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1 A..! .-- 7-,A
Yound Willie
Not Made 1
tAnarchy tter ci
URELY there must be a considerr, .houghtful
persons who on the fifth of July F '*" .u4e frmn the
preceding twenty-four hours wit' rl Vdbt. A whole
day in which the normal fore J oirder are practi
cally suspended, during wh -' Ymeanor becomes
merely "excess of spirit;" j i.operty can be de
stroyed with impun ity rb Iquency and general
license are encouraged- . .gs worth thinking of.
The farcical part :ehistic condition lies in
the attempt to attr' . rld of patriotic impulse.
Any suggestion toward an ameliorat, vils of Fourth of July cele
brations is usually met with pained exprue is of distrust. These people
want to throttle Patriotism. They are trying to discount Liberty. They
are told how essiitial it is that the hoodlum, the unspanked youth, the
mentally hi al f-qu ipped adult shall range the streets, make the night dread
ful, tie dalay dangerous and commit excesses at will-to the end of express
i a,, a great content'with Liberty. And vet these conservative souls con
tinue to douibt.
In an unguided moment an American of some importance, enthu
siastic over the success of that deliberative council which effected a repub
Jie and the courageous men who maintained it, announced that "the eagle
should scream." So it did, and justifiably. But it is a certainty that if
!the eagle had lost its sense of proportion and continued to scream within
ithat gentleman's hearing a sullicient length of time, he would have had
-an enthusiastic desire to wring its neck. lie meant "reasonably."
So, nowadays, it is hard for som9 honest people to see why shooting
blank cartridges and blowing a tin horn will make a better citizen of
,young Willie; whiy the loss of his front gate is necessary to impress Mr.
Smith with his civic duties: or why-and this is most serious--the deadly
tetanus gerim should be turilned loose among hundreds of lads whose only
fault is that their parents have not the intelligence of the animal whicI1
poiits ol datigers to its yoIung.
Oiice every year the American nation exhibit's
itself in a barbaric spectacle pitifully unfit for the ob
servaice of such ia tremeldously important and far
reaching event. 16 lie a- hopeless mollycoddle who
prefers to carry the,.inslinets of patriotism in his head,
rat her than frigttei his ieighbor's horse with it? Is
it decadent to isk for the suppression of a palpable
I\ madness which profits nobody and causes a distinct
loss of time, of money, of peace, of respect for law,
of respect for sellf?
rl'livec has been so much printed of late
abouit thle hiarm caused the youing b~y nov
How M any ing picture shows that I Should like to add
mny little bit, to the side of the defense. For
M oving lpart, I have never attended a show yet
- ijctures that, dlid not contain something worthy of
iuman interest.
lp (Only last eveing I dlroppJed ito a
'j~ jjjj~ mmovinig picture 1h21l a a (O'i
fly ROGER HINGhe, pdlrwhiiewihilacdnt
Thenre as ell somuch pinteed flte
beig iiirt le sarc~lou, aed thel hnryaue t h yo ung is mov-Id
W hn le sol~ed t acaing pioure sow hait i rshkle wao akdd
hadli lleeit shtownideno the efens.eFo
Whhatddidtnot contain something worthysof
Why asIon he elge o ly ast eving see oppted mano th
hoovingvoictuturnhhimonway hungrywn
desrviig an as eenturedown. huner ofth fohnsor rome th poor -
of niany a mheraanedder who lemhs(hrsinfei a et ith pane aocident,
St. Loiswhols track o s daughter, while he
6'~~~j~ gwas dmliriedo ee n uction hopitae
Un eWhehaen of siwngan ixwes fe
When h stoppd atacountr houevi is uake heimi hest asked
iF lyingedfo a itetetli tohaker hottafl
The pecatos knewand In thae handac of pactiol aChritinity
had ibeenospown who cannotragre
Why As o theC edge lit ry eaiing togeeife. mno h
hoicudtur him ay hungry ? upco resi t n i
iiht henan thre strdo cotidnckfl oft atantmesr.por
desrvig an as eetunedawyu hungryt asndl fotsiow frome the o
eas wind as margu whs ai Cncitdian.feigaeah assotfo
the1 Sundaher srvice.
Undiot er te
obligteedordolovnta foer," ilobh
gesmrries ha epleakta
There smal never good redution are hr
J ~V~~AJhe deilioumsywen wh okotieo hes hme.
In theeandso ralfooe tat foruhewoe
Con misfortune. vraeu smtms n
ouradrring yearls enableannotoagree
"SOrutsPidepy' tWhen mustpid crsom of athe win..
thao ar odece.fisotataohr
You mayght av welhow ons ocuatithe
eas widOsEare ith a oo ielyutw eeman.n dsraei
Chilrenhavethesel et bae ail toe "doec wthe o er htran
You tak sml chancesnin be in o ."etig"o o r
ahnst ertm t lose
Remarkable StoryAbout Great Remedy m
I cannot refrain from writing to say ot
that your Sivamp-Root has benefited me
greatly. Last year I had a severe attack
9f lumbago. Was bad for a long time,
and on seeing your advertisement, I d-C
terinied to give it a trial. I did so and jn
in two weeks was cured. I gave a bottle
to a poor woman who could scarcely walk.
She came to me in four days to tell me SI
she was all right and most thankful. I Jn
had. another attack last Novemner and C1
was so bad that I could not risc. from my
,chair without assistance and could hardly
lace up my boots. I at once sent for
more Swamp-Root and after taking two
bottles, I am more than glad that I am lic
well again. My age being seventy-three, I br
am the more convinced of the excellence
of Dr. Kilmer's Swarnp-Root.
Yours very trury, br
1410 Arch Street. Little Rock, Ark. Ca
Prove What Swamp-Root Will Do For You
Sentd to Dr. Kilner & Co., Bingham- ell
ton, N. Y., for a sample bottle. It will pr
conince anyone. You will also receive r
a booklet of valuable information, telling l
all about the kidneys and bladder. When
writing, be sure and mention this paper. "S
For sale at all drug stores. Price fifty
cents and one-dollar.
Fine Scheme.
Wife--Please match this piece of
silk for me before you come home.
Husband-At the counter where the
sweet little blonde works? The one
with the soulful eyes and
Wife--No. You're too tired to shop
for me when your day's work Is done,
dear. On second thought, I wvon't
bother you.
The causo of rheumatisn is excess
uric acid in the blood. To curo rheum
atisi this acid must be expelled from
the system. itheurnatism is an inter
nal disease amid requires an internal
remedy. 111ubbi)ngj w I th oils and lint
ments may ease the pain, but they will
no inore euro ieumnatism than paint
will ciange the tiber of rotten wbod.
Cures liheuIanttisim To Stay Cured.
Science has discovereti a perfect and
comnpieto etire called ltiheurntelde. Test
ed in hti nuredls o f&ises. it has eff'ctoed
martvelous citres. RItuaticde renoVes
the cause, ge(ts at the joints from the Ba:
inlside. sw1e'ps thU Ioisons out of the ra
system. tones up tho stomach. regulates
the bowels anI kidneys. Sold by -drug
gists at 5i0e. a-d $J; in the tablet form fin
at 25c. andi 50c.. by mail. Booklet free.
liobbitt Chenical Co.. Baltimore.,Md.
Getu At The Joints irom The Insitle.
Socially Launched. Bi1
In his native town Jinty had al
ways been most popular with young ph
and old, but when he was sent away
to boarding school. he was for a time' B11i
too hoillesick to make friends. Ills thi
first lett"- was little more than a bil
wall. - joh
"I'm way behind the other boys in ble
everything." he wrote, dolefully.
""I'isn't only studies, but it's gymna- so
slum and banjos and everything. I
don't believe they'll ever have much
use for me." j01
nut the second letter, written after sig
a week in the new school, was quite Ho
different In tone.
"I'm all right," he wvrote to his
mother. "TIhe boys say they'll teach
mue all they know, for they're pr'oud on
to have me here. I can stretch my as
mouth half an inch wider than any og
other boy in school, and my3 feet are be
the longest by a full inch. So you a
needn't wor'ry about me any more."-- Er
Youth's Companion. 011
-~ wI
FoolIsh- bu
"I am going to ask your father an
toniight foi' your hand in marriage." ca
"How dreadfully old fashioned you in
al'e." * I
"Don't ask him; tell him."
Strictiy Business.
M~rs. Knicker-Did you hold a short lyi
session wvith your husband? en
M\rs. Bocker-Yes, I merely hadl him wi
pass an appr-opriation bill. th
It sometimes happens that a street sh
fight. reminds a inai'iied man that
there are other places like home. . W
Can't (
Is it possible to nourish, strengths
build the Drain by Food?
Every man whlo thinks uses up r
brain each day. Why don't it all
and leave an empty sktull in say a
brain work? Decause the man rob
If he builds a little less than he
brain fag and nervous prostration r
If lhe builds back a little more ead
brain grows stronger and more capi
also is sure. Where does man get thi
to rebuild his brain? Is it.from air,
ice of the Arctic sea? When yot
think about it, the rebuilding mnatc
be in the food and drink.
That also is sui'e.
Are the brain rebuilding material;
all food? In a good variety but not
propor'tion in all.
To illustrate: we know bones are r
ly of lime and magnesia taken fr
therefore to make healthy bone str
must have food containing these tF
wvould hardly feed only sugar and fe
)ealthy bone structure in a growing
Likewise if we would feed in a sk
nor to insure getting what the bral
for strength and rebuIlding, we must
wvhat the brain is composed of and
some article or articles (there are
one) that contain these elements.
Analysis of braIn by ari uinqi
authority, Geoghegan, shows of Mint
Phosphoric Acid and Potash comubir
phate of Potash) 2.91 per cent of
5.33 of all mineral Salts.
This is over one-half.
Bleaunis, another authority. she
Made It Necessary.
"Horace Greeley invented the type
"'Where did you get that idea?"
"\\'l, that isn't eiactly what I
'an, but his handwriting was prob
ly n-e responsible for it'than any
Iter one ti
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
LSTOltlA, a safe and sure remedy for
rants and children, and see that it
Dears tho --e
gnature of.
Use For Over 30 Years.
iidren Cry.for Fletcher's Castoria
If You Have Money.
That fellow Gotrox is a multimil
nalire. lie has more money than
"Well, what does he want with
using 1,oss of Appetite. H[eadacho
d Bilious attacks pretented by IAlir
bek, a splendid reinedy for such ail
, its4.
Alyself and whole househoIli had stf
'Vd verIy muchel for somle Lillne with
dlarial Fever. 'Flixir linbek' has
red its perfeetly. so t hat we vit'Joy at
Dsent the best or healthr"-Jacob Eb
ly. Pair f: x C'ourt 11 luse. Va.
lxir linbek 50 cents. all druggists or
oezewski & Co.. Washington D. C.
6Iyrtilla-He proposed, but I didn't
r yes. I want to keep him on the
k for awhile.
diranda-Be careful, or you may
I yourself on the shelf.
A Strange Situation.
lumor is a funny thing," said
'it ought to be," said the Philoso
'Oh, I don't mean that way," said
lks. "I mean that It is a straage
nig. Now, I can't speak French,
I can always understand a French
e, and I can speak English, but I'm
st if I can see an English joke."
'Most people are," said the Philo
'Are what?" said Binks.
'Blest if they can see an English
:e," said the Philosopher. "It is a
' of an urrusually keen vision."
rper's Weekly.
"Kicking the Bucket."
~Vhen we speak facetiously of some
a for whom we have no reverence
having "kicked the bucket," we
ploy a phrase that wvouldl seem to
a piece of latter-day slang, but as
natter of fact, it dates back to old
gland, when, about the year 1725,
a Blolsover hung himself to a beam
il standing oni the bottom of a
ekcet, and then kicked the bucket
ay. Ailtbough at first used only in
ses of suicide, it has been applied
the course of years to any death,
thout distinction.
His Wur'st.
l'ho German proprietor of a Brook
delicatessen store has got far
ough along to pun in English, A
iter' in the New York Sun reports
Elanging in the window of the little
op is this advertisement:
'The Best You Can Do Is Buy Our
~rst."-Youth's Companion.
';et A
n and Re- phorie Acid combined
cent from a total of 1'
art of the Considerable more
disappear phate of Potash,
ulls each( Analysis of Grape-l
and Phosphorus (whic
phate of Potash) is c<
destroys, one-half of all the mi
esult sure. Dr. Gee, W. Carey
1day,W t, constituent elements c
tbe. That gray matter of the bra
e material by the inorganic cell
sky or the phate ,(Phosphate of P
come, to with albumen and by
rial m'ust creates nerve fluid or
brain. Of course, thi
salts ignd other organi
but Potassium P'hosph
found in and has the power wit
in suitable its own law of aflnit;
manufacture the elixir
inde large- Further on he says:
onm food; of the matter is to sup]
ueture we and in molecular form
irigs. We nishes it in vegetables
t to make supply deficiencies-th
child, cure."
Illful man- The natural conclusi
a requires of Potash is the need
first know brain andit you use food
hen select it, you have brain fag
more than not supplied.
On the contrary, if
estionable be rich in this elemnen
tal Salts, life forces that whici
med (Phos- brain-building.
the total, Mind does not work
.broken down by lack o
A lpeaceful and evenl
wa "Phos- sary to good digestior,.
Eskimo Tested Efficacy of Telephone
Scheme, and Realized He Had
Been Deceived.
An interesting story is told regard
ing the efforts of an Eskimo to con
struct a telephone line. The Eskimo
came into possession of a piece of wire
of considerable length and never hav
ing seen wire before lie asked Profes
sor McMillan of the Peary north pole
expedition what it was and what it
was for, lie was told that the white
man strung it on poles stuck in the
ground and a voice talking to an in
strument at one end could be heard at
the other end. After some search the
next morning the Eskimo was found
to be engaged in telephone construc
tion work of his own. He stuck some
sticks in the ground and hung his
wire on them. Ile held one end of
the wire to his mouth and talked to
it at the top of his voice. Then he
ran as fast as he could to the other
end and held the wire to his ear with
the expectation of hearing his own
words repeated.
When he failed to hear any sounds
the expression on his face revealed
his opinion of his white friend.
If, when you get wet or take oold,
it "settles on the kidneys" and there
is a ativqry, chilly sensation in the
back, it shows kidney weakness which
h often the begin
ning of serious dis
ease. Doan's Kidney
- PFills should be used
- poraistently until the
backmaehe and other
symptomp disappear.
C. V. Lmnmon, Fal
mouth, Ky., says:
"The doctors said ]
had gravel, in fact, I
passed a stone as large as a bean. I
improved but my kidneys never re
gained normal strength and durini
cold weather, I endured intense suffer
Ing from backache and urine passe
profusely. During the last attack, I
used Doan's Kidney Pills and the3
soon routed the complaint. I shal
surely apieal to them if trouble
Remember the name-Doan's.
For sale by all dealers. 50 cents i
box. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N.Y
Some Antique Mugs.
The college collector of antiqcue:
stopped off at Bacon Ridge.
"Good day, sir," he said, addressing
the postmaster. "I am collecting old
fashioned articles and would like t<
know if I could find anything like that
in his hamlet. Say antique mugs, foi
Uncle Jason stroked his chin whis
"Antique mugs! By hek, I know the
very place where thar be two of then
"You do? Here's a good cigar. Now
where can I find these antique mugs?'
"Why, dowvn on Main street, in IHi
ram Spruceby's shop. Grandad Wheat
ley and Pap Simmons are in there
getting shaved, and by hek, when 11
comes to antique mugs, I recker
thars' be the oldest in the country
Obliging Shopmnan (to lady who has
purchasedl a pound of butter)-Shall)
send it for you, madam?
Lady-No, thank you. It won't b<
too heavy for me.
Obliging Shopman-Oh, no, madam
I'll make it as light as I possibly
There is still plenty of honey in the
rock for a man who has the pa
tience to keep on pegging away unti:
he gets it.
Some parents are a long while ir
finding out that money in a boy's
pocket will do him little good, unlesi
he also has brains in his head.
ray Fro
and Potash 7a.44 per Worry, ani
)1.07- interfere wil
;han one-half of Phos- digestive Ju
fere with ti
uts shows: Potassium soaha
h join and make Phos- Therefore,
)nsider-able more 'than has much tI
rieral salts in the food, digestion.
an authority on the Briain is1
fthe body, says: "The the principa
in is controlled entirely and water,
salt, Potassium Phos
>tash). This salt unites Grape-Nut
the addition of oxygen than one-hal
the gray matter of the
re is a trace of other A healthy
matter in nerve flui'd, "do things"
ate is the chief factor Amawl
hin itself to attract, by bes man wh
, allethings needed to b sat part
of lie. to the Infini
'The beginning and end
>ly the lackinggprincipl~e, Midd asks
exactliy as nature fur- to act, and I
,fruits and grain, To a healthy br
is is the only law of is used up fi
Nature's o
>n is that if Phosphate food which
md mineral element in rebuilding mn
which does not contain
mecause its daily loss Is
you eat food known to r p
t, you place before the
inature demands for
well on a brain that is
f' nourishment.,os
y poised mind is neces- o
Hotel Cumberland
New York'
Broadway at 54th Street
Near 50th St.
Subway and
53rd St.
Broadway cars
trqM Grand
Ceftral Depot
pass the doo.
S i N Nw and
-it $2.50
With Oath
NIM3MiM~ mand up
Send for
10 Minutes
Walk to
20 Theatres
Formerly with Hotel Imperial
too -R
OL - i
Child's idea of Goodness Set Forth
in Perfect Faith, Without
All things are relative, and to the
child, gazing at life and its wonders
with eyes as yet undimmed by 'so
phistication or a o
p~ossible, not~jfi' ilt),Apeakable n oM)
lng too-'acrcd to be discussed or to<,
difilcult to be attempted. Not irrev
erence nor iml)ertinenco, bnt inno
cence prompts Much speeches as that
recorded of the child of a popular
journalist by his devotcd paternal
"Grandma," said the little boy, de
lightedly addressing her-, "do you
know what's going to happen? Papa
says that if we're real, real good, he'll
take us to the circus!"
'That's riice," smiled the young
ihearted adult betweoen whom and the
eagern youngling no -hInt of. age sepa
ration nmars perfect comra'dship.."How
good do we have tole"
The embryo man, after a moment of
silent consideraition: "Oh, as good as
God, I guess!"
Doctor-You are considerably under
weight, sir, What have you been do
Patient--Nothing. But I'm a retired&
grocer, doc.-Puck,.
It's easy to see the blessings of
poverty through the eyes of a mil
m It
xiety, fear, hate, etc., etc., directly
th or stop the flow of Ptyalln, the
Ice of the mout'h, and also inter
ine flow of the digestive juices of
I pancreas,
the mental stgte of the individual
3 do (more than suspected) with
uado of Phosphate of Potash as
I Mineral Salt,.added..to albumen
i contain that element as more
f of all its mineral salts.
brain is important, if one would
in this world.
o sneers at "Mind" sneers attp
ast understood part of himself.
hich some folks believe links us
for a healthy brain upon which'
lature has defined a 'way to make
tin and renew it day by day as it
fore work of the previous day.
ray to rebuild is by the use of
upplies the things required, Brain
aterial is certainly found in
''There's a Reason"
urn Cereal Company, Ltd,,
Battle Creek, Mich.

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