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"Per Month
Per Week -10
BEAUMONT. TEX., DEC. 4. 1900.
WMMaiton, D. C. DcaUr 4.
i v TT
Smtvtan tha officr In onarzs or
naval mUltl. ha mad a apcni
report to the naval uepartnunt upon
th operation of that organization
during the paat year. Twenty states
are shown to have an organized naval
mUltla. comprising In all 567 officer
and 5.309 petty officers and enlisted
men. Tha naval appropriation act al
lotted the sum of 1G0.O0O for the mi
litia, of which 157,000 had been dis
tributed among the twenty state or
ganizations on January 1. The navy
department assigned two vessels for
the practice cruisers of the militia,
the Prairie, on the Atlantic coast and
the Michigan, on the great lakes.
Through laclc pt facilities a vessel
for the Pacific seaboard was not as
signed. Contingents from Louisiana,
Georgia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey,
Connecticut, Rhode Island and Maine
took short cruises of about a week's
duration each on the Prairie. The or-
Kanizations of Ohio, Michigan and II-
made practice trips upon the
lakes aboard the Michigan.
Lieutenant Commander Souther
land says there Is absolute necessity
of a national naval reserve, in addi
tion to the present military organiza
tions. This proposed innovation is
not suggested with any view of dis
placing the present naval militia. The
general government of the United
States, says Commander Southerland,
has no direct control whatever over
these naval militia bodies. They are
state organizations pure and simp!e.
organized under state laws, and thus
it Is that in the event of war no mem
ber is under any obligation to ans
wer a call of the president for any
naval service. Then too, it is pointed
out that our opponent in a possible
war of the future may be thoroughly
equipped, first rate naval power, in
" ting contrast to our adversary of
and that therefore it behooves
vry department to create some
reserve force, organized under
' rislons of federal law, and op
" - nder the direct control of
department, ready at a mo-
"ce to reinforce the regular
ngth of the navy.
.of the naval reserve ofll-
w;well defined. He would
' ision In the navy, sign-
idem, and his name
upon the naval reg
' y. in fact the sole ob
javal reserve, the re
rAf 'would be the manning of
fleet; the overflow which would
the second reserve could be uti
by the navy department on ma-
nds of special duty.
wiain C. H. Stockton, resident
e naval war colleee. has suhmit-
to the navy denartment hia snnn.
rnwn oi ine work or that body du-
'" . Tear ended October 30 last
problems were dealt with, in
naval tactics, naval reserve
.preparation for the person
question of the type of ship
for the navy, the prepara-
charts and other matters
. -
iwj vi me raw rood re-
be felicitated on the de
'nciple displayed upon
-asion of their Thauks
Persons of less earnest
en nave weakened at
Hen victims to the in
-.dons of$ujkfSrfS5
jag Pluia-iudlng. The raw
es remainpd firm on a
tay by sltfin?
orgeous repasof raw oysters, onl-
ms, snrimps, sliced lemons, nut meat,
Wnut butter and raw turnips. From
ke published menu these edibles
Vre taken In courses, the sliced lem
U serving as an entree and the raw
Vnip as the roast, while the peanut
Vter took the place of dessert It
ezrettable that the advnrntpa nt
JVally prepared chemical tab
"Jalning the elements of food
right proportion should not
nalized Thanksgiving day in
r way. Not until the time
hen people gather around the
lard and instead of the gross
jtlon of cooked viands swal
ood pIU or a lozenge will the
of possible reform have been
ou. A. M. Waddell, mapr
oington, N .C, and Hon.
tary of New Orleans. The
lust of speakers for the remaining
days embraces some of the most no
ted men in the country and includes
Wu Ting Fang, the Chinese minister.
who will speak on "Wider Markets
for the South" to morrow.
iMKmnirmrnntanTi mm US?
World Wide ReputatW.
Tour Patronage is Solicited.
Goods Promptly delivered.
1 Corner
' T anrel ave. and
Forest Street....
The poul&tlon of the United State
la fifteen times as large as it was a
hundred years ago. Sir Robert Grlf
fen, the English statistician, in a re
cent address at Manchester, declared
that the population of Europe and of
the countries whose people are of Eu
ropean origin, was 170,000,000 a hun
dred years ago and is 200,000,000 r.ow.
This estimate includes, of course, the
United States and all other countries
whose people are of European origin.
According to Mulhall, the poulation
of Europe was 175,000,000 in 1800 and
345.000.000 in 1890.
Sir Robert G iff en presented his fig
ures to show that the three fold in
crease was remarkable in the history
of European nationalities. The rate
is certainly larger than that of any
preceding century. Th'is is accounted
for in part by the fact that war and
pestilence during the last half centu
ry have done little to keep the popu
lation down, but Sir Robert failed to
mention the conditions that have pre-
ailed in countries like the United
We have taken many people from
Europe to place them here in condi
tions more favorable to growth in
character and in numbers. Our in
crease in poulation for the decade
ending in 1870 was 7,115.053. Of this
number 2,281,142 were immigrants.
The increase for the decade ending
with 18S0 was 11.597,000. Of this in
crease 2,812.000 were immigrants, or
the increase of 12,466,000 in the de
cade ending with 1890 some 5.247,000
were immigrants. The per cent of in
crease independent of immigration
was 28 in 1842, 26 in 1850, 23 in 1880.
One conclusion reached by Sir Rob
ert Giffen is that "the United States.
having a larger European population
than that of the British empire, may
be considered as the most powerful
state In the world, so far as piulatlon
and resources are concerned." He
adds: "Ho doubt Russia has a much
larger population, but the inferiority
of the units is so great that the pre
eminence of the United States is not
in question."
It is a curious fact that the great
European states, England, France,
Germany,' Russia, Austria, Italy and
Spain, all showed a larger ratio of In
crease in population after the repub
lic of the United States was founded.
In the century, from 1680 to 1780 the
population of the countries named in
creased from 73,032.000s to 109.881.000.
In the next century, or from 1870 to
1880, the population increased from
109.881.000 to 285.134,000.
Among the visitors who arrived in this city yesterday from Jackson
ville was a party of ladies and gentlemen whom the indefatigable Mr. Bar
num, of Showman notoriety has nothing to do with, though here for the ed
ification of the curious.
The most singular . and physiologically interesting member d the party
Is a woman, or rather two women rolled into one, who certainly is a rival
of the famous Siamese twins, and very much more attractive in appear
ance than Messrs. Chang and Eng. Those who saw the Siamese twins
during their life in tnis country will have a vivid recollection of the pain
ful look that their features bore and the constrained movement of their
bodies while walking in any direction. There is a total absence of this in
the party who bears the name of Miss Millie Christine, whose four black
eyes and dazzling rows of pearly white teeth light up a fair Creole
J. Hannen, Prep.
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Does Moae lo tinier
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plexion with an animation that is really attractive. This singular young
woman is the offspring of parents who were slaves in North Carolina pre
vious to the American civil war and has several brothers and sisters whi
are like ordinary humanity. During the struggle thefamily suffered consid
erable privation; but as curious illustration of the changes which have ta
ken place in Southern society through the war and declaration of freedom
from slavery, it may be mentioned that Millie Christine is now the own
er of the plantation on which she was once a slave. As to the lady herself
she is bodily one person though possessed of two heads, two pairs of shoul
ders, four arms, two pairs of legs, amalgamated curiously with one trunk.
One can only say that an hour's audience with her proved her to be a
cultured, self possessed and accomplished person, who has a most singular
attainment of being able to hold two conversations at the same time with
different persons or the same person, can sing a duet very tastefully in
two voices, soprano and contralto, can dance a masurka with singular
grace and facility. There was no difficulty made in exhibiting the upper
portion of dorsal connection, and it was done without any infringements of
modesty by Millie Christine.
San Francisco, December 4. A
large convention of the fruit growers
of California, under the auspices of
the state borad of horticulture, is in
session at Pioneer hall today. All
fruit exchanges and associations in
the state are represented, besides
granges and farmers' clubs. A great
variety of practical questions have
been discussed.
The commissioners made special
arrangements to have as many
pies of dried fruits on exhibition in
cases, showing not only sizes and
quality of fruit, but method of pack
ing, as can be obtained. The problem
of fruit packing is to have special
consideration during the convention,
as there has been more or less com
plaint during the past year, especially
from foreign houses, to the effect that
California products in particular and
American goods in general are poor
ly packed.
Philadelphia, Pa.. December 4.
Great interest is felt in college circles
and among the general public as well
in the joint debate wihch will take
sam- i place tonight at the Academy of Mu
sic between students of the Universi
ty of Pennsylvania and students of
Columbia University. The subject is,
'Resolved that the United States
should establish a system of graded
subsidies, based upon mileage naviga
ted b;; registered American vessels
while engaged in foreign trade." The
agreement for joint debate between
these colleges is for the term of two
years, and probably for a longer period.
Has stimulated the
saie of winter suits
and overcoats. It was
tbe first of the season
but more w ill follow.
iflre You
I Prepared
Dublin, December 4. A great Irish
national convention is in session to
day in the Round Room Rotunda,
called to make provision of the Uni
ted Irish League and the Irish parlia
mentary party. The convention is
composed of prelates and clergymen
of all denominations; all Irish Na
tionalist mem-rs and ex members of
parliament; all members of the di
rectory of the United Irish League
and the chairman, treasurer and sec
retary of all divisional executives of
the League; three delegates from
each branch of the League, delegates
from county councils, county bor
oughs, towns, rural district councils,
town commissioners, boards of guar
dians, land and labor associations,
trade and labor councils, branches of
the United Irish League in Great Bri
tain, and all other Irish associations.
The utter annihilation of all factions
is the watchword of the convention.
VrOrtM09. DttcniW L The
U Southern Industrial convention
yan its session here today, and will
continue its meeting until the 8th in
Vftant The gathering is one of the lar
gest that New Orleans has ever had,
and it is expected to have a very im
portant bearing upon the welfare of
the South. Representatives from near
ly an the commercial bodies in the
country are here, with delegations
from New York. Pittsburg. Phlladel-
Chicago, St. Louis. Buffalo.
Little Rock. Memphis. Birmingham,
Mobile. Houston. Galveston. Charles
ton and other cities. The exercises in
dude discussion of nearly all Indus
trial subjects and take a wide range.
The convention was caiiea to order
this morning by President Hargrove
of Shreveport La. Governor Heard of
Louisiana delivered an address of wel
come, in nenau i jmoiaua, io.iow
ed by a welcome by Mayor Capdevell
, for the cit of New Orleans. Res-
-p were made by representatives'
of ca 8tate 43 the rU Va3 calIecl
Standing committees were appointed
nil reports received. Dr. F. Aldeman,
" ' Bresident of Tulave University, open-
La discussion on ".The Southern In- j
atrial Convention." and M. v.! J
Hoards, land and industrial agent!
tjjt Southern railway, opened a dis !
!Lion on -The Duty of the Citizen." j t
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Springfield, O., December 4. The
Retail Grocers' association, the most
powerful organization of its kind in
this state, is today assembled in an
nual convention with a large attend
ance on hand. The growth of the bo
dy has been so large during the past
f ew years .that, jt now-rahksamong
the foremost grocers' oreanizations
in the United States. A program wor
thy of much praise has been prepared
for the occasion.
Saoro. Texas.
Elegant rooms by the day,
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imperial uorriovii uale open
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The Louisville and Nashville
road has arranged with its connec
tions in Arkansas and Texas for the
sale of tickets to points in the South
east on or reached via its line at a
little more than one fare for the
round trip. These tickets will lie soTd
on December 20, -21 and 22, and will
be good to return any time within 30
days from date of sale. Excursionists
ticketed over the Louisville and Nash
ville railroad via Memphis or New
Orleans will be provided with UirouRU
coaches from points in Arkansas and
Ttxas to di'stiualUm thin company
having ul ready n realised to Hfiut It
coai lies into Arkatisari unit TeKm for
the uciumiiKMlatiou of excurhi'tnisU.
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f uniislieil uiKiu application by mull
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phis, Ti n n.
Don't fail to look ut Itrry llarrl
bon's 11 no display of fruits Hiid candies.
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connection with the iiiaiuirj
own jHihonul attention; It In
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aft ...,.
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y - -, '
St. Paul, Minn., December 4. The
agricultural lands in the four ceded
townships of the White Earth reser
vation were opened for entry today.
Entries are made under the home
stead act, but the provisions of what
is known as the free homes bill do
not apply, Inasmuch as they were
opened to entry subsequently to the
passage of the free homes bill which
applies only to those lands that have
been opened to settlement prior to
May 17, the date of the bill. The pine
lands of the reservation were sold at
Crookston on the 27th of November,
under the terms of the Nelson act of
BLES. Louisville, Ky., December 4. The
American Federation of Labor was
called to order by its president hero
this morning. A full attendance is
present or in other words representa
tives are assembled from all sections
of the United States. This rapidly
growin gorganization is probably the
strongest of its kind in the world. No
country except this has such a finely
perfected society r workingmen. At
the present moment efforts are being
made to further the work of the body
and in nearly all instances success
has followed the energetic attempts
of the assidious workers.
New York, December 4. Fashion
able society will open the season of
dances tonight at Sherry's with a co
tillion. Another will be given January
8 and a third on February 5. The
list of subscribers includes Mrs. Bev
erly Robinson, Mrs. C. Oliver Iselin,
Mrs. J. Pierpont Edwards, Mrs.
Charles Carroll Lee, Mrs. Julien F.
Davies, Mrs. John Hone, Mrs. Arthur
DeSaulles, Mrs. Charies Moran.
St. Louis, December 4. If the ba
zaar which is to be given in this city
this evening by the members of the
St. Louis Altenheim a woman's or
ganization proves a financial success
a home for the aged will be erected.
There is every reason to believe that
philanthropists of this city and vicin
ity have taken an interest in the re
ception and will see to it that enough
money is raised to carry out the pur
pose of those who will supervise the
affair tonight
Washington, D. C. December 4.
Senator McComas of Maryland today
gave away his daughter. Miss Mary
McComas. to Mr. Clinton Goodloe Ed
gar, a young man generally well
known here and throughout Mary
land. The couple received several
handsome gifts from the senator's as
sociates. The weddine was attended
by the cream of the society of the
raip jgk WW
...v. i
INCE establishing in this town. I
have received the most flattering.
and I pride myself to say, deserving
encouragement from the good citizens
of Beaumont and the surrounding
country. And to justify this confidence,
I have bought for the coming holidays,
factory shipments in both
New York, December 4. Mme. Sem
brich opens her American tour this
afternoon in this city in the Carnegie
hall. The second recital will be on De
cember 11. Mr Ludovic Breitner is the
accompanist. The program includes
French, German and Slavic songs.
Orders $
I Solicit'
Newark, O., December 4. The Ohio
State Federation of Labor began its
annual meeting here oday. Important
changes in the constiutution of the
state branch are being discussed.
Houston, Tex., December 4. The
annual poultry show of the South
Texas Poultry and Pet Stock associa
tion is in progress in this city today
and wll remain in the same state for
one week. Some of the exhibits are
very fine and much interest is being
.ainefested In the event.
V .';
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