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by WEL
RES has a great
31M The two cardinal
erence to their clot
such as may serve i
that its form be
abdominal compre
action. Hence th
patients to adopt i
suade them to ese
tightly fitting high
whenever the occasion offers, S
iii such matters fashion and
end of the chapter to reign ov
The injuries that may b
in the dress of girls are shown
ing functions. T 'results o
%ie period when ihe young la(
that imposed by the requiremc
0 "Were young men to be s(
quately clothed, so suffocated,
Defects of clothing, th
the chest and shoulders, ar
upper part of the body. Tl
which fashion denies. They
except at the cost of sufferir
the infliction of positive disc
mits the legs to be covered
materials. The circulation o
comes further impeded by the
and the debilitating effects
state, too, thus occasioned is
exercise, and so adds to the g
Wades for
Amount of
Terre Houle. Ind.
to eleven hours a day, with hc
get. I went with a machine
average of two days on each i
about two days to finish a plac
but the pay ran only from $2
as high as $4 a day.
I had about nine full we
aind the beauty of it was the f,
day's rest while the machine a
City boys musn't think t1
w~ork day in and day out for~s
D~efense of
S zrappy
Aurora. Ill.
and stay as of 01(1.
The English sparrowv incr
excitement, as can be seen at :
pital you can hardly find a s
Sparrows are the best of
you find your young vegetabl
you can bet your last button
that the sparrow is after.
Just think howv industrioi
is full of life, ambition and
the sparrow, watch him bothi
,is more energetic than those a
and Venus
Williams Bay. Wis.
from west to east around
JupiWo is approximately 400,
is the earth, he apparently tra'
the "inaside track," distance hii
4.332 days, or approximately
Dress hlas Great
Influence on
Physical Health
influence on the physical health of girls.
points to be here borne in mind with ref
hing are, first, that the material should be
o retain the necessary warmth, and, second,
3o arranged as to occasion neither undue
ision nor any interference with muscular
) physician should try to induce his girl
inderclothing of merino, as well as to per
ew compressing corsets, elastic garters and
-heeled shoes. This advice we should give
eldoin as our counsel may be followed, for
the modiste will probably continue to the
or common sense and the dootor.
3 inflicted by the absurd modes prevalent
in the effects of tight lacing on the breath
errors of this kind are most apparent at
ly exchanges the easy garb of girlhood for
nts of fashionable life.
laced, so imperfectly exercised, so inade
so exposed, their bodily vigor would soon
ough most signId about
a not confined to the
e feet require warmth,
cannot be compressed
g, some distortion and
ase. Fashion also per
with only the thinnest
f blood to the feet be
pressure of tight. shoes
of cold. The crippled
an obstacle to efficient
eneral debility.
It has been my experience in the wheat
fields that where the highest wages are
paid there also the greatest amount of
work is demanded. Where the hours of
labor are from 4:50 in the morning until
8:30 at night a city chap can stand the
strain for only one or two days at the
most. Kansas pays high wages, but the
hours are long and the board is not always
so extra. For there the farmer does not
feed you, as the harvest hands generally
work for the owners of the thrashing ma
chine and naturally he wants to get as
much work out of you as he can and pay
g-in Nebraska. There I worked only ten
ie-cooked food, the best a man ever could
from one farm to another, staying on the
lace. The fnrms being small, it only took
o. You were not expected to work so hard,
to $2.50 a day, whereas in Kansas it runs
eks of it in the vicinity of Wy more, Neb.,
ict that now and then you could get a half
ras being moved to the next place.
1at they are strong enough to get out and
ix weeks in the hot broiling sun.
Those who hate the English sparrow
I advise to take a trip) to Elgin, and visit
the grounds of the Illinois State hospital.
Thuere they will see sparrows, robins, blue
jays, blackbirds, wrens, swallows of all
descriptions, song and night birds, living
in perfect harmony. Each kind is there
by the thousands. Why ? Because they
have trees to nest in, particularly the pines.
In the city we have no trees to speak of
outsidle of the parks, and if the park comn
missioners would planlt some pine trees you
would find that the robin, the thrush, the
bluejay, the lark and others would return
eases in number very rapidly and likes the
Zlgin. One mile south or west of the hos
)a rrow.
cavengers among all bird kind, and should
2S, just sprouting, being picked to pieces,
hiat it is the insects rather than the plant
is this little fellow is. Like a bantam, he
~onfidence in himself. Stop talking about
m andl out of the city, and you will find he
ho condemn him.
The bright star in the southern sky is
the planet Jupiter and the one in the west
is Venus. Jupiter is in Libra andl Venus
is in Leo, while Saturn is in Aries and can
be seen early in the morning. Mars, in
Aquarius, now rises about midnight and
is a beautiful sight just before daylight.
No man will regret the loss of a few
winks if he gets up to see him. Jupiter's
rnoons could be seen through a good pair
f opera glasses three weeks ago and
probably can b~e now under favorable at
nospheric conditions.
As one writer samys, all planets travel
the sun, but owing to the fact that
000.000 miles farther from the sun than
reis wvestward while in reality we, being on
n and leave him behind. Jupiter's year is
tenlve yars.
Nowhere in Biblical Lore Can There
Be Found intimation of Any
Other idea.
We misjudge -and distort the nor
mally human nature of the Saviour
when we picture him going through
life, as Dante did after he had writ
ten his "Inferno," with the shadows
of perdition on his brow. We may
gravely quesUon when it was that the
cross began to darken our Lord's
pathway; there is no hint of such
a foreboding until we reach the mid
dle of his ministry. From that on
there are occasional tokens that he
saw Calvary ahead of him, and was'
at times pressed down with a dread
ful sense of the inevitable agony
which awaited him at the end. But
all this is very far from affording any
reasonable ground for the conclusion
that he smiled sometimes, but never
If God did not intend us to laugh,
on occasion, why did he endow us
with the capacity to laugh, with a
sense of the humorous, with the fac
ulty to see and enjoy wit, fun and
the absurd side of life; and, further
more, why did he produce so many
things and people to laugh at?
Zion's Herald.
"While attending schoql at Lebanon,
Ohio, in 1882, 1 became afflicted with
boils, which lasted for about two
years. when the affliction assumed the
form of an eczema on my face, the
lower part of my face being inflamed
most of the time. There would be
water-blisters rise up and open, and
wherever the water would touch it
would burn, and cause another one to
rise. After the blister would open,
the place would scab over, and would
burn and itch so as to be almost un
bearable at times. In this way the
sores would spread from one place to
another, back and forth over the
whole of my upper lip and chin, and
at times the whole lower part of my
face would be a solid sore. This con
dition continued for four or five years,
without getting any better, and in fact
got worse all the time, so much so
that my wife became alarmed lest it
prove fatal.
"During all this time of boils and
eczema, I doctored with the best phy
sicians of this part of the country, but
to no avail. Finally I decided to Try
Cuticura Remedies, which I did, talc
ing the Cuticura Resolvent, applying
the Cuticura Ointment to the sores,
and using the Cuticura Soap for wash
ing. In a very short time I began to
notice Improvement, and continued to
use the Cuticura Remedies until I was
well again, and have not had a re
currence of the trouble since, which is
over twenty years. I have recom
mended Cuticura Remedies to others
ever since, and have great faith in
them as remedies for skin diseases."
(Signed) A. C. Brandon, Attorney-at
Law, Greenville, O., Jan. 17, 1911.
Although Cuticura Soap and Oint
ment are sold everywhere, a sample
of each, with 32-page book, will be
mailed free on application to "Cuti
cura," Dept. 3 K, Boston.
Birds of a Feather
"What's the bill for fixing my motor
car?" asked the strange patron.
"It figures up to $110, sir," replies
the garage man.
"Whew! I'll have to give you a
check. I left all my money in my
drug store."
"WVhy, are you a druggist?"
"Oh, in that case the bill will be a
dollar and a quarter. We fellows
ought to stand together."
Little Pitcher
Lady Visitor-i am coming to your
mamma's company tomorrow, Tom
Tommy--Well, you won't get a good
Tommy's Papa-Tommy, what do
you mean, talking like that?
Tommy-Well, you know, pa, you
told ma you'd have to get some
chicken feed for her old hen party
Allen's Foot-Ease, the antisepico powder. It's the
greatest comfort dIScovery of t ho0 age. Allen's Flot
Uase makes tIght o.r new shoos feel easy. It, is a
certain relief for sweating, callous, swollen, tIred,
aching feet. Alwnyseuse it to Blreakt in New shoes.
Try it. today. Sold everywhere. 25 aents. Don'tg
acedpt any, suebsItitt. For FRHUil trial package,
addreas Allen 5. Olmistod .e Itoy. N. Y.
"Gracious, what. is all that crepe
"I had a chance to get it at a bar
gain, and, you know, my husband goes
in for flying!"
fIcks' CAPUDINE is th~e best. remedy--re
lieves the achIng and feverishness-cures thte
Cold and restores normiai c'onditions. Ii's
liquid--ofyects immediately loc., 25c., and W00.
At drug stores.
Wifey Knew HIm.
flenham--I can't remember dates.
Mrs. IDenham--ut yotu have a
pretty good memnory for peaches.
Mrs. Winstow', Soothing Syrup for Children 1
teething, softens the gums. redunces itfiamtna
Uon, allays pain. ouren 'wInd colic, 25e a bottle.
A crowd is not company, and faces I
are but a gallery of pictures, and talk
a tinkling symbol, whore there is no
Boosuseo on
Mrs. Jinks-My husband Is making
k collection of steins.
Mrs. Booze A. Lott-My husband Is
naking a collection of the contents of
Tuberculolsis Patients Neglected.
Out of more than 225 public hos
pitals for the insane, with a popula
ion of fully 150,000, only 70, or less
han one-third, make any provision
!or their tuberculous inmates, and
this, too, in spite of the fact that the
percentage of deaths from this disease
[a very high among this class of peo
ple. Such is the substance of a state
inent made recently by the National
kasociation for the Study and Preven
Lion of Tuberculosis. Seventy hos
pitals in 28 states, providing all told
itbout 3,350 beds for tuberculosis in
sane patients, sums up the provision
nade for this class of sufferers, al
though the percentage of deaths from
Luberculosis among the insane ranges
rrom 50 to 200 per cent. higher than
srmong the general population.
ttused by Malaria removed by the use
)f Elixir Babek cure for such ailments.
"I have used Elixir Babek in my fam
ily for sixteen years and found it even
more than you claim for it in treating
eases of Chills or Malarial Fevers. One
member of our family was cured of
Malarial Fever by it when given up to
'lie by physicians.-J. F. Oberlet. Vien
na. Va. Elixir Babek 50 cents, all drug
ists or Kloczewski & Co., Washington,
D. C.
Hard to Find.
"Decided where you are going on
Your vacation yet?"
"No; can't seem to find the right
"What sort of a place are you look
ing for?"
"A place where my pocketbook can
enjoy a vacation as well as its own
I' tLL O01 .tandard GIROV118 TAroIIn1sS5
LUILL'IONIC. You know what you are taking.
rho formula Is plainly printed on every bottle.
ishowing It Is aimply Quinine and Iron in a taste
less form. The Quinine driveR out the malaria
and the iron builds gp the system. gd ao
ealers for 30 years. P ice 60 cents.
No Wonder.
"What's your husband so angry
about ?"
"lHe's been out of work six weeks."
"I should think that would suit him
first rante."
"That's it! He's just got a job."
Whether from Colds, llent, Stomneh or
Nervou. 'Troubles, Caipudine will relieve you.
It's 11li.'i-pleatsant to take--acts imnmedi-'
ato s.'I'y it. 10c., 25c., and 50 cents at drug
Even a pessimist can see the bright
side of a silver dollar.
Stomach Blood as
Liver 7
Much siekness starts with weak stomoei
poor, impoverished blood. Nervous and
good, rich, red blood. Their stomachs
for after all, a man can be no stronger
-A remedy that makes the stomach str
active, makes rich red blood and overc
out disease-producing bacteria and cure
tude of diseases.
Get wid of yonv Stomnach Weak
LIveR Laziness by taking a
LIe PIetce's Golden Medical 1
-the jreat Stomach Restorsati
Iavijoratop and Blood Clean
You can't afford to accept any medi
compOosftlon as a substitute for "Golden
ery," which is a medicine OF KNOWN COP
a complete list of ingredients in plain Ei
tie-wrapper, same being attested as cor
Dr. Pierce's PIeasant Pellets regulate and
When Building Churol
ir reseating same, write for Catalog X9, men
gency proposition. Everything in Black-boa
NO CUR EA Fine General '
NO CUREno bad effects til
NO PAY ply it, write to A
A man may like a girl all the more
'ecauso she seems to like him less.
FOR SALFr-Moving Picture film, lo
oot. H. Davis, Watertown, Wis.
A live goose is worth more than a
ead ancestor.
ugly, grizzly, gray hairs- Una "a'
in Strict Obedience.
Master Gregory Graham, aged three,
bad been having an ocean bath, and
breaking away from his older asiter
te ran all dripping wet to the door of
the living room, where Mru Graham
was entertaining a caller "m the
fashionable hotel.
"Why, Greg," his ooaer greeted
him, "you mustn't voo in here like
that, dear. Go 5,,dght upstairs and
take off your br't" suit first."
A few niv-4 later Mrs. Graham
turned to" the door in curiosity
as to w, ight there had sent her
A\'egetable Preparation rorAs
similating Ihe Food and Reg ula
ting the Stomachs atd Bowels or
4 Promotes Digestion,Cheerful
i ness and RestContains neither
OpiumMorphine nor Mineral
n'.: eed
A perfect Remedy for Constipa.
4 tion, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea,
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
'Tac Simile Signature of'
uaranteed under the Foodand
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
*2,50,* 300,* 3.50 & 4.00 Si
WOMEN wear W.L.Douglas stylish, p
fitting, easy walking boots, because the
long wear, same as W.L.Douglas Men's
The workmanship which has madeV
Douglas shoes famous the world ov<
maintained in every pair.
If I could take you into my large fad
at Brockton, Mass., and show you
carefully W.L.Douglas shoes are made,
would then understand why they are v~
ranted to hold their shape, fit better
wear longer than any other make for the
CAUTION Th Iuu:;)', av-j.LIe~
If you cannot obtain w. L. D~ouglas she
1our town, write fo)r catalo~g. Shlons sont d
factor to e r al .are n rpI.
Iy and consequent
I pale-people lack
need invigorating
han hi. stomach.
ong and the liver
omes and drives -
s a whole multi. -
re.s and
~ourse of
ye, Livep .r
olno of unkn&ownl
Medical Discov- -
IPosmToN, having
1glishi on its hot.
root under oath.
Invigorate Stomach, Liver and Blowelg.
iSchool or Theater
tioning class of building. Dealers, w rite for
rds and School Supplies. Ask for Ca talog SQ.
1 80. Wabash Avenue, Chicago, lil.
ronic, Contains no arsenic or other
ce quinine. If your Druggist or Me
RTH UR PETE R& Co., Gen. Agta
Special Offei
This paper is printed from ir
Sper pound, F. . B. SavannE
vlsitor's eyebrows up .o high, and in
the same moment her son's cheerful
voice rang out:
"I took it off, mother, like yo%
told me to. rm coming in now fotr
some cake."
Of Short Duration.
"Plimply is atraid to ask old 3'
Plunker for his daughter's hand."
"Why, Plimply told gie yestorday he
stood In with the old man."
"Oh, that was only for a few min.
ites in the vestibule of an offlee build
ng during a shower."
For Infants and Children,
he Kind You Have
lways Bought
Bears the -
- Use
For Over
Thirty Years
I0ES -
V give
RS . -P
how 1
and -
iro O N I 1III of ny IOl? 82, 82.50c
Lass. TWO PAlltS of ordinary boys' shoes
You want him always In the
Pink of Condition
Dr. DeWitt's
White Oil Liniment
Is a never falling remedy for man or boast.
For Man flh----n''n)'L..'agr,-asu
Burs, calsCl II ~a ne, l l'Itc.la
F or Beas ora,-"ag i
RlingBo ,PolE lF turakdHe'
Jn aiuhein the P ay a on the ea. (ji.
It Kills Pain La P.''ie...
THE W. J. PARKER 00., Manufacturing Drsugt.
W. N. U, ATL.ANTA, NO. 34-*1911.
cp "'ons. Jeave*"NsC
to Printers
Ic made in Savannah, Ga, by
Savannah, Ga. Price 6 cents
.h. Your patronage solicited.
I* Si.00. retait.

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