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Notice the CROSS-MAaK! It signifies that
yoir.subscription is out rnearly so. % And that
when it is out the paper will be sent no rore.
Bearl'in ixund, and; ityou" wish to renew see
terms on fitstpaae.
r ? The printing office advertised for sale, is
the "Walhatla Banner," in Pickens District ; not
the Herald, as some spppose.
" The attention of our readers is invited to
niportant military orders, from the commandant
of this post, to be found in another column.
(g A "Biographical Sketch of. the late
Chief Justice O'Neall," will appear in our next
paper. This paper will alfte be worth the sub
scription. Those seeing the cross-mark will do
well to renew at once if they wish to secure a
- copy of this interesting biography.
Anderson Intelligencer.
This exeelleni sheet having recovered from the
-a a effects of Stoneman's raid, is again disseminating
useful intelligence to its large circle of readers.
Who is to blame, friend Hoyt, for the non-arri
val of the Intelligencer at thipffice.
' In the notice ,of the preliminary meeting, last
week, two errors occurred in the remarks-offered
by Rev. J. J. Brasdy. The words "proud" and
"free" acceptance, &c,. should have read 'fiank'
and 'full'. The error was in the printer-the
penmanship being delicate, in the haste to put it
up. the errors oecurred. We publish the ire
amble as corrected
"The war which for the past four years has
ravaged the country, aZ4 iiflicted great los and
ijry on the people, being now -over, and the
country ' left in an eahansted and suffering
condit;ou, it es ti , - as a people, to concert
and adopt aucei measures as may promise to de.
liver the country; as seedily as possible, from
its present condition of eibarrassment and dis
tress. And .whereas, in the Judgment of this
meeting, the cdurr di action which promises
mst.e bectually to bring about this result is a
fraakabd -full acceptapce on the part of the
". people, o(the state of 4dn p which the disastrous
ermnati's of the war brought upon us, and
trp a'sognition, without reserve, of the authority
" of the Constitutio:t and laws of the United States,
and the-expression 4f oe readiness henceforth
to act the part of good citizens."
Wasted Ioence.
frow speouraging it is to the preacher, after
a week's labor, mental and physical, in preparing
his Sunday sermon,:to -stand before a nodding,
listless congregation; and break unto them the
bread of life. Pearls thrown away, .bread cast
* upon the.waters, never to return, or lovs labor
lost; what is more trying, more humniliating ?
how many there are who lose every v:ord that is
* ~ uttered, who hear hia voice, know when hescomn
-*menbes, and sit as if on tho'rns'till he closes, who
cannot repeat the text,five inutes afrer its read,
or tell:the book, chapter'or verse fr'om which it
is taken. -A remarkable illustrgtion of this~ fact
was exhibited ot last Sabbath. A party of eight
* -or ten met at a neighbor's house, after service ;
a variety of topics were discussed ; conversation
* lagging, the morning's serneon was introduced
* and the remark made th'.t it was a fine one. Uni
fortunately for the credit of the party it was a-k
ed, "#1bat was the text ?" With shIameee confess
* no one co'uld answer, not one remembered what it
was, or where from. Those who "sat under the
droppings," and were refreehed, will know where~
the allusion points, by being.'told that the text
as found in Phillippiane, 2d ebap. 16th ferse,
*- reads "Holding forth, the word of life" .And
well was it held forth, but its beams failed of en
tgre effedt upon the inattentive and the nolders.
Did we have to preach, we'd stir them up every
* few minutes by shouting, wake ye sleepers, watch
sagn what of the night ? Ag is exeusable, if
ideiory is- trea,eherous, or the eyes grow heavy,
but for the y'oung there is no- excus9.
RIloRGAiZTIoN -The work qf re-organizaticn
of the states is being~ pushed rapidly forward.
TN fellowing have elee,ted regular governors :
'Kentucky, Thopnas F.. Bramlette: Maryland,
* Ihomas Swann;.Tennessee, William G. Browniow;
* Virginia, Francis H.'Pierpoink.llissouri, Thomas
* C. Flsteher; Arkansas, John Mui phy; Louisiaria,
Jamies M. Wells.,
The President has ap'poited the following
Provisiona'l torernorh for the following States.
North Carofm~a,Winiam~ W. Holden; Georgia,
James Jehnso'n ; Iliesissi'ppi, William L. Sharkey ;
Texas, Andrew J. Hamilton ; Alabama, .Wm. E
Pro innai Governors are yet to be appointed
* for l$lites of South Carolina and Florida.
W e-Iarn from Ir; Westmoreland, of Gree-?
- 12ed'hat a bana of woodsmen arc committing
Sodliraesupon the citizens, arresting some, mur
dering others, arA plundering. ''Col. Hamighton
hea giinnt orders to have the band dispersed.
to the Bemory of Col. Rutherford.
BY W. 0. T.
When war's dark cloid rose o'er his land,
-He roved in distant climes,
Where art snd science chasten life,
And.ccurch bels,tr,l.t{i r chines.
The charms of peaee lay iihis grasp,
AnI joy without a care :
But, ah ! "twas 'neath a foreign sky,
His loved onesocere not there!
His country calls-to her kPha.stes,
For her girds on his sword,
And nobly rn'shes to the field
To met the invading horde
The foernen fly, the victory's won;
Green laurels-crown his brow,
And thoagh.his'blood bedews the ground,
His heart is joyful now.
The clash of arms awhile does cease,
Awhile our hero rests,
And at the feet of beauty's queen,
He pleads loves' fond requests.
A sigh,,a blast, her heart is his!
-Ah! happiness supreme !
Hi3 hopes are crowned, the goal is wor,
Fulfilled his wildest dream,
But oh! again war's horrid'din
Resounds -hroughout his land,
And in the battles firm array,
How proudly he does stand !
A shout, a charge 'mid cannon's roar'
And shrieks of bursting shelt, -
The day was ours-but sad the cost -
ror here our Drayton fell!
As hero lived-as one he died,
And fell with g lory.crowned
Fond sisters weep a brother slain,
Heart breaking sobs rgsou4d.
A father's soul with grief is wrung,
Bis darling boy'is gone
The pride of fife death stole-away
And lefi their hearts forlorn.
- And she, who gained his youthful love,
And crowned his manhood's joy,
The keenest pangs the wretched feel
Arg her's without ailor.
She loves not life unshared with him
To whom she gave her trust,
But shrouds.b er soul in darkest gloom
Till dust returns to dust.
Weep not dear on'es, 'twas God's decree -
That tore him from thine arms,
To dwell serene in spirit worlds. '
-Where come not deati's alarms.
- Again ye'll meet to prrt no mbro
No more! a-b! bTsinpcomne !
. Angel,c harps for'e'er ;ye'll sound,
And joy shail be your theme.
*Conirrr'EE/ORM wsrNG'oN.. eloW will be
found,the nathes of the gentlemep appointed
by the citizens of Charleston tovisit the Pres
ident of the United States n'iad present their
petition for a Provid'ional Governor for our
State, also pysying for the release from paro!e
of Ex-Gov. Aiken. Judge. E}dward Frost is
Ch'iirman of this Committee a same endeared
to. every Carolinian fbr his eminent legal abil
ity anud goodnestof-heart. We hope the (ghi
respectafbility -of the gentiemen composing
this Committee will hav;e its weight,- and his
Erg.eUmncy' wilt grant the: earnest prayer of
our people for civil government. The follow
ing are the names of the Commit tee : Edward
Frost, Charman :L. E. Holmes, D. L. McKay,
J. D. RStihrs W. Way,A. F. Raventel,
Cartenmyer, W.H. Gilliland, J. J. ge
Cre,A- J. WVhite, G..-W. Williams, Rev. J.
B. Seabroolk, J. A. Yates, W. J. Gtyer, L., T.
Potter. A number of the- Committee leave
to-day on the stpamer Aiba'mbra, and the rc
nmainder will leave.on the stearmship Arago.
- [UCharleston Courier, Yith.
- The South Carolina DelegationQ which ara
rived iraWashiington on Monday, the 19th
June, had an iratei-v'iew wiith the Presiden't
on the,22d. They met with a satisfactory
MIsTERED oUT.--Generals Butler, , Bankts
and Heintzelm:tn, neglecting to send in their
esignations ori or before the 16th inst., were
mustered out of service &Friday last.
.Look out for your commas~. The Chief Con,
stable ,of a Canadian village' certified that he had
arrested a man -"for attempting to marry his
wife, being alive."
A German writer says a young girl is a fishing
rod ; the eyes are the hooks, the smile the bait,
the lo.ver tb.e gudgeon, and iharriage the batter
inwhvichi he is fried. - -
The French Government has resolved to
expedite the plans' of iriigating the lar.ds by
canals, in order fo gite the eultivation of cot
to'n mn Algeria 'complete developnm'ent.
Tas GRAsoD Rzv'Iw.-The army at Wash
ington was twe miles long, -marching sixty
Some planters'-are trying- to raise cedton in
BAD LUcK.-Occupyiig 'an elevation, (seconii
story,) vie get the scent of all that is floating.on
the air, in -this immediate eighborhood, be it
good, bad or indifferent, sweet as roses 'in May,
or foul as an aggravated accutmulation of villain
ous compounds, which latter is sometimes the
case: During the last. dayortwp,'a strange smell
.differing somewhat from Confederatc smells, has
regaled our olfactories, bringing t'o memory cod
fish, herrings, mackerel and cheese, and if our
nose is what it used to be, somebody has these
articles secreted. Who is it ?
SALE.DAY.-An unusally large gathering filled
our streets on Monday, every body was here, be
sides "a few old faces from Limerick rates,"
together with "the old ana young, the deaf and
dumb, the waddling, twaddling, limping, ,skimp
ing," and not a few of the "light, b'risk and
airy," attracted no doubt by the hope of -seeing
a large turn out of the "lords of creation," not
strange by the way "for the shovel and tongs to
each other belongs, and the kettle sings. songs,
full of family glee," so let the little ones have
their way. The day passed off quietly in spite
of 'barley-corn,' and the meeting w:s largely,
DESERVTD.-A t$te axiom, and worthy of all
-cceptatioa is, .that.we "render unto Cesar the
things that are Cesar's," and we feel aapleasure
in saying what every one by this time knows,
that this conmunity has been highly favored in
its present military command. The commandant
of this post, Capt. M. Murray, and Lt. G. IV.Iden,
Assistant Provost Marshal, have by their urban
ity, and gentlemanly deportment, and their man
ifest desire to please,, universaly - gained the
good will and opinion of our citizens. La*, or.
der and quiet, pervades all grades of society, and
with a-confidence and- satisfaption in thigs as.
they are, we have room for a large hope-in the
THE NEw SToRE under Martin's Hotel is the,
.centre of attraction just now, - and we would ad
vise all persons, the ladies very especially, to look
in and see a sight well worth their attention.
The stock is well assorted, and the proprietor
clever enough-to give*a good bargain. -
IT is gratifyng to know that our friend. FooT
is still 'kicking,' some thought he had given u~p
his earthly interest, but its a mistake, call at !is
old stard and be convinced, and at the same tit-e
you will see a fine assortment of goods
I'o a gentleman wants a nice, coz, snug, pleas
ant place to take his 'grub' at, let him call here,
and we warrant he. willi never sigh for a change
any nore, if he accepts the chance offered.
Dep.ted thi transitory life on the morning of
the 25th ult., of cho6lera infantu'm, RrcinIL oNG,
infant.son of W~. R. .and A. Sh J:Morris, ae
6 months and 16 days. a
"Super1little children to comq' unto me. and fot7Md
them not, for of suck is the kingdom of1e-ave?'~
j"The spoiler set the seal, of silence, but ther
beam'ed a smile so'fixed. so h'oly, from that che-:
rub brow,- death gazed and left it therd.- He
dared not steal-t'he signet ring of heaven."
Lokfor the New Goods, a.t the New
Store, under Martin's llotel3 on.
Main Street.
Board, without lodging, in a' private family.
Appilyat this office.
July.5 28 tf
RO ypremises a Ied .pnd white cow and
cf.'The marks on cow right 'ear, croppeW]
andslit; left car s!it. .'Also, .a red and white
bull yearling, with the same marks. A reward
of ten dollars will be paid for their delivery at
Mr. Scott's house, New berry.
July 5 J. B. LAsSALLE.
Baptist State Convention of South
r?PHE XEXT -ANNUA L MEETING c f this body
-1. will be held with the Cross Roads Baptist.
Church, near Chappell's Depot, on Friday, before
the fifth Sanhday in July next. Delegates com
ing by the Greenville Railroad will be met by
covyacsat Chappells.
J. M.. C. BREAKER, Secretary.
Important Notice..
Twill exchange four bushels coarse Liverpool
.LSalt for one barrel of Flour ; and one bushel
Slt for two of corn ; and will also purchase
Wheat for which I will pay- the Market Price in
cash..' A. HARRIS.
T--- ne d . -f.
T HE F t#ST 3
OF -
anT oi7IIMW
...S 9
July 52$tf
Headquarters,.U. S. Forees,
NEWBERRY, S. C., June 28,-1865.
General Orders No. 3.
THE following Circular is Itesby, published
for the information and guidance of citizena.o
Newberry and vicinity :
Charleston, S. C., April 25, 1865.
CtrciZar to Planters, etc. ' -
N UNEROUS applications have been made to
me for information as to ,tie policy to be
adopted on the subject. of labor.
All. can understand the importance of making
a crop the present seaeson, and foresee the inisery
and suffering consequent upon its failure.
In the present unsettled state of the country, *
and,in the absence of any recogrnized State an
thoritiQs, I find it my dut' to assume control of
the pt;ntations near the military liaes, and order'.
as follows; -
1st. The planters, after taking the oath of. a.
legiance, will assemble the freedmet (lately their'
stives) and inform them that they.ar free, and
that hentcfor;h they thust depend upon their own
exertions for their support. . -
2d. Equitable contracts in writing T It be mada
by the ossners of the land with the freedmen for
the cultivation of-the land during -the presedt
year. - -
Payment will be made in kind, and the allow
ance of one half the crop is recommended aS'fair
-compensation for the labor, the landlord, fur
nishing suhsistence until the grop is gatheted.
These contracts will be submitted to the near- *
est military or- naval commander for. apprdval
and endorseinent. . - . '
Wien the above requirements are compHed
with, protection will oe granted as far as iiilitr
ry necessity will allow ; but .where no contract
is made, the crop raised will be considered for
feted for the use of the laborera. Sbotild .the
owners refusd to cultivate it, they will,be consid
ered as endeavot'ing to eiubarrass the Govern-.
ment, and tbe -land will be used" for colonies- of
freedimen from the interipx'
Brig. Gor. CommandinDg.
By command of -- 'M. MURR AY,
Cept. -Comdg. Post.
Geo.-W. IDFEN,Lieut.& Ass't. Provost Marshal.
' Jelv 5. . --
-CIT 0r COLoUK[, S. C.,
- June 24, 4.865.
General Orders .Yo'6.
..berrvand vicinity is cialed to the follow -
ing extracts of a General Order bublished from
Headquarters Provigional Briga.de, Columbia,S.C.
Such citizens will comply wit frthe order by re
porting all Gdvernmenat P.roperty in their p9sses
sion to Captain M. Murray,~ Comd'g UT. S.Yorces,
at Newberry :
"ILD'QRs FIrs-r Paot. SarIOAn,
"Columbia, s.-o., June 22, 1865...
"General Orders No--.' ': .'
- I. All persons liavinig in' their possessio'i any
property belonging to the Confederate and State
pverniments,. o' any person knowing the loca
tion of any such property, will forthwith report,
the same, with an exact statement and -invento-:
ry, to the Comd'g officer; here:- failiag 4oilo
which, they will incur the extreme per4hy of the.
By order of
-Brevet Brig. Gent.
"(Signedi) GEO. F. McKAY,
1st Lt. & A.A.A.G.
By order of --
- - Conm'd'g Post.
June 27 4t - Lt. & Pdst Ahdjt.
Just 1Received.
A WELL selicted stoo~k of DRY GOODS,
.Gents' Furnishing .Goode, consisting of
Calico, -Linen, Lawn, Shaker goods, Ladies flose,.
Gents' j Hosct Gloves, Neck Ties, Cigasra, &.
For Sale at M. Foote's Stove,'
Main Street(Newberi-y C. H., S. C.
June 28 27-4f -
APress, Type arid appurtenances, are all in'
good order. Als6 an extra font of long primer,
about 400 lbs. A good opportunity for- a put'
thaser is here presen.ted. A pply at this office.'
June 21 26 3;

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