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Valuable Land For Sale
7-room house, 0 fire placer, house l."
ished all over, largo barn, cribl. andl
wood house, etc., all kinds of fr" A(s allol
berries on lot and one of tie aest wells
of water in town. 5 minutes walk to
the depot or up town; lot 150 x 2(,0 ft.
2. 2 lots on Hampton aive. These lots
lie well and are nice building lots.
8. 2 lots on Lewis stret. Thee atre
good lots and cheap too. r
4. 1 lot, 8 tenant hou. es. Hoom for 3
more houses on saeno lot. Brins good t;
interest on $1,200. See how cheap you t
can buy this.
5. 2-story and basentent brick build. e
ing en Main street. See this if you
want a good business stand
6. About 400 acres of land. 1 1-2 miles
West of Pickens. Two Public roads
through this place. This land lies on s
the East side of Twelve Mile River, both
sides of Town Creek. On this place is 4
good settlements,''enant Houses, Barns, I.
Cotton Houses, and necessary out-build
inigs. Good orchards of select fruit, 5
good wells, 8 good siprings. free stone '
water. Bermuda pasture. This is goowi
farming land, will make 40 to 50 bu.
corn per acre, lots of it making bale of
cotton to acre and sonie of it 80 bu. oatst
a good pliaee inl a good state of cultiva
tion. (an cut this place' into 40 to 10)
acre trac'ts with good front on public
roads. if voil wat, it cut show me, if r
you Want it all. see how cheap. .\ny
icind of reasonable terms on1 :al or any S
of the above
Reason for selling.
A. M. Morris.
Summnons For Relief.
WA. T- P NO UT{ I IA I tOb1. N A
butnntns foritelle C tnp ii ot serveil n
B. it. Wistrap t
Ph'ilioith -
.\cgti a tEii tl I lii
'rOTill : .:C.FI'' ANTl A' Vi: NA . :
Yolk are lierehiy Sttmici ai requiireel too
liswer the compi) itit iln ticns accitioncc, which i l
is this 4h1y tiliet il he il te- eclve fit t'le'rk l' f
totlit fier licit'is t'1 l yct' eIitt tl al
Nerve a coply Al yAitur a nswe A'r lit tie ,ai i
'oluciittit ill the s stslcribers at their oithee at i
Iliekenls. S1111It l'arolina, witin twety ht ys U , !
after the l er.' .it.e Ihet'enf, exi'lsie of Al he they I
Of t,1111h s lv ice ' n ice 114 if y t ' fil t t w e t
vinl ii nt nue e lit il tit litle af e i , te lan t e
ilrli tit Ill-tiont wI Il aplyI ti the. i' t It r
lie relief deniicc f ll i in tih A 1111ic i t 1i
llte-t a l th .\. 1). 'l
.\ . i ric-:A.! hal I
I le''. c li'
l'hceitt t. .'rnce
Stimmons for Relief.
* \ I el ee, l t ' e \l'>1.1 ..
l e, eel cu nt c
Sill ce4ccelc - Ic Il tet[ it icle!c l fl. '.I'c..
e V I i l o 411n t.n.n ' l ... t.
C MAn 1 li t ; tn et iq I \ Ile t .I . \ " i i t
' if ill ir leli cIIIt i . i ce l !'iitie
it 'r' lii ite t lit ir dc l it v i l ei e n t '
lii' T ili il. \ lit t \i' \ ici \ ee .\.\ clek eel
\ie AlIl-1k l .n ute( h .eb 11n o e hV[N ivc t l a te tfo.1 I
thoil dt li Id Iill S C t ioth tee It I t il e ofc
oef youit' anlcwer tee the tuaui cmphleinit cel the
subicr'liber's cct their cteiicc ci i'icket. a '. weith.
.t te citenty d iy I after ti e Se'l vie he. cA t, exicll .
cveelf the ehy~ el stieh .service' cud if yee tai
tic anilC.ier ticcc etictehint nc ititee tile' cfoie
-caid. the lhintili in t 11c ciethee I wiill apply
to, the ltini fo.r ihe ii''!' e tc tiunnctedt in tile
- i1) ' itaph cini
b'i e th :'ulc thci .\c Ii Ii I
CiiF. \tore'.
g e
Comec in and( hear the
Vietrola-ithe inst rumenct
vou have seit a~lvertised so
extensively as "the most
wondlerful mic al inistrul
mntt the world has ever
You can't kttow htowc wonider
fuil it really is utitl you hear it.
Why not stop) itn today?
Notice of Election.
Wc\hereaes. a pcet itioni Ifron te free
hio~lderst atul electors of Olga Sehcool
Ilistrict rat uber 35 has bceen illedi wise h
the (County liocardl of Edutcentionm askingc
said Boarid for per'missioni to heeld tin
elect ion to determinoevwhe'thicr or nit, cit
ext ra levy of 3 mi llIs shall b e le'viedc --i
said IDistrict fot schlool pius pose1s:
It app~eainicg toc the Cutty licr oef'
leduatil~on thcalt the per t ien miec'ts ihle
Tihereefot'e it is hielhv orlderemd thcat It'
Trust ee's of I tt e a bovennc~ mied Districi. do
hold an e'h et ionh iln aboe'e nn d tutu
trict for' the chocve statede purposec~l, te
election toe lit held at e Iga school
house on July' 18, 111
The Trustees of the above named Dis
trict are hereby appointed Managera of|
said election. The election to he held
according to the requirements of $ee
tion 1208 Qf the School Law.
By order of the County Bourd of Edut.
Scation. It, '1' H ALLUMh,
Sammons f r el i
T .) J.,. l... .
lan 4.er the co'91 111l. I :: n ' :1 t . iltt I.
.l i ir h.-( 1 n y.1 C. ''I'" ..h O. e -:1,1
h retr e ns t - .t t i n. I I nit io t41
Ii. t I.. is ..
1 tnititi|.
itetiec liettaol' -i . -v11A 1. Ig .i~ii-- C
I. ('. a 1111. - Vlei V 0h i 144$11. 4
Y1 u air fereby .u nutl'tl l i l i: ot r. 1i
lIswe.4r the' in1 ni. t11 i. rhi-, 4 1. 4 4..1 wh ilt i
4.'lrI ny i4.'ltl F w.4 l' Illthe t i -e a it un,
'rvlieknei t tul .s-eit t. h et - lil 'l 11
Itr :1 11111t - i i 1l ll-. 11111 i l i:. lswe. 'th 11 -.
m is at oh ll thei liO de m se it (if'en -- * mi-\l'
,e the 4111111. wi t It 's the a reh.
it I nt 1 i n thif at4tIll Ill' i pl y 1. i the
114rSeir a . eIll 1 ief telein e11 te . e - ml
4111t it k . llloiltll~ Pitits l.1. %I4 Ne 'it t . 4111'
Iit st w1'.\41 iii 4 ' .l i ilt Y 1 a41 l 'ili r
'eil. tire . .\.1 11. a'. %r'. .1. ' ii li'l. .'1 .
1 l'1111i t' ' 111111 411 - 11 C4,11 il l 11>10N \
leak ..\r bywl anl itt.
- lt llllll'-fo Ite44.4l rt tl~l 1144. 14lt'
Ii Itll rel y 41114.' I. . l' indt' i ' I .,.
i. %v titvoiI 1,11i t ll llN 14-iol, d I If1~' 14141It
illii IN IllreiIN11.'. N-4 tisi'll %'oil. M i
.\lilftn y~oupr, w r ho ther. sad holtwn who.-l
lt e 111wiO l s f t he r 41i. .l pht le s . It r. -1
ete a it no. w i nd A. .l n tvi -he
till within, ile 11 'e a l 'oua l t the l'l tati1
i'lt.s fo io waill Cottly t otr orfl e
futntlt't l r 4 1 ll t-|it 'illty n 111 1 1 vitd
aTill' li'. te1 -. . . \. P . \ 11. t\ 'I' . ll.Il
Toi il illewith deleillilt. .1 1114 144I 4il lie
[I t' lott rf is r t hi e ah114 4it 41 tint' I.bMltoln
ooe r i se ii at d th i i r ll ke , iat . il .
oteih t tiro )withntwent a lay aftr th
'ri4- itcl '. e hixlusiv o the an i y of sil tII -
'lit'. 1 tl l ie yl u full4I ll.l to1 N oiwe h I
111 elan it hi h thee 11r111 till. hl 'hiili. i111
i this*.i weeilld appl th ofi te t'oi t the r -
ef ofeantted ir th e lp it It. W, 4 rt
DR. R.l th 8%slyo'lE. INGOLD.
DNtitg \ Nintil,
I 1tl . 1ue' b. Vi't.. . ' .
Posii i lt-n L11odge I'l !o.t 1 234 i1w'i,
.\Kl Ilogg. oafl' m'. P .,
T1111014 yh tbseit leienful l, it. .% . Iw s-%v i -1 iv
d t hi(I of oe I t I lI a w: i I' f t ., wlniton
stievnc ter th e 1i i t id 8 t1 lilltI. I
l'laettiake noie thall the n intlit thi
dire , ofw ih thefser viceithe t eoing i.
Si1 irt. itilel n . e ollh e of t 01.
ulot r i t f u iolum o mi'eustear ml i v : en coltit I
.\%.!nIte IIt Iwy if -l the. I'.! i. h
StetoTa ADueb4tt
TAtuehr the ab0vh int a1t0 d iait
ofthn p enthe ir bve aded ot
allrn wharo avet nhotupaerid theol
.11v11t.- tItt l B C Rtti LiItet M ayor ltt).
Wiinr. uI MAU yLr Ctler
1114 keni ha u , yu ly 6, the
pro ititi For Qv ':tut Cteiin' int litetti witho
N fill v ali t e tl the ser41vi t' Iti statuntalt 1
miN%1 it ,e p nli i you, %n uIve: awtn ft "ehty1 t
Ie O lv l-i.t 10erved11 our Y411).es 1 11 t eV
4its you n h nowr 1utr4, ree en-o
it resol i it hy i, n th sa ti o' pl. Ih yhti"
tie'~''i:S' 'P .\lite s tilt-itl OffV t co'ieke t. ItIL.
.ouh 'tin :-o hta. pitet 1as itftntth
%vn e : i t i f. P- fit i \bs- t Ans\ e itheco in
.%% it hil .I # li tl I. 10.!Y41 .\i I lt i t t il fll
1111111 edi in t'.nioplain.
e r.1114 *l I Iet I'lre. Stin i \Ii a '~ y
lt n nI l oL tre f ' re -.el A ll\l;t .y
20 i -4 acres near Wesleyan College, good buildings, wa
wtr tii I paiture, $i,ioo.oo.
.2 at.cres in corporate Ilmits of Liberty, buildings, watei
aiatl ptsure, $1,950.00.
95 acre:, i 1-2 miles south of Liberty, buildings and good
67 scrks 1 1-4 miles south of Liberty, a bargain $3,300 OC
40 acres near Camp Creek church, one house, wood and
water, $1,200.00.
147 acres 7 miles south of Liberty in Anderson county,
S-room house, a good farm and well located $5,ooo.oo
7 acres in Liberty, $400.00.
3 acres in Liberty $700.oo
25 acres in Liberty, good house, $1,400.o0.
So acies, good 5-room house, 40 acres cleared; a good
far1 inl 1.2 miles of Liberty, $2,500.00.
65 acr( s hnown as part of the Buriss "Riggins farm, besi
iml ndIt h cation in the county, good buil'dings, $4,900.00.
So aicres--the N. W. Newton place---one niile of Norris.
This land will make a bale of cottun to the acre or 6o bushel
sf corn. Nev 5-room house and good barn, $6,ooo.oo.
46 acres at Six Mile church, good 6-room house and barr
6o acres near Pleasant Hill church, level and good build
ngs, ,00.00.
I can give good terms on all of teese lands.
Liberty. S. C.
Fine farm land
Splendid section.
Do ou wish to invest youi1 surplus money in good tarn
lanIds. Land is continualy going up, and there is no sure
wvy ot oui making- a good income than by investing you
money in some good Georgia farms,
Ift \ou want land to cultivate and want to ret into th
garden spot, see me, I have fine improved and unimprove<
productive lands at the most reasonable prices, or if you wanl
to own a home in a section that is blessed with all the favot
able conditions, look over my list.
One of the nicest littl.e places in this section is a 6 -acri
tract, m 2 1-2 miles of Turiterville; 30 to 40 acres cleared; lot
of forest trees, has some good branch bottoms on it, has t.v<
houses, good well of water and an excellent spring. Can se
you Lhis for $Soo, one-halt cash and balance. to suit purchaser
Coe (uick for I won't have this bargain long.
Another snap is a 754,cre tract that is right near .railroa
station. lhis is splendid land, about halt of it cleared. Ha
on it twvo buildings, barn, etc., is well wvatered and welllocate
on public road, in a good community and is just 1-2 mile fror
school. For a q1uick get-away to some of my old Picken~
county triendls, $i ooo.oo will swing the deal; 1-2 cash and ba
ance to suit thle purchaser.
A nice I6o acre farm for $r 8oo It lies well, i-s 25,
miles of Turnerville and 2 miles of H-ollywood; .4o acres clea
edt. 2 goo)d houses on it. A great place for stock, dairy (
1 50 acres for $1 goo. H as good house on place;i
mieof HIollywvoodl; 21 acres ilearedl. Splendid farm wil
godschool aindl church advantages
W\ithin 1-2 mile of Turnerville, Ga., and on a leadin
pulic road, I have another pick up for a Pickens county mai
in a 6o-acre tract with some cleared land, well wateredl, son
goocd branch bottoms, good 3-room house on place, goc
orchard of fruit trees, gcodl well and splendid sprin1g. Thi
pre.perty will not he on the market long at $i 000.00. This
a rare bargain, and if you want it come quick for I have optic
for only a short time.
People that come here, don't wvant to leave, and all wvl
have been able to (do so have bought wvhile out here, whi
others have gone back to arrange to buy.
W'e have a regnlar "Pickens County Colony" here am
new membners are constantly being added. The boys wa
you to joinl them and I can tix you .so you will be a tull tiedlg
member in ajitfy.
Come and see me, whether you buy or not, it will do y<
good, and help you too, to look over this country and find o
why others like it so well.
F'or real estate at a low price in a good community see
Modern Dentistry
Reasonable I-rices
Best Set Teeth.................................. ........
Goldl Crown 22k............................................. '1l
Gold Filling................................................... 1
* ilver Fillinrg........................................... 75c to I
TIeet~h Extracted Painles................. ....
All other Dental work at pirices that will pleaso you.
Piedmont Dental Room
r DR. R. G. KILLINGSWORTH Proprietor,
119 1-2 N. Main St, hn Greenville,
Phone 45
Pickens Bottlina Works,
R. L. Davis Proprietor
Pendleton St. Greenville.
Our house is now full of
New Crisp Spring Goods,
o Ranging from a 5C Calico to a $2.00 the yard Silk--anything
the Lady or eds8 !<r her Spring ' Make-Up" (except a hat).
For the Quality of the Go,ds, my Prices SHALL BE THE
LOEVST. Wt- shall be pht ased to show you our Goods and
Prove our A ( rT'1i
I WNeV t IS -< -r en-111e a. I ..
t "/.' oocis For Less Money"
I e - - - - - . 4 .
~r'LETIC CU CLOTHES" orMnyBaki o r
* t KAHN'.,DREYFU~t CC noCo.ifid
* I.CL0r~ HIN
.00 tat cuBristow.ir
li~ih ~i~ 5Cfre.Good nvtile,2S.dC
FrshNunalyanyNoSterl oe asrice
Parcica /<chieet2 bildr~wllfrnih bue rin -4
ed pl s ad co plet speifctosa pr es ht

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