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State News
A number ol cattle r;:f-hr= have
been a::-..-t< I In Asotin cc anty
Two double* haader cattle -
were seul cut of Wilbui last
The p-i'r-.'.tJtiary n:... ;?
turning out sacks *' tie ratt ol
8000 daily
Fruit growati. in Snohomish
county have formed a horticulture I
M. Seller tt Co., of Spokai c, re*
tttved four can el Mason t Irnil
jar- last week.
Several officials and prisoners in
the state penitentiary are afflicted
with tontoliti*.
The salary of the pottmaste i at
Spokane has been increased from
19000 to Ii 100.
The Beiiingham Bay Oil and
Fertilizer wotks will he ready I .:
operation about July 1.
twenty minutes i? the record in
Colombia county for last week.
Another train load of cattle was
shipped from Prefer last week.
They were shipped ::■ Ne: rasks
Local capitalist? and business
men of Wilbur propose to extend
the Bans Foil road to the Eureka
mining di.-:ri:*.
for tccri with fever— of tne • - :••
ffi a iar..h-:rs and gardr.er f .
Dougtas Allmond, publisher of
the Anacortea American, will m ye
his plant to Olympta, where i: il
lo be used in'doing state printing
Tho Northern Shingle and Lum
ber Co.. ofFairhaven,has :hartered
tw-> vessels to load lumber, one for
City, c n the Washingtc m Central
ndlway for Billings, Mont., where
to sijn an eight lal r
icg :. cherry tree that measure*
felly ten feet in circumference,
while the diameter of the space
covered by its limbs is *:x:y**.x
The Northwest Pacific Canning
Co.. of Blame, has been incorpora
ted by W. C. McKee, Harw
Morgan and Mr*. McDonald. The
plant will have a daily capacity of
from 1.500 to 1,800 ii-t-.
Michael J. Lyons, a hotel keeper
ing the hotel Saturday night. Johi
H. Moff and A. Swanberg fa -ye
Bank? generally througont the
law that went into effect June 9
is •. ■ nee rued.
Senator Wilton telegraphed the
P.*l. that work will be commenced
on the army poet site at Magnolia
Bluffs by August 1. that MO,OO
trill lie expended this year and .
total of $400,000 appropriated for
the fortifications.
The Populist convention of the
second district, comprising Adams
tad Whitman counties, was very
enthusiastic and v as strictly anti
fusion. J. B. Johnson was elected
delegate to Nashville and Dr. F D.
Ferguson alternate.
We .*<ccicter.: to :-e : rr.? i r "-
ed, 1 ut (he pain and agony and the
frightful disfigurement") can be
qtuckly overcome without leaving
a *f-r hy naing V'~'S'.::~- Witch
Basel Axlve. Stej lei « '.- Flw ■.1
corporated a: teatCe with $20,000
Don't neglect ■ cough because
the weather is pleasanl before ".i.e
next ttotm rolls around it may de
velop into a serious difficulty be
yond repair. One Minute Cough
CureUeasy to t.»ke and will do
what the name implies. Stephens
4: Elwood
Comity Clerk C. 0. Downing, con*
tenth, ry.
'*Tbey are dan lies,' sai i i hos.
Bowers, oi the Crocket, Texas, En*
terj nee, wl ile writing alx :.: De*
Witt'* Littl« Early Risers, tie 11*
■ ■ f shttk pills for sick headache
hver Stephens & Elwood.
■with :'. double block machine
twelve hours. The crew consists -f
I*''-! i. l*-"* ■1 . V • I.
aawver; Ed. Ault, Frank
Tom Felsee. and Harry Brown,
pome f. r 30 years have Buffered
using P Witt's Witch Hfasel Salve,
:he great remedy for piles and all
fortssn •; skin disease*. Stephens
& El wo d.
The penitentiary Authorities in
Walla Walla have 60,000 yards oi
low price of hops, the state secured
this cloth, hut as the price of hops
is advancing tbe lxiard expects to
sell this supply immediately.
ly relieved 1 y the same remedy.—
Stephens & Elwood.
Mr. Wis. Turner'! crop of Straw*
abo:: 850 crates or 6000 '• xr
nearly flwo per crate delivered at
for buyers.—Wenatchee Advance.
It ha* saved thousands 'of others
n--t to do and if our n tion to*dav
i..e.r i line>er>.. z newt] ipprs —
probably let op now.
Bucklin's Arn:;a Ssi^e.
Perry Drug C ».
Block.P. L. DEUEL.
i« Cere Cootrie, ?~---ttt.
Capt. Jds. 4. DufTev,
c c TOLCOO, chio.
ThtOlMt >c T«IH V»hst Dr.
v .-»• Re^ccßm »-;ve Der.a
Far M ~it» If a-J * H
I nnn;! Pa fit I 111
II iruuii Fflfl&alil.
4Q. A CfP * '
Toi'- Sale.
. :h> i $10
in 12 raoi th*. Total, 1450. Forty
*rom :* c 1 i .ten.
i . ii. Hi Kudu,
Exclusive Sole Age:.:.
>>oti« > ber%bj gives tfa&t tbe fotiovlng*
and ret n« of tie Interior depart m«n
«bi *ticb pr:- 5-h Did n:•; b< illowen, w; ;
Cash Paid . .Hides and Pelts.
,:. :;. \i) .', Pro] i; . L:l n *bure, Wash.
Think or Starve
i 1""/.:' is ihe akernative. Do not longer be
- 1 ... by well-worded lies. Read the
. will pay you dhidendtWMMMJ
TO-DAY—t/ '-7-2 r ; ; :'"ft. c : ;'r;v
ft** > . - ... _ Tea Gem » N--asfc«r
Editors: ----.*-£-: . *AMS, E New Occasion*
- . - *_.'."?.' " , iFEFERENDUM,Ito
: . . iF naEthical Culture,
• Qui -■ t*i: v.:: wjutarij cdstritet* tsiu Rt|*MM
t.-» r,.,L-T>.«t->,t • r f " rt ■««'•**•
..: ' " t : r- r*n* Oca A.GtUr.
>.- -'""-... - " Mary A. Mwewet*
* . ... ...., t... .4. .. . ..... newTimh
• '• ". ■'=»• P* •"•- v. v-- • .• . • 3 Peace; C. Revolution,
pv Frederick U. Ada ns, an i: i i: : .~.tJ. .: r - - »daa : .ic7 ::i every pat*
CHARLES H. KERR & COM?* NY, Publishers,
Xlic IDftxxrn stxxc3 '~: nete 2. ?ear
Por Only Sl.lO. -A.c3.cir. 5^5311
Bort Tvkaec* Sj.it ti.L Sa:.-k; T«« lift Avaj.
- - ■ - - d k a: - ;r ; 1 ».
? ir <=r-T??5 to raw £>y finjf^riftjfc,
and Jewelry a SpeeaMgr.
to am c ? » n«l aBJJ.
i pi msi free. Aiiret*
p p ? P E R T 1
W , • Mil
Anj Sea His
The ; '• - • c ; * on (I
Colvii . ami on tbt
Red : »ck fot a -i' B
m U\h ; slwC - n. «t.
sseid:« . ... C. ii •"• • r*»r:ical*i*

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