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Wife's Desertion Made Harness Maker e
't.lfelong Enemy to Those of Her e
Sex-Tells Friend on Deathbed '
- Why He Cherished Hatred. 0
Evansville, Ind.-Soured on the fair
sex because his wife deserted him in
Louisville, Ky., years ago, John Stel
ter, aged 67 years, before he died 9
here made the request that no women
be permitted to look upon his .face
after he had passed away and that
they be kept away from his fu
"They are mischief makers and as
treacherous as a rattlesnake," the old
nan said on his deathbed.
Out of gratitude for the man who
had been his true friend and who as
sisted him in his last days, Steller left
a good farm in Warrick county, near
here, to Joe Haas, a grocer and poli
Years ago Steller came here from
Louisville and got employment as a
harness maker. He toiled steadily at
his bench, and seldom lost a day from
his work. Among the large number
of employes in this establishment Stel
ler was regarded as eccentric. He
talked little, and to none of his fel
low workingmen did he make any
mention of his past life. Most of
the men with whom he worked
thought he was a bachelor, none
knowing that at one time he had a
happy home; that he had become a
woman-hater because the wife he
loved tenderly ceased to love him, and
deserted him when the hand of af
fiction was laid upon him.
In silence and alone Steller bore his
burden-and saved his money. He
had no one to live for, and cared lit
tle about the companionship of his
fellows. He lived alone above the
- ti
John Steiler.
rocery store of Haas, and not until
is last illness was the story of his
fe revealed.
Steller was taken ill and remained
ihis room. He was ill for several t
ays before any one made inquiries
bout him. Then Haas, who had not a
*3en the old man for some days, went
'his room andl found the door lock
'd. He broke in, and there found Stel
* r lying on the bed in a semi-con
aious condition, from which ho was
Ith difficulty aroused.
When Steller fully realized that the
nd was near ho told Has that he
'antedl to talk over some matters
with him. Then he told the grocer the
rtory of his life.
He had been married, he said, and
'as happy with his wife in their home
ix Louisville. After their son was
orn his wvife asked him to deed over
is property to her'. He arranged mat
ars so that she could take control of
.alf of it. A short time after-ward ho
'ecame ill with typhoid fever. After
'trangers had ministered to him, he
e~sked for his wife, Hie was told she
had gone away.
When he sent word begging her to
return to him he said she replied
that she didn't love him any more and
.me would have to get along with
out her. Later he obtained a di
-orce and came to Evansville to work
".t his trade.
"Now you know why I am a woman
hater," he said. "I hate them all.
They are a curse to the race, meddle
some and treacherous as a rattle
Fnake and as uncertain as life it
"I guess it's all up with me now.
'3efore I die I want to make one re
rluest of you. I don't want any liv
ing woman to attend my funeral. I:
KCeep them all away. They would C
only come through curiosity, any- u
A short while later he was dead. i
Haas obeyed the dying request. He C
S alone accompanied the undertakers to
to evyard where the old man
was led.. Ho will erect a mon
ummen over the grave and pay for it c
Besides the property left to Haag, t
Steller had a $1,000 life insurance pol- a
icy, payable to his son. .The son did e
not attend the funeral. It is said ho f
will collect the life insurance, but will l1
not attempt to contest ,the will be- f
quonathing the Tnmiana fam ta n.. , s
Savannah, Ga.-The man whose
bievish instincts led him Into the
%king of a red hot stove without the
rotection of asbestos has been held
p as an example of enterprise in this
articular line, but he must step into
econd place for the man -who attempt.
d. to steal a bee hive from E. W. Jew.
tt, of this city. The particular hive
eleotod by the thief in the absence
f a census of its occupants is esti.
iated to accommodate somewhere in
he neighborhood of ten thousand
The hive was found just outside the
ate through which it had been taken,
ts position indicating that it had
een left in a hurried manner. When
fr. Jewett found the hive its top
nd bottom were both off, and the ten
Thief Steals Bee Hive.
housand bees were circling around
rying to repair the damage which
ad been done. Knowing the resent
ient that bees show when people M
nock the top and bottom off their t
ives and otherwise manhandle them,
fr. Jewett is uncertain just how far
be bees chased the thief before re
ttrning home to take stock of the
amages. Mr. Jewett's theory is that
he thief knocked the top off going
lirough the gate, and the bees sallied
arth and began to puncture the ma
auder, causing him to drop the hive
nd start an extemporaneous effort to
et up a few running records.
nfurlated Bird After Being Wounded
Savagely Attacks Man Who
Fired the Shot.
Lynn, Mass.-Corporal Thomas
1amp1bell, formerly of New York, of
ie 14 7th company, United States coast
rtillery, stationed in this city, is suf
ering from injuries received in fight
ig an American baldheaded eagle
ere. He was summoned into court
harged with violating the game laws
f Massachusetts and fine $20.
Campbell found the bird perched in I
tree. He got a gun and fired. The<
ullet only stunned the bird, whichi
ben began to fight. Thomas Egan,
ho wvas with Campbell, had his over
11s torn from his body while attempt
vepwee. h bid s.alvean
nde srgcaltraten atth _hm
FotEagleAtak Ind.-W ieraue
igcticastor the bir.at seiyaway
verowredtTh Epirdpa ishurch and
tned sugiay trameta the homgah
re iname thren Tcrd s edf e. heet
Burneds startig APrayer Bookhl
yectrcstorm of Shreck wsevrt burne
romn ver hisdt whihtning stucke
Lunnth a ny fh wosiersgth
Shake off that 0
tired feeling due to w
sluggish liver, kidneys, w
stomach and bowels. *
Cleanse and purify p>
your system with the e
greatest of tonics,
-a bottle proves. c
The Specific for Malaria, Chills and d
Fever, and a reliable remedy for A
all diseases due to disorders of g
liver, bowels, stomach
and kidneys.
50c. At Your Druggists
TnR 13113NS DRUG 00..
Waco, Texas.
Worries of Rich Women.
After receiving requests from beg
ing letter writers for sums amount
ng in all to $22,000,000, Mrs. E. H.
larriman of New York, the widow of
he railway magnate, has appealed to
he bureau of municipal research to
;uperintend her mendicant mail and to
tssist her in wisely dispensing charity.
3he is not alone in discovering her
ielf the target of innumerable profes
dional begging letter writers. Miss
Ielen Gould has reeived in the last
.welve months 50,000 such letters
lontaining requests for sums amount
ng to $2,000,000. Wedding rings and
)ffers of marriage from poverty
;tricken correspondents are a daily
'eature of Miss Gould's mail.
"About two months ago my hands t
tarted to crack open and bleed, the
kin would scale off, and the good
lesh would burn and itch dreadfully.
When my hands first started to get
ore, there were small blisters like wa
er blisters which formed. They b
tched dreadfully, it Just seemed as
bough I could tear the skin all off. I
vould scratch them and the skin would I
)eel off, and the flesh would be all
'ed and crack open and bleed. It wor- 1
'led me very much, as I had never
iad anything the matter with my skin. 1
was so afraid I would have to give a
1p my employment.
"My doctor said he didn't think it
would amount to anything. But it kept
getting worse. One day I saw a piece
n one of the papers about a lady who
lad the same trouble with her hands.
3he had used Cuticura Soap and Oint- 1
nent and was cured. I decided to try
hem, and my hands were all healed
>efore I had used one cake of Cuti
~ura Ointment. I am truly thankful4
or the good results from the Cuticura
3oap and Ointment, for thanks to them I
was cured, and did not have to lose
day from work. I have had no re
urn of the skin trouble."' (Signed)
drs. Mary E. Breig, 2522 Brown
3tredt, Philadelphia, Pa., Jan. 12, 1911.
Although Cuticura Soap and Oint-. I
nent are sold everywhere, a sample I
f each, with 32-page book, will be
nailed free on application to "Cuti
ura," Dept. 6 K, Boston.
Pat Was More Than Willing.
A very pretty girl who recently re
urned from Ireland tells of an en-I
~ounter with an Irish cabby in Dub.
in. She had started out from the
iotel to do some shopping, but de
sided instead to make a tour of the
ity on a Jaunting car. Arriving at
he first car stand, and having so
ccted the smartest looking vehicle,
he told the driver that she "wanted
.o engage him for the day." Pat,
tever backward in paying homage to
>eauty, earnestly replied: "Begorra,
na'am you are welcome. I only wish
t was for life!"
Would Purchase Index Finger.
One of the queerest advertisements
rhich has ever appeared in a news- r
aper was one which the other day i
nade known the wish of Mrs. Rlegi
tald Waldorf, a wealthy lady of Phila
Lelphia, for a new index forefinger.
dra. Waldorf's right forefinger was
Lmputated after becoming infected by
in accidental cut with a rusty knife.
she appealed to D~r. Fred B3. West,
rho advertised for a finger, Hie names
to price, but says his patient is wilI
ng to pay liberally.
Whether from Colds, Heal, Stomach or -
lervous Troubles, Capudino will relieve you.
6'sa liqud-pleasant to take-act. Immiedi
tely Ty it 10c., 250., and 80 conts at drug
Not Much of a Water User, c
Hewitt-Gruet spends money like
Jewett--I thought you said he spent
t freely. t
No man is base who does a true
vord; for true action is the highest I
eing.--Henry Giles.
Beoaus of those
/as Sure Elevator Moved, but Prog.
ress Was Not Apparent to
His Eyes.
Billy was a qaint old darkey who
id come to the city for tb'e first
me. One day his employer sent him
ith a note to a man whose office was
i an upper floor of a skyscraper,
here every floor of the building was
rranged and finished like the first
ie. Billy was directed by the eleva
>r boy to enter the "lift," and he
ould then show him to the office he
anted. It was Billy's first experi
ice in an elevator, and he did not
ghtly understand the nature or pur
Dse of it. On his return he describ
I some of his experiences to his em
"When I got ter de buildin' I axes
yaller boy wut wuz er standin' in
a inside ob de front doah whar Mr.
rown's office wus, an' he tol' me ter
)me wid him, an' he would show me.
, tulc me inter er big cage an' sh4t
e doah, an' den we begun ter move.
.n', Marse John, I'se tellin' you de
ospel trufe, we got off right whar
'e started an' God knows we riz."
Airynort-You asked me to take
'ou up in my balloon; now you want
o go down. Do you want the earth?
Nerviss-You've guessed it. That's
ust what I do want.
Thought He Felt a Hop.
An Irishman went into a public
iouse one day and asked for a mug of
'eer in a great hurry, stating that he
vas so dry that he thought he could
rink a gallon. The publican told him
f he would drink it at one draught,
vithout taking the measure away from
Lis lips, he should have it for nothing.
"Agraid," said Pat, "and be the
Lowly Saint Pathrick I'll do that
The landlord then drew a gallon of
nto the measure, handed it to Pat,
vho eagerly raised it to his mouth
Lnd drank away until the measure was
LImost perpendicular. The publican's
yes followed its motion in astonish
nent, and, looking in it, ho exclaimed,.
haking the froth out:
"Pat, didn't you feel something go
ng downt with the beer when you
Irank it?"
"Bo jabers," said Pat, "I thowt I
elt a hop, sur."
Risked Punishment for Dog.
A pleasing story of a prisoner's love
or his dog comes from North Yaki
na, Wash. Michael Short, sentenced
o the street chain gang to work out
its fine, escaped with two oilher men
ocently, but somewhat to the surprise
if his overseers turned up again for
v'ork the next morning. Mike ex
lained to the offcer that acts as fore
nan that he had left his little dog
ied beneath his bed at home and that
e had stolen away to liberate it, as it
ad been three days without food or
Nature's Wise Economy.
"Nature knew what she was doing
then she deprived fishes of a voice."
"How do you work that out?"
"What if a fish had to cackle over
very egg it laid ?"--Toledo Blade.
,Rheumatism, Neuralgia and Sore Throat
ill not live under the same roof with
ramlins Wizard Oil, the world's best
niment for the relief of all pain.
I have lived long enough to wait for
lifortunes till they come without an
Icipating them.-Sydney Smith.
NO CURE A Fine General 'l
no bad effects ill
NO PAY py it write to A
Out of the Whaleback.
Jonah joined the Vacation Liars
"Yes," he remarked, "I enjoyed my
cean trip immensely."
res. Wfnsltow's Boothing Syrup for Ohildrem
pthing, softens the gutus, reduces inflamma
on, A1iays pain, cures wind collo, Soo a bottle.
Always strive to practic, what you
reach, but do not stop preaching if
ou sometimes fall.-S. Eldon.
ugly. grIemiy. stray hatrs. Use A a
"A Million for Tuberculosis."
This will be the third year that Red
Cross Christmas seals have been sold
)n a national basis. - In 1908 over
1185,000 was realized from the sale;
in 1909, nearly $225,000, and in 1910
nearly $810,000. The slogan for this
year's sale is "A Million for Tuber.
,ulosis from Red Cross Seals." New
York state led the sale last year with
5,955,872 seals, Ohio coming next with
3,743,427, and Wisconsin third with 2,
770,112. In addition to these, Penn
sylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts,
Connectitcut, California and Rhode l.
By Lydia E. Pinlrham
The Change of Life is
woman's existence, and ne
invites disease.
Women everywhere shoul
other remedy known to medi
carry women through this
Pinkham's Vegetable Compc
and herbs. Here is proof:
Natick, Mass
went through d
I tried Lydia
pound. I was
Scould not kee:
had creepy se
nights. I was
that I had a tu:
"I read one d
by Lydia E, I
and decided to
woman. My nc
as worked a miracle for me.
Compound is worth its weight
period of life. If it will he]
letter."-Mrs. Nathan B. Great
Cornwallville, N. Y.-" 11h
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetab]
some time for Change of Life,
a fibroid growth.
" Two doctors advised m
hospital, but one day while I,
I met a woman who told mo
Pinkham's Vegetable Compoui
know it helped me wonderf
thankful that I was told I
Pinkham's Vegetable Comp
Cornwallville, N. Y., Greene C
The makers of Lydia E
pound have thousands of ;
they tell the truth, else they
for love or money. This M
stood the test for years.
For 30 years Lydia E. Pink
Compound has been the stan
female ills. No sick woman
herself who will not try this fs
rIade exclusively from roots
has thousands of cures to its e
Mrs. Pinkham invitei
to write her for ad
guided thousands to health
Address Mrs. Pinkhn
*2,50,*'3.00,*'3.50 & '4.00 S
WOMEN wear W.L.Douglas stylish,;y
fitting, easy walking boots, because the
long wear, same as W.L.Douglas Men's
The workmanship which has made'N
Douglas shoes famous~ the world ov,
maintained in every pair.
If I could take you into my large fad
at Brockton, Mass., and show you
carefully W.L.Douglas shoes are made,
would then understand why they are i4
ranted to hold their shape, fit better
wear longer than any otherrmake for the
CAUTION ETe enun aeW .Io
our you canno otan W.L oglas sho
nOGL 14r toW rk , a rocktz :
ior lx a n I oitudivep
---oisonous I'ermafroen in b
and ian Ii"*' reed
~onic. Contains no arsenic or other
e quinine. I f your Druggist or Me
Special Offe
This paper is printed from i:
per pound, F. . B. Savann
When Building Churg
or reseating same, write for Catalog X9, m
agency proposition. Everything in Blaok4
and sold over a
ville, Tenn., selli
only city receiving
which sold every on
Big Dogs In Do and.
Country Cousin-Little dogs b
gone out of fashion, haven't theyt'
Mrs. Do Style-No, indeed,, T
are more popular than ever.
"But I notice that you are all gap
ting big dogs."
"Yes, we have to have big dogs to
keep people from stealing the littg
dogs."-New York Weekly.
s Vegetabre Conp un.
the most critical period of a.
glect of health at this time
d remember that there is n
cine that will so successfully
trying period as Lydia E.
'und, made from native roots,
.-6" cannot express what I
luring the Change of Life before
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com.
in such a nervous condition A
p still. My limbs were cold. X
usations and could not sleep.
finally told by two physicianar
Lay of the wonderful cures made,
inkham's Vegetable Compoundi
try it, and it has made me a well
eighbors and friends declare it
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
in gold for women during this
p others you may publish this;
on, 51 No. Main St., Natick,Mss6.
wve been taking
e Compound for
nervousness, and
a to go to the
vas away visiting,
to take Lydia E.
id. I did so and I
ully. I am very
o try Lydia E.
cund."-Mrs. Wm. Boughtony
Pinkham's Vegetable Com
5uch letters as those above
could not have been obtained
edicine is no stranger - it has .
ham's Vegetable
clard remedy for
does justice to
Lmous medicine.
and herbs, and
redit. .4
all sick women i'5
vice. She has
free of charge.
mn, Lynn, Mass. C- ,
erfect ;3*
hores. -
you V
se in
. e.ot of mw BOYS 62,2.0 .oo
ass. Two PAins of ordi nary boy.'ashoes
P RU5'Yu Pink Eye. Epizooni
r~E j, Shippind Fever
&Catarrhal Fever
B~ nd SIa bo~U: ,gand~p aiogunauhlw
5 'eo "o1f. GOSH EN, IND., U. S. A
cph'sn"'a Leavesp NO "CUR E
I, Louisville, Ky. NO PAY
F' to Printersl
ak made in Savannah, Ga. by
,Savannah, Ga. Price 6 cents
aih, Your patronage solicited.
th, School os The ate,
entionin gcasaof building. Dealers, writeks.
oards and School Supplies. Ask for Catalog a
18 So. Wabash Avenue, hiogo, 4.
E, SI.00, retail.

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