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Pickens Sentinel-Journel
Subscription Price One Dollar. a Year
In Advance.
Mail Matter
P'IOKENS. S. ('.0
THURSDAY, ST. ', 19l1
Railroad Talk.
The railroad rumors we have
been speaking about are taking
shape, as will be seen from an
article in this issue from the
Greenville News.
'We were in hopes our people
'1would see the advantages to be
derived from this line crossing
on this side the mountains and
would pull for it to come over
and go by this place and on to
Of course, if they do link up
with Oliver and the G. & K.,
there will be no use to try to
swing a branch line this wvay.
We wvere hopeful that some
thing would be done so that the
uipper sectioni cold be benlefit-I
ed1. anid at the salw time hel)
Picklens. It no looks as :f the
Ooleniov vallev will get an out
let anIid Pickeis not b hel bv pl.
Philosphe'r and poet are alike
in the' v\(nitit that flte safetty
aind i lrit'llnitl y (f any1\ ' ination1
lies inl th ' hiomues of its people.
T h g'irl with a sweet liti'tl
v iin d nt, If'l discolnr.I e
zonk ~ 'm1 11 linppo' 11104.v
to si_,in an ld opera. 'SI
can I 1li\' v I't 1 lei;t,.; by IM-it.1)g
nuiking'. 1f a1 lu,1111 houw11.1
it' " 1 ( I t it II I t) s i t<
w I Ile ( claff f 1l . x ist (l Ire, ( I Ve 'V -
thing gtIes to the winid but the
happiness w( have had at lomije.
There are six secular nights
in each Week. Oit of the six
Vol'Some men spend one at hone:i
five at lodge, whil " 6hers
. at home a ( one at
lodge. 1l''Wic I iss shIal we
register your name?
Many of us iss the joys that
might he ours by ,keeping our
eyes ti xed on those of other peo
ple. No one can enjoy his own
opportunities for happiness
while he is envious of another's.
We lose a great deal of the joy
of living b~y not cheerfully ac
cepting the small pleasures that
come to us every day.
A man who has madle a
happy home for his wife and
children, no matter what he has
not dlone in the way of achiev
ing wealth aud honor-if he1
has done tha~t he is a grand sue
cess. If he has not (lone that,
and it is hits own fault, though
he he0 the highest in the land,
he is a ncst pitiable failure.
We wonder how many meni in
the mad pursuit of gold, which
c'haract erizes the age, realdize
that there is no fortune wvhich
can he left to their families as
great as the memory of a
happy home.
Who Will Help?
At the last meeting of the
Law and Order League of Pick
(ene county, it was agreedl that
the best thing that we could( (10
to get the county thoroughly
orgai zed for Ia w en forcemient
wvould be to get Rev. J. L. Harii
1ey, Superintendent ot the' Antfi
Saloon L eague of South C'aroli
na, to miake a speaking emin
Ipaign of t he county. Let him,
give a day in each town sipI)
making One( or' tmore talks ini
''ach township. We havets'
cured ro. HIarley's ser'vices' for1
September 1I7-24 inclusive. lIt'
wvill speak in the townships in
the followving order: Easley
Sept. 17th; D)acusville, 18th;
Pumpkin town, 19th; Eastatoe,
20th; Hurricane, 21st; Central,
22d; Liberty, 23d; Pickens, 24th.
The place and hour will be an
nounced i next wveek's paper.
* On Mondlay the 25th we, o,
Located at Liberty, S. C., at the
i.:Sorlwt i:s.
I~odils tund -1-sct--7tI..... .....i.... .3 078 (
3verdrafts .. ....................... 0 91 sur
Vurnitutre tiuti lixttrss.... ... ...... 1,831 18 Un
l11111king .ouse .......... ..... 1,5-13 *2 p
W1u from lhsk, m1nad hitakers 2,911 29
Durrewy...... ....1,2 )
1(................. .....21 00 Ca
il ir and other Coln ..... .... .. ...477 'W
UheckN and CasIh Items ... ............. 51 6()
* Aroti............... .W....'.... . 2,13 87
Before me came i C.Shirley, Cashier of the nbol
bat the above and foregoing statement is a true con
aid Bank.
Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 'oth da:.
Correct-Attest: [Sea
W. T. O'DI,
F. ii.MORtOAN Directors.
pect to have a meeting of repre
;entatives from each township
lor the purpose of perfecting the
>rganzation of the Law and Or- M
ler League of our county. Let
avery one who is in favor of law
mnforcement talk up these meet
ings. There is no man in South
Darolina better posted on some
.f the evils'that are working for 1
Lhe wvreck and ruin of our
omies and country, than the
Rev. J. L. Harley. Capt. J. T.
l'aylor says that he is one of the
nost interesting speakers lie er T
r'ard. A. 1. Best, Pres. U
P". H. Craig, See.
And Major Archibald Butt.
A ilong those preseit at the
White louse reception were the
ice-president, lie Japaiese ali
fitssador * *h presi
lt'is milit ar aid.lajor Arch
bahd But .--l'ress dispateh,
W hate1(ver tihl. kind 41f. fu1lwtion
Thait is givtlI I\ Plisident
iT h I lt 11la i ift il lit 'tie i
('41..(niled it ill,
\ilnbassador llgg n A lin
isteri Jutgginis,
lThe i. g'reat I DZyish geieral,
1Kll eu l,,
.h Prin Of Bolivia, the Duke
f Valdivia.
Major Archibald Butt.
'Twas a grand old scene in the F
White House, J
When the Japanese admirals
admirals eI t;
Teewere jewels that shone e
like a lighthouse, th
And~ uniforms showier yet. -
There ivas Hashemore T1ogo and sti
General Nogo, g
Saki andl Tiaki and Tuiltt, D
H-akasuchi, Takamuchi, Yogi let
and Jogi,
*Major Archibald Butt."
Congressman Wilkins and Sen- CC
ator Bilkins, at
Congressmen fresh from the i
West; if
Supreme Justice J iggers, Attor
ney McSniggers, At
Washington clerks and the
Foreign nobility, doimest ic civ
The populace all in a glut:
Chief of Staff Woods and Miu-I
liona ire Goods,
Major Archibald Butt.
-N. Y. Journal
Pickens IHgh and G~raded
schools wvill open in the 1911-1912
session on Moniday September P
11th, 1911.
All stud(enlts are reqluestedl to
issenle at the school building
promptl y at 9 o'clock a. am. , on
Septenmber 11th, bringing with
:henm t heir hooks of last session.
T'his will be the (lay of enrmoll
nnt . IEach and every pupil ev"
4vill be required to bring on en
ranice (lay ani in(cidenftal tee of
I .00. T1'his fe mtiust he pidd at sa:
he ont nce of' the pupil and is --
weessary to meePt the operr.tingN
'x ienises of' the school-. ,a
T. J. Mauldin, ee
,Chrmt. Bd. Trustees. I~~
J. W. Ballentine, atll
sep).5, 11. Principal. 3
My house and lot on Hampton
t.ve. All modern convenienceo
ud nic ely finished. Apply to
Pickn, . C.
:lose of bushiess Sept. 1, 1911.
Ital Stock Paid In... ..... ....W.000 00
1>Fusle'und. . 2W2 00
Ivided Profits. less Current Ex
anses and Taxes Paid,.......... .. 3,8n 61
ividuol Deposits ...... ........ . 8,01 29
to Certificates of Deposit ....... ... 20,33 82
hier's Che cks.... ..... .. ........ I 15
s Payable. including Certlifcates
for Money lorrowed, 22,00 00
Total.................. ...... .... 8 2,156 87
re named lank, who, being duly sworn, says
lition of said lank, as shown b books of
if. C. ATlisil Y
f Sept 1911.
l. ILiOIAPMAN Notary Putlie S. C.
lood Printing
s the art of putting into another
mind what is In .your own.
L is a means of making a favorablo
a have tho\ best results. it must be
1o hest printing,.
lint we are Irret icv- to ,ive yott.
Wasi put out of buslnen
by Piinter's Ink
RtINTER'S INK Will Get Business
or YOU. We Do Up to Date
Diseases of the Eye
rhere are forty-eight distinct dis
ses of the eye. No other organ of
B humantii bodi' has so mnvu.
ite of South Carolina,
County of Pickens,
J. 11. Newherv. Probate Jukle.
h herens,Mr s. M. A . D.isn anid W.. A.
bs'n madec suit to me- to grntt them
ters of Admninistrationt with the will
nexed of the Esate nnd effects of J.
Dobs m.l
C'heate are therefore, to cite and ad
mfitth all and singular the kindred and
editors of the saidl J. TI. D~obson de
ised, that they be anduu appear before
itn the Court of Probate, to be held
Pickenis on the 'ith dayi of Sept.
[1 next, after pnlicat ion hereof, at 11
lock in thec forenoon, to show'~ cas,
tany they have,. wih the said ad(1minis9
~tioni shonbli not he. griatecd.
liv en atnch-r my haund ihits 19 da iy of
ig. Annto Domnirni 1911.
J. . New b.rry,
.T. P. P. c.
Pickens, S. (2.
c);i- iv ' ver ~-ke n ba k.
Denti st
Liberty, S. C.
ictice' at Central every Wedneday s.
Castle Hall
lokens. Lodge Nio. 123
K. of P.,
iitted convention 8:301 p. mn., .\onday~
ning aifter- tie Ist acnd 3d Stundar.
Vork ahead for- all the Ritnks.
Lil visitoirs cor--liailly invaited,(.
ty order'i of
II I. CIHAIU, 1. cl' it. tandi S.
tico to D)ebtors and Creditors.
-I persons holdlinu:01~ l iaginist the~
ite' of the late Ivy Clintlon Can non
('ased, mntst presen'tt the sameli duily
ven on or before the 1.5thl dlay of
t. 19111, or hz- debharre-d patymient, an~d
pcrsans indebted to saidi estate mntst
ke paymntt1 onl or before the abcve
a to the undersigned.
'Wiliam~ Catnnon.
Are you in need of a change and are you
goig to take a trip this SuL-mmer'
Everyone needs a trip once in a while, it
freshenas youa up zantd prtepares yo-u ior bet ter
0 Heer, though, you can't go aw ay
without a runk, 0it.case or ba to0 c arry
. mou te men. un
We ~ ~ ~ ~ -. b n:v-tvrety an11d choicea
1)i P it to.
i .
IMgoin ae me t the r
fEsltesyou ruh and pearor ougn cosbttveryU
liten more ha r ot'her yoan' lasttwce as
I Witi for LIllF ,. ti aeorbig cataryg
John)H. illam,
1 THE i i)'l 1' Y MYIRCIANT
Vic, TYigeachn Your Plothyer.P'jro
unun munn nn~n MMM~ fnu M~u~unu ny4

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