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Ip1dkes SOnin 4l0ou 61
.~~~4a idermete-BAOnable.
S6bsorlpion Price One Dollar a Year
In Advance.
fietered at Pickens Ftofmee an second Olaes
Manl Matter .
PaICEENS, S. 0.:
THURSDAY, JUNE 29, 1911.
Contest Closes.
Saturday night, July 1st, at
10 o'clock, we close the ballot
box. You have up to that time
to get in with your money and
your votes, unless you are be
yond reach, under which cir
cumstances you can mail to us,
and your votes will be counted,
if they bear stamp of mailing
office conforming to the above
The committee, consisting of
Rev. G. F. Kirby, M. C. Smith,
1. M. Mauldin and Jas.P. Carey,
Jr., will have charge of the box
after that time, and will count
thelvotes by Tuesday, the 4th.
t, We have notified every per
son on our books. by letter, how
they stood, how much money to
send in and) how many votes
this paymeint would entitle
theI to.
They will do vell to respond
promptly, and not wait until
the last moment, and then
growl, because they were too
late, and the prizes were won by
others than the ones they want
ed to help to win.
High Cost of Living.
Ther, is no doubt a colsidera
ble increase in the cost of living,
and it- is onlV just to protest
against it, but we sholId con
sider how 1n1ch11 of it is attrib
itable to our extravagant ways
of living. If we comle right
down to the basis of wvhole
some, utritious eating and
simple and sensible dressing, we
will not find the cost so Iuch
increased as we imagine. The
other day the writer was on the
committee to furnish a dinner
for 100 people, an old soldier
occasion-and the old soldier
- has a good appetite. It wasn't
much of a dinner, but lots of
what there was. The bill 61
4fare was scalloped oysters, bread,
butter, pickles, celery, apple pie
and coffee. It costs 23 cents a
Counting out high priced
meats, and coming down tc
vegetables, cereals, milk, fruits,
etc., a family will find, if they
calculate closely, that the cosi
per individual is only 12 or 1(
cents a meal, unless they are
pretty prodiious eaters. A good
deal of the increased cost of
living comes from the tributt
levied by the trade, all the wvay
from the producer to the con.
sunmer. The latter has to pay
so many people and for so many
modern conveniences, new
fangled wrappers, etc., that the
article gathers cost every day.
Fourth of July,
We, the undersigned, mer
chants of Pickens, do hereby
agree to close our stores on Tlues
day, July 4th:
Craig Bros. Co.,
Pickens Hdw. -Gro. Co.,
W. B. Freeman,
R. B. Waldrop,
Keowvee Supply Co.,
Arthur Lewis,
T. D. Harris,
Moore & Mauldin Co.,
H-. A. Richey,
Folger, Thorney & Co.,
Lewis Copel,
Heath -Bruce Morrow Co.,
Parrish, Sloan & Co.,
R. L~. Hlames.
A South Carolina chauffeur
disob(eyed orders to put the an
tomiobile into the garage, andl
went. jov riding with five friends
whom he had agreed to meet
and (lid me'et at mhidnight in a
blind tiger saloon. They smash
ed the machine, and have been
sentencedl to long terms in
prison for criminal conspiracy
to use an auto car without the
owner's consent. Is there any
thing the matter' with that de
Nill AssembloMtl'lorence, t*?,Ploge
9Ity, July 3.4-5,
Theoandpal convention of the
Rural Letter Carriers' Associa
bion of this state, which Is to'be
held in Florence, July 3-4,-5,
promises to be most successful
from every standpoint.
There will be a number of
distinguished guests and speak
ers present, and a most interest
ing and helpful-programme has
been arranged, with supple.
mentary entertainments and so
cial features of a most delightful
and attractive nature.
Thomas M. Wicker, of New
berry, presbdent of the associa
tion, has addressed the following
open letter to the rural carriers
of the state:
"Advices from every section
of the state indicate that the
convention at Florence, July
3-4-5, will be the biggest and
best convention the association
has ever held.
"The business men and the
local carriers at Florence are
making elaborate preparations
for the entertainment of the del
egates, and all visiting carriers.
"A special feature of the en
tertainment wlil be a picnic,
coupled with the famous pine
bark fish stew of the Pee Dee
"Other features of interest
will be a grand parade of the
motorcycle mail riders of the
4.ato, and a rousing,hair-raising
game of baseball between the
R.- F. I.'s of the upper counties
and the R. F. D.'s of the lower
counties. Don't miss the base
ball game if you want to laugh
and grow fat.
"The above has to do with
the social side of the convention;
the business side of the conven
tion will be of considerable in
terest, because of the presence
of a number of distinguished
men, who will take part in the
discussion of questions that will
come before the convention.
"Among those who are ex
pected to be present are U. S.
Senator E. D. Smith, Gov. Cole
L. Blease, Lieut. -Gov. Cha. A.
Smith, F. H. H. Smith, presi
dent of the, State Good Roads
association, a representative
froni the postoffice department;
and an effort is being made to
secure Dr. Platt, of the Univer
sity of North Carolina, who is a
distinguished good roads advo
cite and an orator of national
reputation. I have invited P.
V. McGraw, the fourth assistant
postmaster-general, but I have
not yet been advised whether he
willl conme. I have also sent a
special invitationi to each of the
seven congressmen of the state,
and it is highly probable that
several of these will be present.
"I wish,.in closing, to impress
the carriers of the state with the
importance of this meeting. All
carriers are urged to come,
whether' members of the associ
ation or not-don't forget that.
There is much business of im
portance to be transacted.
Among other things, you must
be prepared to elect a new presi
dent for the ensuing year."
"Blue Eyes" Comes Forward.
Health remarkably good in,
this vicinity..
Considering the lack of rain,
crops are looking fine.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hudson
visited Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Hud
son, Sunday.
Mr. Tiaylor Huds~on now re
joices in 1,he possession of a new
top buggy.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Cater
called on Mr. and Mrs. J. M.
Cater, Sunday.
Mr. andI Mrs. Will Hudson
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
J. M. Hudson. Sunday.
Mr. Henry Riggins and wife
spent Sunday with Mr. and
Miss Fannie D~urham was the
guest of Miss Fannie Hudson,
Saturday. Brxrrc EYEs.
Asay Band Ia Year Towa?
Everybody in and aroind Six I
didra-heantronditijon as
)re3en, and we dumose. they
Vill continue so, a long as the
veather continues so warm and
The crops on Pea Ridge are
ooking fine. but a good rain
vould materially help things.
Prof. Urinm, principal of the
3ix Mile Baptist Academy, has
Lrrived here and is ready to be
Kin work. Get up, boys and
zirls. Be ready to tell -:him you
will come, and do so. It will do
you good, and help you, too.
Wake up, singers, and get
your voices in trim for the all
daypinging at Six Mile, second
Sunday in July. Everybody
come. We will surely have
some good singing.
I would like to say to the
boys and girls of Pea Ridge that
we are still having a young peo
ple's meeting at Six Mile, and
we would like to have all of you
with us every Sunday night.
Mr. John Mann, of Six Mile,
was with her, as usual, Sunday
afternoon. The young fellow
report s a good time.
Mr. V. C. Garrett. and% wife
lhiavP rteturned from their pleas
ure trip. They say 'the outing
was thoroughly enjoyed, but
that Six Mile will he plenty good
for them hereafter.
SwAHp Fox.
Card of Thanks.
Words cannot express our
appreciation of those friends
who have shared with us the
lonely vigils by the bedside of
our loved one. No sweeter
llellorYV cani live in any heart
than the memory of their untir
ing devotion to the one who has
just left us. The waves of sor
row break upon every shore,
and we can but hope that friends
as true may gather around each
one of them should grief invade
their homes.
W. K. Swayneghame and
Pickens Mill.
Sacred I
Dance Mm
Nothing 'Lik<
i Write for Ca
~J ogue of a
John H. WNillia
Grand Opera Build
Gr eenville, S.
Pendleton SI
Our house i
New Crisp 8S
Ranging from a 5C Calico to a
the Lady needs for her Sprint
For the Quality of the Goods,
LOWEST. We shall be pleas
Prove our Assertion.
A. K.F
West End.-O
"V1re Goodq F!
Blood Balm
(B. B. B.) Cures Through the Bood
Blod Poison, &O
"heumatism, Eczema,
Itching Humors.
B.*B B. (Botanu' Blood Mlond) iN the ,
only Blood Remedy that kills the poison
in the blood and then purifle< it-send.
ing it flood of pure, rich blood direct to
the skin surface, bones. joints. and
wilerever the disease is located. In this
way all sores. ulcers. pimples, eruptions
are healed and cured. pains and aches
of Rheumatism cease, swellings subside.
3. B. B. completely changes the body
into a clean healthy condition, giving
the skin the rich. red hue of perfect
health. B. B. B. cures the worst old
cases. Try it.
pleasant and safe to take; Composed Of Pure
Botanic ingredients. it purifies and enriches
the blood. B. ui. it. strengthens the iiorvcs
and builds up the broken dow system. Drug.
gists $1.00I'ER IARGIE liOTTI with direv
lions for home cure.
Sold at All Drug Stores.
0;' IM
you want to put the best foot
forward, dIon't Ymuf We canl
Look at our new offerings and
bl Y whIat you need. A present
purchws Ie mav preclude oem bar
Cleanses and benutiriv. (he nair.
W111i0tts M liuxur,, fit olh.
ever Fail, to Restore Gray
~v~r o. tsf olor.
cue scalp disease, a hair fall11ig
, 3can 3100atDrupgsr~
lusic for Sunday
~ic for.
t.l re nvile
s now full of
pring Goods,
$2.00 the y ard Silk-anything
' Make-Up" (except a hat).
my Prices SHALL BE THE
edl to show you our Goods and
wr Lr-sn Mcer ey"'
Greenville, 5. C.
Strictly one price
(*A-rHLETIC CUT CLOhES Your Money Back if You are
^.KAHN DRYFU3 C CO\ -not Satisfied.
Phone 4
Pickens Bottiing Works,
R. L. Davis Proprietor
Quitea Number of First
Class Farmers
Are gomig ahead side-dressing their
crops with our 8-4-4, so that when
it rains tihe fertilizer will be in the
ground ready to benefit the crop.
The 1Tertilizer will not leach 'out
ntil it does rain-and it is going.
t> rainl surnie time. The1. idea ot
he- fa r awrs is to have the fertili
zer in t~hwrund ready for the
'rain. It is the farmers wvho look
ahead and i ake 1uine by the forelock
who) miak' the~ crops in the unusual
a mu)si. W\'t e me ready to deliver
Anderson Phosphate & Oil Co.
The Pickens Pressing Club.
I am still at the same old stand and prepared to do
first-class work on gentlemen's suits, Ladies' skirts and
coat suits, kid gloves, gent's hats and also new bands on
gent's hats, see the
at ilePickens Pressing Club Man
tisteplace where you can get first-class dye work done
ataytime, rcs-r reasonable. All work guaranteed.
H. H. HALLUM, Proprietor
Up-stairs in the Old Carey Buildling.

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