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Cbc all? Entcrprtoc,
MtntT i.. mxi.Ki;...
40 vvw
Barney Gibbs now know how
it is t drop from tho clouds with
out a purmliuto.
Mutt Quay of Pennsylvania, or
ruthcr hisindidato for governor,
which is just the stimo, Imd 12.V
OiMj votes to (.puieitfur Mr. W'aim
milker got through refoiining
A good lliinir for tin." oouiity
nimniissiniu is to do is to order
nil tlio pi inline for .lcll'rson
county to In; done nt homo if it
can lie done us cheaply us in St.
Louis, Gulwi-ton or Sun Antonio.
The gnat Si.iiiIk rn la-iii' rail
way nses letter li'ds Unit can be
,.,i'i,ii l in iiuv ollicc in Jclli'isiiii
i : .
. ..t
I'llllllt v.
ivecpin- mo ' I,.
home means tlait inoro lalior Mii
ho i-iiivloyH.wlii'.li will l! a I'c'ii
tit to everybody.
Suatson the Now Voriv V:k
rjlock Kxcliniigo. were fiiioled on
Monday nt 27,"0) bid, which is
tho highest price in fourteen
yours The ivord price is
580. which was paid in Odobor,
1881, by George 15. French, With
$1000 initiutiiiii fee, Mr. French's
scut cost him 35,50i. Since tlien
tho seats have sold as low as 11,
000. Their advance recently is
uscribetl to the prosperous condi
tion of bnsinohS in Wall street
Tho St. Louis Globe-DeUioiiiitB
Uavaiia corn-spoiid- nt iu his lalest
loiter taijK, in addition to olle l
i.TI,,. 1,.,11 fi.il.t. imnuroLitlv. Iius
..C)..., l i 7
iili-riiJv u-oiie. and tho last of this
Spanish imtional institution has been
Hoen iu IUuuni. A bull light wa
to huvo been given in tho Plaz.i ut
lieglu, acrois the hay, Sunday, with
Peruuno as tin! stur. lVniui.ii was
ia tho "Cuoilrilhi." or support, of the
giutt Mazaiitini, who was hero last
year, but his laurels ero yet un
earned. Mexicnu bulls, .vliieh are
not ho vallinnt us those from Au lu
luaiu, wero to have furnished the
Hnort. Kverylhing indicated that
the pei forujiineo wuh n t going to be
up to the standard. It was with
relief thut tho truo lovers of pastime
learned Sumlay afternoon that Cap
ta;u tieueral Blanco hud prohibited
tho bull fight. Failure to procure a
license was said to be the cause, but
tho prohibition was uttribuli d to tl t
I'.n.l'iiii ( '.eiiiiul's fear that, the dis-
eoutented soldiers would raise a row.
Compensation was found for Hit
failure of tho bull light. Tho tT.u k
jockey of Havana, who rides into the
ring ou a magnificent white Ai'dalu
binn Btallioii and receives the keys
from tho president of the day, was
enabled to parade up and down the
Prado. This jockey is a wrnvaiied
little fellow. Perched on his steed
he looks like a midget. I had been
wondering whether he had dried ii
and blown away dining the hit" k
nde. His appearance was luiulo witu
eclat. Only the i fleet was tnaued
vbu he drew up iu front of th
hotel for closer int.pt ct ion, and to
receive the homage alwiiys necoidt I
Liui. The Mississippi inau vho i
iu Cuba prospecting for land was
curious about the Andshisi in teed.
,t So he opeijed the animal's mouth
aud looked at lUc to. tli. Humph."
he said, with .niitaipU 't eiity live
years old if he's a day. A bdy
could ride th:.t hoi . The pn-M ig
of the crack jJt k. y of ll v.mu was
eclipsed. "'
.Just oponoil ji ;- f
)lvn' wniltary riuU-rsliirl
and Dram r, l.i nnil.
ToyT ,To , for I lirM
nta arriing laily sit tin
Counter Kneket More.
Croekett Street.
A new 'ioe ot iiiciV 1il' an I
children's dioe jo 1 i'i-ci'd at
thclilolM. and arc . 1. n-1 V"
at a rrc-at tai-ain.
N ."Mom llMh:irjrH I-'or
the Third.
l'oi t ("ark, "Icxiis Nov. 10.
Tim dailv pa; er which liuvodrift-
od into tilt; po-t fur iho past f"W
tlays liavo coiiliiincd statoiiH'iits to
tlio Hied that no morn dis
ehnryi's would ln granted lo mom
lM'rs"of tlio Third Texas as tlio
regiment i:id been re.;iei', as
much as was consistent with tho
osliiblished standard of a lighting
funliug. 1 low over I run this may
bo, there is noiut ructions to thnt
olTcctut reyiiu 'nl.d lieadiiiai tors,
and iipplieatiun.s hiv still jiouriiig
into the adja'aiit'soi'linofrom each
and every ...iii-niiy in tlio regi
ment. Private .lack Wo ids of eojn
pany I) i-iiilempl.il.es sending 'lie
fi.llowhg riilli -r ni'isieal applica
tion l. Hit! s"i iftii-y ' r war, Imp
in;,' ll. it. his !-:!' will siillie out
ly". .I'luncd !i' :' !'iat li" A ' 1 not
nr. grant l.iw an hou raid" dis-c!i.-ii
lnit send aim g tmtcli for
tho list-ol UH' lew mem nn "
t V
,iv sli ,.ft iii th .s,'r ice
Way il'iwii on Key West Mmi'l,
Ail til!. tist.ililMitiil 'Ht,
Sunn! sixty iiiilcs from C11l.11,
Just off tho I'lmifla coast,
Wlmrt! Coiiijiiiuii'H M iii'tl I) were sent
Tlilnl Texas VDlunlenis
To cut ilrlicioiis liard tack
lli-oii linked for twenty years.
II'Ih'Iv Ctiit. A. II. Merrill.
of llii! First Artillery,
Was la eoiiiiii'ili'l of Hie K'Oi'lsitli,
An old war lior.su was lie.
II.:M served laiele Sam for many years,
la discipline strict was lie,
And everything mast conns up right,
Just as it ought to he.
They made us d fatigue duly,
llnilil forts, do drudgery,
A ml haul the ships and tradi away
For llattalious A ami 1!.
Wt: slept in seven by eight foot tents.
Iu squads of four or more,
lie mail! lis wish the ' Fighting Third"
Hail never heard of war.
Our Tt'Mis hoys, whose waving locks
Their manly heads adorned,
A'ere made to eat their hair so short
They hail left seareely none.
When inspection came on muster day,
l)ri s.-ed up in lip-top order,
lle'tl yell "V..U 1111 1 i - wolverines
You miisi gi t that hair cut shorter."
And when the orders come to move
Old Merrill thought he'd sw ipe us,
Anil curried in up Svw York
Alioanl f In: ship San Marcos.
How we were treated on that ship -
I'll not in lo describe it,
For I'm ipiile sure our gram' dd state
Has heard ere now about It.
The New York people trealed us
Just like we'd conic from Cuba,
They fed us on sweet milk and pies.
Of dainties we'd a plenty;
lint u iw we're back at old Fort Clark,
In the l.one Star State of I'exas,
And trust no olil-liine "regular"
Will come out here to vex us.
N'ow, I'ncle Sum, we N.duntcercil
When our country was in danger
Co keep Old (ilory hoisted high;
To fear we were a stranger;
liir now that pein e lias heeii declared
Our count i v's all the stronger.
And I think you ought send us lioine
Nol m ike as sinter longer.
l,d, Watson and his tni'iipciors
i iuv "n:iv ca ill L'ltlirtl llliilllll
this iniirniiiir. and wiicntlie.v came
nii'i' to (iiiaiiers the trail r wc'iv
rcatly for their.. Tluy wfro li oil
aet'itss a ciii)ili! of ots and e.ich
rccoi veil about fifty I'.cks with a
ihifc inch liaversaek strap acrn-s
his rear clevalinti. It is safe to
suv they not olow pay call
liraiu until the payniaMor i in
si-rht of the "st.
C.ii niiial Antoni.irrank retuni
,il lal iii-rhl from a ten ilav fur
l.ui'di, sio'iil at t irorgctown and
Austin, lieu AlalitD'WN, win nil
witli him, his secured an exti n
si)Ui nf teii)las, a ml will s,wnd
ii;em with his patents at tuirgc
Puvatc Carroll I'atill" l'ft u
fii rl nigh this morning for his
homo iu t j-:imiti.
I'iixatc.l. MtS,'ott. otic of tin
In i'.-blesl oiincf ncws.p.ii-r M il
Ins in north Tc.v.i. o cnMng I in
'hea ;.ii nl) is gaii" t"r n. trot i
inj lo wtiil in hi nji'lic.iti)o f r t
liCrh.ll II.' has wilt in
in. Iln- not as mi g-t citti-T r I
tlielil pnsl firimi'lltal ll' l I' ir j
let.. .'ol1 'l l loll eolltli-, tl' l ,
f..r i IIS wi'il Ihe d.llercllt II. Hill
li d n!i' - in I has ris-fiilly h i I ,
,), allui inir i-l'Ti lit I I 1
1:1,. th . 1. lie i n'lift a-f pt toitd
I'll. i. i :i t Wi liiui I-:
Ki i n v.
Hiv. u ll i) 1 !) "l
.f H i. i. - ' 1 1 '
V lil- i.i I ' 1 I ' i
Mil. 1
Ki.-.- ' .
I .'.- 1 ' !
m- 1 !! 1 - :
Is ) !)
W in " Arrontotl.
A l ee "i, 1 iston spneial uy;
'r.i.st..:li.- I s i'i iir Saow today
uniniiiieed tli ( 'h',14 lliirron, a
yuun.ir vvoiin i i.' Xorth Adams,
who was in I! ') I Kovorul inonthn
a'o ii)oii t'ie hiro of usinj; tho
mail u tl I'rai I, had hon mar
ried ul li ' i i nont, Toxiis, to W.
A. Vest, tip eotiipluiniinl iu tho
citsti. It was 'hurled that Miss
M.iroii I ru i "dly ndvertisod for u
lnisliaiid an I i ml many men, after
ttriH'ino; in ,i mtirriugo, sent her
money 1 1 ". 1 1 I her to muot thorn
They d ! o. ;. i a'' from her iiaiu
after sou li'ir o .a inoy. Ono of
the alh'e I vi tiuis was W. A.
Vest of 15 -a t u i ll, Texas, and ho
had lu-r arr. s' I early in tho kuiii
hut. Mr V' notili id l'ost-
ollie'! ins;v
llarl'i ii li.i i
-iiow that .Miss
i . 1 1 'can in. nit and
li e i married Ho
at th
inclosed a 1 ' r addressed to him
from Mrs. V s , i i which slio add
her liusba,. 1 Ii ii had married
liim loek'.ir i is if of tho cliargiM
in tlio indict .out. and was soiiiof
to leave him ml roturn to Massti
chusetls. Ai' V'st do-ires tliP.t
slio ho nrros' I an 1 scut liaolc to
him if possiUo."
Halxoek Slili Cl'liius 13.
Washi.ijto i, 1) Nov 11.
At it late luar t -li-iht Ohairnian
IJabeoek of I lie republican con
ti ussioiial co'.niuittco naitl thut the
alo.st utlvic.es received by the
committee, m:.ne no chansro in the
pol.tiial con .l.!.iiin ol tho next
house, of representatives. Tho
ri'imlilieiill ;. said, would have
18.". meiir.ers tvrlainiy, jrivin
i i i . ..
tlii'in a ele:ii nil1'' )li;vof 13. lliese
tiirurcs wet1" ;in' samu as those he
rave to the A ,-,.ieiatetl Press curly
in I lie ila v.
Seen lai -v Kerr of the deino-
crai ic couo n ,. si., nal committee lias
rone to I'eii .isi Ivaiiia. ro atltli
tional slatem.Jiit Irom him, tlioro
fore could lie t litained
His Al tractive Manner.
New York Dispatch.
(Vim. K.iosi'vult, iu his manners,
is not nia -ii. if, us lJlaino was, nor
courtly, as ( 1 , i-d Woodford is, but
he has a inai.i.. all his own, which
is eng-i'.:iii;; aod Utmctivp. Intensity
is his main dmr ac rislic. Whether
t'dkin-,' oi li--' mug, he is always in
li use. I i giving a greeting he takes
hold of a in in in u way that would
he effusive and insincere iu another
man, but with ('ol uicl Roosevelt it
Ht'cma and is eiiuire. It is his in
tensity and g iiuiuosB that makes
Colonel li'i s, veil what he is even
more than his ..hilily. Whatever he
tloes he throws Ire. whole heiug into.
There is not .'lieg cynical about him.
He acts ami tal ;; like an optimist.
He hel exes in longs, himself in
cluded, and I i ) in, loyment of lifo
us will us t l'..;lit is evident to all
A fast run is always an item of
interest to r.ilroad men and to
the orontTal public. Vice Tresi
tlcnt and tieueral Manajrcr Kam
sey of tin" x' al'asli inatle such a
run oer the Vabash We'tlnesday,
Novonili)'!- 1, :'twtcn IM'oit und
St. Louis. I was a special tra'ci
c) iuposi d of two private cars and
one tuaeli. Tin' special left De
troit at ('..." a in ami arrived at
S. I.uis ii it i ii station at .':- p.
m . a tlisl lin e ii- tsl miles Tin'
a era ire spec, t jo-i hour was 4 ..
ll i- us ,-h-s. t talk to the eo-
- :iUiiit ji i i'iij .liovii si)lrwal!s
nut il our Dili.
.-t-t an example.
S )tiii' if t'.))
w in th)'
. .1 f ,..
ll II. I j ! I il l
I .U I .-
I I I.
in hie the worst
i . ,i, 1 lutt s: Coiuf
. - iii romj-aiir and
l I'lltM. Aifl Ul.
Kftliu . .1 U.iU".
( 1 11
i:r.. 'I
In U.h. 'ii
v. iiiiU-1 t
thi- ;n. I M i,
12. '.I 1- n
t t Hi- l.niL-i.ns
! t..n. N.i i tn
ii ! : i.l I i1.-st.lt
( .it' f.lfv fi'T
i i N' Mii'H'r 1 1 ti)l
in ti 'h. l-1h.
l.:)" 11 IIO
. rl-.
j 1st I'
i -i i
. .i i
it; i;oIk. tik v
s i. s i :'.
I- . 1 s
si iii IMmUt.t1i
: ... 1 j i. -t .Tfijh.
t Alt V ;
i 11 i )Ti
s. mil i l
Of re ovrr II'. It. iiinu Drug Won.
IteiUlrnrr, ll Furty(he itrett.
JleMidnrc rhout 89. (iWf 1'AoN 30,
.. tnusTt:is
rilYSiriAX and SUlKiKOX,
Oflice room U Kylo building.
Pu sidcnce No. 12, Cypro utreet.
Teh-phono No. 1.
Kosidonco and oflice W. Crockett
Room No. 8, Starke Building,
Overlleclit'H Clothliifi Store.
(J old and unialtfam filliiif,'s
Crown und Hridsro Worlc,
Gold nnd Porcelain
Special attention given to dis
eases of the mouth.
J..1L Land. Ex.mllle!KTltles, r.iniafeSul
ami Divorces. ;30 years.; practice I'ere in
courts. -
55 M IflHNSON.
Attorney at Law.
Collections nnd Land ILltlgatlons a
i ..n will i,p,ictiT. iii the courts of
Jefferson, Liberty aud llnrdiu counties,
mill ul I'eiicval courts, uuieo iu oui.
Kooms 12 aud 15, Starks Bldg
J -
MRS. T. F, COX, Principal.
Free Carriage to aud from school
First-ciass work at the ....
(km BzrHz Shop
on rostoffico Square.
Hall's pestaurapt,
Tho only Strictly Fir ,t
Class shortoreler house
in town. PricosJ aro
bod rock.
Preaidi'nt. Vice-i-rei?iiieni
Fit AN K ALVKY. C'Bsliler.
CAPUA! STOCK $100,000.00.
Surplus OCIi MM PfOHIS $50,000,
.Irntrn nn nil the princhwl ritif
cf tht Kortii.
"the greatest newspaper
the great westi
r"rr Trir
By raiil, Daily and Sunday $4.00
Th3 Weekly, one Year 25 Cents
John Pcrr,
Will n io t -t'l trains and han-lk
M-rviif pu.-raiito d and jmtron-
aj.' i.lit it.l.
' .. I C.r.ll ll
If l l Oil I "... -
'I T!
jfnt hirf:'i) t tLe
lr. I.nnlt Krtlrr-.
h m i in
H 111 IX
M r- Vm W'n-i r t:i" inern tLt
K. I". L:ii : I n r--'tT'-l mina-
jst i i ll f "V un--it r'.ftnr -p-
j )t r "i t. ' 1 ll ' 1' "1 h
f .'.t i-s.Y- nn -i l.i i-ln-f ;n a
1 "TTTm n. ri,..ni r IViirl kinrfU a
f.tff. I .J ....... - - - -
uoid iict uac. ..nn .ii MUi
Hi littl li a !! hi l-au'l arouu.1 uerk ot
Millll). HulU U IO lll)l'll ''-
culva wwani. ll-Ml
1.1 1ST flu. liver l-oloretl poluUT llojj
about live moiilln old, am liaa four
whilB feiU l.llieral rtwaru ny r
llrewton. '
IOST Itt O it u H lulemcllou of
-,..,,..,... ... . i ,,i kirt-eU mill I ft) tier
denul, oiiu li iuw Imiiuiurlf Pr.
'. .... . ...I..u... h.liirii .1.11111
CUsu hliotiJUU. v inner iu-u
lo DUoil Cirt mil rwciicninoru.
WAX 1'KD - .W cr.r loads of Ali, Hak
nntl flue ni iu men nun mui
lenalli. i-o prices. Aildrt-aa K. A.
I-auyhllti, IV Vrtliur, ifxa.
. . I a .l..llul.ln Mini I'vuurlciiccd
xnlvsuiuu to 1'i.nillo a ood lluo of lunrl-
, II.. . .1 . r. t .III ..(IIIlllllSslOII.
CUlllIK oils Ul.. fe.." .. . .
AtldreHs '1 Im f.luton Oil ti ., e'olum Ims,
Olilo. Il.7d2t-w.3l
l . ...,ri lunik keener w ltll
tho liest jf r'ef relict s offers Ills services
to niiv one wli liooKs neon uiij..s.i..n
oriirelicl.lnil. 't will o.eii or i loso ny
set of lookL All couiiiiiiiii' uu).
sirlellv eoull I ulliil. Ailiiri-ss i'l "i
e-aro Kuterprls.-. 1 wp-1 1-4
,,r t vt'L'll Vi n.nl. III.'. Six or RL'VCII
ronm liouse. Iu southern pin t of tliucitj,
dlstniico no olijeel. Aililress Andrew,
thlaolllee. .'--"
WANTED -Houses to rent. Will ad-
. i ... i. r.,i t.ivi.M. keen Ul) llisur-
,.,... iin.i ren;ilr for vou. Coniinlsslon
biimu v -
..i.....a.i ,...i fi.iii. . i Aivr.n.
,.-. iii.'vi' Tun fninlslieil rooms
.. ,i nt r. -iilencoof K. C. Weaver
! )"'"" ll.ii.Oiv
FOR 8 A I.E.
i.m. l.. . r i i v.ii,i, u lili threo rooms
and hull, nt u Kir2!iin,oiie-iiurue-usii, im.-
run d.ii.i. . wt.t.p.- . . .
nncc u four veins, f. e. hmvi. ...
K. Levy.
FOK SAI-K -e'oluu.tilii bif.vclo sllfiliuy
...i ai, Ail,liess "Columwn,"
USUM, vt. v. - mpm
fiirn Kuturiirise'.
tj-.i u i f 7 lr trn.li! for lulllbor
. f .,.,,. .r fviniL- roniiL'Ctetl iSUTlls
,.,. i, tmv hi tlu valve uu-
IH.IUUIU) 11)1 rt,..,r
"tiles, lflxl". e'lifii compium "
2ors, etc. Would prefer selling together.
Sold because- too omull to do work re
quired. Add. ess, Hunt uouniy uu e out.
T OllV . V1
You shoultl write and get correct
infm-insif inn in retrai'd to tne
facilities ottered by Q the
This can be obtained from.
Trivoliuir lasnitcr Aiciit,
Dallas, Te
Loui-ille, Ky.
lVc (Jec Keiluccd ISiiles.
Ou Nova-'her 20, 27 and 28.
tickets to H. t Springs, Ark., and
return nt ratr of one and u third
f ue for the round trip, ou tlio cer
tilicate ulnn. Limit for return De
ceniher 10.
On account of Farmers' National
Congress nt Fort Worth, Texas,
December C.th to litb, tickets on
nale Uecemhrr 4th and 5tb, Beau
mont to Fort Worth and return,
fclO.NO; tickt-tn limited to return to
twenty-one ' iys frrin date of pale.
Hate of one fire and ouetliird, ou
the ceitfifiU lan, in authorized for
llm r.illnmii.ir vccanions:
To Bdii -e. MJ., Xovtmhrr 11,
1 I mill 1:1 Or the ineetinir o
Aciiunl X' m! Fraternal Congress.
To Mil auk-Wis., November 1 1,
12 and IS tor tl,e Natio-ird Hard
ware A sw-i.it ion.
On N vrfUr 12. 1-1 and 14 to
Cotictid. N tl . for the anuj:d mcct
inpoftLc Ntioual Orange l'atrocs
of HuflMD.l y. J C. Mow.
CorijDjficial A?tit, Beaumont, Ttx.
otiro to Contractor.
Soil.- ' J i
ut ll f oi5 -i
o ,1 k i- iu
-,ls ill If t - .' ivo
i : ir. 1, je iun---cliittcl.
ii u t il 4
tiilir 17. l'-.'.aL.l
li You me Goino
Ml . . .
tl" " "V
' t':'
'' ' "'
li' r
fl ..
-li i-iin-tra.ti
IV inn) i.!. T
: i
m a
- 1 sy,f)latilTl
.-i-L.t'C!' ff;ee.
I ! t a- r t ! i ii 1 i 1
H R B g
fl'sl 11 d U
Furniture daily.
t i ;
Beginning next Saturday, and con
tinuing from day to day, we will
sell our entire stock of
' I
until the stock is disposed of, in or
der to quit business. Sales at 10 a.
m. and 7 p. m.
V k.
30 INCH WHEEL has created
a panic among the manufacturers
and they will flood the market with
imitations and copies of the "44."
Please remember CLEVELANDS'
are original. Always first in the
Agent For Jefferson County, Texas, Beaumont, Tex.
5hi Reliapee
1 Comber o.
fong Qat' Ysou) pine Jjmbcr 3
g" Sized Dimension High Grades of Flooring,
Ceilintr. Siding and Finish a Specialty.. ..
& CrossITies, R. R. Timbers, Car Sills. 2
$i Export Shippers via Sabine.Pass 2
: BEAUMONT, -:- -:- TEXAS. 3
oob 5 a so nabl
IRacUct Marc,
Japanese candlesticks 5c each.
Good hatchet, 10c.
Fine hammers, 10c
Carpet beaters. 10c.
White shelf oil cloth 10c yard.
Fine counter brushes with dust
pan, 13c.
Wood kitchen spoons 5c.
Ijarjre size Japane.so salt boxes 10c.
7-lblapaneise supir cans 15c.
Cliilds' money ban'.s Sc.
Cash Ikixcs, 45c to 5jc, largest
.V'lCiifloe mills wood, 20c; stool, 30c;
lIH.lt 'J. tkiiv woi 'vv
Opp. East Texas Telephone Exchange.
.XlRcrcbant 060 bailor.
rv0f eor to
Ma:v Stkhkt Optosite Tn TX-RArn Hocsk.
i 'Full Line Of Ulesi Paiterns. Fit Guarantee
at Bargain Prices.
Knives and forks with iron han
dles, 40c.
Knife and fork only for 60c
Haby rattles, 2 for 5c.
AU sizes granite dippers from a
pint to a quart, only 10c.
Furnaces No. 6 32c," No. 5, 42c
No. 4 52c, No. 3 62c, No, 2 72c.
2 packages pins 5c
14 packages hair pins 5c
Shoe strings 2 doz. 5c
All kinds beautiful and large size
white or green table glassware,
worth 30c, only special 10c and
l-c each.
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