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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1909-1911, July 13, 1911, Image 4

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Pickens Seninel-Jourel
&dvertisiug Rtoes'Reasonable
Subscription Price One Dollar a Year
In Advance.
SINtered at Piokeus Fustoleo as Second Class ]
Mail Matter
Congressman from 3d District Fears
the Farmer Will Suffer-Mill Oper
atives Mav be Seriously Affected.
Congressman Aiken was seei
to-day by a representative of the
.Daily Mail and asked for an ex
pression of opinion on the cotton
'mill mergers being organized in
South Carolina, and said:
"This (Iuestion has been pre
seinted 10) me from various stand
points and on several occasions.
Prilarily, I may say, that so
long as the uills merged are con
fined to at siigle state, and so
long as tlle merger is hot of such
Tiiiaginitude 1 as to (constiltu e a 1110
!(' iolY. Collgress iaY not ilter
fere. Oigress, ill lilY judg
*ill'lit coulI ilitel'ore (1111V where
fite iiei rger '1' etI' Ilit'r-state
CI1t1111Ci0 iltiVi'rS4'lV. As L 1in
derst and it ,ti' e 't'alabidl Oil ('o..
hi st'eel Trust alnid t heTolbacco
Trust colli' Wit bill Ilie seope of
tll Shermuani antt itust act , be
(aUlse of Iheir extensive ht4ltliligs
il several states, iimkiing 1 )ri('es
inl olle c(litral )oilt fOP thk l Wo
ditets; of all thel st;Ites alleetod.
No man11 (all tiell tlie 111liaie(
rpjro Ij) olit jot s I t thleo iieri("'t 'r 10 il
Ina'V Is,,111 : bI) t sil et' I t Ile
mierg Ir here referre( I to coId
not ill ifs liresilt extelt he silb
Jecteto COngressional ellact
ment, aniything tlat 1 iay say
relative thereto is Onlv as a pri
vate citizen, iliterested with
everv other good citizen inl the
state's best ecoionmic develop
Imuent. As such 1 am frank to
say that I think the merger plan
is fraught w1tt many dangerous
probabilit.e ,
'If ten mills may be run sue
cessfully by a commiiiioni head,
there is no good reason whi v, ill
time, a hundred, or all the mills
Ot t he st ate~niight iiot he lirouidit
untleir 441l4e t0o1troil. Tlhe lnlaini
FiUlrpI'- N. 4i1 such6 a CI iliillaiit ll,
as geneutrally tIll)eSitI 11(1, ls 10)
r.'gllate t heI 4tillt pilt <If cli dlh ;iiii1
v,. hiiehi is e nitb'i1i 41 dilt ait e t he
])r i't IfI ll Iien ii h i 11m l -'
ow ou t ink You b- r' '.
ul~age*hL Vr'iih
bhat the nierger lan will mark
bhe end of mill building inl South
Darolina. Almost without ex
Leption mills are built largely by
Northern capital, capital that is
interested in this character of
ivestment. All capital is easily
frightened, and this class espe
ulaly so. When the corporate
head of the merger in the stato
stamps a project with his disap
proval, that is the last of it..
Already there exists a combina
bion of mill presidents in South
Jarolina to discourage the build- '
ng of mills, and the Promoters ,
>f at least one proposed mill sig '
ially failed,. for this reason, %
tfter the usual home subscrip- Ac
;ion had been raised. If a mere I
)rganization is so powerful,what
would be the power of a dictator? 1
"If instead of discouraging
mill building, and consolidation
to rob the farmer of a legitinmate
price for a short crop, every mill
of the South would contribute
to put a dozeni or more active,
permanent agents in China and
South Aierica, covering the in
teorior an( important coast
town r's. these agents not specially
to he sales agents, but to culti
vate frielolly rt'lat ions wit'h tl
peoile, antl ltvert ise the sup .i
(rity of ANillericanl goodls, we
wolId llear less roI the iuill
mll of hligih otton a1l low
F'oli a blsilless point o)f
viev, it seels very lilkelv Iha
i lle ;Imerger pl)ll vill silee'I.
It clts hoti ways; it. liuv f, ri-'
Ill) I he lrv-goods 111ui11 to) which
W e (14) n1ilt ()hject, ()r it 111:1 f* V
downi tho 1alr whIll Willd
bIw calamnit v.
P'obhly1 the. l14ost dliigein4)
feat ir' 4)1 the' miill nierier }dai
is the inevitable eieroachment
()n the iindividill rights of
large per cent. of our citizens.
Granting that the head of tle
merger in South Carolia is a
geiitlemian who will use his
powver humuanely and liberally,
there are few absolute succes
sions that do not contain tyrants
at short intervals. Absolute
I I)ower is se'dlcti ve: solie have.
thought. that evel goo(d meivn'
4ten surecllill) to its charill.
4 ou . r4re o
. :5 '1 .
Lawy: *
Blood Balm
(B. . 3.) Cures Through the Blood
Bliiod Pssn,
S P!ill., 11 I FL L 4
theunmatism, *-czema,
Itching 11umors.
nly R.. odI R -v- Iv th- kills -.. P I< n
i the bloo i and rtisi pi-irifi 4t - tn.-.
ig a flood of jure-. -i-oh blo i .lir .- t..
hle kn ',vrf-w-. b.snies joints and
wheriever i0- -- . :oi it b, e -. . i tbis
vay all A --. - . -- - 1e1 0 % -1. .k
te b i .111 ...d - . I1. ...i.: r i helt
10 1- 11h.. 4r 1 -1. .... .-... - . I- ." 3 .! , -,~
n1to at (A -:e .- .,. bv st..#..,. tr int
he skin t h-- - - '...- -
:tses Trv it. I
BOTANIC 8100 BALM-8 88
0leaIPsaniit tid RAfe to take: co'mpj)osed of lo'r
loit ic ingredients. It purilies and eiri t. -
le bood. lt. It. 1. sfreingiltenis the nietv
mid builds tip the brokets down vstevm. Irt:.
sts$ P-: -~tI3 R T ~ . I !.tr
lons for home cure.
Sold at All Drug Stores.
till' \\ -i I -
V.. V
H I V*
. c) .I. sj :
~T''' lC
New "R d N I .gt
Runn,.o ys
6 i .. *.
And these scismit
80th without1 inte
Thr1is upheval w
comp1 e tit.-Ors,!, an d t
will tumble about
IK fo1- this chaos,
-. ]) bsin~ess. \V
n use them to a
t in this: One
nlie for te
I Ii.chl-- it was boul
Itd l.oad" of stu
jilothe season.
\\e have gone 1
h u anythin
( osare laid I
"'UI yields and y
ot your cash. W
,i.ake you induce
Among the ma
few prices on the
We have decided to cut cI1
thk E;n e, and to get rid of everv
yani ''f it, we will give vou
rI ''I <1 ille 11 FlIlls froni5
I ti J)(1 Ver 1(rt. Her(qe is the
;E1. t0 e-iet yotir t i-lVnIiigs foi
1 C (inte.
I 1 - 'I(
T/\1 II1~, /S 1)
J~ h
AntiIe X
kse Shocks will Beg
tremors will con
ill create constern
heir lofty ideals
their heads. We
for every man mu
e beeve in- givil
aLu Iu-ing) the ti
\antNage. We h a
is to help our pa
to be benefittocL- t
>f OUr stock duri
D-ht to 1e) Sold, so a
.1-i OVe o try to fl(
1hl'OuglL~h Onl l' St OCk1(
)fl ' u r.l
Ly ad ther s a ; I
o01 cani io\v afiord
e rneed this money
ments to spend it
ny spel bargain
of a very small amount you can
get John to propose and thus
save an oil bill. Our 12 1-2c
line. flow 8e. All Other lines ('lt
ml prop)ortion.
Our line is complete. We (enn
Iun 18 ish vn with mo ii t any V
thing~ here aid have l-ut thie
pr1i(ce so that it wil be an in
dufcemlenlt to buv.
A. C. A. Hedl Ti(king~ at I:>'.
Ma tress8 Tick ing 8c.
H-Iickoriiv Shirt inga at s- an8
ile:tvy hVi
II I n- i
r 1
hi I
1 1911.
Li nuxe until July
ation amniong our
and high prices
are not responsi=
st take cave or his
g our clstomlers
ne in whicl1 they
ve at tofoM ob
trons *while it is
he otlier is to re
1g t1fit '-4o-Isoii il
S lot OcItlliy a
.eee A' | (aO,1 01.1
ind 1n1 the knite
'O \\' 1. 1 1e(i y ou
Lu P VO pectof a
to Wurn Jose sonie
81) ( Can fl~ford to
i fe re.
S We (Iuot yOU a
Chewing and Spitting To.
Ifyuwant to 'spit red" and
feel big try some of owr brands:
Red1 leat, 3 plugs for 20c.
edl .Jui(en 8 plugs for 20c.
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Bu'k hornu. 7 t wists f or 25e'
Snap and Washing Pow.
d~ l ettter soap. 7 enkles '5'.
( 'I. a Uii'iid1 'juam~Iity)*.
T 1'
beno(H of st pleI n
hei pa rna d

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