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Advertisements, Obituaries, &c., to insure
publication, must be paid for in advance. All
Job Work Cash on Delivery.
- Vegetables,are needed at the Hospital
-let our benevolent citizens see to it that the
sick and infirm soldiers suffer no. for a few Tege
tables .
What is the matter with our Jalappa sub
scribers ? nine out of ten complain weekly of not
gittidg the paper, when it is regularly sent. It
is very unpleasant, and we are almost tempted to
go up there and straighten the settlement. Fan
cy the printer's feelings, friends, and settle upon
some careful person to take charge of the pack
age, or, or, 'by the heavens that's above us all,
we'll 'trash somebody for dat' yet.
With this No., June 21,
Closes the term foi- which many of our readers
subscribed to the Herald, consequently this will
be the last papet they will receive, unless their
subscription is renewed: Our terms are strictly
in advance, and ee wish it understood that the
paper cann^ot be sent 'ut unless paid for, no mat
ter how good the part.y is, or how able to pay at
remote periods. The cash system is the b'est, and
the only system by which a newspaper can be
sustained, and we beg our friends if they wish to
continue to bea,r this. in mind; that all names
will be stricken out as the time expires, without
respect to individuals. The cross mark shoirs
when the subscription expires.
In inswer to correspondents as to what the
terms are, we respectfully inform them' that. for
$1 1 specie, or $1.56 in provisions, .(at market
prices)such as corn,flour and meat, &c-,paid in ad
vance, they will receive the paper for the text
eix months, not 'otherwise' Subscriptions receiv
ed'for three months.
Vok%sbury. Dist. S. C. Conferenc--Quarterly Con
ference 3d Round, 1865.
Newberry'Station, June 17, 18 ; Mapleton Ct.,
Mount Pleasant, June 24, 25; Anderson Station
and Ct., Ebenezer, July 1, 2; Edgefield Ct.,
Spann's, July 8, 9 ; Pendleton Ct., Shady Grove,
July 15, 16; Butler Ct., Pine Grove, July 22,
23; Pickens Ct., Rock $pring, July 2a, 30 ; Lau
rens Ct., Bethel, Aug. 5, 6 ; Newberry Ct., Ru
therford's Camp-ground, Aug. 12, 3.; Abbetille
Ct., Smyrna, Aug. 19, 20 ; Ninety 'ix Ct., Upper
- Saluda River Mission, Lebanon, Aug. 26, 27;
CokeTbury Ct., Cokesbury, Sept. 2, 3.
A Detachment of the 9th Ohio Troop~s
?Arrived here on,Sunday afternoon, and no lit
tle stir was exhibited by the colored populati9n,
who swarmed these visitors like bees aro-und a
gum. Their reception was cool and threw. a
damper on their feelings, water being squirted en
them by the 9th, OhiQ, and other indignities.
Satisfied with this the crowd dispersed. The de
tachment consisted of 15 riein under command
* ~ of a lieutenant, and were senti here as a guard
to conduct specie deposited in the bank -of New:
berry to Chester. 'Tiey left on Monday morn
Immense, quantities Qf cotton, rosin and other
native staples have made their appearance in the
. streets .of Wilmington, N. C., since the issuance
of the President's proclamation remQving re
strictio'ns on trade, and been conveyed to the
warehouscs for shipment North. One of the pa
pers of that city says That the people are .con
founded by these mysterious apparitions of dhe
rawr materials in their midst ; -but nobody ap
pears abje, or willing, to tell where ~ey come
A formal'demiand has been made upon the
bSpanish government for tbc surrender of the
ram Stonewall.'
-The Supreme Court of the district of Column
bia has adjourned. The trial of Mr. Davis will
be postponed uptil September.
A pplication will be made to the next session of
the U. S. Congress for a grant of iand for a colo
*ny of about 20,000 poles.
Gen. Kirb?y Smith has departed for france via
The war correspondence- of the N. Y. Herald
during the war cost half a million of dollars.
The States of North Carolina, South Carolina
and Mississippi have been divided into internal
revenue districts by the Secretary of the Treasu
- -ry, and appointments .of collectors for some of
these localities have already been.made by the
Gen. Ortega has received such an immense
Sresponse to his Mexican enligraticn scheme
that he appears to be bothered as to the
means by which be can get them 1oaMexico.
There are 751 lager beer saloons in Cinci
* natti and suburbs.-.
War has broken out in Central America--the
Trh'y.eM ofSan anh adaor is under siee.
Facronize a Free ;apc--Orat Eterrise.
It Wil interest our-readers to know that as soon
as the necessary arrangements can be made, we
will crmence the publication of a large,.FREE
Weekly paper, in the hope to meet the demand
constantly made upo> us, for a paper that costs
nothing, end that subscribers to our PAYING
paper will have the satisfaction of reading and
keeping theirs, and also that having -regular pa
trons to'our Free paper, we can by mailing it,
save the subscriber the necessity of continually
asking for one, which must be mortifying. It will
be a saving too of much valuable time,which the
patron will appreciate.' Our time and patience is
not thought of for a moment. Its a great pleas.
ure to be generous and free to a whole-souled;
hearty, 'round-faced farmer, :cho bonhces in with
a double chin, whistling perhaps, because his
stomach is happily filled, and in the best of goGd
humors asks 'for an old, paper with the latest
news, that is, one you've done reading." Wlr,?
modesty, and how considerate,.an 'old paper,' dI
ready read. Again we have complaints that cr
tain sections receive not a sirgle paper, 'and f$r
themselves would like to have the news; havr'
seen a paper in a month.' Well, its our business
to supply that man, or. such meu, with a free p
per, and we'll do it, of course. Happy inn.
cence ! tiey believe that a printer lives on his
imagination, his neighbor's gas, on air, or any
thing else than bread aiid meat, that labor i;
sweet and a rare pleasure, and 'that it is so easy
to-print.' Who could colscientiously dispel sue}
a delusion by clarging such a maD for a jtaper
Not we,no never. So we'll do it, if wn break
trace, that'is when the necessary arrangement
're made. It is hoped that our paying subscri
bers will renew promptly, and aid us iri so iuda
ble an undertaking, and they must when told fo;
a fact that there are a few who are entirely a
their ne;ghbor's mercy, and who never in theil
life offered the indignity of paying a printer fo
his paper.
Valuable prizes will be given as an inducemeir
to get up a largosubscription list, and-every nnm
ber will contain a fuH-sized engraving of the mos
notabhe of the class who rcad a free paper. ' Sent
in your names early.
Mr. T. P. Robb, the U. S. Purchasing Agent
is now in Augusta, and will remain for a few dav
to consult with owners relative to -their cotton
r,,the new rczuluinsn, all rectrictins reia
tive to Cotton have been removed, except th
-payment to Government of one-fourth in kind
This is imperative, and is .required to be done au
soon as practicable. - -
The one-fourth in kind being paid, the balancr
is returned' to the owner "free' from all othe:
fees and internal taxes. The utmout good faiti
on our part ntjy be rehe~d on, and a promptcomi
plian.ce and paymuant of the tax dlemandell.
The Goverrn'ent thinks that its regulation.s re
lative to the marketing of cott.on in the insurrec
tionary States are extremely libera!, and 4~ is ex
pected in return (hat no m'nneccssarry delay wi4
be had in meeting its requirements.
*I -have no authority to appoint- sub-agents it
the interior, and can . only receive cotton at Sa
vannuah. I shall be glad to facilitate.in ever,
way in my powver the effortsof owners'to movt
their ettonm, and to that end shdll bc pleaised t<
advise with them in regard to it. =
FULY P.ARDoxN.-We are gratified to len
liy a pi.vate telegram received yesterday in the
city, that t,he IIon. E. M1. Bruce, late rmember o
the Confederate Congress. has been g-anted th<
full benefit of President J'ohnsoni's aninesty pro
-Very certainly this act .of -forbearance couki
not have been extended a gerntle man of greatei
worth. Mr. Bruge, while a "rebel," was a~ ae
tive and energetic one ; now that he is a~ citizen
of the Union, he will prove of invaluable use b
the exercise of -his great energy and admirabi
business qualities. We are glad to know thal
henceforth he is to be enrolled among the citi
zens of Mgusta.-Consitutionalist, 16th inst.
IMPpRTANT TO .FARMER.-Abonlt twenty-si:
Ithonsand mules are to be disposed of in Wash,
ingtov; D. C. The sales will continne until-th<
number of-animals is reduced in proportiori- t<
tne reductions of-the armies of the Potomac, th<
Tennessee and of Georgia.
Many of them were bought in the beginning
of th'e war as .young mules ;. hav,e acomnpaniet
th risin all their marches and camps, anc
are thoroughly broken, hardened by exercise
;rentle and farfiliar, from being so long surround
ed ha the soldiers.
-These animals are'to be sold at public auction
and an opportunity will be afforded which ma'
ne ver occur agamn
All trade restrictions are removed. The mer
chants of New York are anxious to accommodatt
their old customers in the South. It is said
large number of vessels are'making ready to sai
for Sttberni ports, heavily laden with assorte?
Icargc.0s,-which will be delivered on consignment
and until thie roads are completed, and the crops
brougha. foirward to enable payrment to be made.
The work of placing the cable ~on the Greal
Eastern is going on actively, and it is pretty cer
tain she will start in the early' part of July, ac,
Icompanied by the British frigate Terrible, and
another British way- steamer.
'New York is the largest market for soje leatu
er in the-world, more being brought and sold it
that city than in Liverpool, London and Pari:
combined. It is estimuated that 10:000,000 hides
are tanned in this country annally, requirin
Thu 70n0 nonrd3 of bark for the onerain.
FPbilc Meeting.
'*In pursuance of a call of Council for a pub- (
lie meeting of the citizens of Columbia and of r
RichhLnd District1 with the view to the res- v
toration of the State of South Carolina to the f
United States, a largeand respectable assem- i
biage took place at the City Hali, yesterday
morning. On motion of Mr. M. C. Mordecai,
Mayor Gibbs was called to the Chair, Mr. An
drew G. Baskin was appointed Secretary, and
the meeting was duly organized. The objects
of the meeting being then fully stated by the
Chairman, Mr. C. R. Bryce moved that a com
mittee of five be appointed by the Chair to
report upon the object iu view. The commit
tee consisted of lessrs. C. R. Bryce, John
Caidwell, A. R..Taylor, Edward J. Arthur
and W. H. Scarborough, who reported,
through their Chairman, tiie following resolu
tion', which were adopted -
Rcvolred, That the citizens of Cehimbia
and Richland District, respectfully request
his Excellency Andrew Johnson, President of
the United States, to take such measures as
[will lead to the early restoration of the.State
of South Carolina to her former relations with I
her-sister States of the Federal Republic, and
as will 'restte~e her people to the enjoym.ent of
their civil and political rights in the Union
and under the Constitution and laws thereof,
and remit them at an early day to the prose
cation of their wonted pursuits.
Resolved, That a Committee of twenty-one
be appointed to communicate the "foregoitg
japplication in such manner as they may find
most proper and convenient.
Resolred, That our fellow-citizens of the
other Districts in the State, are earnestly- in
vited to take early action for the attainment
of -the above objects, and that the committee
appointed under the second resolution are
authorized to act as a committee of correspon
dence witi} them whenever-it may be desira
ble. -. - -
The following gentlemen.constitute the com
t mittee appointed under the second resolution:
,C. R. Bryce, John Cal4well. Dr. John Fisher,
M. C. Mordecai, A. M. Hunt, Jacob Lyons,
E. J. Arthur, Capt. W. B. Stanley, William
Gilmore Simms, John Townsend, Wiiliani F.
DeSaussure, E. J. Scot.t J. A. Crawford, 'E.
L. Kerison, J. McKenzie, A. -.I Taylor, W.
t H. Scarborough, H. ciding, C. H. Baldwin .
C. A. Bedell, J. M. Blakeley.-Cul. Phoen i..
THE Cr.oPs.-We learn from a gentleii an liv -
tn'g along the line of Georgia' Railroad tli:t the
crops promise finely. The negroes very ge:er
ally have resumed work with their former mas
ters, and are quite cheerful under the new sys
tem of affairs.
in South.Carolina great destitution co:dituwr.
For the lick of hands and horses, the majority
of planters will'be unablu to raise even i,odcr- I
ate crops. In lieu of hor:es an,. animals, many
planters are working ctws and calhes, some oi
tht% best ladies in the country being actively en
gaged in the labors of the field-plowing and
~* An order from Brig. 4en. Ludlo, commandl
'ing-in the Peninsulu-Yorkt..wn, Williamsburg,
&c., says -"It. has come to .the knowle~dge of~
the authorities, that the;negroes on the difi'erent
farms are refusing.zo work, or are leav.ing their
- accustome'd homes and coming to Richumond and
other places. occupied by troops. JThey are here.
by directed to.remain at thei. -old homes to g
to w~ork as usual on tlhe farms and raise the pro.
duce necessaryafor their main tenance. '
The great clock thaZ statids an the walk in
front of the Fifth Avenue liotel, New York, andS
Iw'iih has-not stppped since the building was
erectedl, is now motionless and its hands indicate
twepity-two minutes past seven, the point of time
when Mr. Lincoln breathed his last..
One hundred bands who inve been employ
- ed incoi r.ng pennies in the Phiihdelphia mint
have been discharged. Pennies are a drug,
and thre'e-cet4 pieces are coming.
Called Meeting.
The citizens of: Richland District have asked!
their sister districts to co-operate with them in
primary meetings throughout the State ; express:.
iAng their views in relation to mnatters of public
interest ; and as-no one seems disposed ta assume
the responsibility, I would r'espectfully suggest,
Iviz , In consideration of o'or unorganized condi-.
tion-the suspension of civi government-the
people without- D proper circulating medium
trade and commerce paralyzed-want of postal
comnmunication-in fact of everything-and tire
entire mass in a state of anxious solicitude as to
their future status-that a meeting, of the citizens'
of Newberry District be'held at Masonic H all,
Newberry C. H., or'somne other suitable place, on
the first Monday in July 1next, at 11 A. M., to
take into consideration the political condition ofI
our State . Respectfully,
. . ~T. P. SLIDERs
DIED, in Newberry, on the 13th April last,
Mrs. BETHANY BLEA.SE, in the 68th year of
her age.
SIn February, 1823, the deceased. -professed
faith in Christ, and was b'aptized by the Rev. Dr.
Manly, Sr., at Edgefield, from which tidiie to the I
hour of her 'death, she not only exemplified the
genuineness of .her faith, but by a pious life an.d (
consistent walk she recomumended to others tlke~
religion she professed. '.Thus a mother in -
Ihrael" has passed away, leaviug the memory of .
her many virtues as a shining light to guide her I
afflicted children to that "habitation not made I
with hands, eternal in the heavens." "Blessed 1:
are the dead that die in the Lord."
D TRoYED,-The .dwclling house of Gov. A.
. agratb, of So. Ca., situated about one
iile from Aiken, together wfth its contents,
ras destroyed by fire last night. Origin of
ire unknown-supposed to be the work of an
Press, Type and appnfrtenances, are all in
ood order., Al3o an extra font .of long primer,
bout 400 1bs. A good opportunity for a pur
baser is here presented. Apply at this offici. -
June 'r1. 26 3t
OmFIcz GE-. Sur'- G. & C. R. R.,
Newberry, May 16, 1865.
Dand after Friday next, 19th May, the
Trains on this Road will ran but three times
week, viz
TLeave Newberry on Mondays, Wednesdays and
Leave Greenville on Tuesdays,. Thorsdays and
All Freights will be carried pn the Passenger
rains, at regular Freio'tt Ratee, (not double
ates.) J. J . LasSALLE, Gen. Sup't.
June 'l tf --
' of GOODS, wbhich I am prepated to offer
At Retail for a small.advance,
ind can give a FAIR.MARGIN'to dealers in the
,ity .nd~country. My stock consists in part of -
Cases PICKLES, quarts naud pints,
I'oxes (ANDY, is.2orred,
" 4dI'GER CA KEr
B,oxes Colgate's PEAR L STARCK,
"RLACK INK, in st--nds,
" Brown's Eh. JA MA ICA GING E14
- Fine Cut Chewing TOBACCO,
A sm~all stock of HARDWARE and STA
Gire me a call, and judge for yonrselves.
In basement of Mr. L. Levy's house,
Corner of'ssembly and Plain streets.
June 14-25 6St -
'.Importat Notice.
I will exchange four bushels coarse Liverpool
Salt for one lharrel of Flour ;,and one bushel
salt for .two of coin ; and will also purchase
Wheat for which I will pay the Market Price in
ash. . A. HARRIS.
Jnn I7 tf
Medical Card.
D)R. JAMES McINTOSH offers his services,
in the practice of Medieirne and2Surgery,
o the citizens of Newberry and vicinity.
Office-that fornterly occupied. by the late Dr.
hompson. ;Residence at Mrs. Higgins.
June '7 tf
Wanted ImmediateWy.
rO RENT, a Melodeon or Piano. The greatest
care will be taken with the instrumtent.
~nquire at this office. June 7
Medical Card.
..S.POPE offers his professipnal
services to. the citizens of Newberry.
ffice over Col. L. J. Jone's law -ofice.
DSR.. W..GARMA NY offers his professional
Liservices 'to the 'citizen's of Newberry,
elena and surroundiig country. Office at:Mrs.
fr. Ewarts. Al o rderd left there will. be- prompt
r attended to.
May2 .

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