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Pickens Sentinel-Journal,
Some Things ou Know and Solle
You DonL Know About Our '..
Towns, County & People
-That was somewhat of a
rain that fell around Pickens t
Tuesday evening.
-Mrs. D. B. Finney is ser.,
ously ill, and has been confined j
to her room for several days i
-It Is said by those who have
traveled some, that crops in V
Pickens county are the best to I
be found any where in the state. q
.-Mr J. S. O'Dell of Rome,
a hidt1 Mrts. W. H. Chapman a
was the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
D. G. Moore last week of Pick
ens. t
-Mr. B. A. Hagood, a promi- c
nent lawyer of Charleston, is s
spenlding the heated teri with
his family at their summer 1
home in Pickens.
-Judge J. B. Newbery has
issued eleven licenses up to the
first of August, and has per- t
formed four marriages also, one
on Saturday and one on Mon-.
--Messrs U. F. 1ompkins, J.
K. Kirksey and XV. W. Aiken
were in Pickeis Monday and
each one reported openi cotton
holis onl their fams. This is
rather early for cottrin in this
-Mrs. G. F. Kirby, who has
been suffering with eye trouble
for soie time and who spilent
last week in Atlanta where she
went to have them treated, has
returned to her home much ben
E..Robert E Douglas of
Spartani org, ik- .
short ime in Pickens. Mr.
Douglas is a first-class steno-.
Irapher, book-keeper and public
accountant and is looking the
field over with the view to open
ing an office.
--We have reiceivedl a well.
written communmication from
Easley,signed "Nice Girl,". with
request to publish. This we
cann'ot (do, as the writer's~ real
name is not signed to the letter.
We must. know . the -name -of
every correspondent.
-The Pickens Drug Co., J. N.
Hlallunm. P. Hig., proprietor; has
added another line to their al
ready large stock, that of jewel
ry. This line is first-class in
every rcspect and is in plated,
filled and solid gold andl silver,
andI consists of almost anything
you would wrant for a gift or for
personal adornment. Tlhe line
is full and complete and~ will be
pushed and handlled the year
round. andl vou can find here
at all times something to please
the taste, charm the eye and fit
'The purse of all.
-The picnic at Flat Rock,
in this couintyv, last Saturdayv
was wvell attendled, over '2,000
people being on the grounds. It
was an idleal day and the occa
sion was greatly enjoyed. Gov
ernor Coleman L. Blease spoke4
to the audience and captured
the crowd, horse, hoof and
dragoon. H-e satisfactorily ex
plained many things to his
hearers, which opened1 their
eyes to the fact that he was a
much abused, traduced andl ma
ligned person0f, andi( miany acts of.
his that were perfectly right,
legitimate and1 proper had1 ocen I
misrclpresentedl by his corping 1
critics and political onemies.
[He went into sonme detail and1
showed up his official acts clear-I
ly. The subject of his talk was
Education- higher edulcation,I
better education-and he advo
crtes every child in the state
h)eing give'n an) opportunity to
learn and fit itself properly fora
the great Rattle of life. t
-Mesdames- J. C. Jennings
nd B. C. Robinson, of Pickens,
re spending. the week with
riends in Columbia.
-Photographer J. A. Smith,
f F9asley., will be in his branch
tudio, .over the Keowee Phar
nacy, 'in Pickens, every Mon
lay, rain or shine.
-Miss Bessie Lovette, a
harming young lady from
Voodbury, Ga., is on a visit to
liss Floride Carey in Pickens.
-President A. C. Briscoe, of
h6 S'outhern Shorthand and
usness University,spent Tues
lay in Pickens talking the good
oints of his college and solicit
ng students who might wish to
nter a good business college,
-The Clemson extension train
Vas at Easley, Saturday. Many
eople took advantage of the day
,nd went down. The lectures
iv those in charge, on the vari
us divisions of farming as well
,s stock-raising, were timely.
veil delivered and full of meat.
t is a pity that the people of
he state do not take more inter
st in the work as done at Clem
on and Winthrop colleges.
-Miss Alice Finney came in
ist night from North Georgia,
.nd will remain the guest of her
ather, Capt. ). B. Finney, till
londay, when she will return
o Atlanta, accompanied by her
ister, Miss Emma, vho will en
oy a deserved and much-needed
racation of several weeks among
he "Cr-ackers'' in the red hills
if Georgia.
-W. A. Christopher sends us
he following postal: "We have
ust closed a glorious niee'ting at
4Enon Baptist church. There
vere 35 for haptisim an(d three
)y letter. Rev, C. A. Waters
issisted me, doing all the preach
ng. He preached 'with great
)ower, and the good he accom
>lished cannot be estimated.
Will baptise Saturday before
Phe fourth Sunday in August,
it 2 p. i."
-We are requested by Mr.
W. "'.&AAlleood, - president of
the Pickens County Fair, to
3ay to all those who are inter
asted or well wishers of the en
berprise that it is up to the ex
acutive committee to engineer
Ihe fair and they inform him
that they will meet soon and
rnake some arrangements, but
.t is yet undecided as to the
scope, but you can rest assured
~hat something will be had.
Bverybody get r'eady' and lend a
riand at the proper timie and
then maybe we will have as
ood or better fair than ever. It
s not the plaything of a few or
my set of men, but an educa.
ional institution for all the peo
ple of the county, gotten up to
how to the outside wVor'ld the
wonderful and varied resources
>f a most progressive county,
and it behooves every citizen
within the borders of Pickens
:ounty to lend their aid and1 as
sistance to its successful culmi
-IL warms the cockles of the
eart to be remembered by a
riend with some unexpected
lainty or token, anjd especially
loes the editor feel that pleas
ir'able sensation of fellow-feel
ng, wvhen busily grinding out
:opy for the insistant printers,
;ome one hands in at the door a
lice basket of fruit or dainty
adibles. Such wvas the editor's
experience Tul~esd1ay when a
'eaping waiter of luscious Con
:ord grap~es were passed in to
uim with the compllimlenlts of
Elon. and Mrs. Geo. 8. Legare.
lt was a splendid treat and was
~teatly en joyed and( t hey have
>ur thaniiks for their thoughtful
cides Mr. I A'gar(' has a filne
ittle orchard coming onl, set to
)eaches, pear's, apples and(
~rapes, which is nuow a Pleasure
o his friends and( a great satis
action to him. The grape,
iealthful, in vigorating, emblem
f beauty and1 bounty, food for
he sick and hungry, of you is
rewed a nectar fit for the gods.
4ay you ever fulfil your mis
ion in this world,being a solace
nd comfort to those who culti
ate you and beina a *v i.,
hose who partake of the 1..11
-Standard' gasolene 18c per
rallon. R. E. Goodwin.
-Lot of fine Berkshire pigs
:or sale. G. A. ELLis.
--For land anywhere in Pick
mns county see or write Ja R
Ashmore. "The Land Man."
-It's too hot to read much,
)ut this is short: Nicest cream
rou've ever eaten is at our soda
'ountain. Keowee Pharmacy.
-Dr. T. A. Seawright's Den
,al office is in the Masonic Tem
ple, upstairs, over the Pickens
Drug Co.'s store. When in need
>f dental work call and see him.
PosTs WANTED-Black locust,
)r cedar posts, measuring 3
inches of heart at the butt, 12
t. long, W. W. VOIGHT. I. 1,
Easley., S. C.
aalloway place, one acre land,
large residence and good store
building close to Pickens Cotton
Mill? For price and terms, see.
H. M. Hester,
"The Real Estate Man."
My house and lot on Ham pton
Ave. All modern convenienceo
nd nicatl v finished. Apply to
Pickens, S. C.
Is the time to buy farm land
while you can see the growing
crop on it, Seeing the crop
you know what you may rea
Eonably expect if you buy.
Now is the time to make ar
rangements for next year and
not only next year but for y'our
future home.
Now is the time to see my
liberal terms for a small home.
Now is the time to see some
cheap land I have as well as
some of the best in the county.
Farm and city property for
A. M. Morris.
Blood Balm
(B. B. B.) Crs Thi'uogh the Blood
Rheumatism, Eczema,
Jtching Humors.
)3.:B B. (Botanme Biood Blood) is ti-e
only Blood Remedy that kills the poison
in the blood and then purifles it-send-.
ing a flood of pure, rich blood direct to
the skin surface, bones. joints, and
wherever the disease is located. In t.his
way all sores. ulcers. pimples. eruptions
are healed and cured. paine an-i aches
of Rheumatism cease, swellings subside.
B. B. B. completely changes the body
into a clean healthy condition, Pivingz
the skin the rich. red hue of perfect
health. B. B. B. cures the worst aeld
cases. Try it.
yolaui wanit to putIC tan best ofot~
for\t I I.'ilir1, (lonl'. t yiii .' \\'s s ad es 1r1~
10io V'oI . I.I.I. N aist~vi 1 3'C
Isi,~ We Haa~. A'I T OC C i C
Souy wat All need.g Stresen
pucas ii rcld ebr
* -E
R -
Iwea sse
bl in NI McBee
* .EST
n For sixty
j lit d ~ mlore th1
"y GandOpera H~
A Guess That Is Right
- Four Times Inl Five
HlN A UHIl,.1) is afiliered
wilb I oft3 lbi V, br-* 33' h, 19
subIIjet to yOiingL~ 2idgesti3 on,
col icy pain1)4 nouse l lse * I i 38 h,31
gr-ils.-ilig teetnl tilii4( Hh-e.3-, is s'.
I'4le s 3ne . fe'veri!13n3tw , nor3 033?'ntQ8,
ing -veli witIhollii any a ppe renti 1ca3u8e,
the experteei34( I nainth- l vy. --
Fo r t 33'ilne u of five 'he 's rit~h t
wheni iluh cond3it)ions are* no'tiedE it
* 8 l4 4e 3 i rs Jty 3Ira i'3nt 33n (he s8l1 .
j0itoit3 13 t VhI 13 ar i p334 8r3o)'. It
wii l is ii n s b e i, II d i t s rupt onii
resto3re Ih ieh t o133 ( tornfor33t, aui
I iir tal. 33 D' ik's~ Woin3o
i , zEs s wi ith i. h10 2033e reih t3h33
i *.3-y sh 3ndy Theyi~ 3r bnrloss ,~
Alwav1ys4 lEnle e our store1 for th fa
Cke* i 3 3 i r ~t .r..
.6 t' Fal tou iRestre Orgy
. , 3> r tnO ua 1 .- -~th~ Cong.
nd~. so.eata In *
you go this summer you
ought to go well dressed. If
-%O you start by coming here
and go away in one of our
Scholass Bros. & Co.
Suits, you'll be in style any
where on earth where well.
dressed men are.
Here also you will find
the best in mens 'furnish
ings, including Hawe's
Hats, Eclipse Shirts, Inter
woven Socks, Knee L-ngth 0
Underwear and Arrow Brand
Also the fullest line of
Bags and Suit Cases and *
Trunlis it will be your pleas
ure to see in a long time.
4"T C LD
A ve. Greenville, S. C.
ears Your Clothier."
yer the standard of the world. Q
c~h a ndl parl or o rgans cost very M
ant mo1(st others and last twice as (
is an Estey you have the Best." y
II. Williams,
ouse Buiilding. Greenville, 9. C.g
The belowv coupon, when properly lledl out and acconmpani
ed by the amount in cash indicated therein, will be accepted
for Halium's Backache and Kidney Pills, the greatest known
remedy for the ills which they cure.
S A dd ress. - . ..--.......---. .. .
Coupon and 25c 1)box Pills
75c 2 "
'' 1.25 3 " "
- J75 4 ', I
- 225 5 "'
If. to be sent by mail add~ 2C stamp for each box.
M\ail ordlers given same prompt attention on this deal, or
any other line Of goodIs handled by us. as if you were purchas
mug in person1.
Pickens Drug Co.
Parc tical Architect '& builder, will furnish blue print
ed plan s and complete specifications at prlces that
will save you money. Office "7 l.-2 North Main St.
Phone 3068 Greevi..m . . *

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