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mi <1 HwiM
1. The law putting
two exceptions on
tbe «RKf** A< * 8
passed Feb. b—
2. The National
Bunk Law, passed
Mar. 25, 186:5.
3. Tbe Contraction
Act, passed March
(itl), 18ft'.
4. Credit strength
en act, passed on
March 18, 1800.
5. Fund the Na
tional debt,, passed
July 14th, 1874.
/), Demonetization
of silver, passed or.
March 12th, 1878.
7. The resumption
act, passed Jau. 14,
From Ouk lltxii't.Ait CoußßftroxnioNr.
Washington, Jan. 25, 1595,
Justice Harlan this week &olk
eredan opinion giving his reasons
for dissenting from, the decision of
the U.S. Supreme Court in favor
ot the sugar trust, in the case
brought against that trust under j
the Sherman anti-trust law, that I
may make him President of United .
States. At any rate, it would eer- j
tainly be desirable to have a Presi
dent who would hold the views ex
pressed in this opinion by Justice
Harlan. He believes with thou
sands, nay millions, of patriotic
citizens that the unchecked growth
of gigantic monopolies and trusts
for the control of the necessaries of
life is a menace to the existence of
our government, and tlmt they
must be made [amenable tc* law.
The chief obstacle to the agree
ment ot the Senate upon a financi
al bill is President Cleveland.
That fact was clearly brought
oat this when Senator Han
som visited the White House at
the instance of certain democratic
Senators. Mr. Cleveland will have
nothing that in any way favors
silver, although he was iiatly told
that nothing could be done unless
silver was favored. Two ne**' bills
have been introduced in the Sen
ate, one by Jones, of Ark., for the
issue of $500,000, MM* in bonds, ti*e
unlimited coinage of silver on the
basis of a silver dollar being given
lor a dollar's worth of bullion at
the market price, and allowing na
tional banks to issue currency to
the par value of bonds and redu
cing taxation on their currency;
the other—by Senator Smith, of N.
J—torthe same amount of bonds
and a currency commission to in
vestigate and report next Decem
VOL. i.
Judge TlioTxS, 01' Ohio, v. ill not be i
impeached. Thaff was practically |
settled when the House .Tudiciary |
Committee decided, last week, to I
reopen the case and give Judge'
Kicks a hearing. Tlwyre'ore, 110-,
body was surmised when that com
mittee after the homing *>r a vote
of J> to 7 adopted the following:
"Kesolvesf, That while the com ;
mittee is not satisfied that Judge •
Kicks has been guilty of any wrong 1
committed wfcile thair. will
justify it. in repottftng a resolution
of impeachment, v(S the committee j
cannot too strongly censure the,
practice under which 4udgc Kicks j
made his accounts."'
Although this •can hardly l>c con
sidered a vindication farr Kicks, it
isn't satisfitetory t® Uepresentative
Kailey, of Tiaras, who will present
a minority report to the House, in
favor of i inpeachmeift.
The idea of a, Senatori*'; ii'.veM ?-
| gation of the charges of election
I frauds in the South, which was
first broached by Alabama
Populists, and which is being
| pwshed j 14 their i*ehalf by the Popu
j list Senators, has a «ew and strong
; supporter in the person of .Senator
i Rutler, of South Carolina,. Mr.
: I) a tier docs not a<svacate an inves
tigation 5 .n Alabama, but he has
presented u petition from Dr.
'Sampson Pope, late candidate fc?
governor of South OfcrMijua on the
anfi-TilJmau democratic ticket,
asking that au investigation of, a
I long list of specified election 1 rands
at the late election in that State be
I made by the Semite, and he endor
; ses- the i>elitio«. He cannot con
sistently vote for an investigation
i in South Carolina and against one
m AU't.im.i.
Keep in the Middle of the Road,
The delegation sent here by the !
live civilised tribes of Indians to j
oppose the bill providing e, Tcrri- !
tori&l form of government lor In
dian Territory might as well
have staid at home and stived their
expenses, notwithstanding the ad
vice of Washington lobbyists itch
ing for a fee to the contrary.
The bill is dead, bnt it wasn't J
the Imli&u€'iier the lobbyist who;
did the killing, it was a quiet tip
from President Cleveland which
let the author and (he friends of;
the bill know that if an attempt j
was made to pass it at this session
it would be antagonized by the ad
i ministration. Tbfct settled Utfc fate
in short order., although those who j
get paid for saying so still talk as i
I though the bill was likely te .pass j
unless their efforts against it are 1
kept uj>.
The railroad pooling bill has i
j been favorably reported to the Ben- 1
late without amendment, bnt, al~
though a majority of the Senate is
j believed to favor it, there is much
j fear privately expressed by the
railroad lobby tfhat it may not be
: voted upon at the present session,
i Several shrewd Senators, among
I them Senator Gorman, are reported
to be determined to prevent actioa
on the measure. If this were real
| iy (cue the bill would have n©
| chance »t all, biA such statements
are o&en given out for a purpose—
| sometimes lor®, good pin-nose, but
I ofteuer Jur a bad one..
The strike commission bill, h&v—
I jug been .amended te meet the ap-
I proval ef a iißmber of the labor
leaders, has been favorably report
ed to the House Accompanying
the report wei<e letters endorsing
the bill from Oonipers, i-Javas,
j Denning and -Sovereign. The ii>
fcerest in (Joagress in the Brooklyn
itrolJe,} isliive l'* J/as'o*i
NO. 27.
tendeucy to hasten action on the
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