Ilbiet. McJnnkin visited
his brolther Robert last week onl
M'. andl Mr's. Johnnie Capell
visited Mr'. and Mrs. W. M.
Joines last Thu~rsday after'noon.
MrIt. and Mt's. WmL. Jones on.
terttalined'( as wvelcomie gu(ests Mr'.
andl Mrs, R. l. Burns a p)ortionl
!of last. week.
Hurwee egets fMs
l'rilay n uighit with Mliss id;
MrI. Wori Mc.J nnkin was:
visitor)1 in the Pleasan Gr ( iov<
s.qe'tion la-it Sunday.
Vrs. J1. 8, Phill'ips is slowl'.
1tnos to the i eat eligt o
\l r'. .J ohn Phlillips enterti ainil<
*his father(1, f romu Wesi tminster
last Thuirsday night.
Mr'. Bennett Hill visited M.lr
J.LI. Philllips one nicht las
Messrs. Oscar Gilliland,Ander
son Heaton, Basil and Lewis
Phillips and Hubert and Jules
McJunkin took in the ball game
a few days ago. The boys say
they had an 0. K. time.
Dear "Blue Eyes," I'm very
thankful to have sonie one say
come on and write of tener. Old
"Lonely Sweetheart" still keeps
her word.
Miss Leila Jones is all right
again, after suffering with an
intense headache.
Hello, "Brown Eyes," I'm
glad to read youi' words. Come
In, I'd be glad to see you.
Mr. Dave Looper was prom
enading around with his girl
last Sunday.
Mr. Wm. Barker is a pleasant
visitor here this week with his
daughter, Mrs. John Phillips,
Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Capell
visited the latter's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Daniel McJunkin, last
Mrs. Martha Barker, of West
minster, has been quite ill, but
is some better at this writing.
Mr. Wellborn MeJunkin called
on Miss Ruth Capell, Sunday
Rumor has it that wedding
bells will be ringing some of
these biight Sundays in two or
three places in. this neighbor
hood. Hurry and get married,
all of you girls, so that when
"Lonely Sweetheart" gets big
enough to marry she won't
have such a hard time of it.
Miss Alna Jones visited Miss
Olive Roper last Sunday. The
g'rls report a tip-top time.
Come on, all of you corres
pondents. "Old Riddle," I'd
like to read some items from
your part of the world.
Dillard. Ga,
As I have not sent in anything
for some time from the nioun
tain section, will come again.
The farmers are most over the
second time, and I must say
that up here they do not run up
against the collar like they do
in the cotton belt, but all leis
urely go through life.
This country produces corn,
wheat, rye and Irish potatoes in
abundance twelve months in the
Thinigs are imigh t.y promising
here this season.
Business is very good, and the
Hlighlands outing parties are
IStopping over' alnmosf; (very (lay.
Dillard is very (col, and to
sleep' comftortably o ne mnuist get
undelr a heavy <jluilt
Had0( thle pleasure of teaching
hini how to make sorghum 'wa~y
biack on Pratoers Creek.
1 en joly the coi'rresp)ondenlce of
the S.-J ., anid especially thej
cute shots of the girls. Ia
gladl to hear from those 1 once
knew, andl someiutimeis feel l ike
asrylamb) fronm the fold1.I
l ike to hear from Old Pick ens.
W. J1. iH.
(Central, .J i u 19. ---Crops are
wveat her.
Mr. lFrank C4oker of i amian,
is visiingL his sisteor, Miss Nii,
who~ holds ai positioni it. this
to t heI miisfortuneio of1 getting her
days ago.
Mliss Fannmie llelle iAl arlin has
benvery ill wvith i t vph)Ioid fever.
Misses Ruth anmd lies Gs
way gave a lawni 'arit V idayi
night June 8th. Tlhe la wn was
,decorated w ith .J aJpa nese lan m
teros and conmvenient v seae
with swings, benches and
chairs. Interesting game were
Played for a while, after which
refreshnients were served.
Mr. Dwyer has been the guest
here for some time.
Prof. Thornwell Haynes has
besn visiting in Atlanta the past
Nr. Clement Kelley gave a
party Saturday night in honor
of his friend, Mr. Frank Coker.
Miis Guynelle Phillipps of
Georgia, has been visiting Miss
Daisy Rike.
Misses Ethel Robinson, Mary
and. brother Carl attended the
commencenent at Clemson on
Misses Lila and Olive Madden
attended the commencement at
Miss Gladdys Young and
brother Ed visited their sister,
Mrs. 1). Lawrence at Calhoun
Misses Bessie Gaines and Sta
.y Shirly visited at Clemson
Mr. Dwyer gave a lecture at
bhe High School building Thurs
lay night, after which the Delta
3ignia society served the audi.
ne) with cream.
Several of the young people
foried a party and went fishing
last Friday.
Miss Virgil Sellars of Easley,
has been visiting friends here.
Miss Leila Doyle of Calhoun,
is visiting Mrs. Pendleton
Born unto Mr. and Mrs. Cray
ton Mullinax. a gil. '
Mrs. Caroline Rowland visited
her daughter, Mrs. Chatham, in
Greenville last week.
Messrs. Ben and Samii Knox
spent a pleasant. day with their
uncle, Mr. B. J. Johnson and.
other friends at the close of the
Clemson connIencemuent.
The cotton mill has posted a 7'
notice that the mill will close
the first 10 days of July. It will
certly be a hardship to those
who are depending upon that
industry for sulpport.
Dr. Dwyer, of New York,
preached at the Baptist church
both morning and evening on
the 18th inst. He expects to
give a series of lectires on Pal.
estine, -Zome and other old
TIhe ~ Annual Coniivenitioni of
the South CaroliIna Letter Car..
rier1's Association wvill he held ini
(carriers5 are inivi ted to attend..
\VIp t~lhe ad vent of warm weather
comesQ foot t roulesI to I thl.osands of
people1. 'The I icreaseid temperieatlure and1(
hea~lvlI$ins of Ihe al m0shl)0en causes
swelling d! excess peQrspl iathin. Th'iIs
bin I gs on aL series of foot1.
I rouhl!es. Th'Ie reatmwe.
y Q Iven blcow will be wel
. omed0( with joy bly I;n ar
my or sufferers. It actaj
Slik e magic. "nissolve t w
ables)oofl is of Cal ocidIe
nes, gentymsaigthioeprs
Leoss time will not. giv the desired.,
resultsH.) Repeat t IhisH ech nighI un -
til tihe culre ia permnanent." Al) sore
1n0ss dlisappearsIII linundiate'ly. (n
anid callous~esn b e 1P0eld rIh off.
lnuos atre redn'-ed t o normiiIalnn!
the infiamimat ion drawn out1. swveaty
and simelly feet,. tenderloi and' sw"ollen.
feet, ned b)ul. a few treatmen(1ts. TIhis
caLIOCIdO1 i a remar kabl( driug. For
inrly used( only3 by3 doiters5 but1 anly
ldruggi st now has ii. inl stoek or wilt
lstlick(ly get it from) hisH whlesa(n~ l '
loulse. A I wenty-tiy( (ent package 13
climed~l to enre0 the worst. feet.
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