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The Newberry weekly herald. (Newberry Court House [S.C.]) 1865-1865, August 23, 1865, Image 1

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EM 0 A11i
Dev'oted to the Dtis semi nation of General Informationt
Thos. F. & i. I. GreIiekens
(Payment required invariably in- advance.)
Advertisemelnts inserted at. 1,50 per square, for
first insertion, S1 or each subsequent insertion.
Marrtage notices, Funeral invitatiou, Obit:lr:es,
and Comnicuuiations of personal igereSt charged
as advertisements.
By the Proaisionl GesYernor of tho Statec
of South Carolina.
THERE AS Sis Excellency President John
i sonl has is ie:is proc1:lamltion, appoint
g me (Bet:janin F 'erry) Pron-jiond (overnor
in aid for the State of South Carolina, rUi pow
er to. prescribe such rules and reg:1t.ioniS as nay
be necessary and p'-oper fur covem:in a Convet
'ion of the St:Ite. eonlo7t.l of dch :es to he
hosen by that. portion of he pci en o,,(u State
who are lov;d to thc L'nitet tes, for th ittr
pcse of aieriie or unr..:g &rr t. ('n;1i;u vllo
' t4ereof; and wi:h .;utlho:ty to ex riie:e wit
the limui:s of the State all thc p;e s nece-40a y
and proper to en:d:le sueh ly1 f-o)Pie to rc.tOre
td State to its Co titationa} r': in to. tne
-'eleral G.overnlelt, and tu pesi such a Re
, )ublican form of S'te Go;r i -rt. a ie rn-ile
rife State to 'he guarantee ofte i" :; fit,es
"therefor, .and its people t) le tin by .
United States aainst iiva,iou, insurreCion and
doiastic violence
- Now, therefol e, in C eL' d:ie to h loem' a: ^
ti0-r of his Excellnel Auu;-w . Xnt '
*- - der)t oif."the Ut z n ite St:ltes F.IE .I
I'-EERRY, proviionial ieoe ir of the :t ire of
sSoUtt Carl"ilr,l , for ih" purpl)e cl orgranon' a
foriing the State lestit *ud C'o e i
- authority in Said S.;lte, uiter C a.un
- and laws of the En3ited :S,iC !io Iher..y 'b,;
and declare that all civil otice'I - o
ia, who were in 1llee .ben th (l Go tvernmeCnit
of the State was suspenaed, i v ii't, (e\c'pt
.hose. arrested or under proseen:'o-, i'r - 1e )
i al, ou akitnt the oat i of alleaonee rescritd
- in the 're ident'.s .iiIesty Proclaati of the
- - 29t day of Mav, i s, is 'me t1 14.:es o 1heir
OSes a~nd conlti: tue to diisch:ag ;Chemn und(I'r the
.m ovi-ional Go cr:a:ent tili: fute n..oim: nt
- Rre maide.
. '~.I I do farther proedimn, c .arc and male
-kCino. ii, th.i t is the duty of nl 1o al citizens of
the St.ite of South CarO'ina to promptt go tor
ward and tale-the roath o1 a'e;:iaee to the
.Uired Stae, before somie r.g; ate or mi1'}' y
- "ieer or the Federal (Gov-r3nent, who may be
:"aalified for adr,iistcritng oath';. ati such are
bh.rehi au:horized to ';iv e certiied collies thereof
to ,.he persons respectikcly by whom they were
naad"'. And such lnais trtes or !bcrs are nere
m required to trans:nit the originais of sceh
oitls, at as earl' : d1 as :m:1y hC conive::it ent, to
the -epartucit oT Stt', in tihe city of Wahg
tQn, ). C.
" And I d.)forthtlr proclainli, deel:le and m ike
ktowi, that the Man:iger of E eetios through
" ut the Sta-e of Souith Carolina will hod on lec
tion for ni.bers of a State C'onventionr, at their
respeetiv-e precincts, on thre FiR~ST MONDAY
- IN SEPTEMBEIt N EXT, ce onnag to the laws
*of South Carolinia ini force bfo:-e theO. secession'
of the State; and that each Eigetin Diu'e in
thie State shall elect as many memnbers of fthe
Convention ,is the said District hrs mem ibets of
the House of Representative-tiie batsis of repre
sentation being population and' taxtirm. This
will giv:e one hunJred and twenty-four meribers
to the Convention-a nunmber suiliently large
to represent every portion of the State most fully.
* Evecry loyal citizen whio has taken thteAmnesty
oath an'd not within the e.xcepted chtsse's in the
F'resudent's Proclamation, will be en titled to vote,
provided he was a legal voter under the Consti
rution as.it stood prior to the-seccession of South
Carolina. Anid all who are within th~e excepted
classes must take the o ith andl apdy for a par
' on, in order to entIte them to vote or become
mnembers of the Convention.
- The members of the Convention thus elected
on the first Monday in Se ptemiber next, are hiere
by required to convene in the city of Columbia,
o n WEDN.DAY, the 13th day of September.
- 1865, fpurpose~of altering amd amecnding
the pre ortitutionl of South Carolina, or
remodelling and making a new enu, whichi will
conform to the great changes which have taken
plaeg in the State, and be more in accoilance
with epubicanprinciples and squality of repre
And 1 do farther proclaim and miake- known,
that the Consmiution anid all lawcs of force ini
South Carolina prior to tile sece&sion of the St ate,
are herebv nintde of force under the l'rovisional
Government, except wherein they may confiect
with the provisionis of this proch.iation. And
the Judges and Chancellors of the State are hiere
by re uired to exercise all the powecrs and per
- oma 1 tedte hihapran to their re
geetve ffics, nd specall in rknnalcases.
- It-will be excted of the Federal nuili'airy au
* tev nowin South Carolina, to leud their
anthority to the~ civil ofiicers of the P'rovidional
Govertenn to the purpose of enforci::g the
laws and preervin the peace and good order of
the State.
* .~ - And I do furthex<conmnand and enjoin all good
and lawful citizens of'the State to unitt in enfore
* . ing the laws and br-inging to justice all disorderly
persons, all plunderers, roi>ers ril marauders,
all vagrants and idle personts do a:~ nnderiig
about without employnient ot any' v:s.c means
of supporting themnselves.
It is also expected that all formier owners of
freed persons will be kind to them, and not turn
off the children or aged to perish; and tire freed
men arid women ate earnestly enrjoinedi to make
contracts,just and tair, for retuain?ing with their
in order to facilitate as much as possible the
applicatio' for. paruons under the excepted sec
tions of the President's Anmesty Proclaitation,
it is stated for jnformation that all applications
must be by petition, stating the. exception, and
accompanied with the oath prescribed.- This pe
titioti must be fir.st approved by the Provisional
aovernor, and then forwfrded to the President.
The headquarters of the P'rovisional C=c.vcrnor
will be at Greenvilie, where all communications
to him must be addressed.
Th:e newspapers of this State will publish this
pro.lanation till the election for. members of the
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set mV
hand and seal. Done a-t the town of
[.. s.] Greenville, this 20th day of July, in the
year of our Lord 1865, and of the inde
pendence of the United States the ninetieth.
By the 7rosisional Governor :
WIraI H. PEnRY, Private Secretary.
July 2G -12.
IICatquarters, partmnut of So. Ca.,
UILTON HEAD,'S. C., July. 29, 1865.
Gr.nA nua:ns,)
F o. 9.I
T is announccd for the information and govern
mnt.of this command that BoNJAMIN* F:
P':ni, of South Carolina, has been appointed,
by the I're.ident., Provifimial. Governor of the
at. of Snutlh Carolina, with authority and iu
t ions, Cat t ;e eari'et pricticable period, to
pr'cribe .ucih rues and regulations as may be
:ee eary and proper for convening g Conven
tion, coioed of diegates to be chosen by that
portion of the peoplei said.State who are loyal
to the United States, and n.o ahcrs, for the pur
pose of altering or amending tlie Constitution
thereof; ond n ith authori:y to exercise, within
the imits of said State'all the powers necessary
-nl proper to enable such loyal people of the
State of Sooth Cartiua to restore saiid State to
its Constituhtiona~ rel.itions to the Federal Govern
ment, and to preeut such a Republican form of
State Gov ermi:;ent as will entitletle State to the
_uarantee of the Uiited States dherefore, and its
peopale to p;tection by the United States against
invlo-n, inhurrcction, and domestic v:olcnce ;
ro dd, that in any election that may hereafter
bo !;e;d tC choo dsg delegates to any State Con
ventionr ;s aleresaid, no per=on shall bc -qualified
as an -cle'or, or shail be eligible us a membuher of
sch Convention, unless he Aha!l have previonsly
t-kein ind R C2itled the oath of ampnesty, as set
fort?h in the I'resident. prnoclamtiion of May 29th,
A. t. 1 . , ,nd is a voter qualiied :is prescribed
b) th.e Conhs!itution and Ila's of the State of
South Carolina in for- c immediately be.fore the
seventeenth (th) da-!)Lv November, A. L. 15G)
the da t of tie so calfed (irdinavce of Secession,
anl d the slid Con vetntion, when convened, or t':e
the Iegis!thi're that may be th, reafter asseaibled,
wi l,crsr:lc the qualificaticn bf electors, and
the eligibility of perso,s to hold ollice under the
.ontitation"and laws of the State, a power the
pcale of the several States comp6sing the Fed'e
r:,l Union have right fully exercised from the
ori_in of the Goverrmcnt, to the present time.
it is therefore ordered, tha~ all offi^ers and
other persons ip the 'aited States military ser
Vice, w itin the state of South Corolina, aid and
assist (ove.nor :nnv in carrying into difeet-the
foregoing ins:tructions, and they are. enjoined to
abstain from, in any IV hindering, Iupedjng
or di.couHraging the loyal people of the State
from tile o-gainization of a State Government. as
herei:-above authorized and directed.
.ll'br"ders ad instructions row in operation
thr oughout this D)epartmnent, whether- enmanatingt
from~ thes~e Headgna1frters,Or from Headquarters
Depfftment of the South, that iare not inconsist
ent wit:h the foretgoing distinctly speciEed provi'
sions of this order, will continue in force as here
tofore, throutghout the State of South Car'olin..
F'iery needful faciliLa for taking the Amnesty
Oath'wvIll be Ifforded by the Military auW.or'ities,
on forms heretofore supplied for that purpose.
Hereafter Provost Marshals and Assistani
j'rovost Marshals will constitute the only Military
Oieers entit'.ed to administer the Amnesty,O)ath,
a certified copy of which .will, in all cases, bt
urniihed to thie individual taking it. The origl
nal oa'hs will be transmitted, semi-monthly, by
the otiir administering the same, to the Provos1
Mrshal General at these Headquarters, by wh~oir
they' will be recorded in .a book kept for thal
pupose, ean' then forwarded to thc Secretary o~
Pe~rgons apnh ing for executive elemency wil
send thir pitit'ion (with a certified copy of th<
Amni~esty (lath attached) to the President, through
te Pr o'visional Governor at Greeuville, Soutl
By~ command of.
M.u-oit-GEN-:AL Q. A. GIL LMOR E,
- WV. L. M. BramlG:n,- -
Omacc.L: .1e aitat A2djutant 4sew'al.
T~OULD most respectfully inform the corn
iv:unit y at, large, that lie has just r'eccive<
n extensive~sup~ply of Dental material of ever:
description, and is now prepat'ed to do all kind;
of wvork in.his profession, as dheap and as goos
as any Dentist in the Stare.
Othee on Main-st., in Dr. Kingsmg.re's old -Da
urrean room. lie will administer chioroforn
to alt who desire it.
Ne wherry, S. C., Aug. 9, %.5t
~RE pre pared to sell COTTON or PRODUCE
n harleston, New York or Liverpool, a
may be most advantageous; and to make lihera
advances in goods b>r money on consignments ti
aug_ 8 3 ____
* For Sale.
4NEAT HOUSE, situated in Ifelena. O1
t1the premnises are a good wvell of water am
a fine orchard. The lot contains over two acres
For informiationc apply to John Loug, Helena
- NwBERf1, S. C., August 1865.
Generai Order
In compliance with Special-Order No. 12, from
Head Qrs. Western Dist. of South Carolina, dated
Aug. 7, 1865, Lieut. Col. -R. Tyler hereby assu
mes command of the 2d Sub-district of. Western
South Carolina, corp:-ising the districts of New
berry, Laurens, Abbeville and :Ldgcfield, with
Head Quarters at Newberry. All orders now in
exi tence will rem'air,in force until otherwise or
The foirowing named officers are hereby an
nounced on tha Staff of the Lieut. Col. Com.d'g.
1st Iieut.IIenri B. Loomis, Adj't. 56th N. Y.
V. V., Act. -As't. A dj't Gen.
Capt. James J. Cox, 56th N. Y. V,..V., Ass't.
Provost Judge.
1st Lieut. Wln. J. Sayer, 56th N. Y. V. V.,
Ass't Provost Marshal.
1st Lieut. A. J. Clements, Q. M. 5ith N. Y. V.
V., A. A. Q. 31.
1st Lieut, Norman Perkins, 5Gt'h N. Y. V. V.,
2d"Lient. Andrew PConklin, 55th N. Y. V. V.
Com. of Labor.
Al comnmnications for the.se Head Qrs. will
be addressed to Act. Ass't. Adjt. Gen'l.
By command or
Commanding Dist.
IJENat B. Looaits, 1st Lt. & Adj't 56 N.Y. V.".
A; A. A. Gii'l.
aug10 34 tf
.NEwLERrY, S. C., Aug. 11, 1865.
General Order i
No.5 -
In compliance with instructions received from
Head Quarters, District.ot Vest -rn Souith Caro
lina, all persons having in their possession any
horses, mules, wagons, amhbulnces, harness, sad.
dles or bridles, medical stores, or any property
belonging to the U. S. Government, or the late
Confederaey, will turn in the same. to Lieut. A.
J. Clements, A. A. Q. '4.,tat Newberry, before
the 20th inst.
ComJ'g OffCders at Laurens, Abbevillc and
Edgefield, v.1ikenforce this order, and-forward all
property to these Head Quarters.
Fnilurie to comply wi:h this order 'cill subject
the offender to be arrested and punished.
By command of
Commanding Dist.
IiY:; B. Loot,btiLt &_Adj't sih N.Y1
V., A.A.A.A. Geu'l.
an 16 2t
Newberry, S. C., Angust 15, 1865.
~.G sErEl.aOars
-No. 0.
T MEROUS complaints blving been made tc
.N these Headquarters of the inconvenienee
and the loss which the public, and the poorer
portion thereof especially, sustain,iu consequenc
of -the mercenary and unpatriotic conduet of
certain persons within this ".ub-District," who
are degrading the National currency by refusing
to receive it, at other than extortionate rates 01
discount, it is hereby
Ordered that no. premiums upon gold higher
than forty-.hrec .per centn 1 shall be demnanded
or received.
All infractions or attempts at evasion of tih
order will be severe-y dealt with.
-Byv order of Lieut-Col. R. TYLER.
& 1st Lt. & Adjt. 56 N. Y. V. V.,
August~ 16 34 A. A. A. General.
r Epublic attenion is respectfully invited t<
Ja chioice selection of GOODS just receive
at the above named Store, consisting of
.IA large assortmenut of very snperior
&c,* &c., -&c.
On hand a large stock of BROWN SLHIR TINGS
&c., &c., all of which will be sold at SMALI
CHICKENS, and other produce will be TAKE3
Newberry, S. C., July 12, tf -
Removal of Tin-Shop.
IHave removed my Tin-Shop to the house re
1.cently occupied as a Hfo-pital, on Maing.st.
w here I will be glad to -see all my old customers
and as many new ones as wish anything in .m
ine. W. T. WRIGHT.
A ug. 2 324t*
.E for salc low. Apply to
1 aug 0 34ffW. H1. WEBD.
The Pic-ie at .oumight's.
Favored with an invitation, we of course went
to see if the old tin hospitality as}d capability
.bf the g6od fulks of that section had stagnated,
under the pressure of pist events. The sequel
will show. We f.urnd many disunguihed town
ers already there, who were likewise ainong -the
happily invited. Making a late start, and un
fortunately alone, over a sandy road, with a heMn
ing, scorebing sun over cad, it can hardly be ea
pected of us to say that the ride was charming,
the scenery fineror that the little birds tittercd
and snug frOm their leajperces, as we ambled
alon- ; no none of that, riot a note was beard,
scarcely a breath of breeze stirred the listless.
leaves, and in spite of the romance which might
be made of it',e absolutely perspired fron the
toil and fatigu-e. Those who got away earlier,
in the cool freshness of the morning, the ,;oung
er and more enthusiastic, they enjoyed the. ro
mance, the soft talk, &c., not we. But the the
good part which was ahead, awaited all, alike,
and it was enjoyed with a zest seldom or never
seen. Arriving at the ferry, the scene which
burst upon the vision was encEanting, and looked
like a fairy picture ;, on the opposite shore, the
spot-selected fc4- tl frolic, could be seen hun.
dreds of the fairer portion of creatiol ; grouped
about, with % due proportion of the 'lords,' in
.agrecable sociability, some sitting, some prome
::ding, while all were chatting and laughing in
happiest mcasre. The ridej the sun, fatigue,
etc., were all forgotten at he first gaze. Anxious
for a nearer view, the flat was taken, and quick
ly transpoh ted us to the other side. Distance 'tis
said lends tnchar.tnent to tlie view, but in this
case a nearer observation only cnhanccd the
beauties, a more charnitg collection of beauty,
grace and wit it were dif ieult to -find any
where. Unfortunately having -but a very .imited
acquaintance among the "beauty" which was a
source of deep regret, we singled out our old
friend hev. Marion, for a stag stroll, - and loco-.
moted from point to paint of attraction, till by a
most singular chance we found ourselves r uhn in
to by the tables, which lud already began to
grtoan u der their weight of savory substnntiols.
Feeling a curiosity to ascertaiu the length of the
principal table, M. And myself took an- accurate
ir v ie, and came to the conclusion that
it was "several-tcen" feet long. Satisfied us to
length and capacity, thethought obtruded itself,
would we get a good place in the great picture,
and be filled Wvith a fullness. Just then one of
our lady friends, in the pleasantest manner, sug
gested there %r;s carving to be done. "A wink's
as good as a blink to a blind horse," so at it .we
we-t, "tooth and tecethail;" or rather, with fingers
and knife, their being no forks, and so-,u a mat=
ton and shoat was made mince meat of. . Done
to a charm, crisp, savory ind juicy, we had to
taste to be satisfied as to proper -seasonihg. All
right there., We cannot for;_ct a lamntable ac
cident which here befell-; taking advantage of a
carver's privilege, to reserve tit-bits to himself,
we quisly disjoin:ed a most delicious looking
tail from the mutton, and quity placed it away
for private picking, but alas, a miserable purloin
er of small things appropriat.d it to himself, and
our beloved tail "went up," gone, gone. -Deeply,
ensibly we fet its loss, and'cocld have wept. A
nunmber of unsaid bad things were thouight of the
rogue, bad luck to him. Tables dressed, proven
der served, the ladies-first in all that is good,
and in the hearts of the gentlemen-were noti
ficd that al[ ' as in readiness for -them. As so.on
as their delicate appetites were satisfied, the gen-.
temen -were called, and then came the onslaught;
fierce, hot, and terriblo wa.s the assaai, and a
claance soon made. We notic&d the perfoir
ances of. seven-d in' the ''hash" line,, who went it.
withf a perfect loos'eness, a total disregard for all
moral restraint, but they wcre not to be much
blamed, for it was really, the best hash ever
h'shed. The ti ird in course was the.faney table.
for the ladies, upon w hich was everything pleas
ing to m eye and pleasant to the taste. Stand
ig ou1tside of which we were satisfied-sim7ply to
look on, at the .fair performer.s and not indu!ge
ourself further, Ist a good ladiy,however',i!lsisted
oni our taking a slice~ of fine melon and some cake.
With this ended the. active progiarame of the
pie-nic and truly it was creditable to those who
got it up and gave it their attention. Never was
one more jye,and with a beautiful day too,
everything went offrin the most agreeable man
nr. Not being one of the unfortunates, we'had
aluost forgotten to mention the shower of rain
which came on, as an aftevpiece, to disperse the
happy pic-nickers. Dresses draggling, stareb
wshed out, with the ladies, diss6lving papercol
las of the gentlemen, soiled boots, mud, etc.,
formed a picture quite out of kyeping with that
of the morninug Longill the pic:nic at Bouk
ig ht' be remembered.
The' funeral eEpenses5 of President Lincoln are
still unpaid. Mechanics and business men comn
plain loudly about the non.paymlent of their
A toast at IHiberian Society's dinnnr in Cm
cinnatti :-"Iere's to tho President of thie So
ciety, Patrick &3 Rlaferty, and may he hive t
a omimathat scratches '.ver his grave."
Gw!w, 1AUK TO M.Ass.-A little, -bulet
eyed, quick--itted contraband, blacker thati
the ace of spades,.ound his way into the Pro
eti . Marshal's office yesterday and demanded
a pass. CDefor obtaining it, howecer, he -de
livered hirself of his views on the sulject of
frcedcm, tuach to the satisfaction of himself
and those around hin.-He".ws- but n; e
years of .ge, and beonged-to Dr. SMdth, 'n
Lexington. He spoke about as follows
"Lodk.a htah, genthhmcn, I don't like de way
l'se been treated by de citizens-cf this~place
in fact-I thought dey knowed how to treat a
niggar better dan dey does. Why de white
fo'ks put on too much style for'dis hile an
de niggas tinks dey's better dan de white
foll, so I stan's -a poor chance 'moig 'em
bofe. Dey don't suit me.. I'se gwine home
to massa. I'se gwine straight dar ; kase-be's
a white 'man all ober, an' knows how to treat
folks, black an' white-no style 'bout hittY
Isg a young nigga, an ef massa's glad to ee -
mie as I is him,. de Lor' knows I'se. wiflin
Gim-me de-pass." He got the pass and left
for ome.--.ouisiillc 1emocrat.
a young New York- clergyaitn was "ristica
ted" under the following circumstances IIe
inherited, a few years ago, his father's old
pulpit r :d wealth, including a salary of seven
thousand dollars. He was Induced by a friend
to purchase a few railway shares in WaWT
street ; was lucky ; dipped in further, and
was again. lucky ; fin.lly touched the gold
gambling bSsiness, an he soon found him-.
self not only bankrupt, but bb had sacrificed
all his mother's estate, had involved his wifes
father to the tune of 'one. hundred tiousand
dollars, and had rendered-two or three of his
wealthy parishioners liable to the loss 6f sums
varying from one hundr.d and fifty thousand
to forty.thousand. Ue was forced to l'eattr ,
and, on a purse-raised -by a fcyf friends Iii
was sent to Eurcpe.
AT Ho,t:.-The highest style of.. being "at
bome grows out of a special state of the af3e4
tions rather than of the intellect. Who has -
not met with individuals whose faces would
be a passport to any society, and whose man
ners, the unstudied and spontaneous expres
sions of their inner selves, make thei visibly
welcome wherever they go, and attract in:
bounded confidcnce toward them in wha.tecr
they.undertake. They are frank, because tiey
have nothing to conceal ; affable, because their
natures overflow.with-benetolence:unfi'.rried,
because they dread nothing ; always at houte
because they carry within' themselves that
which can trust to itself ny where and every
here-purity of soul7with fullness ofhealtlr .
Such are our best guaranties for feeling I
home in all society to which duty takes us,
and in every occupation -upon which itobliges.
us to enter. They who live least for --them
selves are also :be lcast cmbarrassed' by tin
REATgENT oFJ;FEYsoN DA vis.-A special
dispatch to the N. Y. Tribune, dated 'Wash
irgton, Aug. 3d, says that Mr.-DAvis, is ti"ea
'ted with the considerati6u due a noted ,pris
oner of'state. No officer has been or is -sta
toned' in his cell. He is allowed to take fre.
quent walks -on the ramparts, and is perifttet
to select his own food. "The stories that bis
cell is daarded by a score" or more 90 bayo
nets that in his promenades he is atfen'ded
by a battallion of soldiors, and -that his diet
isiimited to the .army rations, are as 'ridicai
ons a.s untru. His' treatmndnt is Christi-m like
and hmnnane, and just such as a ge'.erous anid
dignified government can well afford to bes
tow upon one who is no longer its ener y,
but its prisoner."
Man doubles all: the evils .$f his ?'ate by
pondering ovei- them. A scratdh becomes
wound, liight an injdiry,~a jest an Thsuit, ~
sm il peru a great' danger, a..d-a. slight sicl
ness often ends in .denth by the .brood-ine g
prehensions of the sick. W&- should always
look on the biig!t side of hife'k pictnre.
Take two liarge table-spoonsful of -cologno
and two tea-'spoonsfuil of fine salt, nmi thena
toether in a small bottle ; every timiiyaG
haeany acute affection of the nerv,es or nen
ralgia, simp~ly breathe the fumes in your nose
from the b.,ttie, and you will be unmediately
-An assoc.iation of Northern caipitalists gro
pose to lease most of the Southern radirotds~
for~ a number of years. 16 case 'their propa.
sit ion is accepted, the roads - wdlU be put iia
complete or-der.
The Memphi* Bulletin,. a staunch - Unjin
paper, pronounces Governor Bti-oow im
putations false and slanderous, is whole doe'.
ument extraordinary and impolitic, atid nxud,b
of it uttely false.' '-'
A Gentleman who complained that he was;
Isuffering from sun-stroke explain6d by sayinig
that his family had been blessed by the addi
tion of twin boys.
Advices,from San Francisco steh&t a
telc'ram from the British-Oonsu1ate sayseone
mining claim in Caliboa Islands amounted to
thirty thousand dollars for the weck ending'
July 7.
A man without a-wife~is i!e a fork without
a knife.
A quarrel without fighting'is like thunder
without ligh'tuing. --
~A yo;ung lady died of t%igtdeng; at-a pic
nic in M. Biel', JWois.

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