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The dawn. (Ellensburg, Wash.) 1895-1898, March 06, 1897, Image 2

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Kwch MM " •• o < fenU
•at >'tar,.' pal I 1 tft) •»U
tutored No*. Mb, 16*4, M tbi p ••• •.- oe,
Bteasburg, KltHUt c mty, Wash >n,
SS> aelllled to -• •■ • postal rates.
•ffi< c toulb ►! It oi ',' ■. ,'j iti eat, ••■ll n
Ptari and tfaia tl •, r«.»r of Qeddis
Meek, ital) i.
Ie in evidence.
i\ •
sounding to my akri ing extent.
,\. lons as !orp r itions a
Thk transportation quest ion ent
er* into every little transaction of
thi ;
r...... , iv n evidcntl v coi aiders it
his duty to-it on the safety valve of
this Cul an war excitement.
If ought to bo apparent now to
everybody that confidence alone
will not restore prosperity.
Tin ,'business interests" voted
for the gold standard and now they
ire getting it in the neck.
been failing ently they will soon
settle that question themselves.
people than a nrrowone;a single
sue platform i- a misti ke.
Whks the little bugs bear from
tbe big bugs they will tell you why
prosperity has not arrived yet.
Thk people might easily declare
that on the Cuban question Mr.
Cleveland is In a state of bell
igerent y.
present wave of pros] erity is likely
to sweep the Republican party off
its feet.
Even if tho money question i =
not tho Most important '-in- to be
■Olved it is the one that is now Up
for immediate solution.
UwnjCß our present system one of
the firs' thingsa man thinks of aft
er being elected to offce is how to
secure his re-election.
The most good the silver issue
has done is to open up the discuss
ion of the whole money question.
Now let tbe good work be followed
Explain the theory of direct leg
islation to your Republican and
Democratic neighbors and tell them
to look for it in theirold party plat
If some one would volunteer to
go to Cuba asGrover's substitute in
case nre had war with Spain old
"Fatty" might consent to acknow
ledge Cuban independence.
An 0 now the Commercial agncies
are admitting that trade is dull"
and businessmen are disappointed
But we've got the gold standard,so
«-b»i 't lite use to ki< k"
The machinery <■•: society is nec
•esarily Imperttpt because every
thing human ta imperfect. The
following list will show how the
wealth created by man's industry,
is sifted into the coffers of the few.
Tlie legislative remedy for the evil is
an income tax that will carry back
a large per cent of this wealth I i the
treasury of the people who create it.
How rd Irving Smith has made
the following estimate of vast in*
Tear $9,135,00000
Hour. . 1'0420l
Ye 4,040,1
[I . I
Min«te 7 00
Hour. .... .
' .
. ...
Week 77,:>!r.00
Hour 46210
Minute 7 70
Tear 3,036,00000
Month 253,000 00
Week 58,885 00
Day 3,31 i
Minute 5 78
John L. Blair—
Year 3,045,00000
Month 253,750 00
Week 58,536 00
Day 5,342
Hour 347 66
Minute 578
Russell Sage-
Year '. 3,045,000 00
Month 258,750 00
Week 58,55600
Day 8,34200
Hour 317 00
Minute 5 79
C. P, Huntington—
Year 1,510,00000
Month 135,83309
Week 29,032 00
Day 4,187 09
Hour 172 00
Minute 2 S7
It is inconceivable that these and
other enormous incomes which
might be cited art- the result of un
aided personal efforts and it io con
sequently everywhere conceded that
in a large degree they are attribut
able to class legislation and unequ
al laws.
Ist. Are government bonds [.'tint
ed on gold or paper?
2nd. What makes them Bell for
a premium in gold?
3rd. Is it not law that makes it
possible to collect either interest or
•Ith. Is anyone asking for a
thousand dollars' worth of paper
in the- bond?
sth. If it is possible for the law
Ito make a piece of paper in the form
of a bond so very valuable that the
man who has gold will give it up
and pay a premium to get the paper,
is it not possible for the law to make
a piece of paper in the form of a
dollar equal in value with gold?
P OSITH 'N -'.
Olympia Feb. 22.—Special.—-The
state auditor's office has compiled
for the use oi th< legislature list
of all the salared positions in the
service »f the state, together with the
Ittti i I Ilnva TKntA i,, <t a ] *
Governor '.84000
Five judges Sup. Court each. 4000
President Agi ie ultural College 4 XX)
He; orter supreme court. . . 0000
•Superintendent hosij ital
insane Fort Steilacoora and
Medical Like, each 220 C
Secretary of state. . 2500
Bpu't., pul lie instruction. .. . 2500
Pr State University 2500
ney and Ellensburg, each . 2160
St tte Auditor. 2000
State treasury 2000
preme < ourt, each 2000
cram inspe* tor e<'ch. 1800
•Wardon stat penitentiary . 1800
commissioner, chief clerk
land commissioner, state
libr'ian, engineer, corumis*
sioner public lands, pro
fessor Agricultural ('•''!!e?e.
mal school, each 1500
, j, .
coomasvium curecto school
for defective yontb, each... 1500
ii.'cc* professors Ellensburg
normal school, each 1440
mal school, each 1200
si'>ner-, adjutant general
sors State University, four
deputy grain inspectors,
each 1200
•Bookkeeper Fort Steilcooin,
Medical Luke, Second ast
physician, duputy warden,
penitentiary, clerk and en
gineer of penitentiary, each 1200
Professor Ellensburg nomal
school 1100
Two professors Ellensburg
normal school' each 1080
Two deputy grain inspectors,
each 1020
Bookkeeper state auditor
elork suae auditor, record
ing clerk secretary of state,
bookkeeper secretary ol
state, one professor State
University, lieutenant gov
ernor, each 1000
•Commandant State Soldiers'
Home, steward state peni
tentiary, engineer Medical
hake and Fort Steilacootn
each 1000
Lit--' TITAN $1000.
Three teachers Ellensburg
normal school each 060
One teacher Cheney normal
• ; "
Two pr> lesson State Univer«
sity, stenographer supreme
court, stenographer audi
tor's office, two clerks adjut
ant general's office, two
teachers school for defectevs
tentiary, secretary board of
•Cook Eastern Washington
hospital for insane 840
Assistant state librarian.... 800
•Turnkeystate penitentiary.. SOO
•Two engineers Fort .SteiJa
coom, c! . h 800
•( >ne teacher school for defect
Stenograj her governors office. 720
* U'arden' clerk penitentiary
storekeeper penitentiary.
each < 20
Kittitas Cocx-ly Wixa tug Strr
Agaixst Tkeah ebb's Boxmsmax.
Olympia, Mcrch 1. —Special.—
The supreme court today handed
failure nf a 1 ank in which the treas
(. mmiisstoners. The supreme judge
do not think this fact make any dif
ference, a- the treasurer, and not
the commissioners of n county, is
responsible for the public money.
It ii farther contended that the
three appellant* who signed bond r s
sureties were married women at the
tates would he liable, and tiiat in
tention to do so must he declared
obtained for the I<enefit of tlie e-tate
this instance. It is contended that
their j( ining in the contract did no
more titan to subject the community
real estate to liability for the judg
ment obtained upon the bond.
unlimited right to contract with
reference to community property,
she has that right withreference t<>
her seperate estate, and that tlie ef
fect of this contract ia to subject
the entire property, community and
seperate, to the satisfaction of a
They are so small that the most
sensitive persons take them, they
are so effective that the most obsti
nate cases of con-tii':-tion. headache
and torpid liver yield to them.
That is why DeWitt's Little Early
Risers are known as the famous
little pills. Stephens & Elwood.
The Eellensburg W. <'. t. L. will
line', with Mrs. Bostock Friday .March
12th at 2;80 p. do A good program
will be prepared. All are invited—On
Much "Oth <Jiir Union will celebrate t' c
93 Anniversary of the birth of our great
Prohibtion leader Gen. Neal Daw.
The program will he given next week.
(Mrs.) J. A. Steix, Secy.
Bound as the ring tbat has no end
and fortunate is the ring that remains
unbroken. There are rings and rings,
and rings within rings. There are
ring's, in the starry heavens. There are
society rings and rings of friendship.
There i» the wedding ring, the diamond
ring, the golden ring and rings of sil
ver. Brass rings, political rings and
near the last but not least, court house
rings. Rings with sets and rings witb
heads that need rings, rings that need
head - . Oh Lord deliver us from Tnr.
rinff » *
No Moks Fen to witksbh Fob
DcnXDAJfT TO rk Allowed.
From now on the numerous
witnesses who generally ap
pear for the defendant on pre
liminary hearings before the
-.. rviuiess .C-S. ssi stfint
Prosecuting Attorney Farley,
under a ruling of the supreme
court oi the state, has conclu
ded to disallow all such fees
in the future. His decision
has been approved by Judge
Kean, and as these are the
two officials whose indorse
ment and allowance of cost
warrant the auditor issuing
warrants tor the same, their
refusal to approve will prevent
payment Another item of
costs : ; now under considera
tion, which, on account of its
exteu.. is of considerable im
wttnesses in criminal cases
• a recog*
nizance for their appearance
a: the trial, have been allowed
witness fees at 52 per day for
all the time confined. These
fee.-, often run from 550 to
5:5 c. It is claimed there is
no authority in the statute for
v_ n:on.
Cine"? dispensary bill is u-ad.
McKinleyi B.V. irent in Thurs
The city dads met Wednesday
M. M. Cahoon has sold his hotel
a-; Meaghersville to Geo. Hampton.
Ejc-Goy. McGraw has retired
from the pesidency of the First
National bank of Seattle.
Lauderdale Bros, contemplate
building a large commadious store
at .Meaghersville in the spring.
Gov. Rogers has commissioned F.
C, Tech' editor of the Whatcom
Bh de, I i second lieutenant of Co m
t any F. First regment.
Meaghersville consists of twe
store, three hotels, one saloon, a
blacksmithshop, livery stable, a
butcher shop and eight or ten *
private residences.
•!. J. Miller, of Wenas, is in the
•ity this week attending curt as a
witness in the case of State of Wash.,
vs. Thomas Johnson. Mr. Miller
at one time lived near Cle-Elum.
To (.'tire a" CoM ia on* Day..
Tate Laxative i'ro:no Quinine Table!*. All
druggists refund tbe money II it fail* to eats
15c-. Tor m 1« by Stephen* vV El»-ood.
Mining location notices for sale
at this office.
His stock is large and cum- '
plete in every department. 1
Our motto is a nimble pen- ,
ny, cash, rather than p. slow
six pence.
Ripans Tabules cure d}>pe pel*.
Ripan> Tabule* cure jauadJe*.

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