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A hundred drops of blood for
each gem that flashes on the necks
of the rich and pampered women,
and ten drops of blood for each tear
that has washed the face of the
Every election is carried by fraud
and boodle. Politics is so rotten
that it stinks.
Everybody knows it and noljody
America is no longer a republic.
It is a plutocracy.
The President is merely the crea
tion of the banks, or bank directors,
rarlroad kings and coal barons, anil
it is the same with the governors of
the States.
The poor whine about their pov
erty and gnaw their crust of bread,
but can always be counted 011 to
vote for the rich and shoulder their
muskets and lay down their lives in
defence of the right of the rich to
rob them.
A nation such as this, in which
one million plutocrats tyrannize
over sixty millions of slaves, will
either be overthrown by a foreign
power or drowned in its own blood
or die of gangrene.
The various labor organizations
neither think together, vote togeth
er, nor work together, and they
have no money to buy votes, law
yers and judges.
Soldiers and police shoot down
laboring people are cheered on in
their bloody work by monopolistic
editors, capitalists and the clergy.
But the day will soon come when
there will be a horrible dance to
death, lighted up by burning hou
ses and the music of cries and
groans and dynamite lx>mhg.
Rich idlers amuse themselves at
Newport and Tuxedo; poor workers
toil the darkness of
the mine and the din of the mill.
Hung men and women dawdle
over iced champagne and oyster
patties; old men and women pick
rotten food out of the garbage cans.
Lap dogs are driven through Cen
tral Park to take the air; children
die of everwork in filthy garrets.
Piety in the White House "en
during" the fruits of bribery——infi
delity in the tenement house endu
ring the punishment of uprightness.
These are the signs of the times
America to-day—sings that (>oint
to calamities too dreadful to imag
,ne > which nothing can avert."
t is* the hope of every true
"end of humanity, that these
dreadful predictions may be avert
ed, but it can only be tij rough the
ucation of the masses, and the nc-
work of those who are capable
1 realizing the enormity of the
crimes being perpetrated in the
name of law and order.
It is our duty to meet the ques
tions at issue and solve the prob
lems fhat arc presented in a ration
al manner.
Continuing the policy of the past,
means a verification of the&e pre
The question of the hour is,
whether or not the spirit of seven
ty-six survives.
Are we a nation of fawing syco
phants, cringing at the feet of a
heartless aristocracy ?—Express.
Government Pets.
How well they are cared for by
Hie Secretaries of tlie Treasury
without regard to party, is shown
by the following report:
''Tlie amount of the balance of
public moneys held by tlie Nation
al Bank depositories at the close of
business June 30, of each year since
aud including I*7ll is as follows:
1579 $ 7,183,403 42
1880 7,099,053 8(5
IMS I 8,933,550 71)
1882 0,010,432 80
1883 10,030,698 33
1884 10,710,144 17
1885 10,985,141 34
1886 14,030,032 18
1887 19,190,070 70
1888 54,913,489 74
1889 43,305,51191
1890 20,994,404 70
1891 22,900,320 05
1892 12.559,440 01
1893 12,303,071 11
No amount of interest has been
paid by National ISank depositories
for the use of the public moneys
deposited therewith.
Respectfully yours,
J. G. Cauiislk, Sec'y.
A farmer report* an actual test
of feeding wheat to hog? winch re
sulted as follows: On sept, 15, he
weighed 18 pigs, weighing 1,975
pounds. On Sept. 29. they weigh
ed 2,500 pounds, a gain of 525
pounds. They received for feed
nothing but crushed wheat, of
which they had 1,(>50 pounds. Ta
king a market value for htigs of sc.
it would make the market value re
ceived for wheat $20.25, or a little
over 95 cents per bushel. These
figures he says are absolutely cor
rect and can be easily verified.
United States Circuit Judge
Carpenter, de<uee(l in the case of
the United States vs. the American
iJi'il Telephone Co., that the pat
ent wsis void. If this decision
should be sustained, it M ill break
the telephone monopoly, a tiling
much to be • desired*by the public,
-Ifc -
"I r.ummt tell how the truth may
f tell |he tute an 'twas told Jo me,"
Warm and cloudy.
If you want the W. L. Douglas shoe,
go to tlie Cyclone Store.
Two weeks vacation.
C. 11. Stewart now has money on
liaiwl to make farm loans.
The snow is melting fast.
Born—Dee. K>, to the wife of the
County Treasurer—a sou.
Try an 'ad' in the Dawn.
Monet on hand for farm laaais. C.
11. Stewart, No. 58 Gcddis Block.
W. F. Lewis of Oe ISlum, was in
town yesterday.
If you don't get the Dawk, you
don't get the new?.
Wanted- -At this office. Wood,
hay, grain and fruit on subscrip
tions to Daws,
Afivre pif*, like yxmr Grendfatlner
.u.scd to make for only twenty cents, at
The fin.est rirffees are (froion in
Java W A iwh<ist—B 0&S 0N G
blends thew f off e en Jo perfection.
If yon want your shoes tapped, isen
ed, or patched, go to the Cyclone Store.
Look over <wt list of reform lit
erature and favor us with your or
ders. We can help you along!
There has been a change in the
tiineof the arrivals orf the |%asseMger
trains. The East Hound arrives ar
rives at <8:05 a. in.; and the West
Ixmnd at 8:20 a. iu.
Are yon making miner meat ? If
no, ijov will nerd absolutely purr ap
plr'ruirr. BOSSONG ti>
C. P. Knight and Thad Robin
son of the Peshastin mining cainp,
left this week for California.
Have yon read the advertisement
of "Breakers Ahead?" If not, read
it at once and then send for a copy.
In the application for removal of
Receiver of Ben. K. Snipes & Co.,
the cast 1 , was continued to Dec. 2N.
Wr ara living in an age of prog
ress —(Ha** washboards arc the latest
—try <><*<'. Hold hy F. BOSSONG.
Judge Graves held a special ses
sion of court on Wednesday to hear
the application for writ of habeas
corpus, for the release of Joe Burns
charged with burning Goodwins
creamery. The, writ was granted
and Burns released.
Don 1 1 buy tin earn and jugglery
when yon can buy a tfjandard gallon
of Pure Maple Syrup for one dollar
Veterans Day will l»e observed at
M. E. Church Dec. 80th. Old fash
ioned singing of old fashioned songs
will be the principal feature. Class
meeting 10 a. iu-
Scan our advertising coluniwi
carefully and see who patronize; tis.
Our friends are yonr friends, treat
them accordingly.
Whatever Jiee are sent out from
this place about the Populists and
their doings in this county it must
be remembered that A, 11. Stulfauth
editor of the Capital, is the Associ
ated Press Correspondent at Ellens
burg, am] is responsible /or said
On Saturday evening Ellensburg
Lodge No. 39, F. A.. M. elected
the following earned oflleers for the
ensuing year: B. SL Sectft, W.
E.C. Price, S. W.; H. W, Kldired,
«L W.; M- Caiiieroe, F. N.
MeCandless, Sec. The appointive
oflleefi will "be filled at time««fin
stallation which takes £>laee op
evening of St. Joii«« "day.
Vote On Validation.
The following iistSte vote-on vali
dation of county warrants;
For j
■ v
i §' ;
• ]" i
i i
Ellensburg, 2 \V.|l6.2j 31
* 2 W..;133i J7*
•■SoutHa fijiejMjboarjp' 47. *>*
South Kittitas 7V2,
East Kittitas 27 o9
North Kittitas ,
West Kittitas ,| S3' 33
Manastash 37 12
Cleßlum (>"» 18
lioslyn 1 W 103 20)
Roslyn 2 W ■ 4i<S' 7
Mountain ; 37 4
Easton 7 ?-$
Tunned 12 00
Swaivk | 23 7
Liberty .< -33 -3
Culver 7 3
Peshastin (5 7
Mission ; 13 ID
Wenatchee 38 : 5
Colockem .! 12 1
Total £33 284
Further evidence of the fury of
the terrible storm which recently
swept the coast, is coining in. It
is now thought that ten vessels faav*
gone down in the great stwrn.
It B<h»lvS as if the entire police
force of New York City is corrupt.
Swtp. Byrnes is as big a boodleras
any Tammany and the police force
should be dumped in the Atlantic
along with the other garbage.
The body of Robert Hamilton.,
the defaulting ex-secretary o£ the
Odd Fellows Relief <V*niJwi4tee, of
Seattle, was t'ound on Jiwc. ll>th,
where he lnui suicided. lie disap
peared the latter part of fteptembec

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