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Cbc Entlj fintcrprtoc,
MOttT I- lUXl.KIt, Alitor
10 iKMT
4i rsi.
. ,.r.n wtnil
, n il miimm
Tho rmiltry k1mv will he n I i-r
n fir lifuiiiiioiit, xt ik I everyone
should contrihulo to H success.
Tlio Oraugo leader say that
onu of tliu results nf tli election
in that county will ptohnldy he u
white man's union. Hotter innko
il u iluuuHTHticj organization mid
avoid iintugonizing t ! negro vote
that in not for sale or t ratio.
Dcmot rat y N good enough for
un organization of white iiion any
Controller Dawos has received
upward of ifl'-.oOi) from school
children for the Lafayette inonii
moid ir. l'uris. Tlicre arts still
thirteen states to ho heurtl from
ami it is believed tho fund will
amount, to if.'.O.OOO. Tho Mini of
:02l 1ms boon donated hy Chicago
school children. It is expected
the government will appropriate
fr.O.OHd for tin' Monument, thus
placing a fun. I of 1(M,0IM at the
disposal of tho committee.
Maria Teresa Kclics.
Norfolk, Vil, Nov. 21. Captain
MeCulla, in charge of the repair
ship Vulcan, now at Cat island,
has cahletl Commandant Fanpihar
that Lieutenant llohson, with the
Vulcan and Potomac, would ar
rivo hero about December I.
As the navy department per
milted Captain Mc.Callato is his
own judgment ut tho Infanta Ma
ria Teresa wreck, it is to pre
sumcd tho cruiser is to bo stripped
of everything that would likely
prove a relic, including the I I
inch gun which was mounted aft.
These relics will, it is said, be
placed on exhibition in the Na
tional museum at Washington.
A large number of the Teresa's
guns art! already here, and also
tho Colon's safe, which will be
opened at this navy yard. The
flagship Now Yolk has distributed
copies, printed abroad, of the
original log of the Colon, which
tells of her movements from the
time sho left Cadiz to the hour of
sailing out of Santiago harbor.
Detectives For si Bishop.
Pes Moines, In., Nov. 21. A new
feature of tho bitter light ov. r the
election of a bishop for tho Episcopal
ilioceHO of Iowa has just developed
at Ceilar Kapids, the homo of Dr.
Thomas (I recti, acting bishop and
loading candidate for tlio office. It
in cbnrged that the opposition to
Greeu's candidacy have sent detec
tives to Cedar Kap'ds to spy upon
the actions of Dr. (keen and to find,
if possible, evidenco against the act
ing bishop which will substantiate
tho serious charges inado ngainst his
moral character. At Cedar Uupids
a number of persons, including do
mestics in Dr. (ireen's household,
luted that they had been approached
by a dctccti.e who made every effort
to discover something derogatory to
the character of Mr. (iivcn which
would injure him in his candidacy
for the bishopric. Members of the
ecular club to which Dr. !nn
belongs, have also becu approached,
they stale, mid asked whither the
minister has not conducted himself
with a freedom not expecti d
among uieinliiTs of a religious body.
The charges made against the oppo
sition by the fiicnds of Pr. (ircen
have served to excite gieiit r bitter
1 lot LiHlies' French Mack
Kiitccn shirt waists with
white collars, fast colors,
blouse front, '..".
Water CoiiMiiner.
It i in pot sible to give the cit :
ufticietit tire pMUMire while tour1
service I'ljin trr in 1 hling coii.h- I
two. mil La-re mcli pijin m
found t r w t ii-c mill 1m- i.iut
ly hut ff. i: 1 ill al-o b--..i.
tibted 1n-re pmlie uie ( it I
jtiLllii.'g the t.tnitor imatii g
fi-tLl par lii".
mo5T F t, Ijk.ht m Kmh-ih
X? Clyhm.
J'tlril f Ill'itt llv'f ti n':
t ti in V" Liiti.' 1 1 at '"
V-eml fle MonltiT HI 1
.lmwli. th arj t turn'.
1m a I'ol.vgainlst.
Salt Uke, Ctall. Nov. '21 -Tho
ihicuts made or excluding It. II.
Kohclis leitreM'Utative-oleit froin
thU Mate, from congics on tho
ground that Ins Una active poly
gauiist, and therefor" ineligible,
have eauvd some stir among tho
ly.lhiriuiis of this Mate. Uoltort
is a demoerat, but the republican
eimilidHlc. a M. union, tiecciits tho
election i'omiIi and has raised no
objection to Unbelt. I ho con
toM. if any is made, will bo brought
I.., Win i-i'ii Foster, the ttoliulist
candidate, who received 1'W votes
out of a total or h.i.'NHi.
Mr. Uohcrl U ii activo jsily
gainist. lie admits that ho has
niore than on'' wife Hut h has
violated no Federal law since the
admission of I'lah and has never
been proceeded against under the
state law. Therefore, if he Is do
llied a seal in congress, it nppa
routlv will be simply on general
moral grounds Few persons here
believe that gross will take
such action.
ith the admissi.iii of I'tah to
statehood the Federal statutes ro
I. iiin. r in iiiilvramv became inop
erative. Tho legislature enacted
a law ngair.st unlawful cohabita
tion, and tlio state constitution
contains an niiti ioygamy clause,
hut these have never been en
fnreed. There is no nroof, how
ever, that polygamous marriages
have been contracted since me
issuance of tho polygamy muni
fVti niid it is the ironeral belief
that the nractico will rradiially
die out with tho death tf those
who entered into nolyiranious ro-
lations prior to the promulgation
of the manifesto.
Polviramv was not an import
ant issue iii the recent campaign,
althouirh a few republican papers
attacked Mr. Roberts on the
ground that he was a polyganust.
It is a noteworthy fact that
Roberts was scratched more heav
ily by Mormons than by Gentiles,
snowing existence of a strong unti
polygainist sentiment among the
Mormons. In the strong Centile
communities Roberts polled the
full vole of his party.
In an interview Mr. Roberts
'"The settlement of thntouostioii
after years of strife and heartache
left upon men moral obligations
from which no decrees of the
church could release them and no
act of the state could absolve
t Iiciil
"The demand of tho American
lieonle as expressed through their
representatives in the American
congress through tho enabling act
went, no further than this: 'That
iierfect tolerance of religious sen
tinient shall be secured, provided
that nol VL'iiiuoiis or plural mar
riages are forever prohibited.'
Thus the demand went so lar as
to prohibit future polygamous
marriages, but no further."
Utah's nrcscnt representative.
Mr. King, would doubtless resist
anv nttenint to deprive Roberts
of his seat, as would also the two
What They Want.
Chicago, Nov. '21.- The national
assembly of the Knights of lahor
at their annual mooting in this
city, have decided to recommend
to the industrial commission the
repeal of government by injunc
tion the prohibition of employ
ment of children of lt years of
age, the prohibition of watering
stock by any railroad corporation,
the establishment of postal sav
ings banks, government control
of railroads, the issuance of green
backs by the government direct,
the election ot I'nited Slates .sena
tors by the people's vote, the oleo
lion of the president by popular
vote and the i 1 1 i .-1 1 i i and referen
dum. A committee of three is to
be appointed to submit these rec
ommendation to the commission.
- -. .
Fee (See Unlaced Kates.
Oil Noxelnlier I'll,
tickets in Hot Springs, Atk., mid
n l in ii ul i .it.- .f ore and it third
f.ite f'i the round hip. on the eer
titi.-alc pl.m. I.imit for return IV
ei inlx r I''.
t ) aeceiilit of Ft! llli iV N'lli. l. l
C..i-iis ut I '.it (i:h. Text.
t, ii iiiIh i Mil t 1 Ith. ti. k U on
:il' 1 ' i telx r till mi I "tli. 11. all
in.i t t ' I". it Wei th ntid return,
sdo.S'i. ti. k, t limited Pi l.linti to
I Wi lil e'ie d ij fr. in .kite nf Mile
Klt ef ei e ( lie all 1 one third, oil
the ii 1 1 tii :it c I in. i .-nit lion, d f. r
the ( i g i ee-i I'M :
K I'. I'it le . ti e mi ll In. mil and
ti ; ;.l ti J i hi i. t liM r. m ill 1-e ! a ly to
ht ,i I t. nil J iHif er I'lHim liti .1
Il:g mv t 111 ii g e! tlJIOIIIg III N'
M IlilNt
lb' lilolH i- fee. 1 il'' turn.
SH- i.il in ! t ? ( '?i Mm lit
it)' I l"ii !-v. 1 1 nil In -;tn.
' i ut ,l i m ii. ll' ca-j-t mmi. '
Tho Ktorm tt Orange.
't i n uiud stliu k Oiango voter-
day with iiuuo force than in ihU
citv. and tho result was consid
erable mote damage. Many win-
do as wero blown in and it lew
n'lutll outhoiiMis iloinolishiil At
the electric light plant the i iihiIu
was wrecked ami a p u tiou of the
liMif blown over lifty feet of til"
big h-nvtlust conveyor on the west
Aithol). It Wiug.ilo lumber
company planing mill the shed on
tho north side was lifted up an I
mashed to splinters linberl lioo
tiey and two other men who were
ut uorlf there had barelv time to
leap under. n heavily loaded Hat
car iMtforo ixu tioiistif the wrecked
shed rattled down Past wherJ they
had stood u second before. The
lumber checker's ollicoeast of tho
dry kiln was turned iiottom up.
The cupola at tho Orange Lum
ber comnaiiy planing mill tvns un
roofed, as was a portion or me
shed on the north and a shed that
di.nd ut the end. Two sect iollS of
tho roof aro gono from the shed
leading from the dry kiln lo me
i.l iiier. ii nd some of the 1'oof of
the long dry lumber sheds west of
tho null. One liu ml red and litty
feet of tho big sawdust conveyor
is down and half of it went into
the river, tho remainder is twisted
and flattened until it cannot uu
Tbn duncl-ri! to tho I). It. Win-
gato planing mill will touch $(iuO;
that at the Orange Lumber com
pany planer will exceed $:)&(), wluln
that at tho electric light plant will
bo ful v .juu. i no latter is cov
ered by a tornado policy.
Hack to France.
New York, Nov. 21 The
World's Paris cubic says:
An order to bring Dreyfus home
to Franco is certain to bo issued
in a few days.
The court of cassation directed
that his examination begin by
cable, well knowing that such a
method was impracticable and
that his return would become im
perative. That fact is now recog
nized, and Judge Loew, with the
assent of all his colleagues on the
bench, has drawn up a peremp
lory demand on the colonial min
ister, it is said, for the produc
of tho prisoner in person
The court is anxious to avoid
any action likely to embarrass the
government, and so this demand
will be made at the most favora
ble possible moment, probably
when Colonel IMetjuart's inno
cence is proved, and the popular
prejudice against Dreyfus is
checked. The whole situation,
however, is still full of trouble.
The conviction is universal that
Dreyfus' aeuittal would be fol
lowed by revolution.
Showers of threatening letters
have been received by the mem
bers of the court of cassation, and
especially the president, Mr.
Iiew, a judge of the very highest
integrity. The judges are all un
dcr special police protection.
Tor the same reason Mine.
Dreyfus lives in strict seclusion,
close to Paris, and Malhieu Drey
fus, acting on the advice, of the
prefect of police, never ventures
out unaccompanied after dusk.
Precautions taken by the police
show clearly that they know there
is a conspiracy to murder those
prominently identified with the
Dreyfus agitation, but are so
afraid of the military party they
dare not arrest the conspirators.
Kadi succeeding step toward
the vindication of Dreyfus pro
vokes the anti-Dreyfus press to
fresh unscrupulous calumny.
The Soir publishes a statement
by a former woman servant of
Maitrc Labori ;Zola's counsel)
that she heard hint say once: "I
am convinced that Preyfus is
guilt v, but money can do any
thing, and the Hebrews have it."
Labori's contemptuous refusal
to notice this fabrication the Soir
impudently interprets into an a I
mission of its truth.
The Palace
Curries zephyrs, dre-s tun lings,
hsir culler, kid gloves in all
shades. Mo k collars, high grade
hnlidkerehit fs. corsets. liOsleiy.
inidhs, ait uoikef i viiy
finer tidies, tiay cloths.
fmicy combs, i ntbroidi iv mIk
and Indies' liMlshii utidiimeai.
Piblesid a great variety. Te
t mi icnt s and prayer !",. 1.
Sntir. lVamnoiit ! M"te,
litouVc building.
Tin larrrt Tn llur in
I Ik citiintn
('otintrr Kack! Storr.
S. the yTt at
( tV ! r"tr.
l.Ht -'.ii,. f,t t!
t f..r tl .
11' !'
1ii..i hu1m' Ii).
"in' f:i-' '
Physician 'Sttrgeoo
tiflrr tirrr II'. It. intiliii' hrttg Xt-.o.
.'i.ti -, ll'iW Wili tlrfl.
.. imUiSTKIX,
FN.'M.V VA' .'A'" A',
Olllce room 11 Kyh building.
Ih hidence No. 12, Cyprewi street.
Telephone No. 1.
Residenco and tdlico W. Crockett
St reot.
Room No. 8, Starko Building,
OVL-rlli-L-lit'H Clotlilns Ktore.
Cold and amalgam tidings
Crown and Ih idge Work,
(J old and Porcelain
Special attention given to dis
eases of the mouth.
ScIIh Land. Examiner. Titled. Damairi'l Sul
anil Ulviirce. UU yearhlipraclice beie in
Attornoy al Law.
CollectloiiH mid I.iuul Mtlgatlous a
spcclnltv. Will practice in the courts of
Jefferson, I.ihertv and Haiiliii counties,
mill nil Federal cburtH. OUlce tu Starke
Kooms 12 and 15, Starks Bldg.
uka vuoyr. ' TEXAS
RFflllMflNT. - TEXAS. Q'
i Free Carriage to and from school,
First-class work at the. . . .
dm Barber Shop,
on Postoffice Square.
Hall's "pestaufapt,
The only Strictly First
Class shortordor house
in town. Prices, are
bed rock.
rrunidi'iil. Vle!-rroniilnt.
ritANK ALVEY, ('null lor.
CAPIlAi STOCK $100,000.00.
Surplus ontl o.TV:e P roiis $50,000.
Ese'uin'Jt 'Irttxrn on nil the principal citict
a the tcvrld.
"the GREATEST newspaper "
IVr vrsr
By mail, Daily and Sunday $4.00
Ths Weekly, one Tear 25 Cents
John Perr,
vVill ni t all trains and handle
liairiL'c ""d pasMn'ors. Gi.l
scrvitT ruarantitHl and jwitron
an x4n . Kci tncr Ma?
noiia find Concord.
1 lianksiins
I fu.lr t. n .In e ff an 1 r viry 01 e
. 1. .,." tl.i. wcr f ir ilititiir that
.liv. Pi' crl.r ith Ihfj
I'll ! M'clt i 1 it iil rccnvcj
j r Tr.j t Vi l -trful t1t.tinn. We
1. i'i 1 vdttt. j :n He mail't '
tho . 1.1 -tu''. 1 r.'.rilr:MTfr-t
(?J t V. j
l.OST-Ou tlrlmiu or rrl utrui-U
Kuia ui-rklai B tltU IM Hone liutllw Ut
Uc lml hy ttold liaiiil uruuiid uirk uf
ImjoIk. Iteturu lo l lty MrlmUiil
ilve rwrJ. ll-'-l m
LOST Ouollvir ioIoivJ poluttT !
mIhjuI live liionllm old, no J four
tsl.ltu f.-t. I.ilMTttl rvwanl l.y Kritnk
Itrrwliiii. H's wl'
1 1 1 r it. i U...11 Urn lulurwt tlnii of
.n...... ....I l'..rl niri'i.lii ami l'cii t.i'f
ili.oi" one 13-uiihuu IihiihiktU!" Hr-
CUM' KliiitullU. MIHliT U-ao rfiurii iu.i-
Iii Uixoii tirity ami rwTiten'Hira.
ii'tvi'L'ik in iiil ftfttitillrilitHl New
Vcrkllnu of htotk, tfrniu mid cotton
i ..ff ,.....l,.iiir.M U'lllllil A
uruftvn, i.i.'i. ... w v . i.u.... -
local m.rewiitntlvo of t;ood Htainliiin,
... 1...- -...I 1. .!,,. ......
Willi larije i'iuitiiuitui. u..um
III tlio UlHtrlcl. Ailiirei.il iHKiiii"ii, I
tilvliiu full particular ami referent-en, UtA
.. ...7. ...... ...... V..rL- II -W I
fi.lX Zll.i:i I.UHLU.I.UI3. u,v ..
11 At. I r.li " "
iiularyor coiiiiiiInmIou to rll Mauiiolla
Itoiuo Tivatiiu'iit.wlilcli fvory lady uueds.
Applv room till Cronliy liotol at ouco, or
lHi!iJ l'ri'stiiu avviiuu, Houston.
' llOI.1l
... . ",L. I I M.I., M...tllld HI nil.'A llll
in vriMi 'Vn runt h Hiiinllcottaite or
two or tlirou uuf uriilHlicil roonw for ll(ilit
liuuMfkui'pliiit. AddreHN, Ktatlu turuis
ami location, J. II'. llawley, caro ii., II.
4 K. (.'. railway. 11-14-'.).
irivrni l.'.vii..rt hook korncr Willi
tlio best of rcforuiicuM offom Ids Hcrvlccit
to any one wIiomu liookd need ndjuntliiK
or arc bclilud. or will open or cIoho uiiy
sot of book. All coininuiilcutloim
strictly conlldi'iitlul. Address expert,
earn Kuterprlse. 1 wp-11-4
WANTED To rent, live, six or seven
room house, In Houtliern part of the city.
distance no object. Address Andrew,
tins olllce. lu-z--'
W.tVTK1 Ilousea to rent. Will ad
vertise, render for taxes, keep up insur
ance and repair for you. Commission
charged 0 per ceut. JUNKEU. 27
FOlt 11EXT Two uiifurnlslieil rooms
on l'iue street, one block and a half
from the poitolllce. inquire tins onice.
FOlt KENT Two unfurnished rooms,
corner llashlnctou and Main streets,
suitable for light housekeeping.
fl 1-14-1 wil
FOR KENT Two furnished rooms
up stairs at residence of V. C . eaver.
viiii KAT.V. Vitv rli.'iin. full-blood
Jersey cow, J. W. Douglas, Saxe bar
bershop. ll-IT-W
FOlt SALE Cottage with three rooms
and hall, at a bargain, one-third cash, bal
ance in rour years, e. i vugner, at i
K. Levy. H-10
FOU SALE Columbia bicycle slightly
used, 840 cash. Address "Columbia,"
care Enterprise. 1 1-"
FOK SALE Or trade for lumber
A'pair of ceuter crank connected Stems
Manufacturing company slide valve en
gines, 15x18, each complete with gover
nors, etc. Would prefer selling together.
Sold because too small to do work re
quired. Address, Iluut County Oil Com
pany, Wolfe City, Texas. 8-2
of ilie Cliarmiuir Comcilii-iiiiP,
Hettie Bernard Cl)ase
XOV.1N, 7!, 21 and 22.
Tonight, Monday, Nov. 21M
Tuesday Matinee.
Tuesday eveniiiif. N'nv. 21
You should write and pot correct
information in rojrard to Ctho
fut ilities offered by the
Tlii- tan l olilaininl from.
C. H. KlNfisLEY,
Hai'.a. To
v. i ATMini r. a.
Tiii iii'. Ky.
i You Are ii
Into . .
Auction Sale
f O
Willow Rockers
And other Furnituio EVERY
DAY, sale beginning at 10 a. m.
3 p. m. and 7 p. m. at
.My Full it ml Winter Goods; aro now in. More
stock, hot tor iroods, the most, artist ic designs Unit
the minds of the cloth makers of the world can con
ceive, the cream of tho market.
Beaumont's Leading Tailor. ::
I am prepared lo do any and all stylos of 'Tiir and Sheet Iron
Work. Estimates furnished promptly on anyjdnd of worlc.Q
C A L V A RS N Z E DaT A ft! KS
from J00 to SttOO itallons'eapaeiy.A. lilxral sharoiofjour pat
ronaje solicited.
lMno Street, Near Hie I'ostofliec.
I Cumber o.l
ono cnl?Y?1,0W pine umber
Sized Diinension High .(it tides of Flooring,
Ceiling- Siding and Finish a Specialty. . . .
Cross Ties, R. R. Timbers, Car Sills.
Export Shippers via Saliino I'ass
BEAUMONT, -:- -:- TEXAS. 3
(5oob ScasonalDlc
IRachct Marc,
Jananeso -anlle-.1ii !s .eeach.
(Jood hatchet. He.
Fine haininers, lo,-.
Ctirpt't lieaters, lo,..
White shelf oil cloth Mo yard.
Fine counter hriiidn's with dust
jian. l"e.
Wood kitchen soi;is .".
I virgo size .la pan ' salt lnie 10.
"dh Japanese sn-jar c.nw l.ic
C'hilds money lianUs w.
Ca-h Imixo, i'n- to ."ii, largest
CVillic mills -iw..', : t.yl.
tinesl. 3.V and 4 'r: T7:
pp. F.it T' i- Ti'l'-pliono Ixi hange.
flUcrcbant o sailor.
-,). ... ..Tt., w. . m MiTf.y,
Mi;1 it ii :' -r; i: litri.'Mfi! !Iinr.
Full Line 01 Latest Patterns. Fi! Guarantee
al Bargain Prices.
i K ni v sand forks with iron han
' dies. 40,..
ICnife and fork only for 0-lj.
I In y rattle-', - for "ic.
AH -i::es rr;iiii t dippers front a
pin! t: a "purl, only (te.
I'll i naiis Xn. ti No. Ti, 4.2c.
X. 4 :'2c. No. : tlio, X.. '' 7'Jc.
1' packages pins 5o.
I I p;ick.iires hair pins .V.
Him- .triu 2 iloz .,.
All kind- IttTi'itif ul an I l.irg. sizf"
whito or gr.i-n tahlo jrhissnaro,
worth "it,-, only sMi i;il 1'K- and
l"ic -ii h.
..,-. ,. i j tj-n rnrl in-
T. H. HOrrMAN Mafe'.
3 9

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