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Many Men of Many Minds
H. S. Fireitone- A man who isn't willing
to share hi I success with others won't have much
success to put in his own pockets.
John D. Rockefeller, Jr. My experience
oroves that the only things that come to the man
who waits are the cast-off things of somebody
Dr. Herbert Johnion. The American girl
of today is truer, braver and finer than those
who have only watched her when frivoling at
home can believe.
Hudson Maxim. Capital is a reservoir
where industrial energy is stored for use.
Money exactly represents everything that can
be bought with it and done with it.
Wesley L. Jonet. We should have men on
the Shipping Board who know the shipping busi
Btlf, who can meet those dealing with the board
on their own ground, and who can anticipate the
moves of our competitors.
Samuel Intull. The men I know who have
gone ahetd fastest have been just normal fellows.
They were set off from the others, in the begin
ning, only by the fact that they made a practice
of using the constructive little opportunities which
others have neglected. And that practice gave
them the special abilities they needed.
Irvin S. Cobb. Pestilence we may guard
against; famine we may alleviate; wars per
haps some day we may prevent; but against
the criminal recklessness of the individual
thoughtlessly endangering his own safety or the
safety of some innocent victim, the world, until
lately, had neither adequate protection nor sought
for any.
John D. Ryan. Influence is the worst
handicap any young man can have. It tends
to make him feel he need not exert himself
to his full capacity and has a bad effect upon
him. When other workmen learn that one of
their number has a pull with somebody higher
up, they look at him askance and the effect
upon these other men is bad.
Herbert S. Bigelow. The power to hire
and fire is a power which no man should be
trusted to exercise over another without restraint.
President Warren G. Herding. I decline to
recognize any conflict of interest among the par
ticipants in industry. The destruction of one is
the ruin of the other, the suspicion or rebellion
of one unavoidably involve the other. In con
nect is disaster, in understanding there is triumph.
Herbert H oover. We seem to have lost
our national perspective. We hold to our sur
plus of food and raw materials with which our
warehouses are bursting. People do not realize
that if we are to abandon the 3,500,000 children
of Europe who are ambassadors of good will our
hope for a cure of world evils is gone. These
starving peoples of Europe may be driven to
madness by the hardness of our hearts.
Frank L. Dykema. The foundation of cit
izenship, in a form of government in which the
citizen is answerable only to himself for perform
ing his duties, must be indi
Individual Honor vidual honor, a realization
Foundation of and conviction that citizen
Good Citizenship ship involves a moral obliga
tion to oneself and one's fel
lows, and an appreciation that failure to perform
the duties of a citizen destroys self-respect and
discredits him in the minds of others. Citizen
ship must be interpreted in terms of honesty, fair
play, the square deal and the golden rule. The
same reaction should take place in the mind of a
citizen who fails in a duty, that occurs in the
mind of a normal man who does a dishonest
Owen Witter. A cuckoo is a bird that
never builds its own nest, but always lays its egg
in the nest of some other bird. Our country is
crowded with cuckoos, all very busy laying eggs.
They meet and plot. They harangue each other.
They curse the house of Uncle Sam. They ask.
"Who was George Washington, anyhow?" They
tell each other that private property is highway
robbery. That is merely because they haven't
any and want yours and mine without working
for it.
David Starr Jordan. The immediate out
look in America is trying, but secure. The basis
of the Republic is far too solid to be overthrown
by any force now active in the world.
. E. Nash. In the operation of a railroad
nothing is more essential than obedience. The
first requirement of a good officer is obedience.
He has no right to expect a subordinate to do
anything which he is not willing to do himself.
F. W. Wilton. There has been too much
bloodshed since 1914 to begin talking again about
treaties, which, even if they are defensive, are
nowadays peculiarly offensive.
Edwin T. Meredith. The Department of
Agriculture, in its work of fostering our great
basic industry, is the servant of all the people,
and if we can bring about a general recognition
of that fact I feel sure it will not fail to receive
the confidence and support it deserves.
G. K. Chesterton. I believe that when men
are happy, they sing; not only at the piano,
but at the plow, at their work and in their
walks abroad. I am well aware that modern
men do not sing in the street very much. I
am well aware that cosmopolitan money lend
ers never sing, but die with all their music in
William G. McAdoo. Mexico is a country
of vast undeveloped resources. She is abso
lutely dependent upon foreign capital for
their development, which is essential to the
progress and prosperity of her people. I
think that President Obregon and his col
leagues are determined to establish a new era
of peace, order and prosperity in Mexico.
M. L. Burton. The test of individual ef
ficiency and usefulness to society centers in a
man's ability to use his mind. Emerson never
erected a more arresting danger signal than when
he exclaimed : "Beware when the great God
lets loose a thinker on the planet!" If we could
only harness the mental power of America to
day we could solve the gigantic problems of the
Agriculture Manufacture Transportation
Seven hundred Chinese have sailed from
Hawaii to work on Cuban sugar plantations.
According to estimates approximately 200,
000,000 feet of lumber will be cut on Crown
lands in New Brunswick during the present year.
Two thousand, five hundred and 'iree oil
wells were completed east of the RcwK Moun
tains during January.
Cotton exports last year exceeded those of
any other commodity and were valued at $1,136,-
A majority of New York shipyards have
granted a reduction of 2l2 per cent in the cost
of repairs to government vessels.
The German potash syndicate has petitioned
the government for the privilege to raise domes
tic prices 50 per cent.
During 1919, 69 per cent of the world's total
of petroleum production came from the United
States, according to recent figures of the Geo
logical Survey.
G. W. Forster of the Bureau of Farm Man
agement of the Department of Agriculture pre
dicts that tarm tabor will be plentiful through
out the entire Linted States during 1921.
As a result n the record-breaking cross-continent
(rip XXBpkted by postal airplanes recently
a continuous l&j and night air-mail service be
tween Sai hrmcttoo and New York City will
c established May L
What is believed to bo a world's record for
parachute jump was recently established at Fort
jjw when an aeronaut jumped from an airship
lx a height of 22,000 feet, landing six miles from
h,s take-off.
To restrain the state of Illinois from interfer
'n8 with the collection by the railroads of the m
creased passenger rates a permanent injunction
Was granted by the United States District Court
01 Appeals, February 15.
The Nebraska College of Agriculture has pro
duced a grading system to enable producers in
the state to obtain better prices.
Since 1910 the Pennsylvania Railroad has laid
56.230,904 new cross ties and 1.347.289 tons of new
The Spanish Government suspended wheat
purchases recently on account of the over-supply
of the Spanish market. However, this act
will not interfere with individual purchases.
The president of the Illinois Veterinary Med
ical Association states that hogs can be success
fully vaccinated for hog cholera with the double
treatment when but a few weeks old.
Last year Prussian state railway thefts
reached the number of 238.975. More than 17,
500 loaded freight cars were stolen. Fifteen
thousand thieves were arrested and convicted.
The excess of exports over imports in Janu
ary. 1921, was $446,000,000 against $243,000,000 in
January. 1920. With the exception of December,
1920, this is the largest monthly excess of ex
ports since June, 1919.
To combat the peach borer a chemical manu
factured from coal tar products and known as
Para-di-choro-benzene has been found to be of
value if applied during the last week in August
or before September 10.
Fur men state prices obtained during the first
few days the auction has been in progress in St.
Louis have shown a general increase of about
?5 per cent over those prevailing at the sale
fast month. They believe improved trade condi
tions have CtniM the upward trend.
her extensive experimental work it has been
found that repair bills for damaged roads would
be greatly reduced if motor trucks were designed
to carry "more of the loads put on them over the
front axle and less over the rear wheels. Pneu
matic tires also reduce impact and cause Jess
damage to the highways than those of hard
More than double the average amount spent
annually for ten years in building the Panama
Canal was spent last year in constructing high
ways by Federal aid.
Soy beans thrive north to a latitude of about
46 degrees. Soy beans are largely raised for hay,
silage and pasture. Samples were sent north
during 1920 and of 551 reports returned to the
Department of Agriculture 400 were favorable.
A new process for the manufacture of carbon
from lignite will be utilized in a $1,000,000 plant
to be built in Monroe. Louisiana. The new car
bon will be used in the process of refining sugar,
replacing the bone black now in use.
The South African Railways are advertising in
this country for bids covering the electrification
of two sections of their lines, one involving the
line from Capetown to Simonstown and the
other between Durban, on the east coast, and
Because of the fact that no rain has fallen on
the desert country near Phoenix, Arizona, thou
sands of sheep would have perished had not the
Forest Service thrown open to the sheepmen the
Crook and Tonto forest lying adjacent to the
desert in the foothills of the mountains. Even
this is considered as only temporary relief.
The United States Department of Agricul
ture spent $250,000 in establishing Durum wheat
in this countrv and the wheat of this variety now
produces $50,000,000 a year. It cost $200,000 to
introduce rice and the California crop alone is
now worth $21,000,000 a year. The American
Egyptian cotton crop introduced at a cost of
$40,000 now produces $20,000,000 a year.
In Sweden a central arbitration board has
been created consisting of seven persons three
appointed by the government, two by council of
the Employers' Association and two by the Work
men's National Council. Its object is to render
it easier for employers and workmen to have
collective agreements interpreted, thus obviating
recourse to strikes and lockouts. Decision of the
board is final.

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