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The weekly dawn. [volume] (Ellensburg, Wash.) 1894-1895, December 15, 1894, Image 2

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Weekly Edition 60c, Per Tear.
Monthly Edition 10c Per Year.
[Entered as 2nd. Class Matter at the Ellens
burgh Post-Ofßee, Kittitas County, Wash
ington, November sth, 18«4. J
It. P. Edgington, President.
Wm. VonNeida, Vice President,
fi. C. Davidson, Treasurer.
It. A. Turner. Secretary.
OFFICE, Rooium. 5Aj6 In C'ADWDEI.I,
. Saturday, Dec. 15th, 1804.
• Wo4JL4> you make Populist votes
if you eotdd? You can make them
by getting people to subscribe for
the Dawk. Only oOctß a year.
Thk people are eternally kicking
•bout high taxes and yet they con
tinue to vote to keep the old frauds
m office who are determined to per
petuate high taxes and employ a
louse full of deputies to do the
work of one man.
Thk freight on wheat from Chi
cago to Liverpool is 7 cents per
Bushet, while from Ellensburg to
Tacoma, a distance of 120 miles, it
is 12 cents per bushel. From Chi
cago to Liverpool the distance is
more than six thousand miles.
The Dawn, published in Ellens
•urg, Washington, is not larger
than my hat, but contains more
reading matter than half tne 7 col
umn papers failed with baking pow
der advertisment. It is neat and as
convenient to read as this issue of
the Sun and is read, no dobbt, by
as many people as the larger papers.
—Sun, Arcadia, Florida.
The Populist members of the in
coming legislature should have the
hearty support of all good Populists
throughout the State. But at the
same time they must remember
they were sent there to work for re
form as a party, and not to try to
foist upon the people some individu
al hobby. Whenever they attempt
anything ef the kind they should
be called down. The members
should be accredited with honesty
©f purpose until they show them
selves to be otherwise. It will not
Irart an honest man to watch him
and it is decidedly beneficial to the
public that a rogues acts be closely
Try The Dawn a year.
Will you get up a club?
Thy The Dawn a year. 50 cents.
Get every man you can to sub
scribe for the Dawn at once.
Subscribe for the Dawn, the on
ly thoroughly Populist paper that
fights for principle published in
Kittitas county.-
Readingyou should
As it will contain
Some Valuable and
Interesting Matter.
Oh say! when you hear a repub
lican say he is in favor of free silver
don't you "kind er" have a sneak
ing idea he is lying?
The Monthly Dawn is one fo
the best educators published on the
coast. Only lOcts a year.
If every bushel of wheat grown
in Kittitas county this year was
sold at the present market price,
would it bring enough money to
pay the running expenses of the
county for one year? Who is pre
pared to answer this question?
The way to reform is to reform,
as old John Sherman said by re
sumption, and now that the county
officers-elect are soon to assume
their respective positions, let them
inaugurate a system of reform in
the interest of the tax-burdened and
mortgage-ridden peeple.
Last week the Seattle Telegraph,
the leading democratic paper of the
State, was sold to the Post-Intelli
gencer management. The democ
racy of Washington labored for
years to establish a first-class jour
nal and as a result founded the
Telegraph. And now after a brill
iant career of about four years they
see it pass under the control of the
republicans, and they are left with
out a first-class organ in the State.
We have seen the beginning of
the end of the democratic party in
this as well as in other States.
Poor old democracy will soon be a
thing of the past.
"Leaf by leaf the roses falls,
Drop by drop tbe springs run dry,
One by one beyond recall."
Democracy is left to die.
Ax Eastern A. P. A. paper gays:
"The A. P. A. will put a national
ticket in the field in 18%, and that
it will elect its men; that their poli
tics may be anything, but they
must be true and tried A. P. A men."
That's a dead give-away. The A.
P. A. is, as we have often said, a re
publican organization and may be
properly called an Anti-Populist
Association. It gathers into its
folds a few Populists, it is true, but
it gives th<*ra crumbs of comfort
and their votes and the offices to
the republicans. We have a sam
ple of this right here in Ellensburg,
where a true and tried Populist
candidate was turned down by the
A. P. A. Populists and an A. P. A.
republican elected to a fat office.
When will the Populists learn
to let this Populist killing order a
lone? The time has arrived when
no true Populist can afford to enter
into any entangling alliances with
this un-American organization.
We believe the time has oome
when either the People's party or
the A. P. A. must go down. Which
shall it lie?
K3?*Kvery person receiving a copy of The
Dawn will plrase consider it an invitation
to subscribe. Only 50c. a year.
We heard read a portion of a let
ter Inquiring if ther r wer- any
democrats in Kittitas county. The
writer stated that if there wa* one,
to be sure and capture him and
send him to the Smithsonian In
stitute as a natural curiosity..
While it is not a curiosity to find
a democrat in this county at the
present time, it .surely vriU be a cu
riosity to dud a democrat anywhere
after the next geaeral election.
Those republican oejav&ets that
assisted Warden Coblentz in de
frauding the State it .seems, are not
required to wear the prison garb
although convicts commited to
serve out a sentence for violation
of law; they are simply gentlemen
under restrainnaent.
The parties charged with rob
bing the bartender in one of the
saloons last Monday morning, were
discharged by the Justice, Friday.
May we be allowed to en
quire when the Executive
Committee of tJae Populist
party intend to meet and set
tle bills contracted by them?
Business is business, and if
the bills cannot be /paM soon,,
the Committee can :att least,
show good faith and endeavor
to treat creditors Ihoncstlj
This is how ftftbeock, chairman of
the republican notional committee
views the issue of more Ix»nds:
"I would be willing," "if thiswai
a republican administration and
the treasury was in the condition
which now confronts it, to stay up
night and day until congress had
passed a law legalising the issue of
$200,000,000 worth of bonds. I
would put the interest at a low fig
ure, say 2.40. Two per cent would,
perhaps, be a little too low."
John Sherman holds similar
views, as do all of the prominent
republican leaders and papers.
Good Meals lie. at the Modem
Chop House, Main <£ Fifth Street
Gee. W. Horubeek returned from
the Sound last Friday morning.
For a good square meal go to the
Modern Chop House, Cor. Main &
Tie mostprofitable Poultry AtiMr in Materia
are Interested in Poultry and wu*
to make it Profitable.
Clears $4.49 on each fowl.
Cost am keeping adult fowls pr yea*.
Cost of raising Chicks to sax months
of age. Spring jbakagemewt.
eggs from ioq-hcns a year.
How to Feed for J&ggs iN winter.
Hatching s*cjiuses. Cleanliness.
No Sickness among the fouls.
A word to Farmers, Farmers 1 Wives,
fSons, Daughters, and other* in*
a clear profit
$1,500 a year. [batm.
.8s iCaiCKs out of ioo eggs with Ikcc
¥L\«king Broilers. Food for Chicks.
Turkey Raising. JCeeping Eggs.
The cause cf Death of young Turkct*
Keeping Poultry on a Village lot.
A Mechanic's Wjfe clearss3ooannual^
on Broilers. Feed in Winter.
Artificial Raising of Chicks.
Incubator*. Brooders. A#
&JT Capons. Caponizing. M
Tells Everything about
the Poultry business,
Isfe»aa Price i!K Cents, post pat*. 9m
For sale at the Dawk office.
This is oncoftbefinestVorks
out on tne subject we have
examined. It ss closely cot
densed into chronological *
der from an unpublished "Cf
clopaedia of M©ney and **
nance." CCantain* x 6 chapter*
Cover-s rfhfi ground from
oo to 1893, :and is thorough
reliable in tessery particular.
Price 50.C postpaid. For sale

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