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Pickens Sentinel-Journul
Tdver~iainRt Etn Beas'onable g(
NOeeritnii Pricm One Dollar a Year
In Advance.
- - at
t4red fat Piekens Fostoflee As Second lass
Mail Matter
The State wants to know what F
-Charlotte used as a "chaser" for
Its mythified drams?
The man who rob the
Standard Oil Compa of $100 t,
should have a her edal. t)
It cost t -,ountry $845,184.56 tl
in two :ars to bust the trusts, ti
but e trusts don't look the ''
t bit busted. S
In the police court these days, f.
mournfully remarks the Ander- t]
son Mail. it is just one liquor r
case after another.
A crop of 15,000,000 bales will i
help the farmer of the South to d
entertain Santa (laus proper ly
and ,with the old-time zeal.
John Hailes, 7-1 vears 01(1. of
Fort, Fairfield, Ma lie. shoveled
200 barrIls oft pot at tes andI put,
theI in 1Is collar onI) dav last
On4e hundred( vacan1cies at
West Point xits this , ur.
Piokeins(( ionity shld do her
part, how ,e to keep the lhird
(istriet well representt.
Geuay' lulY11 was called11
byv 'nudhind. anld )Iw(ther is
ri 1t 1hat I-'aiie and ler
il1linv will comm. (tI all '1icijblet.
(Imder1stanldingv aboult Mrco
Six t y-eigh t Chicao boys have t
disappeared fromt their 110mos,
itn heoin cowboys. it is said. 1
They ha(1 better have stayed at.
home, and have become butch
Ors. ___________
Let, counties, towns and indi
v iduals keep out, of debt. It is
a mighty easy thing to get, into,
but awfully hard to get out of.
And dlebt is a serious burden and i
a handicap.
"Man is wvhat he eats," says
the proverb. Feminizin~g it,
we may state that all South
Carolina lassies eat peaches,says
the lackadaisical poet of the
Columbia State.
TPhe Samuel Faulkner family,
of Chicago, is preparine io (cl
obrate the 50th anniversary of
Barbara Ritter's service as house
maidl in the family. Miss Hitter
is 63J years old and still alert and
If the voters of this country
should earnestly study "'Sched
ule K'" for a year, the Rtepuibli
canl party would1( become so
shrun ken ais to gladlly swap itself
for Toml Watson, and1 throw ini
Hey burn for b)oot.
TIhe large audlitoriuml usedl at
* Janmestown exposition has been
purchased b~y the city of Colum
bia and the South Carolina Agri
cultural and Mechanical Society.
it will be in place on the fair'
groundls before the meeting of
the fair' in the fall.
In the 107 years' existence of
the republic of Havti, every
ruler' of the c'ount r'y except one
was either exiled. imlprisonedl or
murdered. The one exception .1
Hippolyte, dropped from his
hor'se (lead into the street. else .
he wouldi have gone~ the wvar of
the ot hers.
Miss Minnieta Tla vlotr, a no( ted t
linguist, 51 years o1(1:'(died at
her' home ini Green castle, Ind.
of injur'ies r'eceivedl in a fall a IA
short time ago. She spoke 45 bJ
languages, and was the joinit e
author with Senor Biragua, of a
New York, of.- six Spanish- hi
English text-books. She was si
either an active or honorary ii
member of 80 societies, several fl
of them being fe,-n
Good Roads Train. fI
The Southern Railway is sf
iing to operate a 4"good roads
%in" over its lines in South r.
trolina, begining Sept. 4th. 11
kd among the points touched t4
r it are: V
rednesday. Sept. 6, Greenville,
9.30 a. m.; Easley. 2.00 p. m.
bursday,Sept. 7, Calhoun,10.00 c
a. m.; Walhalla, 2.30 p. m.
riday,. Sept. 8, Seneca, 9.30
#. im.; Pendleton, 2.00 p. m.
durday, Sept. 9, Anderson,
10.00 a. m.; Belton, 3.30 p.m.
This train will continue over
Le state, going into Georgia on
ke 29th.
This train is being sent out by
ie Southern Railway to fur
ier the movement for better
agon roads throughout the
outh, and at the same time to
ive practical information to
irmers and road officials as to
ie building of roads and their
They are in co-operation with
re United States Office of Good
.oads, and free lectures and
emonstratiois showing the im
ortance of good roads and how
) build them and keep them in
ood repair at the smallest nec
ssary cost will be conducted at
ach Stop by roa1d-building ex
erts of the United States De- I
artment of Agriulture and a
Lpresentative of the Land and
ndustrial 1epartment, of the
outhern Railway.
TWO coaches of the train will
v tilled with exhibits. pictu-r'es
uld workinig models. and thie
j(.ta r(. a Ure illuishtc-td %vitlii st e-1
Iis train is beiig handled,
vithouit charge to the goVen'll
II- in order that the peoph
.ong its ilies and tribltary to
he Southern RIail way may hav
hll pportillity to 'eceive the
aluable information as to road
ailding which it affords.
Everybody in the county
hould attend at either Easley
>r Calhoun, and see and learn
,he practical side of good road
muilding from the governmtent's
Remember the dlates. and&1 try
'o attend1 at some point.
Get out your little hammer
md knock until you get wvhat
ron want. D on't cry, don't beg,
tssert your' manhood and
DEMAND) those things that are
'or the best interests of yourself
mnd your community.
An Indiana woman secured a
livorce on the ground that her
tusband had not worn socks in
wenty years. Because there
were no( socks to darn, most wo
'non would1 have put up with
~heir worst halves' other idiosyn
A good hard KICK at the
'ight time aecomplishes more
good than a silver salver' full of
>r(eambile(s, resolutions and re
iuests w-ill ever accomplish.
l'here is nothing ever granlted1 to
hie body p~olitic except on a dIi
'ect D)EMAND).
Jo unt Your List
of 0 'Success ful Men
In your acquaintance. Most
f them habitually wear glasses,
great many of them in Green
'ille wear Odom's improved
['ORiCO glasses. Now the
rlasses did not make thenm suc
essful, but it indicated good1
ud~gmlent on their part to buy
hem and use them wvhen they
:1(d need of them. Your eye
ight wvill be a valuable asset ini
'our career if p~ropely looked
fter by a conmpetent Optomie
['rist . D~on't handl~icap your'
titure by the neglect of Your
yes now. A little correction
>day is likely all that is needed,
at neglect wvill make even little
ye troubles serious defects af ter
little while. You insure your
ouse against fire-why not in
ire your eye sight by careful
ispection at competent hands
'omi time to time-which is the
iost imnortant. We have every
icility for rendering that expert 4
)rvice you need.
To out of town patients in a
tdius of fifty miles. we allow
) per cent discount to the ex
mnt of your railroad fare one
Dr. Aaron A. Odom, Presi
ent of the Globe Optical Co.,
onsulting Optometerist, Green
ille, S. C.
Totice to Debtors and Creditors.
All persons holding claims against the
Btete of the late Iv) Clinton Cannon
eceassed, must present the same duly
roven on or before the 15th day of
ept. 1911, or be dqbarked payment, and
11 persons indebted to said estate must
iake payment on or before the above
ate to the undersignel.
William Cannon.
Doctor the Cause
Not the Effect
If you are aflicted with boils pim.
pleb, scrofula, salt rheum. eczema,
or any other indication of impure
blood. don't waste time and money
in external remedies for the treat
ment of the synuptoms.
You cant av.,ttd 11 the a t1,IutIra 1 y
takinig enk-..t ttin -t a 41 skinl
Sometimnes ihere are 1 0 out tier.i yi.
tom"ID1 of 110[>111e b6l41(16, h-tig t egl ;b ge
a felita: of bulhi uit runelh-. n. lit et
Ie-) - t i)II- l - 01t iionI bI Vf et itIeV- w in ta
t l- r ltan- Ainei ti' t- o- tit - o.iy r'- tt
b In-, n1u ished i they h1.111 Ie.
Th4 US %of i)jke's I 0i.., .-,i Skin
l-- in res.ults. TI: 'b I. b i tl
'fi 1C . 11 ..! S-ft
al l si t h agatn. i- S11fi0 .1 Ihrshi
a..d se.ly. or- piiple.l Th. iver is
Stiunthited, 1the. blod (rrI hd and
soon t I Ie wo ,II sySt eI , the nI ,.
Iicvil ct Iion o I4)f thi I e -Xec- dIrlen I t Ied ..
Pure ll nean !ealti inul
Strenlgtl. and D.Iiie's I :a . S I
lIntndy tuakes pus e bi
Pickens. S. C
New "Rock Hill" Lightesi
Running, Most Stylish
and Durable on
q Patented Long-Distance Spindles,
oiled without removal of wheels.
qPatented Side Spring.
qstrongest braced Body made.
qNewv style Seat.
q Every feature of high class make.
qPhaetons, Surries, Runabouts of
same High Quality.
qour guarantee your protection.
APcsist Card To Us Will Bring Ar
Agent To You At Once
Rock Mill. South Carolina.
Pickens, S. C.
4'tf. Cliticeover-ieketi, hank.
Liberty, S. C.
Practice at Central every Wedned(ay s.
Castle Hall
Pickens Lodge No. 123
K. of P.,
Stated convention 8-30 p. in., Mionday
>vening after the 1st and 3ld Sunday.
Work ahead for all the Ranks.
All visitors cordially invited.
By order of
J. L. VA LLEY. C, C.
AM Hi. OttAIti. K. of Rt. anti 8.
att ad ter ic g:hl hair.
Are you in
going to take
Everyone r
freshens you
* I'enieniber.
w ithout a tru
0 your togs in.
We have ti
0 a styie , the
LooK fin UU
Main & McBee
"32 Y(
For sixty
M Estey chui
Slittle more th
M long.
* "If yours
nWrite for catal(
2 Grand Opera H
MVictor Talk
Notice of Cotton Weinhers Election
for Pickens.
Notice is hereby giviai that on the
third Saturday in August. A. 1). 1911,
the samie being the 19th dev , I. AugutIS.
A, D, 1911, ian e'lectionl will be. beld in
the town, of Pickens for the purpTJose
of selecting a Cotton WVeigher for the
ensuing year, or until his successor
shall have been duly qualified. and at
which election the polls will open at
10 o'clock a. mn. and close at 5 o'clock n.
mn, and at which election the following
are hereby appointed marngers to..wit:
W. T, Griffin, J. L. Thornley and D),
B3. Finney,
For the purpose of this election all
qualified electors shall he allowed to
vote; andl "qualifiedl elecbors" shall in.
clue .all male citizens who are patrons
of the Pickens cotton market, resident
within the county of Pickens, who shall
on or before the third day before the
(lay fixed for sucht election, upon the
production of his registration certificate
procuire from the Clerk of the town
Council of the tewn: of P'ickens an i ad
dlitional certiticate that he is a duly
qualified elector, u''dler the lawe gov
erning general elections in the state of'
South Carohna, amnd entitled to vote in
th~e annual election for Cotton Weigher.
Hooks of registration for this purpose
are open andl will be continuously kept
open until the (lay before the said elec
tion for the purpose of registering all
who may dlesire to vote in said election.
T1h..' person receiving the highest number
rof votes east in this election shall be the
Cotton Weigher for the town of Pick. 2
ens, and his term of office shall be for*
mne year. and until the election and
lhalifbi9:.irn of his suicessor.
W. e F . un s. . o r,
need of a change and are you
a trip this Summer?
Leeds a trip once in a while, it
up and pri.epares you ior bettere
though, you can't go away
.ng, it case or bag to carry
ee if geat hariety and choice
pricep th ight to.
r Window.
OT0 H.SCH ,IL D,.- |
Aee. reeinville, S. C
u nears Your Clothier."
toaug ot tAhe way U
-ch andt caselor brgn tos car
an mst. het and cho tice a
ie. anvey yiou have th es.
H in.Wila s
ouse. Buldng Geenv\ill, S. (. 9
gh Macnes pand oranrs Piaos ver
edansost oetean spciaton tices tas
ila savey you yaOfie - oth Baest
Ponse 3068ing Greenville, S. C.
edabythca on Ac iecs bidctter i, willns ble acpitd
wi llms Bacach anKiney is th reait kw
remedy for the ills which they cure.
A ddr ess......... . .4 '
Coupon and 25c i box Pills
" " 75c a '' "
" " $-25 3 ' ""
"' 1.75 4 "'
" " 2.25 5 "
If to be wnt by mail add 2c stamp for each box.
Mail orders given same prompt attention on this deal, or
ny other line of goods handled by us. as if you were purchas
re in person.
Pickens Dru.n Co.

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