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-tiAE N it
-ser" Aprol 93% 1903 Pickenw, 8, 0, as second cIass mail er. under act of Congress of March 3, 1879
COM ar PICKENS. 8. 0.. SEPTEMBER 21 1911. Num
has estitute School
and h ithin a Radius
of Greenville.
may b
neck r, destitute school
A. A. Odom, the
ialist, has consent
de Thursday - after
h week for charity
or school children
0 at date he will give
who comes to him
t ion and furnish
free of charge, in
uses, if really requir
'd -aL dhr or
of some Christian
I vouch for the child,
Ild is an object of
D nd that the child's
a re unable or in ignor
sed to have same at
. 4 In view of the fact
r quite a lot of head
arvousness, cross-eyes
o -sightedness brought
resent young genera
f y, some from down
iliful neglect, while
are unable to afford It.
s of refraction or mus
balances are neglected
r life and the child,
quires so much nerve
supply the growing
a 1 general physical do
nt of the body, does
oive the relief that can
liven with lenses, the
'opment is retarded
Mr. Iles permanently
.owns a ien parents are
great supply the needed
ture trenuous visual ef
fasten ould have to be
bole 1 uire knowledge,
. inst -of
ias is o en pro
ving found mental
and study irksome,
a brightness of
vivacity of action
only. proclaims hin
worker and pos
bright mind, but at
time demonstrates in
ain 'ay the value of
Eye defects to which
large percentage of
subnormalty is most
aceable and is easily
)le to the influence of
ut in a vast majority of
e offending organ is con
werlooked and ignored
idering the case. For
earsAt was (teemed im
to make a reliable test
id's vision without the
oisonous drugs placed in
s to suspend by tempo
ralysis the action of all
cles of accommodation.
the gravest results of the
hose drugs was that they
Spowver of the ciliary
from one to five years
time they are instilled.
as ' 'SARY.
u- dom uses the latest and
,improved DRUGLESS
.ODS of examination in
es, thereby insuring the
Th and comfort of evrery
) and obtaining a much
i. 'orrect diagnosis of the
error. If your child does
ance in studies at school
asonably should there is
somewhere, the anxious
s wvill not stop until they
e cause. If the eyes are
1ause the services of a
optometrist should be
Iter and Salt for Calves.
eos, like other farm ani
get thirsty, even though
.orms a large part of their
i .' Calyes three months of
vill drink as much as five
)3 of water daily per head.
like to drink often, sipping
1at a time.
.talf barrel cleaned and re
~hed twice daily willl servo
yvasr,t trogh. Anoth
a*, food as insures growthi'1 %4j
nut needed in the dairy calf. The
inwinter should be clover, hay,
bran; bright straw may be fe
Co and roots for variety. Keep the
ul comfortable, summer and wlnt4
mmgrowth will follow as a natr
Millinery "Opening
Thursday and Friday
September 21st and 22nd.
You are cordially invited to attend
our Fall and Winter Millinery Open
ngtobbel on
Thursifay and Friday
Sept. 21st and 22nd.I
Meyers Arnold Co.
ats 'A
i also,on
calves litte
r, and per
ral re- her
ripe t
Oddities of the Great. .:;t
arlemagne would not take wkei
an upper berth when traveling, \
sa s the Chicago Post.
Juius Caesar in all his public
life did iot wear a silk hoto wa
frock coat. - n0
Marcus Aurelius coukd not'
sharpen a lead pencil.
Alexander the Great:cAd,,
be induced to allow any o
take a shot of him.
Nero would not have an auto
Christopher Columbus never
trusted himself in a steamboat.
George III. did not drink Ice
cream soda. .
Henry of Navarre could not
smokej cigar.
Queen Elizabeth would not go
to a moving picture show.
---.. g...
When the Boss Gets Back,
Engine broke down and the.
train off the track
It all comes right when the boss
gets back!
Trouble and worry with keeplng
Hurrah for a rest when his
hand's at the gate!
T1hiings lookin' gloomy an' some
thing gone wrong
The bright light again when he's
here with a song!
Orders not cheering, trade slow
ing down
Things'll pick up when the boss
gets to town!
Mill out of order and output de
Boss'll set right each '<Jql
that we've niade!
Hold up the courage and don't
be put out
The boss is the fellow knows
what he's about!
Things not agreeing an' all sorts
He'll fix it all right with the
touch of his spell!
Don't mind the knocking, laugh
at each whack
It all comes right when the boss
gets back!
-Baltinmore Stun.
Report to Farmers' Union Shows it
to be 75 Per Cent for the
Reports reei ved by Secretary,
Reid of the State Farmers Un -
ion, at Columbia, indicate that
the cotton crop in a scor'e of
counties of the state willl aver
age from 50 to 80 Per cent. The0
general average for the counties
rep~orted so far is about 75 per
cent. A report of all the couin
ties and a general avt~ ralge for
the state will be0 annouinced1
The information is being
gathered by the State Farmers'
Union to prevent the farnmers of
the state from rushing cotton to
the market at a price too low.
The~ average by counties is as
jA bbm~ ji, 75; A nderson 06 to
75; Reaufort ,30; Cherokee, 50;
ClarenIdoni, 70; Chesterfield, 80;
Col leton, 05; D~arlington, not
averaged; Edgefield, 05; Fair
field, 70; Greenville, 615; Hamp
ton, 70; Lexington, 70; Newher
ry, 70 to 75; Oconee, 80; Orange
burg, 00 to 70; Pickens, 60; Rich
land, 60; Sumter, (15 IUion 65;
Williamsburg, 80.
t uno ou s inI un oUI euOl
:a.i"MOT!,:si~u.n pui ?nomtlje

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