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One of King George's palaces w.ll be COO verted into
furnihed flats especially for young married couples and
reasonable rents will be charged. The King decided to
rent because of the bousing difficulties in England.
A number of cattle leaping the decks of an ocean
freighter bound for this country were slaughtered by
a school of sharks.
"All that the modern girls know about a needle is
that you can only use it once on the phonograph."
Mexican Ledger.
British flags were burned recently by Irish women
agitators in front of the Treasury Building in Wash
ington. The Germans with their indemnity are really more
fortunate than the New Yorker with his rent, says an
economist with an eye for comparisons. The annua!
indemnity payment i $750,900,000, about twice the
amount extracted from Xcw York tenants, but there
are twelve times more Germans to pay it. The ii -demnity
is fixed; the New Yorker's rent is subject t"
spasmodic increase. The indemnity ceases in 30 years ;
the New York rent tribute never.
Fifty-four per cent of France's men under thirty
two years of age were killed in the war.
Because a cow drank their supply of gasoline and
then died, two United States aviators flying between
southern towns were detained by court action, but
later released as blameless.
An appeal is being made to immigrants arriving at
American ports to settle on farms and not linger about
the cities.
To get former soldiers back to the land in Aus
tralia, the British Government has already expended
more than ten million dollars.
"We punished Germany, and we had the right to do
it : we have also the right to prevent her from com
mitting her crimes again; but we have no right to
Itaud over her like Pharisees, and call on her alone of
all the nations to repent .... Not only must Germany
repent, all of us must repent." The New Statesman.
Two British fliers who flew across the deserts of
Africa were presented with valuable gifts by awed
natives who had never seen an airplane.
A gun capable of shooting more than one hundred
miles was completed in this country for the American
Army shortly before the armistice was declared.
Thirty-five states must elect governors in the fall at
the presidential elections.
"The truth about Soviet Russia" appears to be what
ever the Soviet Government chooses to make it appear
to a green correspondent. Independent correspondents,
who are not "personally conducted" and who go in to
see the whole show, give reports which conflict with the
rosy tales of the others.
Shooting Niagara Falls in a barrel will be attempted
by Charles Stephens, an Englishman, in August. In
1911, Robert Leach made the trip over the Falls without
suffering injury.
A lump of pure gold weighing more than twelve
pounds has been taken from a mine in the Belgian
Congo in South Africa.
Patti's body has been taken from England for
burial at Paris.
The Krupp Gun Works has completed a twelve-inch
gun which can be fired with practically no detonation.
TXY77 this issue, The Dearborn
rr Independent resumes its lb-page
form. Four weeks ago the 8 -page form
was temporarily adopted for the reason
that a very large and sudden increase
in subscript ions made a serious increase
in the amount of white paper required,
and The Dearborn Independent was
unwilling to throw that added burden
suddenly on the paper marktt: Trans
portation difficulties also entered into
the matter. Now, however, the adjust
ment of materials to requirements is
making excellent progress, and we has
ten to give our readers the usual amount
of reading matter. We appreciate
the courtesy and, understanding with
which they met the temporary change.
fhe strong anti-Semitic sentiment in Genua
I trained even the Social Democrats from
I I wish candidates.
ny re-
putting up
The Vicar of Luxton recently sold the liquor saloon
which he owned.
The actual cost of maintaining the civilized and
civilizing functions of the United States Government
is 7 per cent of the present expenditures The other 93
p r cent goes for the payment of recent and previous
More than 380 profit-sharing schemes have been
started in Plngland since 1829. There are now 182
schemes in operation, 29 of which are less than a
year old.
Because of the paper shortage 300 daily papers and
1,200 weeklies have suspended publication in this coun
try during the last three months.
Dungeness crabs, large crustaceans, very similar in
appearance and taste to the lobster, are being caught
along the North Pacific Coast and are used as a sub
stitute for the latter.
Nearly one hundred fliers disappeared in the war
of whom no trace was ever found, and whose planes
were never heard of again.
The Lost Baggage Department of the A. E. F. has
returned 105,000 articles to their owners, and still has
132,000 articles unclaimed.
Seldom does a navy chaplain attain the rank of
rear admiral, but this was the case with Donald Mc
Laren, a Presbyterian minister, who was appointed by
Abraham Lincoln, retired 1896, made rear admiral 1906,
and died last month.
The slums of Dundee, Scotland, said by some to be
nearly the worst in the world, occupy the best site in
the city, on a broad hillside, in full view of the river,
with pure air in abundance.
The bees produced in the L'nited States last year
250000,000 pounds of honey, on which the financial
buzzards have placed a money tax of $50,000,000. Sup
pose the bees had to pay the tax on their production !
Suppose, even, that the bees received the money for
their labor!
The Dearborn Publishing Co.
Enclosed is $1.00 for one year's subscription 52 issues to
The Ford International Weekly
Street or R. F. D.
The astonishing report comes from Xickerson
Kansas, that when the telephone company simc'
,m increased rate, the subscribers held a mass meeting
The actual cost of the Republican Conventionthat
is, of the show as it was confined within the walls of
the Coliseum was about $150,000.
Nicholas Longworth jocularly proposed a plank in
the Republican platform recommending the abolition
of the political handshake.
A boy was washed through 300 feet of sewer into
the sea at Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, and came
through dazed but uninjured.
The common rat is not a native of this country but
immigrated with transocean vessels. The native rat is
a comparatively harmless creature.
Letter boxes for the reception of aerial mail have
been established at Los Angeles.
The universe, according to Dr. Curtis, of the Lick
Observatory, is "relatively small," being only 30,000
light years in length and 3,000 light years in thickness.
You may determine a light year by finding the number
of seconds in a year and multiplying them by 186,000,
the speed at which light travels a second.
Chicago's population is now 2,701,212.
The "work or jail" system is being used in some
of the larger cities to clean out the crowds of young
fellows that infest the pool rooms.
A Turkish woman who left her home and walked
on the street w ithout her veil was shot dead by one of
her male relatives. Yet, adventurous as the lady was,
it is extremely doubtful if love or money could have
induced her to appear even indoors in a fashionable
American costume.
Theodore Roosevelt's sister was one of the hits at
Chicago, by reason of her speech seconding General
Wood's candidacy.
A St. Louis bookseller has proved to his own satis
faction that his city represents a higher literary culture
than does Boston. In Boston 43 per cent of the book
buyers choose fiction, while in St. Louis the fiction
buyers comprise only 23 per cent of the whole.
A. Conan Doyle was not able to abandon his medical
practice and live on the earnings of his pen until 1902.
Warren Gamaliel Harding, the Senator from Ohio
who has just become the candidate from Chicago, is
rated as a considerable orator, which is ominous, for
able orators have not been conspicuously fivored for
executive positions.
Human nature is finding many champions these days
in defense against the charge that it has gone jazzy.
The instigation to extravagance and reckler IS, it is
said, does not come from the people themselves, but
from outer influences that lead them on.
An autopsy revealed that David Carey, of London.
England, who died of anxiety because a doctor told
him he had heart disease, had a healthier heart than
most men and might have lived for 50 years.
"I don't want to be a vampire," says Theda Bara;
"I am not an ogress; I'm just an inoffensive Jewish
Bolshevism has met the only formidable foe that
has yer risen against it a revival of the n ligious con
sciousness of the Russians. Because it rises Within tne
Russian people and is irresistible the Red G overnmcnt
fears it more than opposing armies and dares not at
tack it.
"Americans should go after oil wherever oil is to
be had Americans, not the United States." New orK
The heaviest criticism made on political Uttenjncel
these days is that they are crystal clear and tun w
force on matters like private ownership of ran ro .
the danger of being too severe on the profiteers,
so on, but muddy, hesitant and ambiguous on any
ter having a human clement. Money is still able to
with exceptional clearness.
Tremendous thunderstorms and numerous 0"j
hursts have caused serious floods in Lincolnshire
President Dcschanel, of France, is in ill health.
"(cupation with the duties of his office, col,l),cor je$s
disappointment to discover that he is more
a fiKurehead are given as the chief causes
condition. .

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