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She Qaift enterprise.
Mum l "Uxuin K.mo-.
10 Matt er w
i nu Month
Tin' port hub Of MWI Mnm
rioin Baeurabal row) voMw k
ih Heitiiiuuiil 1kIki Ix MOD printed
in ili entire laau,..
A rHiV "r ""' """ Knt. i in Iw.
one of "u ( klekera. wlo Iiiim rend
ibe y Hii nil uiiuiiuik run hi tuut Poll
,nU-ni tn iIiIn i in Iiuh reieiv-
I liii.ii net Ion iii "nil mill news
items front Beaumont, vary pertinent-
l -iikk Hi'.- follow lu: "No one
lilnme iii' I'oxi for ii Hqiiiii)- ileal It
In fraud 1 hut We illljl'l l to. 'NeWK
Itanw' from Bttuunonti puiiiuheii ia
ill Hi'- Post's edit lona, In nut objx
tloMbta; local items our dally paper
urn rIm- iih. a ipactal adltlon ol i ia
I'ohI for lliiiniiM.iii however, Ih o .
The editor" ol tba Newton county
itiToni iiiiiiiiiiiiri s iii advance r Dm
aanoaaoaaiaata or oandldataa for ol
Boa, ihin this year, if they wlab any
puffs iii connection with their mi
nouncamenta, tbey win have to write
It (hentaolvcD and -1-n their nunies to
It We are plaaaad to hoi- sucb i
itatemeni (touting from auch ;i aouroa,
an ii presages IiIkIh'i plane 'if Jour"
nullum for the country newapaper,
Tin' custom of saying something Dice
aboul each candidate in order to
make tin- public think thai tiny are
really fitted for the poaitlon they aeok
the varies! mi. and doea not fool
anybody, fifty per cenl of the candi
lad's throughout the Pulled Btatea
.in' not worthy of the Nattering notlc
aa tbey get when they announce, and
the nlii faahloned puff is u farce. It
is a degradation to the editor who
writes it. unless he honestly belietes
whal he is writing, and In ninety pur
l ent iii the caaeti one puff will lit n
hundred candldatea. It the newspa
pers of the country will stop auch
nonsense und treal an announcement
iik tbey 'In the advertlaomenl of n
merchant they will Increase their owu
self reaped and be much inure res
pected by the patrons "i their uquat
It la time fnv i'otmVv- w,.w.i"'rK to
aaaorl their Independence of party
politicians and when they do It, the
Dfofesslou will be mure respectable
and profitable.
ai. i.ui i. Mo . Ave i
i PI..H, i, aaly is rtete sM I .Srrati r sat
nam, iiiil fnuala lru.il.n-. lo fr !'
Mirllia I K"t tO li-'l I 10 M'Ol ttl.lk I l '"
iii uiiuiirl iuvrir. ami in.ii'l u'l fl.,i.la 'K1'
arleaS dortoi l ui """ b..iiir ' wis '
I 'm, In I unit thai until' nu- ' 'i Btlr, Hay'
HOW urd w.erll lulll.-. INO "' " 1
iiuilhri u-i-ii ih.- Win lur i k lag! ' I UM tag
grcMtiy relieves.
MI-.M M Id, MltT W I I -II
M I i hi i A
Mmv eirS iiui wnten linJ It ntcn irj to atrn their own living in
vari.ins kinds rd rrorkiymctit. rhrlt work ii oftan so hard and confio
im; nut the health breaks down, rhdr dtUcata const tutlona an i itttM
f.,r reiorni tasks, WeaJuwsi ncirb alus nuke, it.. upgtnilM In the
Meulbvlv deltatte womanly organs. Constant tumdtng pn tiu- fm,
and coming and going ittbf btckol t wrtttowm
duces t dling ol ih.- vtomb. leucorrrsrH htadaclH! ind backache, ns) pay
.,1 women workers Is otten s toriously imstl that when NCkmn
ornies the hava no ntoney t" engage killmi idiysicians. iii'" wme
til (".irJin ii truly ,l I'lcvsmi;. It
fui ii.ltli', in mw rriiiitue ' ll
dlriHlunt. .Mi", ii,. li v nyii'l'',:",
ltl..' '.l...rt M-i-'i. hiflB-TftS t
JIHIII ll ..... Ii;niun'.,'l. .. irw.li
cures iii -m ol their ills at snull
i-.,i, ,uul tliev cm ;ut us their own
phvsicfatns. No doctor can do as
much for "feimie troubles"
Wins "i CftrfluL
Druggists sell Large Bottles for $1.00
The following Interoatlng paper hj
Miss 01 ea W'iess. wns reml ul the lust
meeting of the Twentieth Oenturj
(tub. .
"The Hrsi shall be lusi und the lus1
first,' nntl sn i is when we begin oui
skoteh of notable speakers, with tic
lion. Thomas B, Reed. Bui we can
mil resist this Conspicuous heme III
the beginning, In Btrength of chnr
acter and Independence no other
speaker can compare with him. He
inaugurated n new era in leglsla
i on. He secured a conaentratlon (
power In the House hlthcito un
known, ii will leave its Impression
mi many n future congress, it noi
only destroyed the Individual obstruc
tor bul prevented organiaed ililms
leriiiK. Whatever hum be said con
cerning his policy, it was practically
adopted by his political opponenta
when In. power, and it seems to have
commended itself to the people al
large. i
deed's personality is peculiarly Im
presaive. It made itself felt long be
fore be became (speaker. He achieved
the leaderabip of his party on the.
ilnor with out Recking ii II waa an
absolute speakerahtp, domlnatina by
I lie sheet force Of intelleel He lunl
mi rivals. Mis remarkable phyalqae,
facial eipreaaion, qualatoeaa of lin -ieei
and grim terseness tit argnaaenl
were narmnalod klaaoat nacoat-
loiisiy he aatvratejd his apeeeatea
with aarcaam, and than araa pun
gaaoy iiImiih his ratacta tatal saved
I im froea many I ilireet assault Ma
Mandated with the smartest men of
''III parties ami was an muni v. rout
reader to this a memory nniis-
ualty rataative and n haaaaat un'i
inilniKe iiiisni pass.-.l. Im. keil b a Irue
), .rliiiuieut.il instint t. :tnl the se. ret
.. hta aMreeaa is raeaaaad
His s. ii . oiitiiieie haa aaa beeat an
niiilpot lani iptalily in his liaille for
. .,e.t,.
Hr. It. e, .,s I'H'l tslllIK tie Ill" I
of lii opponent. Mini Uitf every
.. k ihiIiii In 'In it ainiot: lie "
js ajaargaaai uuir iiiiti hThUs
,e mi the r'piil.ti, nil sitV of the
Home. h. hatl a b.yal ft- lata -
isioai atthaaara al MMhV
kftard tn tin- aaara intnti av
.-..- lit tie til mil'-- of the sprak'-'
front hit tltttles Mr. H-1
-.III .1 I C
with rr-il-l anil Ml iMgtt
..UMP tftearee pno.rl'lal
I'iriSalM' the nkfiatfl " "'
ma1'- in t-iritt "n
Wtv M fnin i "t IHiif-h. T litt
le aaHgwl ' t-inh a ""f""' haj
aagk tlx- Moow' H'hfn h hart hi -
Mi Kt-t .lr.- fr."" Iil "-" 1
u4 r4 'tM as
from nu answer to .Mr. Springer's .1 1
gument Closing the book, ho sain
ipiote from u speech made by tho
gentleman from Illinois in the Pifi.v
fourth congress.' Mr. Springer ail
mltted It: explained thai he had exer
ise.i the privilege of an America.!
thai nf ehiinglng his mind; spoke of.
this being an age "i progress ami thui
the limes lunl changed, and more t
the sal Heel. Closing with. I Mini, I
rather he rit;lil than bp pfeSldeilt."
"Ifa-a-B," drawled Mr, Beed, with
ijUSllll twinkle in his eye. "Well, you
will never be either."
Un.-e there was a committee on rules
consist lug of Iteeii McKlulcy, Jr., und
Cameron, rep., ami mount ami Mc
Millan, dei .-rats, It I, McKinlej
anil Cnmei'on being n majority of the'
committee, always met in the speak-1
er's loom alone ami drew up the spec- 1
ial nrAem. I I'1' Houtw uvul ,,.1 noon.
At live minutes boforo 12 they would
send for Ihc mlnorltj members and
record their votes. This procedure ,
und many like methods caused Indig- !
nation among many of the members, j
and it (Ioob seem scarcely fair to tho
minority, bul t iiov Baved the country
millions of dollars ami changed the
condition of Ihe House from cllllos lo
oriler. mnking it possible to trnnsacl
biislneBs tvtthoul being hindered bj
dilatory motions and other nf the ml- '
norlly methods of delay. The good
Bt I'-asi overbalanoea the ovll, We
eannol think of Thomas B. U I with-'
t Im 11
1 rulv
Reed's Blbell
out being lemiti leil Ilia
Iiik sueceeds like Bucceaa."
If we may be permitted an
though! u.e will give Mr.
views on Woman's Rights
thov are mil in accord with mil
"The equal rights of women," ho Bays,
"have hut just reached the region of
possibilities. Men have jusl left off
sniennn ami have mil inst uegtttl to
consider 11 needs im prophetic vis
ion to see how cheap will appeal Hie
stock avmiiueiits for the subjection 01
women w hen shone upon by the light
of trial Kverj step of progress from
the harem and the veil to free society
uni property holding haa been stead
lly fougbl by the vanity, aelflshneaa
and Inaolence, noi only of mankind
lull of womankind also."
in direct contrast to it 1 is Jatnet
Blaine, one of the weakest cbarae
rs who ever held the speakership
He had no convictions, and we may
tatague hint as an oppoitunisl He
itteaopted to obtain Hie aoaalaatl m
tor Hie mesiileiiex 111 .ii. inn on a.-
eoual of there lieinn .pleslioll of his
iierson.il and oMctal integrity, he
failed, ii was alhgsad thai as aaaakat
of the House be had used bis paw.1
in fa tear af rertala Ifaaaani ndtfaa-H
fittm whleh be had retelvttl vast uin
of SaaSMy. stm-k- and lauids as . o"i
llellS'lllon Wllelllel or noi these DC
.-,ntlons were true, lias In tel ipei.
known llul ihe (Wf siiftl. left
pr. v. Ill Ins i.-..itiMt; tie nominal ion
lor tin lee-idom t lllam, was known
is tie I'luiu.-.! Knichi H twi
ni Hi. soiibHtiuet 1 Idlftilotls for a
Mtli1i.i:tn from Itolwt i; lnc-r l
lui inti.lti . .1 hiii, a- nihil '' lie
( in im.all . ilit '-fli 1011 HI- lite .111
litlhiti t;i' lo iMt-ntiM' ireM n'. !
he tli.-l woleMil he. Hit it tulflH'l
NatM was a hv hmil'ia
. .til.-., ku. HuihiiImI llainlm
ikn'j-'- had ti' t' t IkffaSi a tin" elas
tuol ln a. ti.tiei'il wild hitH
If lli'.v IrktH !. to tiMi 'it.i
ff-, H... ggJaTfl in tlw fiN.nort
t towti and CT.ti tii.. !
with li -lfitaii
!, l- III'
Wmk! 'fca'
. ' II t
1. I- is
manners were affable, familiar and
rordlnl. ai converaatlon he was viva
ions ami good-humored, rather than
witty. He liked to "Jolly" his
males, bul was domestic, rather
convivial, in his bablta,
Ills ehief mistakes." says on
ler. "cuittc from a desire for money,
which he wanted, noi for itself, but
for the power ii brings." He was lib
eral In his way of life, hut mil osten
tatious. Ho Btudied the arts of the
politician assiduously: the recognition
of Important men seldom seen: small
personal attentions to rustics, and
was a most Inveterate advertiser. He
hail a great nose for majorities, was
n good guesser, and Instinctively look
the popular side of open questions,
since as was said before- he was mil
n man of convictions.
Next to Reed. John Cr, Carlisle is
I lie stroilgeal man who has ever sat
in the speaker's ehair. Time. hOWOV
it. prevents an individual "write up"
of nils of the others, and we can bul
just mention Ihe most interesting.
fiietB concerning f'.'om In a brief sum
I'he flrsl speaker was T. A. Mnhl-
II burg of Pennnylvi ula. It was frtim
Jonathan's Trumbull thai the United
siaies received the name. Brot.ner
Jonntban," which stands tor this
country as "John Bull" does for Eng
land, Washington placed greal reli
ance in J. T. and frequently referred
matters to him, saying, "Lei us hear
w hat 'Bro Jonathan' has to say."
Six speakers are now living, among
them Carlisle and Reed, who are still
fourteen speakers served ill more
thu one congress ami six in more
than two. Henry Clay served Iii six
and Andrew Stevenson in four.
Kentucky and Virginia are tied for
ii si place as producing more speak
ers. Many of the speakers have been
graduates of Ihe Univetrnity of Vir
ginia, Nearly every speaker has aspired to
be president bul the speaker's chair
is the doom of the presidential aspir
ant Henry Clay and James 0. Blaine
were mini ilia led lor the presidency.
"I ItMagM I S'NM -'r.-r B Aitale.-
Oacet th" aa detent lalaga that can Bap
pen te a t. et uw la lei Ml halo such .1 drptl
of 'I. -M..,i, Il-'eiiti
WaBa al
Mtni.aui.il wfAr - -itnttiiK
1 h;it hc ' .i'
l-'tr I t 1 . '
uMM til, . torn 1
.tinl llfaM
11' vol Ii
Ud . All I MM
RtM l;t 111." 4N . IMslll lit m H tl. ,t'
sayflr, v. hit Ii w.iih! Ikvmiu- IT tli.tl
C'tii'i h.iM v heal thrwd kll i
l:.mt Ml k 1 h.ttl ttfld ti.tM'1- .lit1
it 1 tin! nuii t'tltt r lunl Mst in
I M tnitttt pii- sj itit n i ti MMM
r' ' -iitMUa.' ticatnti nt M1 tn ti.
VMM1. 1 h.Hl la
wk-bsjj MM 'M'ltvM I
llul with . Mini
lt K l'i tvr. ol
I N dJ
.1. n 1 Ibrd my 9ynp
tl.tll. tw N i 1 x1.1
l tttllt1V AM-
1 a,rr-l hv Wile (
it.) ttt 1 tie a ir -t
..ti ' XV- ftian rtt'ti
t mm M 1 ! I !
ttt .lri t' Km Jilt Ii I h 'Tltme l li f ! ti-1
llaMvIji Ik imi
t ll 1-! l4 ll'
K l T. Ilniiiii ihe vouiiKetit
Ihp.'ukei h'lins ,ui li'-ii ehxted H
j wuk nu active Mst'SblnnUl and after-
... : 1 1 mm s.Mlt'laiV of '. in
Ihe . tlllfedelttle novel llluelll.
John (i. Carlisle may he aahl 10 be
ih. paft iBtelllgeut speaker. Henry
("lay Hie Kicutcat orator a lit! patriot
und 1r11.nl si. 11. niu,.ii and Thouias U.
Heetl the areuteal steaker aa 11 purll i
The present spralier Mi llemleison
is ih.. Krai man rroa west of the mi
siMHlppl river.
KOIt HUNT Slable und barn. Pan
aeoommodata live or u head. Apply
corner Kan 11 In and Orleans si nets
UANTBD A tluss in book-keepinc
I offer to the VounK ladles and you UK
men of iieaumoni an opportunity lo
learn bookltoeln ami general prin
ciples of oil) work ill a reasonably
short time mid at a minimum cost
For particulars please address me.
I). II. Caluies. Ilox 100, Iieaumoni.
WANTBD To buy second hand
furniture, Boaumonl PnrloaHy shop.
l-LM If
WANTI01) :! I'liiniHhetl Itooins
for IlKltt house keeping. Apply ol
this offlca M if
WANTED --Two rooms down town
furnished, or one unfurnished ami one
furnished, Addreas Misses Bowera,
Park House. '.'-s-iw
FOR SALE Split cypress posts.
T. Kopae, 1008 Liberty avenue. -0-6.
FOR RENT New modern two-story
1 1 ck store. Elegant stone nrch frt.ni
Large plate Klass show v.'lndows on
pavnd street; r.Ttrnlly loc.tttd, Apply
i" V. W'iess. Lock Box, :!7.S. 5-m
FOR RENT A Flfree room dwelling
house and a small store room, ln
rpill'e at the Chicago Store. 2-lfi-ll
A fee nf live dollars, payable in ad
ranee, is elm rued for announcements
for ciiy olBcca in the Dally Enterprise,
except for aldermen, for which $2.50
will be charged. Under no circum
stances will any commtnt, favorable
or otherwise, be offered by the Daily
Enterprise, concerning the candidacy
of any one announces: in these col
umns. Mayor D. P. Wheat authorizes 11a
to announce his candidacy for re
I., Hon as mayor of Beaumont at
the coming city election on April ;.
e are authorized to announce
the name of It D. Simonlon. Jr., as
1 candidate for re-election as City
Treasurer of Beaumonl at th" elec
tion to he held April
I hereb) announce my caudldacj
for re-election to tho office of City
Attorney at the coming election to
hehf on April 8,
'e ure authorised to announce the
name of Turn Hies as a candidate for
city attorney at the election to he
In Id on April :t.
1 announce myself as a candidate
for re-election to the Office of City
Tax Assessor and Collector.
Wc are authorised to announce Wm.
a. Langham, as a condldate for re
election to the office of city marshal
of Beaumont, at the coming city elec
tion in April.
We are authorized to announce the
mine of Has Landry as .1 candidate
for city marshal of the city of Heau
mont at the cily atSKkM to he held
here in April.
wr. iii HKRM in stay
Rnlarp'd work . life sl.-. with six
Inch frame only I:'.". New Oullery.
rian. belt - aea brieh BarfMtast, Peaii
itn'et 1-'
ajtein for Ihe Mil" heil
Wliv don 1 ton net till of lh.it HACK
ma oonoM? a ;s-eet itti- si
' X-l Daafth Cure ill relieve yen
Hi and af'ei tin l.'.th of Keliriiary.
it ibe BaVf of iIk East Tei.as Tel
, .b,.i mp.nit ill I- in ihe offl' "
I th. tagaaaWSU KUfttieal Suptly
V tMH.nHKRti.
Early Spring Novelties.
New silk Foulards, printed and plain, in all the latest pop
ular shades come in exclusive patterns.
New Silk, Zephyr and Mercerized Ginghams, entirely new
in shades, in exclusive patterns. Plaids and stripes.
New white goods, entirely new, soft and dainty as silk.
White Paris Mouselene. very Sheer.
White Paris Muslin, very Sheer.
White Paris Mouselene De soil. Sheer.
These goods are entirely new a..d have taken the place of
white organdies.
New Chiffon Applic.uos, Nets, Garnitures. Galloons, Bands,
Taffela .Silks and All Over embroideries.
. .. ... . I. .1. .1, a. .tl .t. A, vt V
-4 .C'.'-K try
Cut Price
very Itttly knowa Uml
"JJolsyeW Fell Slippers
mo the best, We have :i
Cv lefl frem our holidtty
t mde; will cl so litem out.
I s-'.iiii Slippers at
Ml s.-,o Slippers al
Ml s .110 Shoes tit
Hat n'i 't all sixes but may
bave yours. Better come und
. j I Co. al4MT
Wiring Houses for
Electric Bells.
nixl telephones keeps us pretty
busy, but we will at tent to all m
dors in wire factories, houses,
stores or mills, or tit them up with
art; or incandesconl lighting prompl
f ly and with scientific skill. All wir
ing is guaranteed, and work of litis
baractnr can no) be excelled b'
r anyone or compete in prices with
'IV- 'if miru I 'ni'iiwiioniloneO snlicilrd.
j'.vv. 1
I nf J Millar V Tiioola Clontrinal Tnain'rc
ItllilCI Qt I UggIG, LIUUIMUni Llllli 10
Telephone 78.
Latest Arrivals!!
and Coal.
PHONE 105.
J, Bain Price.
New shades Spring Ginghams, Mad
ras Cloths, Piques, Dimities, Cross-bars,
Nainsooks, India Linens, etc.
LADIES, call and get first selection.
Reliable One-Price Store.
will Improve tha appearance of
your liouse one hundred fold. Let
us tell you BOH little we will
eharge to pal "D two costa of lioa
. st paint. Tate kln.l ilmi wW Is
Painters ami Paper Manors.
i in. Nt:w rtmtti MAI LKKV tu
ItUin.liitl'- in" "ii S .-; t i t I
arM not l oj . ii uiilil S.iliir.llt .laim.i: v
o. i ,.t. r af tin.- phalli it aaowerett
i",ri.-.' akMsM araM au.i seat aajr saaaaale
Stiutbcrn Phot.. ISWI Piitt"" C
Real Estate.
Ottn MM II Waifce building
, "),.,', . i i, lanl for s"1'
, ,,.M,n,lelif wiiii-im.
t ThfiKfi is a Timf
a aaV w m aj v
i .M Everything, mui junt uu in
tho time v are making' retliM'
ed prloefl on all our furniture on
liautl. in make room for our new
!' ,rt
kefj ,k
BJ h
a tats. -md
ii'l ian ff aSnajT.
a tmlt Haiti a an.l
n-a.iaa.mi l.aaajB I rvaajafai-
. M
in sir4b- a4
(lte rtaatal'l an'i BaMatB), Free
iti..h..t. v ih w ttti. k l.iiiHin.
I.ar1 atrwi
These Goods Must Be Sold
Hence you may expect
bargains in every depart
ment. Come and see us
at once.
i hi:sh
I nill .Wiv-r freah laid at yii
Anm imi. a Thrae err are'
i.. rrtwlfl't "f I" !"i"" yatdi
(f.in.l. Taj PtaiHiT Faraa
Vt- ttnanra I era"'
fVaalaafJ- atdr'" Bauaaoait
The Daily Enterprise,

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