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Briefly Told
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ti 1 1 I 1 1 " im! - V - niy
. Kirby, Gerard, 0., denies published
,,,1,1 the iteel itrikeri oi ounnwmn,
(Mid justify them in seising inc
Father F.
reports thai
o.. "tli.it the
Ptther K-lu writes: "Wlut 1 did till them was
thal the public has a right to expect direct action from
the government if the steel corporation trial to starve
the men Into submission.
IrmkHee Day, Nov. It, b substituted for Columbus
Day Oct 12, by the Vlabama legislature.
"It is iot difficult to brcal
mans iob ,i make a man.
.1 man, but it is I biu
President of Wardens
h Chamber
l ' m,Mi.', m lis s! 'Oi Ml I MO r i OIK
tint France has concluded lucn alliances as snc www
0( the ! eag of Nations, and that si the
I nitcd Slates does not join the League H would not
disarrange matters much,
- dgaret m the mouth oi every man, woman and
child in China" is the slogan ol i tobacco company ot
the United States
Baccarat is again permitted in Prance, It is estl
mated that $1.(MMUX10.000 (one billion dollars) changed
hands in gambling resorts the first night.
Among the I
22,000,000 pound
S artsy materia sold in France was
of sugar.
The Sn . to Committee has examined i conscientious
objector who besides being i believer in non-resistance
under any and all circumstances, admitted being also
an anarchist and an atheist
Many 'healers" hao imaded Washington seeking
an opportunity to treat the President Physicians from
various parts of the Country telegraphed advice to Or.
i rrayaon,
l ord Packovtr, the London Quaker banker, de-
clined an offer that his title pass through his daughter
to grandson, H he wains I title when he grows
up. lot him earn it." said the old man.
now I. W. W lias boon organized in Washing
ton, its slogan being 1 Walk to Work." Its purpose
is to bring the street railway company to time.
The printers' Strike in Now York has disclosed that
the average magasine consists in an office and sub
scriptr-n list; the actual publication being done in
job ot'icos.
One sometimes fancies what Theodore RooseveH
w (Villi have said to the driving, dragging, dragooning
methods which are being used to provide the money
tor a memorial to him.
Air shipping is saving 41 hours between Havana
and Now York.
An American soldier has explained the number of
German soldiers he captured by saying he had prom
ised souvenir helmets to that many girls.
Gen, Wood reports that the American
amoral the strikers makes no trouble at all.
Senator Gore intimates that investigation might
profitably be made Of '"Bolshevists in the Senate and
l louse
Onu lidc ol the coal strike to be considered iirst is
the fireside,
Bai tyni of Vuny, snd Baron Ream- of the
North Sea, ire two new t::'.es in England's peerage.
rhe ' :...". Government appears to be on sut-:-.vn-
-' d terms with the former kaiser to obey his
SUggestii ns m little things like suppressing nlms that
ifa arable to him.
n Mi
ll still have neai
lv 1,000.000 men under
i i : itniis in t ie coMiiuj.
because oi me iioum w...v.
wcd4ing prfiCmS no longer consist in thing, that tak
n, ,,. Check! are taking the place ot tia ICtS and
OS1 perfect example of Socialism is a swarm
i i - .. rwi ,.. Kut tii. ti hi- asks, nave
Ml'MIY an iiv . vwi -
better hive or more peiim
The in
of bees, a s
they CVCI
honey :
Reconstruction In Belgium has advanced to the
point whiro the entire railway system is m operation.
Please note: CocoanuH are .selling awaj below
market price in Panama. Cause given: oversupply ol
cocoanut in I S.
German Government commissions are now touring
South America and many important trade arrangements
Rre reported.
The New York Sun devotes columns to "personals,"
both business and social, relating to the arrival ac
tivities and departure of South Americans m Now ork.
Tuberculosis causes the deaths of more than 15),(KX)
people yearlj in the United States.
Congressman Welty, Ohio: "Antagonism oi rail
roads toward the development of water transportation
is hindering the growth and prosperity ol the country,
and the lowering of the cost oi living essentials.
Main members of the Women's l and Army of
England, organized during the war to aid food produc
tion, desire tO gO to Canada and encage m agricultural
acth ities.
Britain's colonies are indebted to the mother coun
try tO the extent of $030,000,000,
Ale.-holie liquors are entirely prohibited in Turkey
and other Mohammedan countries.
Great quantities of nikalgtn, an external anesthetic
invented by an American, was used with v.(n results
in French and Italian army hospitals.
ConfuchlS, Chinese philosopher, advocated the
League of Nations two thousand tour hundred years
Tokio will construct
traffic congestion.
I modern subway to relieve
The Dearborn Publishing Co.
I nclosfJ is for year's subscription to
The rord International W eekl
Street or A F. .
THl wsaamPfian m f m ... ,T, riMNoi u and cu.
Scientists predict that they will bo able to foretell
the coming of epidemics in sufficient time for warnings
and prevention.
Senator Frelinghuysen, New Jersey, states that if the
demands of the coal miners are granted, it will result
m an increase of the COSt of coal to the consumer from
$J to $2.50 a ton. It is always the consumer: no one
over thinks of taking it out of the profits.
Four lar.ee black bears recently meandered down
the street of a Pennsylvania town, causing panic among
Citizens, The Village dogS, generally mtuh in evidence,
ware exceedingly scarce on this occasion, but the bruins
were shot and killed from strategic positions in attic
"Milk" electric bulbs are the latest in electric light
ing. They are capable of rendering intense light with
out uneven glare or glitter.
John Burroughs savs : " The earth has developed
and ripened, hanging like fruit on the great sidereal
tree, and can no more repeat the stages it has passed
through than can any other fruit or growing thing."
A prayer offered before business by the chaplain of
the ElOUSC of Representatives: "Almighty Father, in
spire, we pray Thee, the
heart of every American
citizen with a profounder
reverence foe our National
Constitution which for a
hundred and thirty two
years has guided us to un-
paraflctcd prosperity; and
ISM a patriotism which
shall sweep through our K -ublk
as never before, to
still unholy strife, eliminate
lawlessness and unrest ; a
patriotism which shall drive
the agitator, the Bolshevist,
the dynamiter and all for
eign vagaries from our
hordirs: that loyalty, peace
and good will may reign
supreme. In the name of
Hun who taught us how to
live and enjoy the fruits of
liberty, justice. merc. and
worship Thee, our Father,
in the beauty of holiness.
'OftCiJN COUNT fi ta OO A IA
"Following the deprivations of the war there seems
, he a mania for luxuries. Let us feed ourselves well.
V .s.iws well, inciter onraeves well, keep our
S and bodies healthy, but this being done, for
haven's sake, let's then pay off our debts Worew
start to talk about more luxuries ! Standard 1 arts
the rod salmon is the most valuable single species
Of tish in the world.
Sir Oliver Lodge now working on the theory that
the eye is an e'ectrical organ, making use of atomic
energy and shooting otT electrons.
Despite the unparalleled high cost of living in France
the banks report a substantial increase in savings de
H isits.
Twenty thousand natives of the Far Fast are de
tained in England due to the scarcity of ships. It is
impossible to obtain passage to India in less than eight
or ten months.
Kangaroo hunting in speedy automobiles on the
hard rolling plains of Australia is the sport of tourists.
Thirty-SCVen million microbei of all species are in
haled by" a person employed ten hours a day indoors
in industrial centers
The bears this year are very lightly furred, and the
squirrels have stored comparatively lew nuts, indica
tions of a mild winter.
The human heart beats 38000000 times a year;
three billion beats for three score and ten.
British people are adverse to frame houses, despite
a comparatively mild climate.
Tight collars hinder the normal supply of blood to
the head and thrs affect the action of the brain.
Wisconsin loads the nation in the number of pure
bred Guernsey cattle.
Two years ago Premier Hughes of Australia pur
chased on his own responsibility fifteen million dollars'
worth of merchant ships. They aided in the defeat of
the submarine campaign, and cleared clogged ware
houses of grain in Australia. Their net earnings to
date have been sufficient to pay off the capital cost.
Sir Oliver Lodge says there are more atoms in a
tumblerful of water than there are tumblerfuls of water
in the Atlantic.
The first two Germans whose extradition was de
manded have been returned to Lille. France, where
they will bo tried for crimes committed during the de
poitation of the women of that city.
The clergy of the Church of Fngland. many of
whom are heavy Stockholders in Lritish browing inter
ests, are evincing strong opposition to the giuwiug
prohibition sentiment in Fngland.
Reports persist to the
the trial of the Kaiser
effect that preparations for
are being rapidly pushed in
A New York hold-up man says the only person he
fears is I woman with a hat-pin.
The German mark, having lost three-fourths of its
normal value. German workmen can be induced to work
overtime only by promises of payment, in food. Two
pounds ol lard, or any other kind of fats, will buy
much labor; it induced miners to work overtime.
Less than one-fourth of the soldiers of Georc
Washington's army were native Americans. Scotch.
Irish and English born soldiers made up the majorit
Senator Watson, in reply to a question put in the
Senate, said that "fundamentally there is no difference
between Socialism and Bolshevism."
Current history classes studying the Covenant of
the League of Nations in various high schools, have
been interfered with by school boards which charge
The German sub committee which is investigating
the causes of the war has published the following tele
ram from the Kaiser: His majesty does not care
a bit about President Wilson s offer, if a breach with
America cannot be prevented, it cannot be helped
Kvents are developing "
School teachers in the Republic of Panama were on
r two days returning upon government promise
of better salaries.
t Ti! namc ''man-Austria" is abolished in favor
of the name "Republic of Austria."
qJ??1 J-de" f $u3ir hvc been placed with
,TL qll?,rat,OT1 IW(,S in Massachusetts to feed
IwL and a ha,t has allowed for 2,000

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