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Pickens Son6inl-Journal
Some Thlng !ou Know and Some
You Don: Know About Our
Towns, County & People
-So far Judge Newbery has
i:3sued three marriage licenses.
-Dr. L. 0. Mauldin and wife,
of Greenville, spent last week
with relatives in Pickens.
-There will begin at Enon
next Sunday a protracted meet
.ng, conducted by the pastor.
-The Bethlehem school will
3tart up Monday, 17th inst.,
with Miss Mary Gantt as
-There will be an all-day
singing at Bethlehem church
next Sunday. All lovers of
good iuttsic are urged to come.
-Rev. 1). W. Hiott wvill begin
.1 series of lleetings at Norris
n the fourth Sunday. He will
.)e assisted by an able divile.
-Mtiss M1iary Lewis gave ain
.m joyble lawni par-ty Wednies
.lay night in honor .f her coll
Miss I Lighes, Rich land,
3. (i.
--he local showers that have
fallen in the past few days have
refreslied crops and (aused a
SMile to illiinje the face of
many a farmer.
Mr. and Mrs. Edvar Haiks
-Ili and Mrs. D). ('. Brsa
)f Laurevs Visited the family
>f Mr. R. A. Bow-men, in P-ick
mthlis wdoek.
-We cali.youi special atteni
Lion to tie 1ieveral new ads in
this paper, as well as those that
have been (4anged in this issue.
You w ill find all sorts of good
reading th e rin.
- Th e.J** kens Railroad Co
r' 'ed up around the new
depot, iremoving all debris, old
buildings, etc., grading down
the yard and otherwise improv
Ing and beatifying the premi
by Rev J. :'.. Stwr. at. his
Allis- Racibel Stratonr, hoth of t
the l'tiek(In- Mlil. T'he miany*
rinsf the on ctin p Iarti,-s
w sl en Uilneh joy.
- ; t
lore Maldn h o
n si n 1I'
-Mrs. T. M. Norris, of Cei
tral, spent Tuesday with Mil
Florence Bowen. in Pickens.
-The Wolf Creek school w
commence on the 24th, wit
Miss Hattie Earle as teacher.
-The singing at Six Mild la
Sunday was greatly enjoyed I
all present. A goodly crou
from Pickens attended.
-Mrs. Hubert E<ens, of Pic
ens, is on a visit to her parent
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Jenkins,
Clarksville, Ga.
-Judge apnd Mrs. E.
L.egare, of Charleston, are suen
ing the heated term in Picke
vith their son, Congressm
George S. Legare.
-Mr. and Mrs. H. S. McK
gan, of Sumter, are spondh
the heated term in Pickens wi
the parents of the latter, 1\1
ald Mrs. H. A, Richey.
-tRo. J. ). Moore, of Colui
bia; will be at the First Bapti
church next Sunday, l6th,
hold a SnundaY school institu
of three days. Mr. Moore is
not ed Suinda ,y schlool speociali,
TI.P gein'rnI l0 public is ilnvited.
-There Will be an all-<l
singingh1 at th ie Pickens M1
chuirch. the third S8undar
JullY, condineted by Prlol. \. 1
IGaretI adul others. A Il love
oll -ood nInsic aro cordljally i1
vited to collie aud bring-o son
hooks a l welI-fll baskeAts.
-itiy 1c!Fall, one of ti
lost iirOni ieit frat ernl von
iien oll (o111' 1om iw. I, i greltly 4.
joying hiluself at Rocheste
N. Y.. I Ik wee-:, where' lie
inl attenldanve upIonl the nation)
meeting of the A. A. 0. N. M.
He is a noble grand as well ws
g1rn1 noble, and niay his tril
ever illcrease.
-Frank Christopher, the def
h anded barber. manicure ima:
chiropodist, and all-round Pie'
ens sport, has installed a chI
in his neat, clean and ref reshit
p1arlor for his brother Sam wh
as a manipulator of the hnnu
physiognomy, has never he(
eX(elled inl this city. Both ho
are gentlem analy and1 attentiv
and 1811l soon g'et in to mio
commiviodiouis qu iarters, their 1
cirensing. t rade denumin gs~ it.
-Th("rveners"'8 have he&
p):ilind ha v(D throughout011 il
thieir ree'' t raidls in this conmili
wher 1ther detoe a\ tlla
oli 'I' f l|t ald s v r l .
'n- Trwd weesi~d r
on III II'|'hi t.-lin Io 1e
Ie I
I- -In spite of all this hue and
5s cry about going back to the soil,
the farmer boy persists in pre
fering moving pictures and the
h bright lights to simple farm
pleasures, says an exchange.
But the average Pickens county
st lad -sticks to the "Old Home
Y stead."
rd 7
-Standard gasolene 18c per
gallon. R. E. Goodwin.
-If you want a good Incu ba
tor get a Buckeye from W.
T' hompson.
Fon SALE--Fine cow, calf 2
- weeks old, extra for both milk
d- and butter. See W. P. Stewart.
Is Pickens, R. 1.
[1n -WANTED-Five or six relia
blo-collectors to travel; $60 to $90
a- a month, Bond required. Write
F. P. S'i,:i,, Augusta, Ga.
ig --WANTED-To let contract
with party to Log Saw Mill with
10,000 feet daily capacity. Ad
dress P. 0. Box, No. 356;, Suil
ter, S. C. je8-In,
nI- -
-Dr. T. A. Seawright's )en
tal ofhce is in the Masonic Tenmi
topIe, upstairs, over the P'ickens
to I)r Co.'s store. Vhen ini need
a f dental work (all and see him.
- - 'o .I.:--A g d fonilv
lorse: goodI sIyie: wE0. -Ih wot
I.00 pounls: ;.e rih t.: for ,;ish
N or) good 1](oh. \Vrieor cnll ol
diE . W ~lu: lr. Norris
n :Cottonl Alills, Store, Calvfocele
> .C.
s I() R SA I E -Sotih west er.
.-.a n' ins. No finer Imnis, no
better prices. \W7e spieak fr(oI
persoInal 1 knowledge. \V:'i t
dav for nI'\w list.
Epton & Switzer,
10:abibug S. C
- Jlly Ist. We will
rI''0 ei (XhnII'lgo( for) olle bushel
is of wheat., :m lbs. of flor and 14
!I bs. Of hrl 1m. We have secured
a eonipotent rmiller, and guaran
t,(ee first-class flouir. Save your
twheatiad gi1v' i a trial.
CE''R-rA L R.OLtI.:n MILL Co.
-The Easley Roller Mill has
t- bven thor'oughly overhanled,has
1, an experienced miller' in charge,
C and is trepared to grind your
ir grain in a fi st-class manner
and gi ve von a good tunout.
A' Four ior five men, well mus.
cled,and not a drop of lazy blood
in their veins, to work on the
strieet~s of Pickens5, at~f $1 per' day,
'beginning~ ,July 17th. Month's
~-work for right kind of fellows.
8. 13. Cn~lo, Mayor'.
1,A Guess That Is Right
fur Times In Five
o'3er w n ' I 14S4f IA.
h - , *44 :4.4? 2 'l (o
Wh4 D d He~ , H'V431f~.
'I e
Designed by Rosenw~
e i
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l' ~; . .1 ,
CeCahMec ans

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