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ertiqjing R -tos B.auewhle
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stetten aL Piceen. rustonice au Seccmd ;iloso
l4ali Ma:I.er
THURSDAY, SEPT.14, 1911.
While nothing has been said
concerning the Pickens County
Fair, the committee has been
hard at work making arrange
ments to give the people of the
county the best time they have
ever had at a public gathering.
Plans have been somewhat
changed this year, and those in
charge are endeavoring to fur
nish as many free shows and
general all-'round amusement
as possible, converting the fair
into a sort of general rejoicing
and merry-making-a sort of
gala week, so to speak.
Of course, there will be shows
for which a small admission
will be charged, and every one
should bring a little change
along with which to see the
wonderful exhilbition of Wild
West lassooing and riding of
bucking horses and the like
which will be on hand.
The shows for which adiis
sion will be charged will be np
to-date, clean and first-class in
every respect, and will be vell
Worth t h sinal cost if adiis
Aniong the fre attractions
will be the daily balloon ascen
sion and daring parachute leap
Races will be held taily-trot
ting and running- and a 1)irse
will be awarded to the winner
of each race.
There will also be a number
of minor attractions, but the
main feature will be the daily
exhibition of high- 4 walking
by Jack Taylor, wvho is unques
tionably one of the boldest and
most daring high-wire perform
ers in the United States, He
will perform upon single wire
running from the two tallest
buildings in Pickens, in the pres
ence of all.
Let everybody conme to the
fair. It is free foi: all, and you
are all invited. It is your fair,
and gotten up for the benefit of
the people of Pickens connty,
and every man, woman and
child in the county should feel
that they have a right to be
there, and be there they should.
We hope that no man in the
county will be so selfish as to
leave his wife and1 children at
home wvith this opportunity of
witnessing this wvonderful event
within their reach. If he will
only take the trouble to bring
them to Pickens on one or more
days of the Fair.
Everybody wvho comes will go
home well satisfied after three
days of perfect enjoyment.
Remember the dates-October
3, 4 and 5-Tuesday, Wednes
day andl Tr1lsday.
There will be several br'ass
bands on hand to furnish music'
throughout the three days.
Sw ift 1Fertilizer 'Works offer,
th r-uth Hieath--Bruce-- Morrow
Co., for the 5 best stalks of cot
ton grown with Swift Guano
1200 lbs guano 1st 5S best stalks.
800 lbs do 2d (10 (10
Royster Guano Co. offer,
through the above firm, for the
best 5 stalks of corn, grown wvith
their guano, 1000 lbs of 8-3-3
High Grade Guano, as follows:
600 lbs. for 1st 5 best stalks.
400 lbs, for 2d 5 best.
Armour Fertilizer Works of
fer, through Heath-Bruce-Mor
row Co., for the 5 best stalks of
cotton, grown with their fertil
izer, 1000 lbs. of 9-3-3 Guano, as
600 lbs. 9.3-3 for 5 best stalks.
400 lbs. 9-3-3 for 2d do.
Etiwan Fertilizer Co. offer,
through Folger, Thornley &
Co., for the 5 best stalks of cot
ton, grown with their Guano,
one ton of Standard Guano, as
1200 lbs. for 1st 5 best stalks.
800 lbs. for 2d 5 best.
V-0. Chemical Co. offer,
through Folger, Thornley &
Co., one ton of guano for the 5
best stalks of corn, grown with
their goods-to be given as fol
1200 lbs. for 1st 5 best stalks.
800 lbs. for 2d 5 best.
Navassa Guano Co. offer,
through Folger, Thornley &
Co., one ton of guano, for the 5
best stalks of cotton-to be di
vided as follows:
1200 lbs. for 1st 5 best stalks.
800 lbs. for 2d 5 best.
Youthful Taste.
"We keep our own cow." explained
the hostess proudly. "so we're sure of
our milk."
"Well." interrited the simill sot of
the guest, setting down his cup, "some
body's stung you with a sour cow." -
Toledo Blade.
A Cumulative Mistake.
"How in t he natie of coinmon sense
did you colne to bu y So iniNy eggs
when I told you to buy only one
doze?" said at lady to lier colored
"Well, missus, you tol' tue to git one
dozen, but I understood you to say two
dozen, so I told de groceryman free
dozen, but he misulidertook me to say
fo' dozenl, sol he ginine live dozen."
Protecting Witnesses.
We ind this inl the Wilming
ton (N. C.) Dispatch:
"Judge Bob Peebles has for
somle time exemplified that no
one can run his court but him
self,and he is now showing that
if tiere is to be any bitter com
nent, or any severe criticism,
he can also attend solely to that.
"Ad Judge Peebles can in
dulge in some sharp remarks,
too, although we do not always
agree with him. For instance,
wve never will agree with his re.
peated caustic censure of jurors,
for various reasons that we
have recited several times al
ready, and which include the
fact that a court has no right to
give jurors the privilege of
doing something it is going to
'cuss' them out for doing, and
the further fact that it is not
right for a judge to take advan
tage of men who (dare not even
"According to the Goldsboro
Argus, Judge Peebles' latest ex.
ceptional move is in behalf of
the protection of witnesses, and
in that position we are heartily
and everlastingly with hiis
"There is too much brow beat
ing of witnesses by some law
yers, and frequently unjust crit
icism is heaped on the heads of
witnesses, and slurring remarks
madle about them, simply be
cause they happen to testify on
the other side: and, in nine
cases out of ten, they were acci
dental witnesses of the affair at
the bar.
"Judge Peebles recently pre
sided at the Wayne county
court, and the Goldsboro Argus
tells that when a lawyer got
bitter at a wvitness' expense,
Judge Peebles called him (down,
'You may be allowed to (10
this in some courts, but you
ent ab~use a witness in my
Judge "'Bob"' Peebles is right,
anid lie is going to ffnd that his
stand in this matter will make
him the most popular judge
North Carolina has.
The great public hasla feeling
f contempt for a judge who
will allow a lawyer to abuse a
witness in his court; the con
;empt is almost as much for the
udge as it Is for the lawyer.
or each it is strong.--Green
'ille Piedmont ..
Daniel vI--Sept. 24
'The angel of the Lord encompeth "isod
about them that fear Him, and delicretl
them.**--Pealm ataiv, 7.
T the time of this study Daniel
had been long in service, wise
and faithful in his adminis
tration of the government en
;rusted to him. He had seen the
Babylonian Dynasty perish. In its
)lace name the empire of the ledes *
knd Persians. By these also Daniel's
grand character was recognized-his3
oyalty to principle, his faithfulness
is a public servant, his obedience to
7od and the principles of righteous
That which will specially mark Mes
diah's Kingdom will be that it will not
nly have perfect
[deals In respect
to human govern
[nent, but that it
will be backed by
Divine Power, be
fore which, even
tually. '' - v e r y
kiee shall how
iud every tongue , ,
i 2 10.
A m a I ik e Pra:cd Tloc' 1
1niel, lit so lim- , I I
piertant a plaee as tli-It which t' wo
Iiled as one of tie tIIree silerv
of it great Emlire. was suire t:i-o li I
the way of grafte;-.s h1i.-:
their semles. And for 1'r::o I
his t'ellows i utli I w ;-. i s- .-- oif
gett1ig rid of himlia. 11. .!a;; ' he
could not he deposed, ihe enldeavrll
was to seenre his rellovn!; but the
m11:11n's integrity and p11rmirhitness gave
no hopie it this direction. -'inally.
however, the scheme was coneeritml.
Tle colni rators ap 1pronehed tle
kiig wvit I project VIl:-h they assm
ed him11 votuld hell. to make strong
anid united the various poIrts of hI)
empiire. it was this: 'hlic n hi ..hiou
lIv reco.(ized for a ioniit hI a he oi!
(hann liel of imiediaition or nclifss ho
tweenl his subjects and their god,.
King D1ariu1s felt flattered anild agreeI
to Ihe aril rianeilent aid issued en or
der to that. effect-never thinkiig of
wliat milght be tle result inl tile cao
of Daniel, and never suspecting tha
his counselors were seeking to entrail
him1 anld to accomplish the death of
his most trusted olicer.
Prayed Three Times Daily
Daniel lieaird of the decree ht:t alter
ed not his clustom of pralying t rlite
times dily before a wIndow of I.ls
house whih looked out toward .eruia,
lem. Morning. noon anid night he re
membered his God and his vows of
faithfulnes to Him and called to
mind the gracious promises respect
ing the Holy Land, that it would yet
be the center of the whole earth anid
of God's holy people; that eventually,
through these, Divine blessings would
be extended to every nation, people
and tongue.
Unquestionably the best men and
women in the world are those who
pray, and pray regularly, who bow the
knee, as did Daniel. Unquestionably?
it is impossible to live a consecrated
life in neglect of prayer. What would
Daniel have been without his prtaying
time! How would his loyalty to prin
ciple have maintained itself in the
midst of corruption had it not been for
his communion with his Maker? To
the Christian this privilege is still
further enhanced by a realization that
"We have an Advocate with the Fa
tiher, Jesus Christ, the Righteous."
,ehovah Sent His Angel
The conspirators were on the look
out. Thiey had wvituesses ready to tes
tify, not that they had seen Daniel do
anything wrong.
~ ~ but that lie had
- violated the edict
which the king
--had beeni entrap- )
.1~ped into making
, ,L and signing. The
,matter was laid
before the king.
King Darius felt
himself bo un d
hand and f oo t
Daniel in the Lion'. Den, a ni d ensnared
trapped. All day he sought means
whereby lie could avert the conse
(luenices of his royal mlandate, but
found none. lie assured Daniel that ).
he believed hIs God was able to de
liver himn. Wh'lat a beautiful testimony
to the uprightness of D~aniei's lifel
D~aniel was east into the lion's den.
That night, we are told, was one of
great distress to the kcing, Hie could
think only of his faithfui oflicer, the
tioble man so unrighteously treated.
Ele was abroad eairly in the morning.
to call to Daniel, to learn whether- or
iot lie were still alive. His joy of J
ieart was great wheni lie learned that
ie was sti! safe, that his Godl had(
;ent Ils angel to stop the lions'
nouths. Daniel was soon~ lifted from
lie p~it. The king now made another
leeree-that those counselors who had
hils sought the life of a faithful man
hould themselves he cast into the
len of lions; and this, irW their~ ease.
neant destruct ion, as the result pbroved.
Oh, that every Chiristian wvould live
s high above the world's standards as
)aniel did. so that their enemies nighit
ee that they have no ground for
harges excep~t those to their credit;
nd so that their superiors in the
i'alks of life might discern that their J
rue God, the in%1ng God. t!;e (,d ,.
.11 Trueth.
e eenseon emseeme m e ee-an
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Rememher, though, you can't go away
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your togs in.
e 1have them in great variety and choice
. le e pricsaght to.
LoIok 011 (iour window.
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"32 Years Your Clothier."
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