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SAdvertisements, (biturie, &i to it sure
Snblieatiou, must be paid for in dIanne- All
Job Wirk Cash'ion Delivery.
Attention is called to advertisement of
s perirurniture for srle fair opportunity
is here ofered for inv stinent.
L"ong L denied many table coiforts and delica
cls,'bside very 'many realnecessities, our rea
ders will appreciate the rare list. of-frienid Solo
iod's oh atpther columrn. It smac of the-olden
t .Ater 6i expl on bccerted.at thk ordinaace
depm and m zine, iobileg tb 26th ultimo.
squares of buildi$gs Jwdre dern shed. and abo
5000 balem.of cotton destroyed. 'The explosion
, took place whle the ordnance stores,.surrender
ed by"Dick.Taa-lor, were aeing removed. About
300 persons were killed. Several thousand were=
buried in' the ruins... The total-loss is estimated
at between Ave and eight million dollars.
Extensidof the. iMtary nes of the United
By an order from the War Department at
ashington, tie 'ilitary lines of the Unitet
States are-xededd to include i thin them the
States of Virgimia, North Carolina, Georgia, Flo
rida, North flabama and Tennessee, and all
nn itary restrictions upon internal trade within
said lies are. annulled, e.cept. ifr matteJston
. traband of war.
Bree:.Major General 17. Saxton, U. S.,Volun
togs; kapoirted assistantcoinmjssioner of t e
' Tredman's Bureau, for South. Carolina and Geo.
- Alarger Sheet.
S"aspaee this meek is illed aith various and
mtere and things rom the-to us
outsiade'iorld, Iaving had the satisfaction of a
" ght %f eeraf late papes. This is gra ifying,
and the beginning of better times. With re
"owed raitroad communicaios -an'd mail facili
A ties e will no loiger be cut f*ri the rest of
n dkinc and will be able to present-our readys
aid to 6ubeits present size, ang "hasten that
end, i0s requested hat.those sul cribers1whose
term xpien21st June, will ignfyif4e
sh toC2new th ns~ by' complying
& t~pesengerns
An interesting aoIeppears' in~ an' Augusta
paper, as a military ordei, giving timely rotiep
- to te inhabitants, that all articles bldaiging to
thgUnUed States, by 'virtue of the suriender of
the C.S. armies, musts be forthwith given u~p.
* o efes~tuaUy carry it out, an ogicer has, heen
* .- appohned to make sear-ch in houses and *&fs,
~ ~J i,amvlbreg'orDroienlt teels, parts of
**machinery, clothig quarterniaster's'Ad om
- missmarystores, poirder, o&dnance and fire-armns
* for wbcichn perimit is shows, and other artid1es
of:aceasieous eharactert. Paries'in fotsyssiois
of the wmne wiloe arrested. This order has not
bee.ermtended io tesprecincta yel,andiight
be well'"for the sake of quiet in the family," tt
*attentlon bepaid to it.
- Fma all aeoo t~ eedmen' are not hia~
- -the best of times in Charleston,'to whicI1 city :of
refuge acores'we are tdid are flockingr, in the vain
delusion that there-they may rest, Iso more pick
ing qf the eottn, no more sweat na more 'vor
ohno ta amsoistakenAdea, al., must work
er starve. These delufted ones on. rriving,-are
/ sent to .the islands, and there commanded to.
- .work. Hundre.is we are told are perishing. We
think,, in the absence of proper 1authority, that
k i * planters instead, of telling them that-they are
free to go where and.do as they list, should wait
until authorized so to do, and advise them as t
- th foly o leainghome,.6nIain the end perhaps,
to lie sent back, or may be perish, let~ gone.the
-evil of having the country infested with miaru
ders. If this evil exists, it is imputable to -thel
untimel.y or Unwise course, in some measure, of'
ota few planters.
Since lhe above was in type, the, orders bear-i
ing dpon this subject hare 'been. reccived, and
* will be found below. -
* By late Colia paper we- are ik pose8ssmo
of' several important orders frim Bri. General
Hartwell, the pith of which is embraced as -fol
- lows.: He says to the freedmen, " the time has
- come for you all to (10 your best- to 'ehow that~
you are fit to be fre9meni in this g'reat Repnhic.
r- Observe theimarriage tie. Learn tcos read1 and
wi. 6~ one :nust leave his wife and children
or aged pareitis whlue be can aa4ist thei: Thie
ves and idlers aid people stroring about tid
courtry v;ill be punished. Be prudent, quietrid
orderly. If you have trouble, report it to thl
miitary authorities. This.year you neafie do
r t ai t.an.e i ang for oauseIves and aM- .
6 thwiesihget sies y . es yeaf i
~ork thebe't oow
'Genehi. Orders No. I Specifies Yher
cocore.d?peopljii nerly slaves) desireto.remain
with-theirfoimetowners andidG wlt they chn,
they n tyot t t4rred off. Aniper ip
lting this oNier,: and causig tem to beeome
p:;upers upo the community, will be arrested
and reported for trial.' Colored people remahj
i>g on the places of their former masters, and
behaving improperly er refusing to work with
fair ris" e're,will be e rted foi *tion of
the miEtrrg'aothorities.
Gsi OdepoI 12,says: Centracts btwetn
-masters andiervants wilset fgrth. in r:rds the
freedom of the latter;,.andi be witnessed by a;
e itfterest .of the -people tl*t these relira
be azicably adjusted without "delai. Case of
j difficulte will. be examined and'tried by military
authorities. -
I\No privilege or advantage whatsdever will be
granted those who do not declare their all
giance to the United States Government. acting
in good faith according to that declaration.
EA EDITORS- Allow 'me to reetiff little
Mistake that I fond in your paper of the 71h
inst. Alluding to the brave.Latour D'.uvergce
'you say that that liero fell in battle while the
French, commanded by the celebraied Masser
were enddavoring to drive Suwarrow from Sciit.
zerland. It was at Neubourg, upon- the right
bank-of the'Danube, that this illustrious private
soldier, who was bhnored by' General Bonaparte
with the titie of 'firsuGrenadier of Frapee," was
killed, by a lance which struck hini.throngli the
heart. Luitour D'Auvergne was a descendant of
one_ of the oldest families of Frace ;.he was a
man of high education, bit always refused any
;grade in the army, saying that'a soldier fightioa
for the independence of:his country did not 'want
any other reward th in the satisfa tidn' found in
the accomplishmeit of his d,uty. The Freacli
army at that time, June 8th, S>0, w.s- con
mande by Geri;, 3Y a.; againt the AgtriAt
{tr friend, so'wkipostcd in this 3ittle epi.oc
of Ficnch-his -iacce t tifanksfo the co.
rection, but.atth ame time will .'e61 us 1i
rivilege of sajft that the mistak.eedszed ini
epiper from iiichi ive copied the parap,
'that we:are e;cusable, an f.rnters fromn timo
dinrialava be n' taught tor "foflIw copy
even if bges up the chimney."]-}s A rald.
It is reportedthat w'r'has rok en out betwveen
Paraguay and the-Argentine Re~publid.
W'igEpogue says in endler 16 besyreired for
all eventa& dities;ise Freneh Governm'ens hatde
termined to .reinforce .its naval-stationis o the
American co'ast4
The leald says thstt % 'the trial of cons 2
tors/it wab discevered that Dlr. Blackbuin and
others had *a .yellow fever and sm.all pox plot,
wltereby the Unon . armies and chief einies.were
to' be infeeted and .destroyed~ (Clothing anid
geo,dsto the amount af a'mnillioni dollars werd in
fected- with small pox and yellow feve'r. A 4alise
of clothing istected with small ~ox and yellow.
~fee was sent o Mr..Lincolu.
.Kirby Smith;has surrendered.
A heavy shock . of an . eai-thquakce was felt
thi'ought South'ern California onuthe 24tht liay.
Houses were rudely shaken. :
m.unuber of men were arrested in New Xork
.reeently while !fitting out a vessel to attack
Frenelh commerce under t'he. Mexican. bg. They
belonged to the "emigration party."
T he appoinment .of- Mojor Generals of te
-rec lar 'm uar oloews. Gen. 1
ey i~~ diion of the Mississippi, compris
ing thetStates of Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and
probably,Louisiana ;- G'en. 3fede, of. the Atlani
tic Stateg~ Gen. Sheridan of the tranis-Mississippi;
Gen. Geo. 'H. Thomas, of Virginia, Nbrth C 0o
lina, and perhaps other Southern States -
General Terry's commuand wil occuzpy the
central position of North Carolina, -beadquar
ters at Goldsboro. The three div siour of
G-enera,1 Cox's (twenty-third) corps will be
stationed as follows. First, 'division,: Mizjor
General Ruge nimanding, at.and.in -the
vicinity of. Ch&rltte.Second divipion, :Nfoi
General Couch, cominanding, at a'nd -in the.
vicinity of Salisbury. Third division, Brigadier
General Carter, commanding,i a't. and in th,
neighborhood of Greertsboro. Detachments
y~ill be sent out as occaN' tn y require, to
all the different countries in the tate.
StgESSroN AGo.-Thie flag which w'aved1
over the Secession Convention of South' Qpr-]
iria has .been. presented by Gen. Blair to Gov
Fletcher~ of Missouri.- It is of silk, richly fring -
ed writh bullion. . . -
(Thief Junstico Chase, in North Cirolina s4
that military ruie would -be continued NAtw
the States were recoaciled to imisediate em
incipation and the policy~ of the Government.
Latest Northern News.
The President hss appointed the following of
'ficars fbr North Carolina : District Jddge K. P.
Dick ;.United States Marshal, W. T-. Rich r4son;
District Attorney, Richard Masan; Postmadtor
tf Raleigh, J. B..B. Rst.. All the *ppoistLees
are of N.'rth Carolina.
Mr. Davis has been turned over to a cvil- court
for trial.
The Hon.W.'-W. Boyde, formerly member of
gongress'-from .South Carolina, sa a Washing.
ton'cerrespondent of the' Chiarl-en Cohrier, is
lIere, and has called upon the President. - He isW
e of the few in that State who has remained
,al. It is be,whoin .1871, addressed a protest
againstsecessiaa, tb the people of that State.
It is believed that President Johnson is npt ip
favor of negro suffrage, except in some iodified
-A delegation a'rived in. New York on the 31s.
ult., from Montgomery, a... Thir: object is to
Iay.bcffore the P&sident ' the United States.a
series of resolutions,.expressive of loyalty to tie
Union, ed at a large meeting of the cilizens
'of Alab a, hel -ast Montgomer As .also, two.
let-era auuer priying for permission
ven rE is order- to' riltore
e of Alabama at :ttenita.rbTib2e day,
to her political relafidns-with thn T}nited States."
The. Frenci Mexicanorgin, the Estafelte, says
a -war with the United States ia inevitable. It is
believed in Mexico the"ete'ral tcoop$ wilLimme
diately . narl'int-td.hat country. rheat holie s
openly maiiifeste1 by the.{exieais toyar s the
French, and Maximilian is showing sonie.dis
trust of theni. .A counter revolution is,talked
It is estimiated-that $60,000,000 will be re
uired to pay off the U S. army. Tlfamount
ready fvr the payinasters.
An iiportant ielegraph contract has been .re
eentif idpieted in New York, fdr buildhig a
ne bet*iin 13ota :Nore. .This Ie the.
rs tt tt at 'eintrodect ion ot theitagnetif
tegra into South Aierica. It is the initial
veniewt which ill probably connect South
with the Urited St$es.
'ipreeive in "the.Ne*York grald that
confribi{tionh a being smade to cancel
war debt, on t iy* t of the citizens .
Since fti of A last, 14,557 ci v.ens, sob
era and d es have.taken.the oath 9 dllegiance,
the rnitedStates in t' city ol'E i4;hnou .
A corr iden'of th . ..Tribane,a For
ss Monroe, refort's that te ..tnnored mana
ng of o. Davis was.a faet, and that the ex
esidetnt ocked down two of his guards, dur
the operation.
HN.. W)nt AiKEs.-T is - distin Sid hed citizen
ie p& '6 er on the steanshii Fulton from
to H Hed,and arrived here on fhe+
mer,Wsa:7 Clyde: As.he niadebis appe;ar
he .is -rocognized aii antusisticady
heered by ie. owd 9' the war. .-* was at
ward us - ad on alt side J.y his fricnd4,
m J : Inl i felnw# e y enBI '' by ': y
wd, a te Gov,e nor cod-eyed to his red,
-" in Aikep Square. -Be speakU in Ae warw
termts t2he-kind treauinent;gdl eteiont he
ith dringhis stay at he Nvtr,_ pnrticu
in Me .York gad W'ushington. His inter-e
e witi liigPesdent- here' of-the most pleas.
"TheGoverger<'asi4ted dui-nn the day andl
fening by larg'e auphere of his old .friendg,
Pany of whom were ; under tl e -impression thdt
had r'eceived the appointment of Provisibiar
oernor of' the'State. He is illfhowever, ou
role.-Cha,*hton Coisrer.
Good fovRi - e notico among thQ
ntfiials in thIi iNathaiiiel fl1ev
"d and Mr. JauresK ~ward,' known as
sasetnar n uccessful rice
sesithe State."We arte geL to icarn
Hilto Iad; for tti idrposh 'of.m in
}ntracta with .those)whose labor they iave
retofore eoatrolled, in'confovmiti 'te
o eder.of *bns andi we cannot 'doub
thieir exampl *rill be.idfliiential in.deter'r
n ing others to thxe same coarse. "Tily have
r bet ifor theit-success-Charleston
IN'ashr, in Newberry Distictl S. ( .,5.th'
N emnbewg O1(and-sud4elyfell dowirat tins
-j usi haelallenWin *h
e s and Ig ler'n t
l?ne fiten yen
apractsuing phy 5
a roember of ti -but el~
ph d tihaepe con.
the y
~ ,CO1OaWgsturvivred by
o - 1~hthe head of his;
oknxow tEat MW ospn w
d apreparation foreernitadkneir
"d~ te-clairua ~of Qhttianity, and became a
in r of the M. E. Chureh about th4 year '41.
Na is a, liberal supporter of the church, and
for reral years previous.to his death,- served in
an ejal-capacity. His hduse wras always the
her's home, and~ the, regoilections of: the
Rn ord'Ca NiR sugg .to thf
ni of.many hisi andzea in behalf of
the o1.Chst. Bthe liilI ng anore cele
is Redeenser's prhese nNi ett, and ~
and perhaps vcpecctyweas -'i fe ]
li away by th ~ ~~fd ' that niot .a I
sxn expressiwas.u ai reference4o his I
d eterna$cpnwdtzon as, owe.rer, he iad'
* - .
bNth n, "nd b hislife, given evidence oL ving
faiWh in jCbrist, may wenot indulgeshe that
his spiriz'new 'e icee i the glory sof
-He hasieft a widow and four chifdapto Eourn
bS los. y .
The.poor, the fdtte ss, and the iidow, ill
shed jears over his grave, a i inscribe his me -
on the tablet of d mory. "The- district ha~ leb
a most excellent and worthy citzen. And the
Methodist Church, in the. Newberry Ci rciit, ,bas
lost one of fex strongest pillars;
Alas ! how uncercain is human life ! Surely,
"all flesh is-as grass, and all the glor rf $nas
the flower ofgrass."
May the mantle of $he father fall upon his
children, and let tl m say, "Blessed are the dead
which die 'in the 7Lrd, from henceforth: yei
saith the spirit, that they may rest from th if Is
bors ; and their works do follow them." ' tm
. and BED ROOh'*FURNITOY'll'r
Viz. A.god F oea.ery Wuperioc Melodeon
a suppi i j .Machine Burgaus Be'drtewds
Wardrobes,.Sofas, Tables, .ideboard5 Looking
GlassesOl aintings, Book=Case" -, &c.
Can be seen ietweel 11~ad i1 'clok, for ten
June 14:it lewbirrrIag
Just ~A RR IVE
of GOONS, which I am prvpared toffe
and car give a..AR .ABGIN to dea.lers in th
city sud coudtr& '4stock consi'ts in prtof
"c ct . TOILET SO.AP .
Chest OUI IIYSO, TE, -
Kits MACkERFL, -
Cises PICKLES, quar.Ms and pitts,
Boxes C.tNOY, as.orted,
Mails FilE'H DAES,
tnxes TR kF FIGS,
'0F SUE&L & r0 DS - :
- LEM -
SARfOI .. d
Ci i xiL. TE -:
Bodes C.teNPEANIr ReH,
BJL ACK tINI.in st-Jvs,
"- YEA.S POWDERS-Dairk"e's.
"BrowWs lNs/:JA A ICA GIN4GE,
Boxes lIAVAMM.~EG RR.~ 7
- 'ozs. SUOlM -iRUS1*ES, -.
"* -Fne Cie ng TOBBYCCb
CiRB h %#IA,4
COFKE l& bLT. - *.*
A smnal :tock o AkD15AIE and9 SA
G c ad u g o yo n s4w es.. -
-~; -
--et e an -' s
hih H aeh tairige
~ -~ *,A; HRRIS
o tNe cities onvcit
Offic-that prt
Lhbrneson. r H g a
June 7 if - iIS
rRT,. Mehdeon orePianoe T so
~re ilf -behaLen with the1
~nqufe at thi offi~e . < 7
Medical Card.
- N. OPSOI~e 8
fl.4G W. GiRufANT offers 1'i profes'nkl
I~ rviece tg. the citirens g,f Newberry, '
ele3a and surrotdii cantryj Office M Mrs.
)r. 1warts? . All orders Iest thers~ wiin- b p'reSipt -
atended tdI - *
Ma 3 - -

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