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The daily enterprise. (Beaumont, Tex.) 1898-190?, December 31, 1898, Image 2

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! i
C:c gaily Eiucrrrtcc.
II ur I.- HI I.I. It Nilor
In I IS I.
4i 1 t.t
..ciii ri
.l-t.ii me"
A ll , tll I it till jlijuui .11, I ''-"'
ly utt A Hi' lit. in fuj iluht-t,
him hut It kiiiiiliiiiiiiii til fnV M'",M
in UioCilj- i't Mnico J.H)ll.iH'
wiih t'ittc.1 .ut in liri.1 i lii' fctl-,
.uliiiitt w. ri- inwtcl l,-"""' i"!""1
Uihk.mici.lii.K i.illil ,'hl "
lilin ini-tho'I. Tin- CNlul'li-'"'""1
wimo. ii f..r ul.uuf I'l""1"
f..ri tlio uizd l I K'tl-iu'M
imiii.. conviiin u II"' r-t llut in
Mexico tlif lyi.ilution i.. ii.Ih iiiohI
of it lii.it- tf:urin, " ,,ow t0 kH l'
out of tin Jn. Tin y liiow Unit to
ii umin in "iy ,"',rg "" ,0
nilt li f'l ttl,t " '"' ' lu"m ,0
c ml k1i1'- TIk' nliii'l.v hi'l" "f ""
sin 1 1 i Mt xif( i r'Wtlf'l. Thin
in iilxviiVK nty f "" ,n Ml"'
ny (A'. Tin r ' ,'i""' Hujinp
iu Mi-xifo tlmt "only 1oh uml
AuiuifiniH Wlllli in I 111! mm."
Thf ('liiia'o KTirl imsi-rU Unit
Oiiit Ski'rfWhKi, u wi-ullhy luinl
owner in H' iroviiieeof l'osen, lr.
tuuii v, lo lli' iiiimzi incut of li in rim
lit! iififjlibors, Iiiih inlniiluffil iiiiovil
ileimiiiirc hi liiH C.i iiiij'woel is
tutcH, wliu-li hIiiiuIh n fiiir fliiincc of
being wiilely iinihilr.1 in iif.rir.ull uml
iliHlriflrt in wfhleni Imiioiip. In
hteiul of ii Iidi m! or ox, a ami 1 it
yoked to tlm plow, ami tin- txii i
incut Ii:ih proved Miffi KKful beyond
tlif couiiI'h most huiijjiiine i xi flii
tionf. Tlie cnini 1, inured to hiinl
nliips nnd pliviilionn, t'oi'H (lonl)le
tlio woili of ii pair of Iioi sch, is ex
ceedingly Inictublc, iiinl fun I f kejil
in good i ililion for a fiiiiiil on
a coinpnriilivi ly Hiniill iiaii(iiy of
inferior fiubb r. Tiic "Skor.ewhki
iiiiiilniM('(lH,'' us (lie jieiisiinls of
LVscli facet ioindy fall Hit; laborious
intrmlers, were soon iicelinialeil, inul
are tlie envy of lliecoiiiilryni le.
. A San FraiieiHco special says:
V'WirclcnH ti'lcgrapliy lias lieei
fHsl'iilly int roil need in San I 'Van
'liroiiL'b (lie ifl'oils of local
. When IVof. Van d
lined from Kurope two
ie brought wil li liim in
'i years of study liai
"colli and Jiieulen
'uliaii Kngiiiccring
'vvyvv lo coiiKiillalion
liisson. rnil."vau tier Nailuii lii'Lran
to foiislruct liis aiiparudiH. At last
a I'omplclt! set of inHlnimeiils was
made and set ui) ready for a test
the sender and receivei lii iiif; several
feet nimiL The keV Wan pressed
and Ihe receiving iiii tnimelif record
el the iiiovi -infill. Message after
message was rail ltd oil' lhroiiyh
space in this way. Then (lie dis
tance was increased and still waves
of lloatintf electricity were directed
to their proper d. stinaiion. Finally
the receiver waa taken into an ad
joining room. Through t'1'' walls
(lit! fiirreiit made its way, recording
on the sounder each movement made
on I he traiisiiiitlin key. With all
of these encouragement s, Iat Thurs
day was set fpr the t : ial, when fon
sidclalile distance was to be inter
posed between the sending and re
ccmnj; apparatus. One pail of the
instrument was removed !o the roof
iif the in wTcliau building and the
other si t up in a room at No. I'.'l.t
Malki t stive!, a distance of pel haps
one mile. Tlie ins- I iinn nl elickeil
oll'd.'ls : 1 1 1 . 1 d ashes lhat were cleariy
recorded by the l 'eft ivT. The only
thln' nied, "f course, is the pi in
eiple t l.-li i' i:i po:: .ibb- to lfle;,M"lpil
v.lthoilt Wilt s, but that is somel h'li
and I'lut. Van tl r N till' n l lievt s
tlie line- will c 'lae when win lc si
; ' 'l !' v ;" be p"ssib!e al alnuist
ar l;-t .net
I'.. 1 i:t-( I. !! it liabh- t'lct
iel .'l,:l- M '..'ill I :i twelitv I ft I I
i t i,t en i t h .11 i o a! I 1 lit" t Ii '1 1 1 1 HL'
i:i -tiiii II,'- lei Mitlts bis I
I illlnic ;i"ii-' I'lt'lliels th ill s
K. K I't iff. i'Mi-ie loan
I. MS it i t- d 1-1' I'M s,.-.
tj X t bi Ibe 1 liiff. li...ti.' litiw
. -upif 1 b I'. I i. fur ,
liit it i-.. in. Mi I it ii wi.l
! n a : i-V st'.ff tl. .! -I.inii it
a i f r 'i' t i r t"f a
V, . , M .1 r, i l I I it.' tl I'
. - . ... -
,-1 - J., ',..-, ..f l
Ii:. 1. I--k-1.'-.
tit Drli.kx fr SoMh'iKt
II nam. IK o. ".. 'lo.. Ilet foil
,1 in I o! tint A no lie ill voliinlet ill
U'tV.iliii piovme IihH t hi Hilly be n
ts..l, ll.f i llbi i nr jjivi ii fnUHit of
.i.ini.Uoit Im'uiiu of the Vl.ilelit i f
fit I Spmiinh liiiu r bun on the tutu,
liu t.1 uiiuwti io anyii iiiK i"'u"b-
r l bun plain wbi-tv.
. . . . ' :ie. I.
It llUM lMH-11 IlllllKl lUlpOHHIOItJ tu
pi event I he holdem front drinking
M belt litplor ! i.bUiliubbt Hlfl for
this n iiton it bus bw n ibciduil to
.,t,.... ll. ii-Ki.iuisiliibl v lll.on the
Hi lief insleU'l l.f till' llriliklT. Oil
(lie ri i oniiiiii"bilion of .loliii .Mc'-iil-t,.,.ii
..i.iift.r ni.licu i.f New Yoik,
Olio (if Ibe Hist 'f Aiuelifiill pioinul
Rations Will bo I lie iililiotiliff me m
mint I but Ibe wile of iiiloxiniliiiK
litpior of uny soi l t un Ainerifan
Holdii r in uniform will result in the
ooiilisfulioii of Ibe properly In-bull,-ii.glo
Ibe M-lh r mid bis iiuprison
iiiciil Tor Katinmlloii.
Vus.liinf.'loii. Dir. Senator
Faiilkiicr of Wi-st Viriniii was
askfil ir ln luitii-ipiilml lliut t lie
pri'sfi t session of ronjn.ss wonltl
traiisiif t any business of matoiiiil
inipiirbiiiir otbi-rtlmn lli ndop
lion of tlio iipropriuti"ii bills.
'Nolliiiifj' ii rojil iuil pronipllv.
except tbo probable rnlilieatioii of
tlio 1'iiris tn-iily."
"I uin opposetl to oxpaiisioii,"
bo i-onliiiiied, 'but i ! '"l ,,f
how I or any oilier man liohlin-r
my views i-an sensibly witbliold
his volit in favor of rutilinition
when ovorytliiiif,' rowinj out of
tilt; treaty is in t ho hands of con
gress to bo disposed of in'corilin
to its judgment."
In reply to ii ipieslioii ns to
what ho bi-lievi'd Vould bo tin; fu-lui-o
disposition of thfl'bilippiiifs,
Senator Faulkner said:
"That is rather dillieiilt lo an
swer. I tun sure thorn is a very
stroiifr mid ini-roiisin' opinion in
llm country that wo should so
inana'o llio temporary affairs of
the islands thai eventually the
Filippinos will bo eipiippi'd for
and entrusted with self govern
ineiit. It isdillicull to understand
how such a heterogeneous popula
tion eotihl bo made pari oi me
people of th! United Slates, even
if I here were no other considera
tions. Military control of the
Philippines will be necessary for
a long time, without doubt, and
the intelligent portion of the pop
ulation in Iho islands will have to
be lurerelv ilcnondctl upon in the
future solution of Iho Philippine
The following details of wh it, is
said to bo Iho longest underground
telegraph cable are taken from
the Mechanical KngbielT. "T'.if. fa
ble is now being laid between Lou
don and I briuinghain, the distance
being 105 miles. It consists ol seventy-six
copper wires, each insulated
with brown paper. Tho cable is
lend encased, its finished diameter
being Lwo and one-half ineliCH, and
is drawn into a throe inch iron pipe,
laid about two and one-half feet bo
low the surface of the ground. Sec
lions .ri) feet long are made up, con
nection bet ccn (lie eonductois be
ing made by a small piece of copper
tubing titling neatly over the ends
of the wire w hich are soldered fast
in plai-o in it. At intervals of live
miles tho cable is brought up into a
testing box, mounted on a fast iron
pillar. These pillars als contain
animratus for piimpini' chemically
dried air into the cable lo dry out
any moisture that might enter
through any imperfection in the
lead casing."
There are only two stores iu
town where you can get all you
w ant at lied I Jock' prices, one is
the ricaumont Lumber Coin
panv's store and tho other is'u t
Al a SacralH'o.
I am going to quit handling
irkiNswaro and tpieensware and
w ill sen an i nave in sioci, ai a
sacrifice. You will get such
gtiod-ial tiii-b.-at il of prices.
S. I.i:i't'.iii:i;
Staiidanl L'l-amilatetl. ITU's.
I'an.-v V. C. lMl.s. U
Yellow. '.'I'lbs s.
.Ib'.Ai'MnN r Li run; C.
A n.iid on siilisi iiiiti' ii lo iho
)in I'.x I i:i.'fi:ir will make a
iee new vear's lovst'tit In sum
rielul outside of the city. Only
I jut year.
A Iweiitv p-r o-nl retl in t it'll n
ill i I.'lliiiiv' in lb'' hfii-e
f-1 lai tr.ii'i 'f lb" "ir. I'..
i-u1--r. the ''i'" plic' reliable
1--1 l.l. t -
i u Year"- I v nts al eM-ts-d I
iiiL'l.v li' piitf at I".. S. a- r
v..i.iiit' lMk1i'rc.
I li.Wt t. I'ltttsl 1. 1 iff! I'll al
.'..I n It ft :i1 11. Satii'-
--1"f! l sst...-. j
Valuable lVrni'iit.
There isn't a woniMi in town
lhat will not turn this paper up
is.lc ilown to liud that the most
valuablo prow-iil lo given child or
obler friend U en shares of sbu k
in tho Iioau i-ouipiiny. The tiit
payment i $1"; then it will only
cost 1 is r iiiouth, ami when .vu
Imvo paid in luOyou gi t sjl.u'Jii.
This leiiflies to save ami make
inoiiev at Ibe sumo liui". Utu Ii
Ik-i-miii Unit joins inn company,
inLiii.r leu slum's between now
and January 1. M'., I w ill give
I hein ii year's suiiscription to the
Yii.i. I. )i nil am. Agent..
A. K'. Ilawkos. the fanioiis At
lanta optician, direct from tho
lioino ollice of (his groat o) it it'll I
house, or ouooi ins pi iu-uc-ai op
ticiiius, will rcniiiin at the store ol
tiirent. . Ii. Diiulap. for live
duysonly, beginning IJeet'inber
Hit. This w ill givo tho citizens or
IWunionl and vicinity a rare op
portunity ir having their cyo
sight tesloil free by ono of the
most renow ned as well as relia
ble opticians iu tho United SUvles.
Mr. Ilawlves hasull tho modern
appliances for tbo scicntitic lul
iiistiiienl of siioctat-lus lint! oyo-
glasses to tho eye. There is no
optician in tho United Mates wlio
enjoys the I'onlntoiieo ol ine people-more
than M r. Mawkes. His
name is a laminar worn inrougii
out a section of country inhabited
by over i.i.t't'i ,'"" people. Air.
liawkes has probably lilted glass
es to the eyes of inoro penplu of
national mid international tame
than any other optician living.
His wonderful success is !uo to
his superior grade of glasses, and
lo the eonti lenco the jmoplo nave
in his ability as a practical opti-
.. .ii'ii
cian. I Ins linn was esiaoiisncu
in 1H7, nearly thirty years ago.
Call early as he will 'positively re
main but live days, as ho has olh
or i'ii'ii'eiioiits for later dates.
Caution: These famous glasses
are never peddled.
Latest in l'liotog;raili.v
Is ii life sio Platinoid photograph
We make them at $!".
Beaumont Akt Studio.
Tlie Mis. ,1. Neis millinery store
has just received a handsome, line
of Bratlenberg cmbroidory work
The D.vn.v KxTKitruisK only 1
per year if ai(l in advance. Read
our oiler in anoinor comma.
Dry goods, hats, boots and
shoes' miist, go at a very reduced
prices at the Iho I K,i'.M .t Li;m
KKit Co.
A bi- lot, of warranted all wool
mens pants just, received ut TIni
(.lobe. I'nco ,si.ju-uicy are
worth $2. no.
.1. A. l'liillips,
V. K. Howies,
C0XTKA(T0I!S ami lil lhOKIiS.
New Caswell Building, l'earl St.
Job work promptly attended to.
l (). box l';!!.'
I'.RAUMONT, - - - Texas.
Uancy goods of all Kinds cheap,
cheap, cheap, at the Counter Racket
Tor Salo.
The tug Willie C, has been re
tilted and put in tirsl -class condi
lion. IHniensions, ."" feel oyer
all; engine 0.1(, upright boiler
She w ill be sold at a bargain. Ad-
l'oi t Arthur. Texas..
II. lliiWM-.Y,
lb -a n no n t , Texas.
(ieniiino crab apple cider at S
,lus,t received a i i.-lot of outing
lannods at a verv onv ligurcs al
tin ;ioii storr.
Opera rioUse
Two nights only
Fuliy and
frederic Bryton,
The Rcnianlic Actor,
,i'-i l.-.l l.v I 'ill will lo-burg
ami a t art -fully lft I
tl nM!t:iiiy.
l-'i; I HAY nu;mt
nati i:iay mi.iit
New York'
S.m1-1! - -i :i1 lysl. M-I
6C. 2) 01 o
m S. SPEER. I D..
tJI orfr II'. Jl. i.iM.'dji' lni(l ',
lirniilrhcr, MiW t'rythr ttrrri.
.'Wii-dro 'A..HI- ,S7. Ofl. r Amif .W,
.. (nil.lsrt:i.V.
I'll YSWI. I A' ami S VllC. KitS.
Office room 1 Kyle building.
Ui'siilcnce No. i, Cypl l'ss hi n i l.
Tclephoiio N't. 1.
. t ucdhi riDiifTn inutD nun viiDiicnk
d uiiiLnni rnnuiiiiuiua niu uuujiuk
Ht'.siilonco and oflico W. CroeUotl
. Mrooi.
J)K. j. immaixkmckkkT
Room No. 8, Starke Building
Over lluclit's Clotlil" stl''.
Cold and ainiilgaiir Jillings
Crown and Bridge Work, .
(lold und l'ort-elain
Special attention given to dis
eases of the mouth.
Si'IIh T.nuil, KxanilnrH Titles, HaiuaL'i'1 Suit
ami DivoiCBH. 3D years praclke line in.
Attorney at Law.
Colloctions nml I.nnil Litiijiitioiis u
spt't-Ialty. Will practice in llic courts of
Jefferson. Lilicrty uml Ilnnliii counties,
nml all Federal courts. Ollice iu Starke
Koonis 12 anil 15, Starks P.li!;;.
John Perr,
Will meet all I rains and handle
baggage and passengers. Good
service guaranteed and patron
age solicited. Kes corner Ma?
nolia and Concord.
Hall's Restaurant i
The only Strictly lirsl.
Class short order bouse
in town. LYio.es; are
bed rook,
w. s.DAvinsoN.w.r. h.mckaddin
I'reflidfiit. Vift-rrtBiilfiit.
FIIANK ALVKY. I nnliier.
CAPIlif STOCK SIOO.000.00.
S:rpius onfl Univic P
Kjc'idiiiji Irmri) ml nil tlif priiiripal ritic
of the wariil.
A carload of the celebrat
ed FAYOIIITK ll'iir, which
will bo sold it !?1 per sack.
None Is'ltcr.
I have an eVganl stm-k of
fresh groei i ii s; iiiiiico inea:.
three pounds for '2 cents.
No ono else can sell it so
I V.u 1 1 ni I. ii m r I Vi pil i Iii.r 1
. 1 LA It
as T r cei t i
t ! t "ar r.-. j
... ,
1SI 111 11
IA 30 days op er
Beginning on )an.
And Continuing for 3O lay?
1 -
P For 30 days after Jan. 1.J899, the sub
Iscribers of the DA I LYE N T E RPR I S Emay
j liave the paperfpr $4.O0 LP.er vearpayaWejn
advance. This offer lisj3nl
4QQ money, 'This o
subscri . Jhe .Pper
I to
7 ti
vMi-vii smiin mites near Ilaiiisliue.
Owner can have same by calliiiami Louis
Julinsoti, proving ownership anil paying
for ailveitisiiiir.
LOST A key rini? with seven or eight
keys, one post'oillce key. Leave nt lliis
ollice anil aet rewanl. 12-21!
LOST last evening near tlie ISeau
imint Iron Works, a red morocco rocket
hook about three' Indies wiile by live
loiiif. Hook contained ?":l.0(l. Among
other nionev was $20 bill, a cheek for
S.-.o ami a note for .$.".110, due December
2t Tlie name of owner, Mrs. N. llencli,
printed iu gilt oa pocket book. Kinder
will return to this ollice and receive re
ward. WANTKJ).
WANTI-'.D To rent, a four or six
room house conveniently localed. I1'. A.
Parker at Park house. 2li-wp
LOST a gold chain bracelet set with
live garnets and live brilliants. Leave
:it tills ollice and get reward.
W ANTKD To rent a dwelling house.
Apply to or nddress, k. II. Pierce.
KOI! HUNT. Three room bouse in
Kiverside purk-$." per month. Apply
to II. I. Ostebce, Heaumoiit Art Studio.
12.1 "i. 2wp
KOI! HKNT-Tlirce linfui'iiislicd rooms
in the Charles Scrillno building on Or
leans street, opposite lleuumont Iron
works. 12-12
KOI1 SALL -Horse niid wagon very
cheap. InipMieat corner of IVarl and
Wall streets. 12-2
KOIt SALK Two horses and set of
doable harness. Price S:w. Apply at
l.amidry. 12-22
KOK SALK-Sevciily-llve acres of land
two miles north of liciiiinont Q'.'M per
acre. .ll'NKKK. 12-13
I'llll SAI.K-('he.ii. six bits and live
ruoiii cottage in Herring addition, (iootl
lerins. .lunker. 12-1!
KOK SALK Atn bargau.thc II.il II'.
lirct-r property in the south end of lleau
iiiont. Annlv to Hal W. (irecr, or Mrs.
(iivi-roii the premises. Will eiehangc
for other city property. 1 1-23
KOI! SALK -Cottage with three rooms
ami hall, at a bargain, tmc-tliiril cash, bal
ance in four ve.trs. K. t". Wagner, at I..
Ii. Levy. II-IU
KOIl SALK Or trade for lumls-r
pair of cciitt r rwiik -.iimtfteil Merns
M iniif.u luring company fliilu valve -u-gim-s,
l.lxis, t-ach cotnpleto ith pover
iur, etc. Would prefer selling together.
Sold iM'taiise too final I to do wrk re
Hiiireil. Ad'lres, llont Couuty Oil 'tm
p.my. Wolfe I'ily, Texas. H-i
ITc Milbntrr .stablisbmoDt of
i v.: :.' i,..nIVI!..k-,l.
.l I K. .1 . l!. ill i i'i"nr 1,1 m""'
is .Liilr ririvirp new pooda
f. t llif In b.l.i.v Ira.b". Ibtls, IVtn
i t , i'-.i f. miiT -vi-iytbiiifj in lailit V
nil I i lul Ik iih bi a l ar.
A l'-vlv bne of faiitT ait well
iiiibrt.i bt4l it nur i-if. i- 'U t il,'
lumn. t1"b-. lauii Irr ltc mi'I
ichiiv tliT aitit l'H tbnt ill fiml
Imfi Is'tnif uw fnl Ntua I -
THi; MILIilMin.
'-'t fi b T.11 J j hj in l.i,-b art
ll 't 'i-fSJ'l T 1.-1V(1 l Vlllfclil.fr
l u 1: i !.!ll) 1 1 itli i -t-l tbf-
'II. .1 1 l'l.,ln..mt,1.it
j 1 1 V b' -1
: . v ' "
This is a savi n g of 80 cents
and is a high rate
, -
them by mail for
- --- -
Willow Rockers
And other Fjrnitu, EVERY
DAY, sale begirding at 10 a.m.
3 p. m.anc!at17 rV m"
iMeOlure's i I
m For 1899.
$1.00 a year
10 cents a copy.
Aniimpr tbo snociul ft;i
ituros are
Tho littor Life of Lincoln, by fVJ ,ss Jtla M- J ;ir'
1e'l- n . u i
Tb! Naval Side of the War, br'1' ;,,n
A Ti'li','nii)h Operators Lifo-A U(':Ll -viK,'"'"f,-
and Adventures.
Contributions by the
t.tit- iLit-i.liiitmoltl
TIOX, KXT'fX)KATI()N,,,,,1,,ia'in ''-
tie:es ilescriptive of ,
I'lunpe in the Pivinj; J
inp Torisilo UoaL
Submarine Navigation
It The Kite in Motlern War-
1 fare.
Telesrraihin.T with'ut Wires
p5 Tlie marvels of the Sea. I ""'" " -'Jf'l"i- g
i nlf-n.HH hnif l Stories. M
S-S lliov -w ill i-oine from sui-h writer.'-, !' '
m r.ntivanl Kii.lin- KoUn t Rirr
."rPi" !i!r'r,,s,m '
S.s rMian I'. I.UIKM K v
lintoii ll
. Of si;i iuimisii .1 iiuuim i ii . . y
ft n.-w writ. rsan.laat.ui.,ls'rof h" - ""l'lra- 0
mailt-.-i.ixsl.'s fn.ni pmI lib' whi. !. .?J Jr 'y: b-rs b:iv.' i-ou.e vv
I" kiiow as a .jHi-ial fixture of MtVi. ' '''' S- A
A .'. ss -.yy. y
Evorytliing new
h 1991
o neaq jisu bscr i p- m
of intereston youi:
...JoJbedered 1
$4.00, per year.
i!n,wii'ti ivn iiin.ar.
autboritios un
c fit
Unsold m
ilHlnlliy. M
Ljf0 ; ill the Det'iK'st Mines.
yua I 1 Vary is Doiii."; in the
Ti'liH-trosi'ojM I'iet- w,
S-v.-ih II. Klli-.ti
Cr.-v ''
H Nesbit
Klli-n ( ;iairo-,v
y strikinir sl'iri"s bv v!
- s - - TEXAS.
mid iirst Class.
. '. Jl 77"S, Manager.
I. rn.i... I.:. .4 SSS
rfhi-- iciiruiiM-ii ' i in- 'A
a 1 .. rr I 1. W7s
; iv l iniiu'i

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