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We Have Not Heard!
any comnlimenta as to the careful-
ness and promptness of the way we
fill orders for staple groceries. Con
trariwise, we frequently receive the
most nattering encomiums as to ser
vice, courtesy and tile goods them
selves. Modestly speaking. w think
we deserve it, and our best efforts to
please and satisfy you every time
J .'will continue.
For your groceries go to
l Phone 140.
ig iargain
Just Received
A Carload!
Oak Stoves
A large department store having consigned
me some goods that are not strictly in my line
of business, they will be sold at prices to suit
the customer. They are all standard and pre
sents an array of bargains never before offer
ed in Beaumont. They include 500 pair of
Hosiery original price from 15c to 40c per
pair. This sale they go from 5c to 20c per
pair. 300 Corsets, including the famous W.
B., former price from $1.00 to $3.50, this sale
50c to $1.50. Between 400 and 500 yards of
Henrietta, Serges and black novelty goods,
former price 75c to $1.50, now your choice for
50c. All our millnery skirts and Christmas
Novelties-will be sold at reduced prices.
1 Skirt lhance
Do you want to buy a High-
Grade Dress Skirt cheap????
If so, here is your chance.
Just received a purchase of 128 extra fine Dress Skirts. These are bouse samples of oue of the biggest high
grade skirt makers In New York City. These we bought at our own price, which citable us to sell them to you at X
less than the price of making. Amoug this lot Is 28 ralnv day Skirts, aud iu the lot ar broadcloths, serges, veu-
tlans and corert cloths. Colors of navy blue, brown, black and gray. Each naraeut is double perkerilue ilued,
made with new invested pleate back and flared bottom, handsomely satin bratdd and satin piped seams. The chsap. 1
eat skirt in the lot retails for $7.00 at any store. Others iu the lot worth $15.00. Any length. We will put a clear
ing out In a hurry price of $3. 95 for any In the lot. f
To Buy at Mothners
Is a Safe Purchase.
1 Want Advertisements
adies' Bazaar.
MRS . KLINE, Propetor.
FOR SALE Water front and lots
at Sabine, Tex.; apply for particulars
to Mrs; E. T. Chenault, 1035 Fourth
street, Louisville, Ky. l-25-10p
They Heat
The World.
Oil Well
Louis 1 l fMie s loo! koh
L. K. ROBBINS, Agt., Cordova Hotel.
f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 II I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 U
I ladies uslin
i Underwear.
Special Sale j
We take especially great pride in - announcing
that we have just received the prettiest , line
of Ladies Muslin Underwear ever shown in
Beaumont, consisting of Skirts, Drawers,
Corset covers and Gowns. These goods have
been specially selected by a competent lady
buyer, and necessarily are just those dainty
laces and embroideries which are the pleas
ure and delight of every good dresser in the
city. To run them off speedily we have deci
ded to hold a special sale Monday, - December
3 1st. We promise you some bona fide bar
gains. You are invited to come.
The Store
tllUM lit I tt t lllllllllllll II IN Hll Mill Mill till I
Xbe ui
w. a t. u.
I nave seen during the last year
men and women too make splendid
breaks for liberty, and eren while I
watched their frantic flight and cheer
them on their way, I have seen the
majestic lion of the law leap from
his marble lair In the capitol and
fell them by a blow, and every bill
and vale re-echoing his savage roar,
that told the leaser beast of prey that
king would hunt that day. 1 have
heard the saloon jackals come yelp
ing along all the way to shred the
fallen bodies aye, souls, too, and
gagged by. the quivering hearts of
women, fly back in awful stealth to
their screened coves to mouth them
there in cat like lust of death and
blood, and today walling through all
these aisles and arches. I can hear
cries of minor treble calling, "Save
my father! save my husband! save
my child!" Hear It, oh friend; is It
not the will of your father that one
of those little ones should perish.
Oh, hear It and help, for the love of
numand kind, to grasp the reason
why the slaughter of the weak and
. Innocent goes on unchecked and why
; God's men stand by holding the gov
emments of the murderers; drunken
Bess la sin not only one of the worst
I would as soon stagger to the gate
of heaven drunk and In rags as a so
ber, clean, dainty hypocrite. I would
as wOIlngly roll Into judgment limp
. with alcohol as a calm, clean accom
plice of the saloon. I would go as re
ally maudlin and gibbering to my
sentence as with the sham of gold,
of license. In may hand, or in my
pocket a price of a tenement let to
shame all these are sins and sinneis
seed at the last diagnosis, not alve,
but salvation. Current legislation
shows the same determination, to the
small view, and so we have the sa
loons and very slightlv. too. In Bean-
mont. restricted for free drinkers snd
larger patronage; no drunkard nexl
thirst If he has the money and no boy
scape temptation even if It Is Sun
day, as was demonstrated last Sun
day. Of course one supposes it was on
account of the oil well, but we have
been told by good authority that the
saloons were all wide open all day.
Why la this. VTas It by permission
from the officer or did the salon men
asiume the reaponslBlllty of running
wide open floors on the Sabbath when
the law says they must close. Some
thing is radically wrong somewhere,
and we as mothers and members of
the Woman's Christian Temperance
union demand that the law be enforc
ed. Mrs. K. Hooker Bellar,
Press Superintendent.
Bids will . be received for the erec
tion of a three story orick building,
52x162, in the city of Beaumont. The
plans and specifications can be seen at
my office and bids will be opened on
Feb. 2. The right Is reserved to re
ject any and all bids. U. O. Long,
Architect, Room 11, Kyle building.
E. J. Russell of Colmesneil ji here
today." "
C. H. Howard is in the city today
from Newton.
H. E. Seastrunk of Orange is In the
city today.
N. W. D'Ollve went to the Pass
this morning.
J Mally came down from Lake
Charles this morning.
Thomas Dies came down from
Kountze last evening.
W. T. Hooker of Roganville is
spending the day in the city.
V. W. Dies and wife came down
from Kountze last night, returning
this morning.
Colonel George Quinlan, vice pres
ident and general manager of the
Houston and Texas Central railway,
Is in the city, today and went out to
the well, accompanied by Judge W.
L. Thompson, Captain B. T. Walch,
a New Orleans capitalist, and Mr.
Edward Enderly, a mining engineer,
of New Orleans.
That inventories are finally over,
books closed and 1900 a thing of the
past, Is apparent in the resumption
of buying, and especially in the char
acter of demand. Orders cover the va
rious grades dealt In by respective
parties and the quantities show a f ur
oishing up of stocks. There is a dia
unut spirit of conservatism, which,
nowever, works no harm, as with ev
ery one buying In greater or lesser
degree, the total assumes proportions
uoth sustaining and stimulating. The
very fact of the demand of the day
Deing limited is the warrant for en
couragement and expectation that per
force additional Installments must be
called for . on the morrow. Under the
neavy drafts of the past two weeks,
stocks of domestic at this point are
depleted and the question of re-supply
the next thing in order. Prices
have recently been pegged up 1-3 toj
1-4, but are still below their relative
parity to the south, so that further
fractional hardening must occur
when new business is undertaken.
Foreign styles share in the patronage
to a considerable extent and- all ar
riving parcels are promptly placed.
Advices from the south note great
ly quickened demand along the At
lantic coast; the sales of the week
the largest of the season. The stand
off between buyers and sellers was
brought to a sudden terminationu mid
week a heavy influx of distributive
orders to. the former constraining im
mediate operations on the best possi
ble terms. Fortunately cleaned offer
ings had accumulated somewhat and
factors like Barkis, willin' to part
with same at advanced recent figures;
some few scattering lots of ordinary
to-fair grades by reason of scarcity
commanded higher prices and more
relative worth. In New Orleans and
throughout the southwest generally.
the movement was spasmodic; alter
nations delighting and depressing;
one day. brisk and the next succeed
ing dull to the extreme. The total in
Louisiana and Texas for the week
was sizable and under what Is
thought to be significant indications
of a coming demand of . wholesome
proportions, prices are firmly main
The visable supply, count of stock,
January 1st, reduced to cleaned, in
the Carolinas and Georgia, 39,500 bar
rels, 320 each; in Louisiana and Texas
956,500 pockets, 100 pounds each.
The invisible supply is known to be
much in excess of any former year as
there is an increasing disposition
among planters to keep crops in their
own possession until marketing is de
cided upon, and this year it has been
made possible because of their being
as a class financially independent.
Be the forward supply what it may,
it can under no circumstances prove
equal to requirements and will un
doubtedly be closed out long before
the vanguard of the new crop 1b in
Cables and correspondence from
abroad note light movement both for
spot and forward shipment, although
considerable interest is shown in ad
vices regarding the crops soon to be
entered upon. The reports from Ben
gal indicate a short crop of Patna
which has hardened holders' views.
Opera House, lon OC I
Sa.nrrfou J all. LUl
The Next Big Night Will be v hen
essy we
Presents You With
A Comedy That Has Set Them all
There's uothiug so good as money.
money so good as other people's.
quirer that all doubts of the excel
lence of the play can be set at rest,
and the many excellent reports that
have been preceded in regard to it
and the company that will be sten
can be accepted as truth and there
only remains for the amusement beek
er to secure his place and when the
hour comes to settle down for an
evening of good solid entertainment
engendered by a bright, clean and
snappy comedy, well acted and per
fectly staged.
See Battle & Co. for tin and sheet
Iron work. Their place of business Is
on Fannin street, opposite the Meth
odist church.
The latest Lucas
dies' Bazaar.
ties at the La-
In speaking of Hennessy LeRoyle,
the clever comedian, who has made
all Americans laugh with his great
creation. Hutchinson Hopper in
Other People's Money, the Wheeling
mis nas grown into a common
saying in regard to things in gener
ai and especially in reference to plays
that are offered for public considera
tion and no doubt this question will
be asked by many theater goers who
read the glowing advance notices of
Hennessy Leroyle's comedy, "Other
People's Money," which is announced
for presentation at the opera house
on tomorrow night. The only ana
wer that can be made to this question
is to point to the record both play
and players have made, which con
sists of over two years of continuous
performances througBt the country
This would seem to be sufficient ana
wer to thelnquiring mind, for it must
Register says: Hennessy LeRovle
made his third appearance here last have made good the advance promises
night inside of a year, to a large and made for It as a laugh producer, oth
representative audience. Mr. Leroyle erwlse its life would not have been
and several members of his company I extended more than one year at far-
receive dovatlons and scored distinct thest So we feel that the assurance
personal triumph. 1 can be given the over curious la-
Prices, $1.00 and $1.50.
And no
I have 590 acres twenty miles north
west from Beaumont at 5 per acrrs;
,000 acres 15 miles west of Beaumont
on direct line between Sour Lake snd
the Lucas- oil gusher for $8 per acre.
H. H. MacNlcoll, care Duff & Dnff,
Attorneys, Blanchetta Building, Beau
mont 1-24-3J
FOR SALE Undivided half Inter
est In 500 acre tract in Lawhorn
league. Address L. R. Bergeron, Gal
veston, Tex. 1-19-wp
Desirable lands for sale In the oil
belt; address William WIobz, Beau
mont, Tex. 1-16-tl
FOR SALE An Armlngton & Sims
Automatic Engine, 13x14; 275 revolu
tions; 100 horse power; will exchange I
it for lumber or a good 75 horse pow
er boiler. Paris Roller Mill Co., Par
Is, Tex. 1-14-tf
FOR SALE Z seated carriage; call
on I. R. Bordages. i--u
FOR SALE Split Cypress posts. L.
J. Kopke, 1068 Liberty avenue. 10-6
3000 Acres of oil land twelve miles
from Beaumont; fine surface indica
tions: will sell cheap If taken at I
once. Address in care of Enterprise.
FOR RENT Room for gentleman
at 890 North St. l-241wp
FOR RENT 3 desirable front
rooms 3 blocks from Crockett street;
Inquire at 568 Pine street 1-23-w
FOR RENT By week or month;
furnished room with fire; southern
1 exposure; 594 Park St 1-23
FOR RENT By week or month, 3
furnished rooms on Magnolia avenue.
No. 797. 1-21-lw'
FOR RENT 2 nicely furnished
rooms; 1247 Orleans St 1-18-w
Laurel avenue,.
1 furnished
No. 1293.
room on
typre writer, cheap;
second hand
apply at 1291
Foundry and
Repair Work.
Of Every
We respectfully invite
the public's attention to
our new andup-to-tUUe
We are turning out ev
ery description of ma
chine work. Patterns and
Castings made to order.
Locomotive and Station
ery Engines repaired.
We make a specialty of
manufacturing a high
grade of Wei! Screen.
We are equipped
With all the
Latest and Most
Machinery and
to aid us in our opera
tions, making it possible
for us to give the best
and most prompt service
at reasonable rates.
Call and inspect our
work. All estimates fur-
nished without delay on
J application to
j'C. W. FLETCHER. Mgr.
X Corner of Sabine & Bowie Sts.
Beanmont. Texas.
Done Up!
si applied to laundry work should
uot mean mangled beyond reoognl
tion or hopelessly ruined. "Don up"
In connection with laundering as we
do it means satisfactorily washed,
starched and Ironed, nothing la lib
bona, ever article Intact, prompt de
livery, reasonable price.
Beaumont Steam Laundry
Our Stock
If you have not, you don't know where the boat furniture
la sold at tbe lowest prices. It it an absolute ceruluty
that no oue in Beaumont cau undersell us.
Harris & Gordon.
: Hs 3 (i ir i (P j
Try Him for High-Grade
N. B. Photo Buttons and Frames for the Holidays.
Littleton Building. 360 i-j Crockett St.
(... 8
1 Dfipliffl
I Hub U
. S 16. .S
Oldxal Land Afrncjr in JeRrrkin County
Headquarters for City Property, Oil, Rice
and Farm Land. City and County
854 PearlStreet, -- Teaas 5
LOST Jan. 22, between 1st Nation
al Bank and Caswell's drug store, a
cameo breast pin; reward offered fox
same at Enterprise office. 1-25-lw
ager or foreman by a good manager
of men and materials on public or
private construction; or would like
to get a small job of carpenter work
for about three good men. Call on or
address H. Sanford, Room 2, 446
Main St, Fury Bldg.
LOST A gold watch charm; K. of
P. on one side; P. C. and a letter P.,
No. 100, en the other side. Return to
A. W. Putnam. S. P. office. 1-21-wd
WANTED To rent house with
from 6 to 10 rooms, close In, or i or
5 rooms tor light housekeeping; ad
dress Perkins Plumbing Co. 21-lwp
WANTED Man and wife without
children to live on premises; woman
to d ocooking, washing and Ironing
and all work around house; man to
attend to yard, keep and milk cows,
attend to horse and keep place up in
general; address lock box No. 77,
Beaumont, Tex. , 19.23
Shortcut Line and Quicken Tiiuo to Kurev oit, Teaalkana, Hut Spria,
Fort Smith. Joplin, Kanna City. Cbiratro aud Oiuaua, Tbroutfb rullmaa. BulUl I
Sleeping Cart to Kana City. Free Heclinlnir ( hair Car. 1m Me daily rit
t Port Arthur. Saend Snuday la the future ilraur reaurt 1 I lie Muni, tall
up our ticket office.
W. D. DAWSON, City Ticket Agent; J.C MOW, Couiiurrrlal A.ul, IUy
mont, Teaaa. C. E. SWIXDEK. G. P. and T. A., Teaarkaaa, Taaaa.
Dealera In LIVE STOCK. If you want Freak
Lard or th Best of all kind of Meat, ring ut
Phone 220.
Beaumont, : : : : : Texas.
We have Rice and OH land
and City Property for sale.
See list in our office before
Rooms 8 and 10, Starke Bldg.
Machinists and
Electrical Engineers
We have recently addrd a lathe,
drill press and blacksmith forgy
to our Electrical Supply House,
and are prepaid to do smll jobs
of macnine work on snort nonce.
Phone 73 and we will see what
you want.
Beaumont, . . . Tim.
808 Perldo 8t New Orleana.
P. J. 4 R, a DUFF,
(Lute of HraiiH-le Cn.l
Office la Blanchetl Building, Beau
mont. Texaa.
Mrs. Dr. U Qoldstcln,
voice ciiiiure ana Diamine Breomino I
Director of Choir. Churn and Ouaruua.
Kr.ideuce coiner liruadway and Mfulia.
...Kt Ml IN STOCK...
Violin and Mandolin
' Studio.
Ruuiu 25, Klancbeii Hit)-. Weauntunt, Ta.
Any grade desired Kllu-drU-d
Alr-drieJ or Green.
Place on Main street repairs al' make
of sewing machines and sella tne New
White and Domestic. Needles, olla,
bands, shuttles, and attachments for
all machine.
Hare W. O. Brown make you a sad
die or set of b&rna; bis Is the Lest
The Mansion House.
PurnUhcd Itootus for Kent.
Electric Lights in each Room.
Everything Strictly First Class
K'll-iur St. Urar of Srw 7 O, IM'g.
Apply to SlUer Moon Restaurant.
Drill your second Laud furniture
to the Curiosity Shop; cub paid for
the sams.

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