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ioi:t i.. r.ixi.Kir KUit.ir
il HM
S. I'l It MM II
Toxin Kiillrtail ('iiiiihIIii.
Tlicrcp.rl . Iiuli tuny ! ' r
f illlllll l' II XV. It Mil I'll l laillnlii!
((iiiiiiii"hii)ii i rlimly m I nut in tlx
IiihI ttmttiul rut of tlie 'Vhh rum
mi hii hit. fining llii- ycur it in
tullihlii'l lu ll) liciiil l oiiuiioility iiilct
iui IuiiiIii r iim1 iintiitifitt't nt i lime
i.f, on ml lull in Imli'f, on rruilo f
tllllcUIII, HI Cot toll fuil'T)' I'lO.lllctH,
on con), iiinI on s'lioli v oII.it ( inn-
urin' 1 1 1 cnr I lie coiniiiiriiiioii
lils'j I'lilc U)i the iiiilio:nl iructice ol
ciKcriiuiiiutiii in favor of cerluin fu
volcil cilritoiiii is oinl cities. AHcr
it liml cullietc.l u iniihH of eviilence
u'iiiiiht tlie ruilroiul, the li'nihlutnre
lililile ll ccjiil il roirilitioli of .ill
(Mill for tint prosecution of tin; niHCH,
liml llicj HirviceH of Ihi) htule at
torney cnenil xverc eulinteil. The
report wiyn in thin connection:
"Many KiiitH wero lirou'lil hy tlie
lit tonic)' 'cnenil on the cviilcuce ko
fiirnihlicil ly tlie coiiiiiiinsion, ami
others me yet to lie IhoiiIiI. In tlie
HintH lioiiylil, hoiih; of tlie od'einliii
purlieu hii'i htctl ti compromise, mid
the iitlorney 'eiierul coiihciiIciI to
coinprouiisi! these chhch in so fur as
lie could lii'nl the Kt.itc, with xvhul is
known iih the Southern I'ucilicsyH
teni of iiiilroiul.H, ami xvilli two others
of the oH'cinliiitf rowls, upon the con
dition that they hhoiild pay a penal
ty of S5H0 in each of an iik cd num
ber of cases, and pay nil cost ofmiil
ami further ugrcss to faith fully in
the fuhiiv aliult! I'V and obey the
law, and in cum: ol failure to ilo ho,
proceeding were inimcilmtily to bo
commenced cases of violations on
"louder thin arriiugciiiciil tho of
fenders have pleaded fuil'y in ninety
live cases, ami have paid into the
slate treasurer S l7,5i(l."
Kxperieiices elsewhere has rhoxvii
that Wi.ile the railwuy coimnission
has its limitations, and tho measure
of its success depends largely on the
pir.ionnel of the commission, it can
be miulo a source of increasing bene
fits to the public. Through no oilier
medium can (he stale hoie to force
lawness compiinies to coi)iliuiicc
with the law.
A railway commission is needed in
this state, and the legislature will not
huve performed its duly until it has
established such commission. Our
shippers are paying extensive rates;
there is no reason to believe that
favors are being granted some ship
pers, and in general the carriers of
this stale nre doing about what they
These tire not satisfactory condi
tions, and to correct the evils the
legislature ought to cut the grain
rate squarely in two, create a rail
road commission, and memorize con
gress fol' the spi-ady opening of the
Columbia and Snake livers Spo
kane Kcvicw.
This is how I In- K;ill J.nki' Tri
bune felicitate ;i railway ollicci'
11 if hi bis recent marriage: ''A
thousand ('oiiiri'atulMlioiis to Sn
lcrintendent Welliy on his happy
change ol ilone'stic slate. .May
hiscur !' lil'eaiwavs be a palace
sale ever on the guide rails.
Miioeth as though roses weie tlie
ballast, and happy as il there
were no such things in tic uoihl
as coiiiiK'tiliv e rales, lie new has
a monopoly; may be never lose
his high appreciation f thai
I'lesM'd pi i ilege "
A naval eliieer, jut back I'rom
Manila, is telling a storv ol the
battle. 1 le was on the llag-liip.
It is customary when naval ship
go out for target practice to have
the cabin Imv and stewards put
awa all gla-:irc and other
arlicl' s which arc liable to break
aire .'linn the 'lu us-.ion When
the Atuct ican Heel went into
Manila bay to engage the Spini-h
licet the ( "biin'-e -ci xa'its im-ied
1 hi 'ii si 'I in gi 1 1 i i! j t been .ckery
anil g'as into place- el safety.
Alter I ; ; t 1 1 ir. a- it w ill ie
l emi llltw I i d. ' 'IHMIOii' !'' lli'HI'V
lmc lhe lamou- .i d. i t" draw oil
mi l -ci e I i!t :-t v bell the
(..ininodoie i iii- ii d ihci a'nii and
....krd :...!.I !. r .1 .:. 1 c ..i-lM
II.. I till-1 atix . t'i..lm Up 'l,e "I
lhe ,m, in . : I - e l XX lief.' tic
Ld I,-. - ' i ' e TI.e 1 '. !i -1 ial. ill a
pi. i. id li. ii ii' I . I i' ied. a- be
I, ,-ieee I tic - '"r.i: 'AH
light ; in. I 1.1 b M .1 'A i be
doti' i". t !..: e V I. I.- " I li'gel
pi. i. t e li Sp.i 1 1 .i - Ik' ceaic
Ice ': l !x - .n."
Willcr CMIIIMH'r.
It r. b'- t" ! ' e.1v
s i!-;. r.t t.i pi -.! ! ' !'
mxiii- ' " i'i ' r-' i b-
I i.,i. 1.1, I v I . ! fU. ll l s '
.,t. 1 f - 'x i.-. v. ! Ii. t
!v ' r.. 1 .i ' I- T --
t'.l.ix 1 ' . 1 ? - " I'll
n i .i ; ::'' - -t !M it. i j.-
V t ' , T i ' -
Pi V M I ' . I-." ! XV.' I . " "I I "
. .'. CiTPM.
ten . Ui x t ! If ' ' I
uioruing. I
!.;.-;.. A . M f. It... -U
ent to HaukK.li II.IH I..l..
Mr. I'llMll .It lillMHI Htl. llde.1 Iti
F. I V. ul Jlou-mn tl.i- .- k.
MiHM-H Kutu ni.l (Vimlm jkoii
mi.t lo I luuhlou Ihix morning.
M ink Mamie McCnuley U viMtiiitf.ti:iling lU Liutcil Mttten CnirU
fri. iuU in lloiihtoii.
I. A. lleisi'' ilio COIiiliilnMiili
lllllll, M ill Hollntull to ill)'.
Mi-. John II. (iiMHllui" went to
I Ion-ton this morning.
Dr. Il.ivid S.icer xvelit to Houston
this morning to take in the V.
Muyor Wheat went to Houston
this iimming.
.I..I. ii liroueh xvint to Houston
this inoruiug In take in the I'Vstivul.
S. I !l uichelte. the iM-occryinun, is
in tho Huyon CMy to duy.
Mrs. W. A. Ward is in llountou
itieinling tLe l'"lower Festival.
K. It. fierce, llni music dealer.
returned from (Sulvcnloii lust night.
Will liohcrtson went up the llust
IVxas this morning.
A. K. Fletcher went to Villajre
this morning
' I
Charles C-lurk was in the city
Inst evening;.
I'. II. llofl'iimn. with F.li.-ilm &(.)..
is in llouslou attending the F. I''. V.
Mr. and Mrs. A. It. Scale uru the
liaiiiiy patents of a boy baby thut
was born Tuesday morning.
John Snyder, oro of tho I) boys,
came in this mormnir lrom fori
Chirk on a thirty days' furlough.
Mrs. F. F. Iiobbius returned this
morning from Houitou, where she
all ended tho F. F. V.
(! F. Jones, -.he limber inspector,
vent lo lhe Cily-oii-the Subine this
Mis. Wiiii un Sunili reliuned this
iioi ning from HoiHton, xv here she
pi'iil tiie d.iy yc-terday.
Dr. i. ml Mr-i. l;. Culli.uin xveni
lo llo.isli ii In-1 evening to altciul
alie J1'. J'. .
(! A h'dcil ', with Christie &
L ixvc. lhe Jell v iMiilrieloiH, xx iis in
the cily this morning.
Mr. and Mrs. L .1. Hcheit and
Miss Sibhie xxuit lo ( iulxeslou this
Mi-ses Millie and M ii y ( i ilhilid,
of Liliille, wire in lhe cily this
T. W. Shcpi rd xvent to Houston
this morning lo hold a business con
ference with .). A. Stcinelibirg.
Miss Fmma Lorenzo issick with
lever at the home of her sister,
Mrs Win. .JaiTcll, mi Liberty ave
nue. F L. I'.ucon. of tho I'eaumout
Ice, Light and Refrigerator com
pany, came in this morning from
Mrs. S V. (iregory, xvho has been
living in Sail Antonio for the past
few mouths, has returned to lieau
iiii n I .
Prof. Foxluill Parker expects Mrs.
Parker in I eaumont on Wednesday
of next week. They will be at the
Park House for some time.
(ieo. W. Hvmcrs xvi iles the Daily
I'.n i i ui ia-i: from Neaine, that
he will engage in the lumber busi
ness about .l.iuii.iry lSth.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Andrews ar
rived list night from Sherman. Mr.
Andrews has accepted a position
xx uh the P'.in Fri:i;ri;isi:.
S II. lecd. J. It. Robertson and
. ,1 Slu Hi. Id. of Wooilvillc. are in
lhe cilv alli liding the I'liited Slates
t 'out I .
II ll in-on. C'inliiii't ir on the ex
tension of the K'lvsec, came loxvn
l ist evening and spent the night III
li e cilv.
Ml Sidie llilioxx xxent In .us
ton I i-l i xeinii''. where she will
sic n! m xi i.d il ix visit mg friends
1 ii ialixe-
P. il ll -ep
l -' I ICC f 11
c'lti.c up from the
i. at Tixlor' lelVlUI.
it i x no
:in l -p ut the night ill
j lhe
C. T. "a lc.
! ...xi . r .'f lhe
,i,..t.l pi.M.ity,
tie ! i ii g.
t . x IUtci. nd
gli I -I in I r inch nn. I
is iii ti e city this
.1 Wi-cll. of ..'in. -ii, il. re-
I I.. I.i- 1........ Il.i. .....n.i.i.r
I .11 1' - II-. II - ....... .... ......
- 1 .... . ..U .lii ..i.,,i.l
.i . i ...... i it... .
.1 A M 'ti ! a prunnitit law
vi ,f W .s. ImIJo. nVit l. Iwn in
.. . 1 . . .1 . C...I. I i:i-l..
ti tv M ti l.i
tl! l iiit. .1 Mat
C nit. r. ! !
i 1 1 .! '.
I i l,i Ii miic tlii
s M .I.'..'
J. r v. nt
' !l' IT 1''
in I I" '
Vxli.-tn nn 1
,!!--' tlii-
ill iiM.-lcl
xi 'i l X)f
i I.
: f. i .
I. "
ynun; men
.lilil Sliaie'll I, llie t't TfXM
ci--i t"'-r 1 1 ikeiiiu i. i laii'g
oil ln.luv i.ll uci.iiut klckiif n.
"'lH' b J "
' ill
A. I II. U.e c
Houh d powtoQlce mr(or from
xw (),!,.,, ilihtmt, Iim Ijm ii in
(U (or tl0 ,,Mi Uodiynnt-
ii , , f( 1Ht rmiin" for
I'i.keiing, Jh, uen ! ill give
liiH entile attention to the big log
ging contract ho lum there.
II I Nulinm, witli Win. Cameron
A. Co , ictunieil thin morning from
Wuco, where he linn Kpeut nevenil
iluyn, and went up the Kunt TexiiH to
W. JJ. ('niwfoid, Hccrctiiry of tho
SoutheiiHt 'JVxiih l'oultry uuJ Put
Stock AHHociutioii, wcul to Houston
yesterday iiiorning to ulteiid the 1
r. v.
Ouo of tho inembeiK of tho con
ference is Kcv. O. . IiiJIcy. of
Tiinifv. who wan imstor of the
church in Heuumoiit for four years.
..... i . 1 I
- V
the luemlM i H of tho church in this I
Kcv. ICidley xvuh mucn ueiovua uy
. . . i .
city mid iniiuy of them have ex
pressed desire to have huu return.
Ho is much interested iu lloaumont
.i...ft. iimiI. mill tloiika
I 1 U 111 . I J Ullil...
that our city has a great future be-
The Palace
SIiowh daily now und dainty
goods frcsli ironi 4ev lorif.
Our stock of shoes must be
rudiiced rpfriirdlcHS of prices or
cost. The CJIohe.
The Palace
Daily receives beautiful lin
ens, doylies, embroidery
pieces and everything dainty
for ladies use.
The largest Toy House in
the country
Counter Kackt Store.
Confidential poses in high nrt
photography given by muking spe
cial appointments xviih Ostebee, the
Iligh-Priced Photographer.
Special! Samples of carpets,
rugs, portieres, etc., for the hol
idays on exhibition until the
istli, at .IHNSUX'S,
The Carpet Man.
The Palace
New furs just received.
Holiday Kites.
On December 20ih and t'lst the
Port Arthur Route will sell ticket to
nil points iu the southeast and re
turn nt lmlf fare. Tickets limited
for return to ',W days from date of
sale. Pullman sleeping cars and
free chair cars on all trains, with
choice of routes via Shreveport or
Memphis. Take advantage of the
cheap rate and visit your old home.
For information as to rates, routes,
maps, time bibles, etc., write or call
on, J. C. Mow, Commercial Agent.
A. L. Downkii, City Ticket Agent,
Deaumont, Texas.
The Palace
The right place to buy a la
dy's muslin undergarment.
One thousand dollars worth of
presents to be given axvay by the
hcauiiiont Shoo company. A
present with every pair of shoes.
See them.
The Palace
Kxclusive P.i.aar for ladies
fancy notions.
I lalf Hates
To the old states via the Missouri,
Kansas and Texas railway.
Account of the holidays, round
tiin tickets will be sold on Decem
ber -'d and 21. srood for thirty
iht iiim L initio
days from date of silc for return.
l ... r .. ui I. .... ...... lis, li ..ill ..n
i'or further niirtioulars ial! on
the nearest Missouri, Kansas and
Texas ticket agent, or write
. (i- Clil MI.
(Jeneral Passenger and Ticket
Airciit, MisMiiiri. Kansas and
Texas rail x ay, Pallas. Texas.
To Physician.
Aiiii.iiin i tiiclil to ti v Mrilii at rrnfcioii
I lieiebv miiiouiiri ti the luedieiil
profession of Pc'iuuioiit thut the next
HpMinttuetit of house Mirccon to
I lot, 1 Wieil ill take U;c .1 incaiy
1 IV.I'.I 1 , ITU ! I'llliT. IWllVC
IKvliini .lesiiiii.' in at l'lv fer'fnc !
are reipn-tcl to eii.l their applica
,,. H,,t, 1 p,, u 1-fore Di'Cf luls r
Si-n n M. I'.MTirs.
II. ii I l'i u. I'm auin..ii'. ls . l.l
Ui ral.-uv
1 In- jii.i.i' f.-r a 1 1 l.v t-
j.t.-ttT an.l 1!'-'i '.'ir.
Where and What to
Our Store the Place. A Look Through Our Enormous Holiday Stock Will Tell You
XVIII..W IMI Itei.., :r,c.
(ilm-o ll.,x,s. ,l,,ral.Hl. IlamU f.-lhu-...! Cult ll.,.v,s
Complcto T.'ilet Sets, ,.. New
vJLl 4 ,1. ,.,,.. e,,-bi,.r
I Ml I D.:
Pljysiclai) 5arfieon
OJIfe over II'. Jl. DitnUtp's iJruy Mori,
llrxiilcmr, West Forsylhe strict.
Hesidmce. riume. ($ I'lume 30,
iiirYsicr.N m,i nunumx,
Oflice room 11 Kyle building.
Residence Xo. 12, Cypress street.
Telephone No. 1.
Uesidence and office W. Crockett
Room No. 8, Starke Building,
Overllcclifs riotliiii Store.
Cold and iimalgani fillings
Crown and Pridge Work,
Cold and Porcelain
Social attention given t di
..... ..r ll... .....1 1 1 Ii
ises ot the mouth
.. - - . Till. ' 1 1 -. n . -.
a"j i,v,.nc. yrani I'l.mite bttt u
icraiii".. -
Attorney al Law.
Colle tioTi and Land I.it!j:atiiiii a
t-il!- Will t.rartice in Itie cnun of !
Ji ffi r.'ii. I.iln ny and llsr.l n conntli . !
!,,,, K,.,,,
I isr
Tal roart. tlif in Markc !
il IE MI
KO'"" II nd ' rt liclir.
l.KM Vo.vr. TLX AS
s is. u Smxmtf I s ill 1 I
. rii s j fi iiti . 1 1 1 1.) i r-j i iii i "-it n .'.aW'ii .'.iw. ..i.a)(xavb m m . i u i 1 1 1 ii 1 1 1 mi 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 i n. m .i
12 I.K-1. Vl,al,lo IUI, l.V. 12
f i Ms Set Triple -pinto Mule, rune n nhi. ntn. -;, V1'., ,. tV i ZW V
Sillc Lin.,1. Ki. cl.il .Fs Set of China Dishes S3... UW. Irm Trains, L5c Ch.ld's Roc-kmg Um.rs, i5c.
sssss r. f i-r - ji ' .vs. a -. xw- v. ... 4i i i i i i i mi i ii i f i u i r i i i i n m
XV AX'l T.D Position as stenographer
ami txiiexviili'i'. Also, npi's in steno"
ijipliv. Apply to Miss .limit), nt .Mrs.
('iiiiiiiiiiiii's LilR ity axuitii'. 12-1
WAX I'M) Hiilit liny xvlio is ll litlst
k'l'. Applv lit Aiiiistronii's hook store.
WANTKI) A p.'U'tnci' to an in a fjood
pajiii:.' Imsiiiess xxitli s.'iimi or ineu. Iu
vesliitnto before iiixestin. AiUlrrss II.
WAXTKD Txxo apprentices at the
Palace. 11--".'
Kill! If KXT One f iii'iiililii'il front
room, two blocks from business center,
for L't'iits only. Apply at this ollice.
12-2-1 x p
rou 8AI.K.
KOI! S.W.I':-Cheap, six I. Us anil live
room cotttie in Herring mhlitioii. lioml
terms. .1 linker. I --
Fill! S.W.K At a biiri;.ni, the Hal II'.
(ircer property ill tlie south eml ot lleau
mont. Apply to Hal W. (Jrcer. or .Mrs.
(ircer on the premises. Will exchange
for other city property. 1 1-2:1
KOI! S.W.K Cottage xx itli three rooms
mid hall, nt a bamain. oiie-tl.inl cash, bal
ance in four xears. p. C. Wamicr. at I.,
li. Lew. Il-lu
KOK S.W.K Or tra.le for lumber
Iair of center rrmik roiuii'cleil Stems
Maiiiifacturiui: conipan.v sliile x. live en
gines, l.'ixis. each complete with gover
nors, etc. Would prefer selling toiielher.
Sol.l liecause too small lo do xxnrk re
liiireil. Address, Hunt County Oil Com
pany, W olio City, Texa. "-2
J mi t r coi " ""
Vre- Carriac tan l fr.m b""i
r '
Tin raliH-e
Vny- jcilti.i.
1!i" v r.iit of
ir ii'ti t:'i :i
:i'i '.
Tl.'C t'r'.'i'-l lcir-i:ii- x.
lr r :it- 1 I'-' !.
Buy for Christmas?!!
Iik - Ii K I.V Ml. 25c. Aluimui,i Jvl Cw tmUmk.
a -I. C,n.l..o Nut Cnu-k.T s.;t.
Auction Sale
Willow Rockers
And other! Furnituie SEVERY
DAY, sale beginning at 10 a. m.
3 p. m. and at 7 p. m.
0oo6 Seasonable
IRachct Mare.
I.l.iiintie i .-iH'llesticks .Vncli. : Knives and forks with iron ban
(iihhI li.'iti'lict. l"c. dle,4iV.
I nn- liaiiiincrs. l:
CariH't ImmUt. l"c.
Wliit" 1 -I r i lutli lVaril.
Titic ro'intcr I t ii-h'-s i!h ilust
jfin. 1-V.
WimmI kitclicn .mon 7r.
Iiri'"'iz',.!ni.:i:)''eilt !xci10r.
P .!.i :i!ic-. -ui'fir r;m 1.V-.
l.N iiimim'.v iinnis -f.
.i-li u.M-s. t.f in w, iiitx-M
;. l-i-t T x;i T-! ) w Kx hanr-
c. i " Zi "?
at Bargain Prices.
Knile anl Imk nly for wc.
. Ilabv rattleK, 2 for 5c.
All sizes pranite lipper from a
pint lo a quart, only lfc.
rurnactHtXo. G 32c," No. 5, 42c.
No 4 L2c, No. 3 ;2c, No 2 "2c
2 iwckagm pinn 5c-
14 af kaoa bair ins 5c
lioe trin? 2 dojs. Sc.
aii kin'M tteaotifoi an.l ian:e wjp
hit or ETofi taide rtasare.
orth only l"c an-1
ISceach. 49

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