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The Newberry weekly herald. (Newberry Court House [S.C.]) 1865-1865, August 16, 1865, Image 1

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Devoted totbe Dissemination of General Infornat- o
Thos. F. & I. IL. Greneker.
- Pa:ynment required invariably in advance.)
Adyertisemeatsinserted at $1,50 per square. for
trst iuertion, $1 for -each subsljuent insertion.
"Iarr'>ge notices, Funeral invitations, Obituaries,
and Communications of personal interest.charged
'ythe Provistoal Governor of the State
of South :Carolina.
HEREAS His Excelcn ey I'esident John
_TV son has issued his p'oclamation, appoint
iag -me (Bejin F j'erry) Providon:tt G(ocrnor
in and for th'State of South Caroliua, with pow
'e to prescribe sath rules and reglations as may
.e necessary and proper for convezing a Couven
on df the. Stte,-conipo.ctI of deleg.i;es to be
Chose7kjy that portion of *he people of said 'tatC
-who are hYAto the United State:," for the pur
pGse of a tering or amending the Con titca4&n
-thereof;.x.l ijtr.authority to exeres~e wathin
the niritsof-the State all the po*er. necesjay
andiproper.to eiwle iuclh loyal people to restore
cid Slate'to its Ceostitudonal re. ttions to the
Fedeir Goreneict, a11 :o prestrt such a L'e
pInblietn form of Sint.e Government as wiil mitile
- 4he'State to the guaraiic of ti" ,Uniied Stites
tUerefor, and its people to protection by the
Z0tited Statevs ag iiust iniv:sion, insurrection anid
mporj,tic violece. - -
Now,.thcrelore, zni obe-dience to rite proimaxna
'ion of his ESl'tiiV And-ew John>en, Prei
-ei t of the uite Stad , '. 'ENJA IMI\ F.
IER:Y, P('rvi:i'lIisa Go%.ernof of the S te of
Soutt- w'14'Olin, for llte purpose -of oranizigir a
J'ro.vi+ t ilrI tn a or r.2F"iit in ocaih Carolina, re
- -:ttir the-St-tc" Coniitit on 111.4 restoring citit
tUthUiwVin id S an, under tire Con:ttuti(j:n
,and la-wt;ota he Iited Nmts do bereh ',ro;l:im
utd ecLiar:that all in it ofielsn Suth Caroli-.
r i, wio wre it v i"em when tl 'hril Guve -rrnnit
-"u-the tafe Ws u.pended, in Miy last, (exiept
,hosarrest4 or indier prosee'iiion ft.r trea-)n,)
, on ki'hg thi oarh of ai;egi:mvee prescribed
a the. Presiient's'AmnestV ProcLam:at.ion of the
th dy Nf ^a, l-1t), resume thti:ties of their
afig:gand n titi ue to Icli ilrge :hen undr the
..:,; ~ Io iotl G,ov"trn-i1ent ti'1-.furt.hz:ri appIn:me!nts
e mide.
,u I do furth-r pro icicr, d ackrt.end in.1:e
f i o ln ;lii.i ' it is the du:y of :il ti al li izelt of
h1s1tSt:e -fSuipur Caiolinasto rnp gtaiLv 3 o .!or
r# aind t::ai a IhII- othi Of ;0'i:,nee to the
i tltrcd r ts;ere one ma ,istra r e or-n:iliir
nihtei or-3li-}'deral Gtvet:ip1dti, ilio- utly -be
_ ,lie1er ainmi"istering o:uh; and such are
-ta ;ann orizedl to _.i",e c.er:i5eel copiie:rther, f
lo rt. per=onS r.poutity'i by w toia they w Ce
:td'_ d s"t< u;i: tr ts s r ot" i..ers are hr-c
, r"rairi t lru-'tmit the, oiignis of' :uch
S iratlis, at as e.rlv a d.si a- ii:y be colvenii, to
fieTepartimeut oo-Stat i the city of Washing
ead-di.rihe r procl.i-ftie ,eel'e anl m.ke
u iow-,6iat te Maiiers o leetios 'hro:igh -
it,the Sta.,e .oY Soo h CaroTiaz will ho d :in dec
on1 ormenbers of a Statt Convention, at their
epei?tive precisiets; .on thie FhIS MONDAY
N~ SEPTEMBI,R-NEXT, aic ordhig to the" law~s
ofSauth Carolina in force before. the secession
of.the. State; and that eac-K leeson District in
the State shall eleet as mnn mhiemer of the
C'ouvenztion ns, the said Distiit has members .of
the llouse of Representative---he basis orf repre
entation being population -and taxation.. Tlfis
wll ie one hundred- aind twenty-fou members
-to the Convention-a- number siirnicntly large
to repiesent, every portion of the State most fully.
KR.erv loyal eiLizenl wiio har taken the-Amnecsty 4
oath ind ntfvithirr the excepted classes in the
Presideat'ProcIlation,.wijl -be entitled to vote,
tyios as it stood pior to the secessio-n of South
-Carolin'a. A id all who are within the -excepted
:.-- asses must'take the o 4 and .api ly for a par-I
don, in order to entitle.them to v'ote or. .becomne
ceember3 of the Convention.- -
The~miembets of-the~Convention thus ef c ted
en the first Monday in September next, are hecre
by required to-eonvene -in the city of . Columibia,
- on WVEDNESD)AY, the 18th day of Septembher,
& 1865, for the purpose of altering and amending
the present Cor stitution of Souith Carolina, or
-remodelling tMd oaking a new one, whieb ,will
confoi-m to.the.#ci-at chainges which have -taken
pl3ce in the State, and be maore-in accefdane
wth Republican principles and equality -of repre
sentatiot'.. - . - -- -
And I do further pm'oelgiim rnd miake kudwn,
- - - that he ConstituLion and all- Iaw .of. force- in
South Carolina prior to the scesesion of the Stite,
are-h'ereby nmde of force under the Pr'ovisional
Goverument, except wherecin they - may" cottfiet
with the provisions of this proclamation. And
the Judges and Chanellors of the St-ate arec here
by required to exercise all the powers and per
formo-atl the duties which appertain to the-ir re
spective'offices, and especially ini criminal cases.
~t will be exoected? of the Federal miili ary au
tEnities now in Southi Carolina, to lend their
euhn to the civil omies of the Pr-ovisional
Go-vernment, for the purpose .0of enforcing the
laws and preserving the peace and good order of
the State.
And Ido fkrt-h'er command and enjoin all good
- -- nd -~lawful chrizens of the State 16 unite in enforc
iag the laws and brirnggto justice ali disorderly
persons,-all plunderert r,sob&rs and marsuder.,
alt vagrants and idle pecnons $;' -re wandermng
shout witho-ut emnploymnent or anry viSlo means
of supporting thiemseves.
-It is also expected that all former owners of
freed persons will be kind to them, -and not turn
off the children or aged to perish;'and the 'freed
:nen -and women are earnestly enjoined to make
contracts, just and fair, for remaining with their
In -order to facilitate as much as possible the
application for pardons under the excepted sec
tions of the Prosideot's Amnestq Proclamation,
it is stated for information that all applications
must be by petition, stating the exception, and
accompanied with the oath prescribed. This pe
tition must be first approved uy. the Provisional
Governor, and th'en forwarded to, the President.
The headqq rte-rs of the Provisional Governor
will be at Geenville, where all communications
to him must be addressed.
The newspapers of this St:te will publish this
proclamation till the election for members of the
In teStipiony whereof, I have hereunto set my.
hand and. seal. Done at the town of
[L. s.] Greenville, this 20th day of July, in the
year of onr.Lord 1865, and of the indt
peudence,of the United States the ninetieth.
, - B. F. PERRY.
By the Provisional Governor:
1ILIAu H. PERRY, Private Secretary. -
July 26 -32.
VO?LD most respectfully inform the comr -
Xv "unity at lairge, that he has just received
nn extensive supply of Deuthl material of every
description, and is now prepa.red to do all kinds
of work in his profession, as cheap and as good
as aint Dentist in the State.
Olice on 11ain-st.; in Dr.' Kingsmore's old Da
guorrean room.. He will administer chlbroform
tdali alho desire it.
Newberry, S. C., A%'g. 9, 33 5t
ADA18, FOST& 0,
RE prepared to sell COTTON or RiODUCE,
in Charleston, New York or Liverpool, as
may.be' mot advantageous; and to make liberal
advances in goods or money on' consignments to
aug9 33t
0ice of A..A. Q. M.,
NEWBERIt, S. C., Ang. 7th, 1 845.
NY pers.ons havinI ?MEMORANDU.\ RlRP
CEIPTS; given for FOIAGE by the Act
ing Quartermaster of the 1st Ohio Cavrry, will
present them to the Acting Qurterinster at
N.wberry, S. C., and g.t the proper vonchers
foi the 'sale. August 9 2
\TWaltctd to Ptire1ia'e,
iiE rni.ersignecl rwill purchasi', dlelivered at
the Raihlc:ad Depot, at Newtierry S. C.,
r possiI'e to se 'BAILED. in order that the
ACCURATE WEiGUT may 4e obtained of the
ll ir.form:ation in~rel;fion to terms can.be eb
tain-d on application of the undersiged.. -
Aug 9 2 - Lieut. & A..A. Q. M.
RemTval of Ti-Shop
Have reinoved my Tin-ShQp to the house rc
e'ally'occupied cas. a Ho pital, on Main-st.,
were I niff be gad-to see all nay old eaistomers,
and as n!any new ones as wish autt i- in nmy.
line. W. T. WRIGHT.'
- Au.32.4t* -
For Sale.
R *AT -HOUSE, situated in Helena. On
L1the pretiuises are'n oQod wvell of water and
afine orehard. The lot contails- over two-acres.
orinforma-tion tppfy to John Long, -Helena,
New berrfDist., S. 0. July 20 4t
T. HE publie-aEtention is respeitf'ully invited to
-1 a-choice selection of GOO-DS just received
at the above named Store, consisting of
A large assortment of' very superior
&c., &c., &. -
'On hand a large stock ot BR OWN SiTIRTINGS,
ke., &c.,. all of which will' be sold at SMALL
CIC1KENS, and othe'r produce will be TAK~EN
1'5 EXUHANGE for GTOODS, at the311'RKET
Newberry, S. C., -July 1I, tf
Watchmiaker and Jeweler.
H Srsunmed business in the wooden build
-Hing, (the "old standg)on Main-strcet,_op
posiie Martia's Hotel.
Al-wo-rk .executed with. despatch, and war
,a'v. s. ferv.. Jul y 268 if
IHeadquarters, Department of So. Ca.,
- HILTON IE AD, S. C.,.July 29, 1865.
No.9. C.
'T is announced for the information and.govern
r.ent of this command that BEJAMitN F.
PEity, of South Cerolina, has been appinted,
by the Preeident, Provisional Governor of the
State of South Carolina, with !Inthority and in
s'tracitiens, t the earliest practicable period, to
prescribe such rues and regutiatiois as, mav. be
necessary and pro+;er for convening a Conven
tion, comfosed of dclegat2s to he chosen'bythat
portion of t.e people of .aid Statc who;ro loyal
to the Unitc . States, and no othlers,-for the pur
pose of altering o'" amendin g the Constitution
thereof; -and with autho-ity to exercise, within
4the litit.s of said State all the powers necessary
and -proper to enable snch loyal people gf the
State of Sotrth Ctro.tina to-restore said State to
its Constitutional rel>tions to the Fedeli Govern
'mlen, and to present.such a Repchlican form of
State Governmertzas will entitle the State to the
gu:arAntce of the United Stotes therefore, and its
people to protection by the -United Statesagtinst
invasion, insu:rcction, and donestic v:olence ;
providcd, tl at in. any elecionI that may here:Tfter
he held forc!hoosisng delegates t any State-Con
vention as afo:csaid, no'person shall he qualified
as an elec'or;-or shall be eligible us a memnber of
such Con ep:i ,n, unless he sh i1 have previously
taken and subr;ibed the oath of amnesty, as zet
fof'th in. the Presiden' proclaination of May 29th,
A. 1. 1f65, and is a votcr qualified as prescribed
by tre Cons-itntion an'6la,vs of the' ate, of
Sonth'Carolin9 in fce 'imnimeiately' before the
sevetit-enth (17th) day of.Noveniber, A. D.~1860
the date of the so culled Ordinance of Secessio.
and the said Convention, when cnvened;. or tie
the Leri1latrre that tnay be th. rester asembled,
will pr-scr'be the gealitivation of lectors, and
the cligibiity of persbio to hold office under the.
Constitution and 1:,ws of the Sliate, a-power the
people of the several States cdmposing the Fede
ral Union iav-e rightfully exercised from the
origin of the Goveirtmnct to the present time.
It is thcrefore ordtred,' that all offiecrs aud
other persons in the United States inilitary sev
vice, w ithi the State of South Corolina, aid saind
nasist Gove.nor PF.any in carrlig into ei et the
foregoing.instruetions, and they are eijined to
ab'tailf."om, in any w,y, hindering, :mpeding
ot> riscoaragiug the loyal people nf the State
(roi th.e o -gnti :.tion of a State -ove-:rument, as
hclrirabovar.uthorized and -directbd .. .
' All orders aad instruetions. 'now iii opcratien
throug;hout 'this D epartmcut, whether cn nnating
frora- these H'ec~d:art~ets, or. fiom Headq zarters
Dep,artrneut of the South, iat are not ineotiaist
ect wihh the foegoinr distinctlyspeciGed. provi.
pions of hibs order, Will continie in force as here
I tofore, throughen the State of So.th Carolin:a.
F'erv n;cdflil faci:iti for taking: the Amnesty
Oath wIill be Ffotied by the Military auth~orities,
on foins hctrofore supplied for that purpose.
Hctcafter Provost iarshals and Assistazit
Provost Marshals will .constitute tf:e otdys:ilitary
Oficets enlit ed to r.duinister the Amnesty Oath,
a.certi6ed-topy of which wil, in all cases, be
frir'ished to the individual taking it. The origi
n.d oatlt will he transmitte<, senmi-inonthly, by
the fleer aidntnisteri:g-the saine, to the Provost
Marslail Gineral at the.eadlqaantters, by whom
they iill be recorded in a kook kept for that
purpose, and then ror-arded 16 the Secretary- of
Peron.- app:liing forexccutive clemeney will
send their petition (ith. a certified copy of the
Anrt Oath tachid) to the President, through
the iro'viional Go cruoi" at Greeuville, South
By comuderd of -
Uu3on-aTh% mu Q. A. GILLMOP.E,
For the Ccnvention.
- In a few days the eleciou for mrembers to the
Convention till be held. It -is not, however a
matter of such great iniportauce,.fromn the na
ture of circumstanees, as some w.ou yto make
others believe. - The Jaet is the pattern has been
marked out at.d cut" byv Andrew Jo'hason. The
meiiders of thiat 'conventipn, whether or no,
have it to do.' Every voter ha~s takenr the Eman
eip tion.Proclamnation-Oth. Every inber has
tken thre saie. All that they have to do is to
itroduce an aImendm&nen. into ti.e Constitution,
That-slavery is arbroga ted, that the institditiotn
has ceased~ to .exis;" hefore tud S'ate. cai be re
stoed -back inti-*the DTion.. ,b Tis is as pilaiu as
the n,oe o.us fae It doe~s~not require-antfy
BuThlnei1ae 'secel. sany ~demragogicaleer.de
niaiu acts to carry tis when men are imruc ted
what to do. ~ e wa.nt~ to .heir of no speeches,
So far-as regards thre abolinmuent:of the l'rish
Syte-it:iat' ujtnia" that aided to ruin
South Ca-e'lina was an ,inctuburs a rrievance
ta t shouh haver IIcn buristed up long ago. Ia
reard to thre fti ng the election- of electors to
the people, also of Govern.or to.the peopie, wvho
ha a eter reht to it than, the people ? If' the
peph-t are educ. ted enroigh, who enough,- goo
eou'h and ta'ti.oIle en-shio eL.et-"memb~ers
to the Legis'-'turre, ves the 'LegMalture who; in
the mridst of their isidomi.and wire-pulling, efe.ct
the electors and 'Governor, . surely, yes$, unt
douibtedl', the people are educated enoug-ht wise
enough, lienest enough, good e.nough 'a pa'tr'i
otic enoungh to b~e ijtr-u-ed~ with the electio of
Ettet~ors and G,overnor tIge selves. I it ablad
ue that wvil not wofk.boah was I.r.he peopl
re too etraipt,then the Rej.iesentadlves Thdy
clit are~decidedly worse. A bad tree necessa
Iruiy brin a forth- bad. fruit. A corrupt people
uerer.elect a pa-e mran,-but th.e cotuptest ofthe
chrrtipmti This maust be .the resuzlt- of thes arge
ients tird 'ge:gt giving this, to thie People.
]Tivo and two mtake Lour, and youcan wmlike ad'
thinr else ou t of'it
We ar'e dispose4 to- think that &haeliction f1
m'mb ers to th~e Legislatun' is the' nmst jmpor'
tat m itter that wilL eon e "before ihe people.
They wil need th ee er best, soundest, Pu
Iret an'd mnost fce t-hearad uen. 4' ever there
was a time for patriotism and a selfmsacriffcina
spirit. it-is now. Keep your eyes skinned,O ye
inhabitants, and listen to no promises and htim
bug yarns of what men say they will do if elect
ed. They .will do what can one rhan do? Psha-l
Don't be humbugged by double-sided politieians;
wire-pulling 'office-seekers and corrupt dema
goguet. -Be sure to vote for your best, soundest,
most honest:hearted men, if there'are any in the
c'etrict who have more love for the country than
for themselves. Who will not be afraid to vin
dicate and votefor wha*"they think will prove of
the "greatest good to the &reatestonumber," re
gardless whether you the people will-v_te fot,
them again oi not. .Men who will not sacrifice
the happiness, presperity, and honor of the State
by tidding for popularity and office iri the future.
Members elected to the Convention and the Leg
islature should be guided ti both places by their
judg..ent to good comnion sense, not by their
feelings and passions and prejudices, If they wish
to. serve the State honestly, r htly and honora
{PFrom the Greenville fountaineer.]
SjIeech of the Governor.
Notice having been previously given that His
Excellency B. F. Perry, Provisional Governor or
South Carolina, would on Salesday .(yesterday)
address-the citizens of this District in - riferenee
to his interview -with President -Johnson, a re
spectable representation of the citizens assembled
at the Court flouse.
His Exeeflency alluded Io the fact that he I'ad
already addressed a meeting of the citizens of
the District- since his return, and would theref re
be compelled to repeat m:ich of-what e-hal sgI4.
On bis arri,al at Washington City,heinimediate
ly nqified President Johnson of his arrival, but,
owg to-the mis arriage obis note, received no
re from the President until a- day had -intec
vened. He then received informat{on, that tre
P. esident would receive him atid other members
of a .delegation from South Caz olina at a.speelied
hour. The time -having arrived,they went to the
-White Huse and. met wit z a cordial - reception
Their interview with the -President was..A very
Igeasant one. Gov. P.. in the course of, 1is re
marks, told the Presidett that he knew the opin
io4s of: the people-of South Caroliaa; that they
had been the most rebellious of all, the States
that they were "Lhe very head and f-ont" of the
offendin -but, -that, having had anz opportunity
of measurng their strength with the Unio , and
having found it a hopeless-task,.they had entirely
abandned the position, and were now. disposed
to come b:ck and be-a loyal people. They were
willing to acept the provision.- of the amnesty
proclamation. The institution of slavery being
gone,the people's minds were wonderfuty chan ged
in regard to it. - During-thc war-they had found
slavery to-be a burden.' The President exptessed
him"elf as gratified. at this information. -
Gov. P., also stateI to the President that the
State Convention would so amend the Coustitu-.
tion as to abolish .slavery, and that the position
of South Carolina in regard to the election of
Electors of President and Vice President, and ;f
Governor, as well es their-system of Parish repre
sentation in the Senates would-no doubt be en
tirely changed. South Carolina was the only
State in the Uniou in which these elections were
withheld frdma th people; and the .steti of
Parish representation, which was justat the time
of its inauguration, was no r decidedly unequal,
and should be abolished. - The President con.
curred in these views heartily, an stated tlaat he
would be highly pleased to see dnth" Carolina_
side by side with the other States in these mat
t reference to the- doctrine: of gtate rights,
the President expressed himself as being as muceh
otiposed to the centralizat-on 'of'p-ower bi theS
General Governirent as he- was to the doctrine
of secession. The question of negro suffrage
should be left entirely to the- States--C~ngress
had no right to&interfere 'with it. -
Gav. P.B1aving made some r-emarks i refer
-nee to pi>stal arrangements,' the President in
formed hina that thfe Postmaster-Generatl 2 as
workingda;ar d nightfor the purpose of' facili
tating these operations. -
-The Govern,or's interview with tie Secretary2
I>f' State- was also an agreeable one, -an oe
pleasantry wans indulged iu with regard to ani un
friendly-view that had been takend by' afer of
the. people ganh .-with reference- to the speech
made by Gov. P., at the Court House on the -3d
of .July last, and in which the Secretary.said t.bat,
considring.thie stand point, he could Lee nothing
objectionable. -
Iri an interview with -the Secretary -of -the
-Tfeasurv, the Govern~or Nasnnded a list of ap
pitments, and was informed that the -Admiinis
tration had det-ermiped upon inaking no appimt
ments in a hitherto disloyal: State except, when
approved by the -Provisional Governor tnereof.
All applications for. pardon must also receir&eh
approval of the Provisional Governor-befos! .any
action would be-takenupon'it by the President.
'-He regarded-Presidnt~Johson as one of the
ablest and finest looking men. Hie 'a pohlihed.
and gentler1antly; bland,- courteous, simple, dig
n ied ; in appearance prepossesip,~ andof strik
ing~ manner5.- -
ITh'e d er- sttd t-hat.he das informedithat
the iitary aut-horitihs at Charleston. had, taken
exeptions to hils- manner of reconstractifg the
Goveirment. -They .allege tijat-he has superced
ea his anthorlity, &utd have iefused to allowi-tise.
re-apyointed by the terms of his proclamation to
exercise the functions of ~their office. -Other
State-s, he said, .hjd ma?de appointmeitS in their
own way', and when he told the- lreede~tthfaL
he had issued his proclamation, and had-ordered,
ihat every civil-difieeruf thejgi.e,wJiihd-i&f
~poweir should take:tha amnestY ~E agd'resUIpy.
nor oica'oiir,the Presidenqdi ot".diRe
detnot only expressed himbskifAhoroughy-sstis.
ted1but complimented imn-t he' esd?tions
measures used. ..he handenil that :the
Coention. wouldmet onA th .6f-Scptem
be-, ihd that1th:-Stat Leistre 8l 'meet
so the*aftha i K-drthoie'eltion ofCohn
geiei, TSid: .that the eod uemn cted
woAid take their-seats on the first Monday in nes.t
December, the President evi.nced much gratifica
tioa-bxrs ie ., wi tha t all the Sotherni
States might be >?ePIetold at e -rien * -
National Cngress. He told the Pridentp JL
speaRhidg J 'refeEn- tbaise re-appoi n T~;?
to office, tlat $r. 'o ao 1i ,
in South Carolina;fthaee OeS t1id
this as a reason for his .er e.- -
In regard to the ma.tter of expen dhe
dent stated. thbat the actual expenses ov' _1
sional Governor nuld bepaifby thb
of State-of -the United St;ate ; ath atni; m o r. L- .
to defray the expensesol onven
-are to .be paid by the theegi , .
of the State must be cl Oed
Theannaeenofie U e
c-,sively to ihe uita
have-to regulate nl the natters
to. But .be Governor agggested . 4
contracts should be marl'bdtwete .
and the party seekin goemptoy him and .c
contracts sho ud.thes eabitted- tvthe m~ .
ry authoriies for ppro T
frst take the amnesty oath. N9,;orery
should tuxn of.Oe uged nd .iafirm, tha
sid the helpless. Familes udtj ' y
gether and one pa*t ben ade , labor -
support of the'other; He,ppealed
to treat them with ciudktcss a ts .avoiddBeut
ties with them. Th'e freedibn 'must
-their freedomn consists in woring toi
and famiics. Where they=wi)I fnot work- r " 7
may be dismissed. But -none;who A:e ailing t
work fnust be turned off npw; nhuman :tr
ment must certairdy be avoided. a s
wi4hes to leave his ferne cwnstie mi d
provided he leaves no incumbrance dmi r _ '
His Excellency also inportuned the
regardIlavery4a atn entd teVer
thatannobeested. -e thougbag
'years eimne. the'po *onld rejo e;a?" "~b
-tutio1ad,ceaed. it.hill, tbC t ee ,
reliant, and fe' reote, sP t r -
The win liyarote energy i ..
theniselyeq, and enjjy life as mac as .h
under the old order of tbing
He eshorto4the :peb'ple t be liyd a ee
able to acquiesce in the ci ne
rounding them., The Union-thl grac a
mighty.empire-is never to be di$rupt ig,b
tendencies of gdvetmisnt are alwa +teard= ;
cedtralization, and not to disintegra
b"a glorious thing to'be calledjui r +o
The war debt (a bngbear to mAnay 1
'tobe dreaded--tis.a nmere bagtlel. : $1
pay the interest, and stddl- the ipal
terity The resources of the country isa
aud tie prosperity of the country 'was - [
fully risible to- him on his recent r t 1
.ington City, :The N rthi ad no n .6ias t _
sent ofh to the war.p
He then inide-an apeal tist,the people eho
be careful to sendwise and prudent ien as Dele
gates-to the Convention-men -wh wig cetr
-.ot .the views of PresidentJosssonrTisyshou
he willing.to give the electicn of Electors ofres
ident and. Vice Presidents and Governor :toth
people. The Parish representati.on .i the enate
:s it now stands, must -be aboliihed. '5tle -.
twenty or thirty voter' can send a nember t -'
the Senate, while-in other portions of the -atE ;
it requires tinrty:ftre hundred;d secitte
prv4ege. . i -
pAlthough tappointed to the p stion of G(aer
-nor of the Staie, he wished it to be know -
there was no one more imp.essed with a ses
his daty to the laws nor any one more jealoss
the majety of lie pe ,le. -
Inetonclusion, 11 hee'ency st tta
bad been misreprsented in the cepoffs re
cnt spech. e was-thsgstated -bv
gressed-'mself as being in favor 'of g;= ym b -th
elction of Jndge, as well:as gf Gorernerste ~ -.-4
to the people.. He was oppGed to this snesuje
the Judge slho.n.d bQ elected -by thre tLiRattt ~>v~-~
or appointed.. Th-ejudicial ermii is too.Mere4
to be-endlangered 'h contaiig-iation. w ele~ -
tioneerug. Th.' posideon of the Jadgea fa~ -t'
different from that of a pditical. officei deh
should be apart from politicat,.prajudice or ay
oter liias~ -- -
VIEw O How. Sisor CAjEEo~,tt&
taryof War, -upond the lionroe Doctrisie.
Ybile 'the American ple have n dispos?A ~ ,
uniorto ede wijb a airS beyond4ho-ocea4 &
tiey are eprally determ.ined, that ~~) i
cjcbal for m of despotim shQll take t~
of free govermenth4re.. Perhapr on
subjecI than 'thj . -onre.neb ocedAioO ;f
Iexico, has everbieen a-more perkt
unaigi4y of;sentient nb# dt d
neegaryto-diive th,erenehar(ny fva se
usurnations in that;eonstryge re iUMe4
4ffefnces f4oinna as to thaEme afl;nan
ner of accormpis hbaresult~~~' --
The New York Times says there has not -bW0
-a time in'this- generatiion .when the lin'iag.f
the Nogh and Seph iretaleh-othe r b
so respectful edAinfside a.n 3~be.r- r
Teimes-*id Aatylji orhel:$3 i Ea
South.liad degencgsted iwtafao1
brgrtsand h uLiherdebth - ,
tud lost eveiy element otfiiil114 n 06 ps&'
siri for gain and iromi d bttoqpna4z -
ther thm.igig g fiWeu
tek.' Thie ragim%ba
Dhs ma- 3 o -e
jcan. frefelrs in Germany
Keu parched bnidroui it, and~ot A?
sos;areeveywhere soep
-zaffoing earthrw vcpde fln
hLitey I fo.urnal b1dS' Otn .AttongZ
ind ie n s a 3teto ~iWt em ra
hf d e aable sakabrtyX oris cimate an7d -
pity of its water. -
it is the opirinioi the doetgythat thet -
'er gets bis:living bj plundirYwhile the is -
rthinki te doct-6 ets his by fdb

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