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In this issue, Friends.
VOL. 4- NO. 5.
Amount That Kay be Saved Ever
Year by Government Ownership
of Railroads*
By abohVhing ft!*) president*,
wkh their Btaffn,(one would dofcp 26,000,000
Abolishing; the high priced
niansgeys and their Htafls. 4,000,000
Abolishing attorneys and legal
expenses, 12,000,00*
Abolishing merely eon^pctUlve
offices, solicitor*, etc.. 12,000,000
AbolUbing 3>7 of tlve ad vertisi n»f
account, which* is iii«»rrcd> for
competitive purposes i%U00,000
Aboiinhl.'ig trutSia uK*»ehttion»,
which are employed to adjust
matters between competing rds. 4,000,000
Exuluklvc use of short routes, 25,000,000
Consolidation of working; de
pots, otSces and staus, 20,000,000
Uniformity of rails, e:irn, ma»
ehiucry, etc., cheapening their
manufsc'.urc, avoiding freight
bloekndcs, return of "empties"
belonging to other roads, clerk
age to keep accl. of cars and ad-
Just divisions of earnings a
mong the road*; by making;
tlmple ea*Hy understood tariff.
Saving the time and labor of
elcrks and the public, by all
the numberless little ego no.-
snies of a vast, corporation tra
der a Kingle management, and
no compelitive waivfiire to
Walts ittt energies, 15,000,000
By avoiding strikes and- develop
ins; a better feeling generally, 10,000,000
By abolishing I he corruption
fund used in legislature, etc., 80,000,000
By abolishing the pasn evil, 50.0n0.000
By abolishing unju«t rebaseaste. n0,000,6«t>
By bavins; no rent or hitei vat, 280,000,000
By having no dividends to pay, 82,000,000
By putting 'snsrales in tbe pco.
pie's treasury, 62,000,000
Total savings hv pnbliv the
ownership of railways, $BUl,Ooß,Ootr
. - flttoCMeij at £cttv r
Will, practice in all the Courts of the
State. Office ia tbe Davidson Block,
Kirk Whited.
(Jjttontctj at
Will paaetioe in all tbe courts of the
Mires & Warner,
€Utor.iic tj» at £atu,
Will practice in all the cowrta ef the
state. Office in Geddis Block.
flttotucti at
Will practice in the courts of Roslyn
and Superior court of Kittitas county.
S. C. Davidson.
Room 3 Davidson Block.
Graves & Euglehart,
Officks: Ellknsburg and-
North Yakista.
Firs, Lkk ani* aocwmnt inscuanck.
Kent and oom.egtiov agk.nt.
Room** 64>a»d 60 Ukddis Block,
kllensbuhg, washington
MCQ houses..
Dealers in drugs, paints, oils
brushes. Physicians pre
scriptions carefully filled..
The Fields residence, at the
foot of Pearl. has been listed
with me "For Sale* This prop
erty is the best and most convien
enity arranged residence proper
ty in the city. I am instructed
to sell this property at an ex
tremely low price and on terms
to sut the purchaser.. If you de
sire to secivrc a valuable home at
your own figure *rjou will do well
to see me at once*
Boom 61, Geddis Block*
You can get the best'five cent
cigar in the world —The Rail
Splitter—at Deuel's Barber
Shop, on Main Str., in Shoudy
$21,000,000 Involved By The Closing of these
Banking Institutions.
186(5 INBTUTION. Am't Involved.
Dec. 21—National Bank of Illinois, Chicago. .$11,000,000
Dec. 21—Rowland Bank, Ghicago 50„000
Dec. 21— E. S. Dreyer & Co., Chicago, 1,350,000
Dec, 21 —Waßtnunwlorff & tleinemann, 111.. 410,000
Dec. 28—Dime Savings Bank, Chicago ['.000,000
Dec. 28—Atlas National Bank, Chicago 600,000
Dec. 22— Bank of Minnesota, St. Paul 2,0-17,75)0
Dec. 22—State Bank of St. Paul
Dec. 22 —Union Stock Yards Bank, St. Paul. .
Jan. 4—Germania Bank, St. Paul 1,091,968
Jan. 4—Allemania Bank, St Paul 002,305
Jan. 4 -West Side Bank. St Paul
Jan. 4 —Minn. State Saving Bank St Paul. . . ~
Dec. 28—Scandia Bank Minneapolis 225,337
D«C. 28—Columbia Bank, Minneapolis 204,000
Dec. 29 —Washington Bank Minneapolis 540,000
Dec. 30—Northern Trust Co., Minneapolis.... 500,000
Dec. 30—Bankers' Exchange Bank, Minn... .
Dec. 30—Northwestern Loan and Building,
Association Minneapolis 500,000
Dec. 30 —Commercial Bank Selma, Ala 095.015
Doc. 23—Chicago Bank, West Superior, Wis. . 100,000
Dec. 23—West Superior Bank, West Supeaior,
Wis 78,000
Dec. 28 —Bank of Superior, Superior Wis. ... 100,000
Dec. 30—Farmers'Trust Co., Sioux City la.. . 135,000
Dec. 23 —American Bank and Trust Co., Au
burn Me 54.433
Dec. 29—Commercial Natl Bank Koanoko Va. 110,000
Jan. 3—Omaha Savings Bank, Omaha 900,000
Jan. 4 —Citizens' National Bank Fargo. N D. .— >
Jan. 4 —Citizens' Bank Nora Springs lowa..
Total amount reported $30,354,779
Dec. 22—Angus A Giudele, contractors, Chicago.
Dec. 23—American Brewing and Malting Co., Chicago.
Dec. 23 —George H. Weiss Malting Co., Chicago.
Dec. 23 —George A. Weiss, Chicago.
Dec. 28 —Excelssior Mach'y., and Belting Co., Chicago.
Dec. 29—Western Paper Bag Co., Batavia, 111.
Dec. 29—Apple-ton Manfacturing Co., Van Norwick, 111.
The many reports of failures go to prove that
McKinley's slection on a gold standard platform
was not what the country needed. We might
fill our paper full of accounts of failures and re
ports of existing troubles. In fact it is far worse
than in the panic of '93, only the people have
got used to it somewhat and do not notice it quite
so much . Farmers who before election were
getting eighteen cents for corn and expected to
get twenty-five or thirty if McKinley was elected
are now selling for eight and ten cents, and hogs
are going about the same way. The army of
idle men are daily increasing and the chaitable
institutions are already overwhelmed with ap
plications for assistance. Perhaps some of the
people will learn something by this year's ex
perience. If not, then it is a hepeless case.
Is Thk Dawn and the Seattle Weekly Times one year for
We cannot give the Legislative news from Olympia this
winter or the Congressional news from Washington, but the
Times will give the legislative news from both places in de
tail, and not only that, but all the latest associated dispatches
that reach any paper on the Pacific Coast, and The Dawn
will give you the local news aud items of general importance
to the voters. REMEMBER that ONE DOLLAR catches both papers
for one year to any address in the United States. Call on or address,
Thk Dawn, Elleusbnrg, Wash.
189 G.
Failures for week ending Nov. 7, 223.
Failures for week ending Nov. 14, 258.
Failures for week ending Nov. 21, 308.
Failures for week ending Nov. 28; 296.
Failures for week ending Dec* 5, 351.
Failures for week ending Dec. 12, 381.
Failures Cor week ending Dec, 19,
State Dairy Commissioner P. J.
Smith in his last report to the gov
ernor sums up the product of the
creameries in this state as follows:
Butter 1,838,657 lbs.;
Cheese, 554,123 lbs.
At 20 cents a pound the butter J
worth $367,681 and the cheese at ten j
cents per pound $55,412. It will be
of interest to the people here to note
the productions of the creameries of
Ellenshurg and vicinity. Below is
a table showing the product for
Klleneburg creamery,... .76,631 lbs
Spring creek " 112,813"
Jacob Bowers'" 8,150 "
Kinkaid " 10,650 "
Banders' " 4,000 "
Ola Moea " 6,631 "
T. Houser " 3,000"
T. Haley " 85,000 "
T. Jossem " 2,500 "
Schnebly " 20,120 "
Hollenbeck " 22,000 "
Nanum " 10,803 " I:
Nanum " 30,000 " '
Total 337,1)08"
At '20 cents per pound this would
bring the Kittitas valley the snug
little sum of $67,434. This amount
is nearly clear cash to the producer,
that is, dairy products arc almost
entirely labor products and the re
turns are constant and sure. Dairy
ing is hard work but one of the saf
est of industries.
The reform editors of the state of
Washington had a meeting recently
in the city of Olympia and R. A
Turner (that's Us) was elected del
egate to attend the National Reforn
Press Association, to be held a
Memphis. Term., Feb. 22nd 1897
Now we should be much pleased t(
attend this meeting, out really we
cannot find time to go, much les
bear the great expense that mus
necessarially be attached in takinj
a trip of such distance, but never
theless' we again say that, we fee
very thankful to the brethern fo
their kind consideration of us am
our little paper.
Absolutely pure, perfectly harm
less, nnd invariably reliant:; nre
the qualities of One Minute Cough
t re. It never fnils» in colds, croup
nnd lung troubles. Children like
it because it is pleasant to take and
it helps them. Stepheuscv Klwood.
Baled hay for tale in any a mount
from a bale up,—Enquire at this
finrifllx 40aTH ( !W o " TA »y
HL> irn tho facts yourself.
r^*T^*""^"B Do your own thlnkinc
r "**" w " "which pives tho
latest facts and Ideas In social reform, will here
after lm published at only H)ct». a year. To intro
duce it without delay to many thousand newread
era we n.akn the following SPECIAL lOOK OJFERi
NAN (111 DOLLAR, W HICH I ■ lovrl 19* pp
TASK n COIN, a sold <.UMl*ril Imok 121 pp
PEOI'I.K n UOLD-HTUS, a .llwr hook 144 pp
NEW UITAttIOJiS, »U nantlu ....tt* pp
Total 1008 pp
Send un So*, and we will Fend you by return mail
these four hooks worth each.and will put you on
our list for Sew OmMmh 6 months, or for Sot. we w ill
send Nvw OrNulon. t year and two sets of the hooks,
or H books, all different* Two cent stamps taken.
The Dawn 1 year and
Money Hand Book 50c.
—Where would ih-yan knvo been
jvlihout tba popnliat vote? If Sewall
l:r.d withdrawn what "might have
—Ixow far a 10a.,7 poll, a strong pull
and :i pull altogether for government
|j?.u!:k, tiio graduated land tnx and
public ownership of public utilities, ••'-vj
—V,i;h a pcpaliat governor and a
legislature in sympathy with him,
Kunaaa is now in a position to give tho
country an object lesson in the benefi
cent effect of popnliat legislation, 'ahjj
—There are now in circulation 800,-
--n;;O,tCO one-cent pieces, worth 23,000,-
--000, nnd there i 3 a continued demand
oil tba mints for more. The inU-iasie
value of this .TS.OOtSOOO is les.3 than Sl,-
OOJ.COa There's r. leston for "sound
, !r.o:.:cy" idiots who prate about 00-ccnt
dollcrs.—Tba Dawn. • v ■ 4%9»>f
| — Ail tho laborers ia America might
work 1:) hours a day for 100 years and
thoy could not produce a dollar of
money. All tba powers of tho govern*
■nent might be put in motlo-j aud kept'
moving l for 1,000 years and thoy could
not produce a dollar's worth of wealth. -
Mo»«'y la the creation of law, and
wealth is tho creat ion or labor.—inter*
I Mountain Advocate. •-• ; -<- .♦<•»
j —Tho most disgusting rot that ever
jrot into the public press i 3 this talk
about anarchy. If the whole govern*
met t of tho United t.tatoo and all tho
•Vf.t.:-. r/ero blotted out of er.btcnco.
j lit?-: great, intelligentcitizenship would
ri.'ie np and organise a now ono 5n sis
weeks. Tito men and papers who aro
shouting "anarchy" are only making
tborac>?ivos ridlouJona.—-Tebroska In»
dependent, *• N • -»M
] —When we stopped specie payments
lln ISII, it did not produce a panle.
When wa bo~an to cc.a silver i:x 1874 it
di i r.ot produce v, panic. When we
I doubled the amount of silver la 1590 by
t!;a passage of tho Shannon ast it
didn't make n prink. 2'cvr tba frold*
toll us that if we be-in to coin
s »ilver ; gain we shall have tho greatest
ptu'.c the world ever saw. The gold*
bi jnlic.—Nebraska Independent ;4S|
—Tariff protection wiUia reciproc
ity attachment means making tho
ifi.;.:tiil fry p?y the duties r.nd letting
oiio Influential like Garaogie, Havo-
Imy or aud others get their raw prod
ucts free, and that upon terms that
lie's their finished product enter our
countries without the payment of duty.'
A great scheme for whacking it to the
little fellow for tho benefit of tho bijr
ones. Do you want itv— Berlin (Pa>)
i Jiecord, ' •. - • ■ ■ ■, ■. iH%i
i — Dwight L. Moody Bald tho other
day at Brooklyn that ministers who
Idavotcil so ranch tlmo to the dLicusstasV
jof politics thereby indicated that they
I lacked hi spiritual strength, and dia»j
cussing tho wholo subject broadly, Dr.]
; liuokley, editorof tho New York Chris*
| tlan Advocate, said that f.ho ministers;
should not forgot the attitude of thai
; church, and the consequences to the
| church disagreements, oa tho clovery
!question. ■'»» '■■ ; v - v '•'
l " _ir o i' 30 years tho two eld parties
Jhavo been having nhtrm battles ore*
i the tr.rl lt All the time they beva been
; throwing dust in tho eyas of the peo
lain, while tho fat fleas feast on the
! ijlood of their victims. Tho tariff ques
tion j? worn out and something new
i was needed. The free' coinage cf ssV
ver comes in now to take tbe place of
I Lnriil', una it is to bo used fo« - the Eame
purpose. Will tho pecp"o_ bo £coletl
j — The true cause of all evil Is giving
So any government the satboritjp to
j»y aud collect t.'.scs, while no prc
| rib!on is ever mads to provide plenty
i.X money and keep it in circulation to
i uy taxes with and keep tho people
! out of debt. Tho eounequence of thin
1 :ri:ae iv that taxation has already
' iroved to b» simply bare-faced rob
joory of tho producers and laborers,
i without tho least semblance ci right
! ;r justice—Hailroad Trainmen's Jour
; jaL ; * f•//>.-« - ■ •'••-^
; —Tho logic of events !o moro eon
i/inciog than all fippcala tj reason,
j Take, for example, tbe following from
I '.he silver Knight! "We have, been op
i ncsed to government ownership of
i railroads while the railroad:; own tho
| government. * # * * When it be-
I .•omoa evident to the people of the
j ar.itcd States that tho railroads must
'bs taken out of tho hands cf their
I present owners or their elective fran
chise must bo given up, it is not diffi
cult to imagine what will happen." $H
J —Tho condition of the coal mining
indu.'Siry is deplorable. Tho union
j scale in Pennsylvania was reduced, so'
i that fair employers. could compete
I with the scab bosses who aro paying
leggardly wages. As a consequence
! the Ohio miners have been compelled
|to accept a reduction from 60 cents to
i 45 cento a ton, although they voted by
■an overwhelming majority not to ao*
capt the out, but later decided not to
' strike, and their situation during the
j coming winter months will be worse
than serfdom. It is stated that Car-,
negie will be appealed to to pay for
more coal, which* would have the effect
of raising the price. There is freedom'
for you ("Cleveland Citizen.
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