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We are Fighting tor
Not Party Men.
VOL. i.,
Ms up a'tfckef and adjourns—The dis
turber and dictators Roslyn Ignored
and the Ring ticket Nominated.
Last Saturday at 9:30 a. the
Populist convention o! Kittitas
chanty convened with H. \V. El
dred as temporary ehafrman and
W. E. M£lvy temporary secretary.
On motion of "Jumbo" Wynegar,
a committee on credentials of one
from each precinct was appointed
as follows:
Cle-Elum I. E. Curtis.
Roilyn, Ist] ward.... —Peterson.
" 2nd u .. .J. F. Brown.
Mountain Peterson.
Culver J. W. LaMar.
E. Kittftas F. S. McDonald.
S. Kittitas D. A.Stokes.
N. Kittitas W. H. McKee.
W. Kittitas L. F. Ellison.
Ellensburg, Ist ward, J. T. Green
" 2nd. ". E. S. Losie.
S. Ellengburg S. W. Greene.
Manastash J. D. Dammon.
On motion the following persons
were selected as a committee on
permanent organization:
Cle-Elum F. S.Taylor.
Mountain J. C. Meyers.
Roslyn, Ist ward N. Leyda.
" 2nd u ....Sam Mills.
Culver C. F. Knight.
E. Kittitass.... .W. M. Stinson.
S. Kittitass J. I* Packwood.
N. Kittitass R.C.Wallace.
W. Kittitass J. C.Ellison.
Ellensburg, 1 ward,.. L. C. Wy
" 2 " .. .E. S. Losie.
S. Ellensburg. .R. P. Edgington.
Manastash John Catlin.
On motion a vote of thanke was
tendered A. H. Stulfauth for a lot
©f show bills presented to the con
vention. The following were se
lected as a committee on resolutions:
Cle-Elum S. M. Pressey.
Mountain W. E. Milvy.
Roslyn, 1 ward.. .R. H. Norton.
2 " ... J. M. Wilson.
Culver Jonh LaMar.
E. Kittitass A. J. Hodges.
S. Kittitass W. J. McCaustland.
N. Kittitass J. R. Thornhill.
W. Kittitass Ike Burns!
▼ • * wnmnwmnimiMiminn«MiHii>iiw ** * »
The Republic west of us will have its trial period, its dark
est of all hours. It is traveling the high road to that direful
day. And this scourge will not come amid famine's horrid
stride, nor will it come by ordinary punitive judgments.
It will be when health is intact, crops abundant, and the
munificent hand open, Then so-called statesmen will cry
"over-production," the people will go to the BALLOT-BOX
amid hunger and destitution but surrounded with the glitter
monstrous falsehood "over-production, uttered by mis-states
and vindicated by the fsame ballot, che infamous lie, over
production, thrown upon the breeze by a servile editor
through a corrupt press.
And this brings ruin upon his country, serfdom upon him
self, and oppression upon his children.
Ellenensburg 1 ward. W. O. Ames.
« 2 "
S. Ellenburg, Frank Royer.
Manastash Andy Cullen.
Adjourned to 12:30 p. m.
Convention called to order at 1
p. in. credentials
reported as follows:
Martin, not represented,
Easton, not represented,
Cle-Elum, 5
Roslyn, Ist ward, 6
Roslyn, 2nd ward, 3
Mountain, 3
Culver, 4
East Kittitas, 7
South- Kittitas, 5
North Kittitas, 5
West Kittitas, 7
Ellensburg, Ist ward, 4
Eilensbarg, 2nd ward, 4
South Ellensburg, 4
Manastash, 4
Swauk, Liberty, Peshastin, Mission,
Wenatchie and Colockem, not repre
On report oi committee on per
manent organization and order of
business being made, a tempest was
raised by Norton, trying to get the
order changed, for fear his pet Jacky
would not get on the ticket, but he
was sat upon, whereupon he dis
played a portion of his anatomy
and withdrew from the convention.
Report of committee adopted.
J. C. Ellison placed Harry Eldred
in nomination for permanent chair
man—elected by acclamation.
Eldred returned thanks for the
honor conferred on him and said he
had a warm corner in his heart for
the Populist cause. (He did not
tell the convention he was a demo
crat, as he thought everybody knew
that.) W. E. Milvy was elected
permanent secretary and "Jumbo"
Wynegar assistant secretary.
On the report of the committee
on resolutions being called for, it
was found that that functionary
from Roslyn, R. H. Norton, had the
report, so he was hunted up and re
quested to return from his solitary
wanderings, which he promptly did,
and made the report for the com
mittee. Report adopted. Nomina
tions were next in order, commenc
ing with lowest on list and going
Coroner, Tberon Stafford, of Cle-El
um, nominated by acclamation.
Surveyor, L. F. Ellison, of West
Kittitas, nominated by acclamation.
Assessor, D. G. C. Baker, Peter A.
Wold and I. E. Curtis were placed in
nomination. Wold declined. Baker,
9 votes; Curtis, 47.
Prosecuting Attorney, L. A. Vin
cent. nominated by acclamation.
School supt. Mrs. S. F. Montgomery,
nominated by acclamation.
Treasurer, J. C. Ellison, nominated
I by acclamation.
i Clerk, H. W. Eldred, nominated by
! acclamation—put the motion and de
| clared himself electcd. In bis remarks
| accepting the nomination, he said he
; had been accused of coming into the
! party for office, but did not say it was
not true.
Auditor. S. T Sterling, noniinatcd br
Expose Fraud and
Wherever Found.
acclamation—hoped " the convention
would accept his heartfelt thanks, dc-
a very dramatic? manner, did
not say he had sought v |offiee for last
seventeen years.
Sheriff, W. M. Stinson
Newman were placed in nomination.
Newman, T 9 votes•,[ Stinson 44.
Stinson nominated —when,'called
upon, he spoke- his little piece but
did not say anything about his de
puty, "Jumbo" Wynegai.
Representatives, Johu Catlin, J.
F. LeClerc, Jackey J. Lewis, An
drew Wilson and J. A. Woodyard
were placed in nomination.
Lewis and Catlin were nomina
ted by acclamation, the others hav
ing declined.
Commissioner 2nd District, J. F.
Brown, of Roslyn nominated.
Commissioner 3rd District. S. T,
Pack wood, nominated b\ .N'elauia
Tlie'conventirn declared in favor
of having representation on all the
election boards in this county at
next election, and requested each
precinct to furnish the county com
missioners a list of three persons to
choose from for that purpose.
"You May Dictate to Me."
"Gentlemen, if you will get in
and help me to secure the nomina
tion for State Senator on the re
publican ticket, you may dictate to
me for whom I shall cast my vote
for United States Senator.'I—J.1—J. M.
Ready, to E. T. Wilson. Ed. Dick
son and L. R. Grimes.
Done It Again.
The Clallam county Populist#
have put out a ticket and again
placed our old Greenback friend
E. E. Seevers, at the head for rep
resentative. They could have done
no better, perhaps, though they
looked the State over. We lisve seen
him tried, tested and found true,
in old Mo. Success to Bro. Seevers.
Yakima County Populist.
Nokth Yakima, Sept. 6th, —The
Populist held their convention to
day and nominated the following
ticket: Representative, John Brice;
sheriff, James Stuart; auditor, J. H.
Needham; clerk, A. E. Larsom;
treasurer, Wm. Lee, Jr.;prosecuting
attorney, C. D. Murane; commis*
eioner, Walter Griffith; joint-sena
tor, G. S. Taylor.
NO. 7.

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