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The Pickens sentinel-journal. (Pickens, S.C.) 1909-1911, August 17, 1911, Image 8

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Shoes and Clothing
We have put in a special line of dress shoes for men
The Beacon Brand
Prices run from $3 to $4, we have this shoe in all leather,
heavy tan, patent leather, box calf, gun metal and kid, if you
want a work shoe you can't afford to miss seeing this line, and
if you want a dress shoe you can't beat this line, no matter
what your make up is they will fit you, if you have a big foot
we have the shoe for you, if you have a little foot we can fit
you, if you are bow legged or knock kneed come right along
we can fit you.
We still hold on to the old time brogan that keeps your
feet dry. and put corns on your toes. It wont be long till
fodder pulling time and you had better come and get you a
pair just $1.50.
Ladies Kangaroo with and without cap for $1.50, these
shoes are all leather and will give you all the service and com
fort you are looking for.
Old ladies' comfort with cloth tops and flannel lining,
this shoe makes life's walk easy, price $1-50.
Clothing That iLas Never Been Worn.
WVe have just opened up a line of clothing for men and
boys, we have suits for men from $6.5o to $15, so if you are
in need of any thing in Clothing ldont fail to see us before you
On this Ile you can find pants from .:5 to $5. some
Wool anld Some Lotton, colme and be your own jud . e.
Shoot the )roduce to us.
Luiind Sale Notice
I will sell, at private sale, either
for all cash, or pIartly on time, cle
feirred paymrients prloperly secured,
the lands (leeded to me by .F. Gun
dy H- ill. This fai'rm is" in good
shajpe, has good d]well in)g, onthiouses,
andc eaS ily accessi ble , and comipri ses
90 1 2 acreCs, embhlracing the clvefl=
ling, house no0w occ~upied by IF'Guin
d y 11.11 1. Tis .s ma~ de up of two
t ract one () of(i 74I 1-2 acres and the
other of I ( acres. See rnie if you
wvan t a g'ood farm. i
Pi~icken s Southi Carolina.
men e m. @.mae e e~ sinm e m
.! Laying by time is Here I
Every body wants to rest. Mlountain excursionis and pic nie
D paUrties8 have the dlay.
'To all iumch we ar rprdto hepyuhave an enjoyable out
der Pie. nic Ha sugar, rice, coffee, grits, cooking oil, lard, kit C
fish, salt, syrups, olives, pickles. all kinds of canned meats and*
Ufruits, jellies, etc., tin cups, buckets, pans, and cooking utensils, and
Wa No. 1 cracker-a-jack cook stove.
We can furnish you with good wagon harness, collars. p'ads,
and avoidl accittomcs.
Tfell your friends on the ruralt routes to buy a gal vaized~.ti iron I
wmail box htere.
P'aitch up y'our pasture fence. We have plenty of barb, wire.
3 Cross cit saws, hand saws, hanuners, hatchets. chisels, bits
&braces, squarea, and other things.I
jPikens I-dw. & roeyCo.
ee....nans ..e..
20 1-4 acres near Wesleyan College, good buildings, wa.
ter and pasture, $, i oo.oo.
42 acres in corporate limi r 1 .berty, buildings, water
and pasture, $1,950.00.
95 acres i 1-2 miles south of Liberty, buildings and good
community, $3,500.00
67 acres i 1-4 miles south of Liberty, a bargain $3,300.00
40 acres near Camp Creek church, one house, wood and
water, $1,200.00.
147 acres 7 miles south of Liberty in Anderson county,
8-room house, a good farm and well located $5,00oo0,
7 acres in Liberty, $400.00.
13 acres in Liberty $700.00
25 acres in Liberty, good house, $ 1,400.00.
5o acres, good 5-room house, 40 acres cleared; a good
farm in i 1-2 miles of Liberty, $2,500.00.
65 acres hnown as part of the Buriss Riggins farm, best
land and location in the county, good buildings, $4,900.00.
8o acres--the M. W. Newton place---one mil. of Norris.
This land will make a bale of cotton to the acre or 6o bushels
of corn, New 5-room homie and good barn, $6,ooo.oo.
46 acres at Six Mile church, good 6-room house and barn
6o acres near Pleasant Hill-church, level and good build.
ings, $3,000-00.
I can give good terms on all of teese lands.
Liberty, S. C.
Fiie farm land
Splendid section,
Do you wish to invest your surplus money in good farm
lands. Land is continualy going up, and there is no surer
way of your making a good income than by investing your
money in some good Georgia farms.
If you want land to cultivate and want to get into the
garden spot, see me, I have fine imlproved and unimproved
productive lands at the most reasonable prices, or if you want
to own a home in a section that is blessed with all the favor
able conditions, look over my list.
One of the nicest little places in this section is a 6o-acre
tract, in 2 1-2 miles of Turnerville; 30 to 4o acres cleared; lots
of forest trees, has some good branch bottoms on it, has two
houses, good well of water and an excellent spring. Can seil
you this for $8oo, one-half cash and balance to suit purchaser.
Come quick for I won't have this bargain long.
Another snap is a 75-4,cre tract that is right near railroad
station. '[his is splendid land, about hall of it cleared. Has
on it twvo buildings, barn, etc., is well watered and wvell located
on public road, in a good community and is just 1-2 mile from
school.* For a quick get-awvay to some of my 4ld Pickens
county friends, $i1000.00 will swing the deal; 1-2 cash and bal
ance to suit the purchaser.
A nice 16o acre farm for $i8oo. It lies wvell, is 2%r
miles of Turnerville and 2 miles of Hollywood: 40 acres clear
ccd. 2 good houses on it. A great place for stock, dairy or
150 acres for $1500. Has good house on place; in
% 2 mile of Hollywvood:; 21 acres tcleared. Splendid farm witha
good school and church advantages
Within 1-2 mile of Turnerville, Ga., and on a leading
p~ublic road, I have another pick upl for a Pickens county man,
in a 60-acre tract with some cleared land, wvell wvatered, some
good branch bottoms, good 3-room house on place, good
orchard of fruit trees, good wvell and splendid spring. This
prop~erty will not be on the market long at $ 000.00. This is
a rare bargaini, and if you want it come quick for I have option
for only a short time.
haePeople that come here. don't wvant to'leave, and all who
haebeen able to do sc) hav'e bought wvhile out here, while
others have gone back to arrange to buy.
WAe have a regnlar "'Pickens County Colony" here and
new mnemb~ers are constantly being added. The boys wvant
you to join them and I can Fix you so you wvill be a full fledged
member in ajifly.
Come and see me, whether you buy or not, it will do you
good, and help you too, to look over this country and fmnd out
why others like it so well.
For real estate at a lowv price in a good community see
Spartanburg, South Carolina
W offord Gollege H ENRY N, SNYDER, President
A real college~ with high standards of scholarship and char
acter. Excellent eqiipmn t. Unsurpassed health condi
iin.[Cxpenses mo~derate. Loan funds for wvorthy stu
detsif-ty-eighthi session begins S4eptem
her 20th. Write for cathalogue.
J, A. 'GA MEWEL L, Secretary.
Wofford College Fitting School
Spartanaurg South Carolina
A High-grade preparatory School for boys. Small classes.
Individual attention. $155 pays all expenses. Next
session September 20th.
A. MASON, DUPR EE, Headmaster.
Phone 45
Pickens Boi 'ng Works,
R. L. Davis Pr letor
All Togeth
Cleanm c6 sale.
Summer Goods must
make room for our fall
Business. All Goods re
duced. Short ends and
Remnants will be sold at
All low cut Shoes will
also go with this cut price
Yard wide Sea Island at
Sc the yard
West End Greenville,
3 ACRE', 2 Miles from Liberty, known as
the Laoon place, 80 acres in high state
of cultivation, 100 acres cleared, new 8-room resi-.
den. e, new outbuildings, 20O acres in Bermuda grass
pasture wired in. One mile from school anid church.
Thiis is an excellent place and a bar gain at $6000.
Terms if you need them.
Some desirable farms in Six Mile section for sale,
1 have farms in all sections of the connty. Let
me know your wants in the real estate line.
Box 264. Pickens, S. C.
Picke:ns Bank Building.
L et me write you r fire insurance; I'll plac you in good re..
hiable companies.
Slippers at $1.00 Pe~r Pair.
Pickens County has been wonderfully blest this
year with enough rain to keep the crops from suffer-. 9
ing with the exception of a very few localities and
now the rain ...as been general and many fields that
looked like they would be a failure are going to or -
duce good crops. Surely every body ought to feel
teankful No udoubt the crop has been made with the
least expense for years, and we doubt whether there
has ever been a better prospect in this county tban
we have now.
We are offering until Sept. 1st our $1.50 and $1.75
lady's slippers for only $1 per pair. We have many
odds and ends that will give great values during Au
gust. Don't fail to bring us the chickens and eggs.
Yours truly.
- One-pr ice Cash M m-r.cha-cs.

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