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a.-a kilt a nrrt.lLI.-t wtil'h
h in cnmnarison with tbe Th .re many uractkal a Ivan- mineral oil production exported ia &w,
weight of wolij fuel in too. It tagea which only -.-d be euunoraled In California the law regard, jto-
divide the nurolr of pounds is a .on to convince any one of the great Jeura it a mineral production.
i... .k nn.in..t ttri n).iinbit and uiul. iklrh ia nern-ltted ly the O.l sand drooiiti often run :n
iuly the result by the price of oil per Us of liquid fuel: rurow groove, or. one might y.
IS SAFE, EASILY HANDLtw, barrel we gt a figure .bowing woa. m, Diminiebta tne wast o .u. goidies, also omeume, in uoi-hk u-
There was 45.11 itr cent of the crude d through the same mains, making J0 not at all time grasp the breadth of
It lief jr iu iumiii me meaning oi iuc on in v-aiuoinia. ti
the ga to a high polut and thua In- j, changing the commercial aspect of th
creasing its cost. Hut the price char- j;taIe xiii Stale, heretofore regarded
getj in ttiia city baa been steadily
u-udiug downward fur several years
and now having reached II. S3, with
promise of a fl rate from a new
producer. Uaa at II a thousand ft
is a rbcapfr fuel than crude petrole
um m 12. M) a bamd. the Oakland
Combustion la Perfect With No Ash
Remaining. Great Cain In Heat
Units Over Coal. Insur
ance Requirements.
coal must cost ver ton Id order to be from ,ne lot of combustible with the jjn anj s remarkable well producing
of the same cheapness. Ob the other ates and gasses. etn.ingly almost exhauittcft supply tl
band, if we divide the above result by 2 j . reduction la the eo.t of la- petroleum may have a brother well joo
the price of coal per ton. we ou.a.n bof, (or cunjing coal luto bunkers, itt (wy that it a duster. For instance rt,, ,,- ttlout II a mouth
the equivalent price per barrtl which an(J a HecoU(j handling from tu bunl;- Muster." have already been found jurw upeuslve ibun would be crude
oil must tost if it Is u be no more ex- ,olha furnace. The oil handling ear tie famous gushers in the Beau- Ju xtH ,tj-.
pensive than solid fuel. The cost of or 0j tjt.se gttp8 mechanical. ,on, ji4trict. .
col in this second caicuiatiou uiui 3 d Where no firing tools are re- . Eaitern e.tt .ilere ,re many
at a kingdom of fruit and flowers, can,
vviih her fuel oil more than evenly com
pete with manufactories of the world.
This agency it in authentic pottession of
authentic factt and figures at to the ap
plication, adaptation and use of fuel oil
10 locomotive powers and domestic use
in California that are simply startling
in their significance. Kerr's Reports.
Include the lubor and expense of Lao- all..ej ie8g injury ts .loin tho bik-k
dllng the coal aud ushes which will be wwk oJ (nH fUrnai. and grate bars do
dispensed with where oil la the fuel; not dKerjorate.
end the price of oil must be taKen as Repulrf t0 tlit brlcUwork of
The use of liquid fuel is by no means delivered to consumer and not the pU nJ lfce bonf(, room io0r
ot recent date; Its use has for many price at the wells. The consumer diminished, as the tendency to
years been pretty general In Russia who may be fortunate -nough to have bfU;d by clnilm and are
aid California, ana the question can- his factory situated at Corskana need qi)encbt.d by water l8 absent,
tot any more be considered a problem not figure on the latter calculation. reKU,atlon of tb9 nre is
which has to pass through Its experl- fuel oil being delivered at 50 cents po8fl)ble 8g the deroand for steam may
mental stage. Pr barrel through a pipe line wbicn ThJg dlmlnlshe8 ,os8 beat
There are two kinds of liquid fuel conveys the oil direct to the consumer. b)owlng off at iafety valve which
crude petroleum and the residue from With no strikes to bother or seizure ofun anoUDt9 t0 5 per cet
H,,nrnn rie netrole- of coal by railroads, the lot of the
wells that have no casing, the stratifica
ion being ufficiently hard for the pur
potes of pumping. While there may be
an exception or two in California, tuch
a thing here i practically imposible.
Kerr's Report.
There are 1750 Oil Burners in Oak
land Kitchens.
um consists almost entirely of a mix
a. I..- tiutrinut.
ture oi a greai nuiuuci . ..... . VPK. bfoi'IREMENTS.
. 1 l.ninn. nnlnt Bnd INSUKANCB Rfc.yLlKE..Mli.10.
manufacturer is certainly a happy one (, open,Dg of the furnace doora
as far as fuel Is concerned
New York Commercial
Los Angeles, August 1. The an- have after repeated and long discourage-
The condition of the petroleum
dustry in California for July shows it it
undergoing a very severe ordeal of rc-
itdjuitinent. The activity of the tpring Texaa Coal Production Is
months is over, development is stagnant, Tons a Year,
prices of petroleum disrupted, supply 1
;.rr, w'" ; IMPORTS 4. WOO IONS
cannot be sold. The efforts of the Kern .
river oil producers and the Los Angeles Scale of Ratea on One and Two Line
Producers Astociation to crystalize Haula Which Will Be
methods of production and means of Equitable.
transportation and regulation of tale,
Following Is the argument for re
fer firing and cleaning la made un- nouncement comPS fron, Oakland. nKnt arrived at only an inadequate tolu- ductlon in oil rates to be submitted
nwpssai v. bo that the holier may oo . f rllllA llirnpP ,... to tne rauroau commission ai me near
boiis differing in doihus poiui. ou- -- - cha.n bene- urtoi,, -w - cai.. mat l uu cruue on uumers nam tlon, ....
density. Being submitted to dlstllla- We have thus far nte e ected t0 mtt ,es8 from unequal fced iQ h9 ktchcn ,tovet . ,f , waj ,,,, lng now In progress in AusUn. It
tion, It gives off a series of hydrocar- ISr ?' of that Cty. m in peLylPvania, Ohio and later in -ay. t e
uuu, ,i w - - npt-essarv however, to consider
hons known as gasoline, benzine, ker- Uto nectary, bo
osene etc. residlum Is generally coa-
The first distillate of crude petrole- f . th
um and which evaporates at a low objected to by the
7th. Where tne engine room id Th remarkabie feature of this Is i.i:... ti.;. M!i;,,t!nn nt hnsinM.
the boiler room, the absence of dust . . wij evnct an Innovation i:.... . .1,.
and ashes about the machinery la of of Ma Mr be flr8t ,ntrodlI0. tliJ gh ot fre,ShVrair.r9pr:duhc:.oSnUth:
mnnifPHt nd vantage. j .AnnrDu in o Mmmnnitv shorn ..... .... .. Texaa toal froauciion.
. . . . u " ' , any o l be d. The sliort sigtiteu are ais-
Sin. Wlin penoicuui iuc, qh )s prouueeu nuu is luuocijufuiij ,..,!
. . . ,ho .. . . ... .. courageu.
per barrel r. o. o. nenuiuoui, tne cnenpeBi. as h ugures oiu, ul- , . ,,. ,,. :,.:t,i,i-
" .. t.. mi I V luul lxi mm w.. - . . , .. m ni inn . 1 i . 1. 1 1 t. J ...-
raised the less dangerous oils are u.s- f freight rate to poi ui corning to me ua.a pu....N o, u Tll,,re are many causes for tho present " , of ,h " t about
... . ... . ,.. in the to the safety ot tne premise " ,... ia n aboap, Rav ne over the cost nnkinmi nanra. It rppihr that crude .. . . . . 4UU,uuu ions, 01 mis umouui nuoui
tinea, uniu me iCluV.w ....nt are complied with. The usu- - " .7 , ,h " , " 1 .7 , , n unhappy condition of petroleum atiairs.
still reaches 30 to CO degrees a fZrZn are fhat the storage of coa To put t I. r way wl h n t y s rota ed at PPY whefe
well known fuel oil expert. Mr. Cal
loway also is one of the best known
temperature Is the most inflammable, .,. POI.norationg. provided
end gradually as the temperature , conditions looking
. .. i .1 nlla nro dis- L""
Aocnrdlne to the United States ata-
the long headed observer Texaa produces annually, of
semi-bituminous and lignite coals 3,-
750,000 tons is lignite and Is produced
in Central and Western Texas, the
a lu , .,.. hentinl' Olie ion ui 11
oro TirnVIMPII Willi VPHUiniwot t.- ...... . , ,to
.v..i, c artmtrablv answers the con- . . , ., c. costing Jl.as r. o. d. b"'u.u, rei
dBS fVsood llauid tel. This resi- aPPHanc a In U r a.ainst coal deliver., at the Bdne t.p- K,tche
due contains all the neavy hydrocar- that ti .k a f : P faf as ,9 Ple at $3.50 a ton, and granting an n,nn $2.50
bons capable of creating heat the -'- , 7, 7 "n eit.nted in the equal freight rate to point or cons.imp
S temperature to which it has been Practical; a .mall pump a.t.iated BEAUMONT RESIDENCES
exposed having freed it from all dan
gerous volatile liquids, guaranteeing
complete safety. A match or any oth
er naked light is Immediately extin
guished when plunged into it. To
nake it burn requires special treat
The advantages which can be urged
in favor of liquid fuel are many and
important. First. liquid fuel has a
Higher calorific power than has coal.
Weight for weight it is possible to se
cure a calorific power of 20,000 heat
units with oil while the calorific pow
er of coal may be put at from 12,000
to la.OUO heat units. This means that
one pound of oil is equal to about 1.6
pounds of coal in theory and frequent
ly equals 2 to 1 in proctice.
Another factor of vital importance is
the power to vaporize water. Engin
eers of experience who are familiar
with the practical working of coal
know that under the most favorable
conditions not more than ten pounds
of water can be vaporized per pound
of coal; petroleum shows a vaporiza
tion of 1 to IS pounus of water for
every pound of oil consumed, estimat
ing in both experiments the feel wa
ter at 212 degrees F.
The heat in coal transferable io wa
ter is about 70 per cent, while the
heat in petroleum transferable to wa
ter is about 80 per cent, a gem of
about 0000 hat units in each pound,
rhi, is on the basis of pure coal.
When we consider the waste amount
ine in some cases
.1.- r ,t.. mavna.lAnoit , I . 1. ' ,1.- rr-..unn A,l Tn-
B month uvci-iuiiuucm, inc ...vjvpv.iiiw, im-ouucuu iiurm ui 1110 icaa uuu -
fuel which cosls no more a"d the sharks. Hundreds of inexper- t-illo railway, and is conaumod wuniu
a month is certainly a big ienced would be managers of short cap- a radius of 100 miles of the mines
italized companies have taken chances producing it, none of it ever reaching
( Mll'3iM - ;MSg
l-- - -; " ' ' 'fm
mnJiJZ . lt?
J. J.
Rush Norvell.
O. B. Greeves.
W. H. Bartholomew.
W. C. Averill.
anytning witn 0n unproven oil land, too often saddling
Southern, Central or Eastern Texas.
Texas Coal Consumption.
The annual consumption for Texas
for commercial purposes and for rail
way demands is iu excess of eight
million tons, leaving a deficit of
4,000,000 tons, which deficit is eup
plled with soft bituminous coal, from
foreign territory, as with one excep
tion (Houston and Texaa Central
railway) lignite is not utilized by
railroad companies, it being deficient
in necessary values. This deficit of
4,000,000 tons takes from Texas an
nually, for freight charges aud mine
cost, ?17,250,000, which ia distributed
in the other states to tho laboring
people and to the railroads; this
estimate eliminates tTexas railway
proportions of through freight ratca
on the deficit.
With equitable freight rates on
oil, the cost of this deficit ($17,250,
000) would find Its way, by legitimate
channels, among Texas people la the
vay of increased dividend to the
manufacturer, increased wages to the
laboring man, increased earnings to
our railroads, increased acreage In
rice, cotton, cane and other Texai,
products. Increased dividends will
induce capital to invest in Texas, in
creased wages will bring labor and
The rice and sugar industries are
directly affected by these fuel oil
rates, as cheap rates permit the
development of millions of acres ot
fertile land, located along our rail
ways, as water Is the principal ex
pense and oil the most economical
fuel. The development of these
lands in rice or sugar menus millions
to 25 per ceui
6 ... i ..u o .... - ... .t . .h.n.mh tho its nf I m um venient over
found in nearly an coai, suiu ua boiler room. the discharge oi same uon, me biuB i.u.e,u - -;ni ni,i;ffn. .. ,,
. i. iwnnr.p . j ... :i i r ,mr,a aa tn n manv which uainomia uas ueeii nv-uniu...- on inemseiNes ..u.,v.u. - . , ncrease to tne railway com-
Yihii,. elate ana eaiiu; auwi ttpi n tr ronnectea witn tne siauu yiye iuci uu ia , , . , -
storage tank, which in turn dustrial propositions wnicn nave nere- it i ... - - - - lo lexalt muol,
i-Piard instead of aid in generating the dereround Bt0raee
heat, the difference in the per -em glye8 the requlrei pressure to the tofore forced annual aencus.
obtained in actual practice is far great
r than shown y tne above compari
son. There is also iu coal a large per
centage of loss in transportation and
combustion in the heap, varying from
5 to 1" P'i" r, nl- ,-'l-om ,llP8e faltS WC
can safe'v ronrlml- that the heating
capac ty of oil is almost twice That of
coal. s K'n-.hlly used.
The following table shows the chem
icsl imposit'on oi fuels:
WimuI-Moisture. 2 per cent; car
.r M ier cent; hydiog -u 4.S per
oxvku 33.2 per cent: nitrogen, omizins
burners in the furance; the standplpe
must have an overflow pipe or relief
valve, connection beln niado at or
near top of the stand pipe for the re
turn of surplus oil which the burners
do not use. to the underground storage
tank. To the bottom of the stand pipe
is connected the pipe or lead line
which conveys the o.. to the burners
or injectors under the boiler into
which the oil is forced under stand
pipe pressure of from 6 to 8 pounds,
and where the oil comes into contact
with the air or steam, resulting In at-
The burner in all systems ot
One gallon of water weighs 8.33 lb.
One gallon of crude petroleum about 20
degrees Baunie gravity weighs 778 lbs.
A barrel of exported mineral oil con
tains Si gallons. A barrel of crude pe
troleum contains 42 gallons.
Not counting overflow waste and the
make money peddling out crude fuel fulfillment. For instance, there are many
oil at $1 a barrel or at the rate of $1 oi) conlpan;es in the 15 oil fields of Cal-
a month for kitchen fuel, about one- jfornja t,at pay a royalty of 25 per cent
third what It costs the average fain- tQ ,Q ppf cem an, agrpe t0 ,rjng ; from
ily for gas or coal. three to six wells a year. Other com-
Whether the burners In use by the )an;cs pressed for tankage, pipe line and
northern housewives are entirely sat- transportation facilities have run their
1 UKL OIL. -
The Southern i'acilic Railway wWh
uses more petroleum as a fuel in iti lo
comotives than any other railway in the
United States, has recently given out the
f..lt....-;wr r,fri.r,.u .in, I furti frntii actual
isfactory or not does not seem to be pr0(lm.,s in ,,, :iI, pressed f engineering department:
1.1.. ...... LHt.-v.Arl in Tia Anee- ... .. . . i ...
rttroleuin Coal
thoroughly established in IOS Ange
les but if they should prove to be so
with the present prices for fuel in
sulphur. 0; ash. 1.2 per tnlg cagg i practically an injector.
1.4 r eat; car- Uallr in an annular jet, and its fine
tr cmf ..... krini,. it tn a r.nili- at the Equator.
UA,U. . K- ' u. ...
Tli -nn.Mmn um t1I rill liV 3 OHI I J . -
tion in which it can combine rapidly
and completely with the air.
. per tl)t
r-i.r .
Coal nioisliiie.
Ion. 75 per cnl;
Eitroten. 1 rr nt; ah per cent.
Lignit moisture 14 per cent; car
ten. 55 per cnt; dydrogen. 4 per cent.
Oxygen. 15 pr cent; nitrogen 1 per
nt; sulphur 1 per cent; ash 10 pr
Oilmojctnre ; catbon. per cent;
lydrogen. 14 rr cent; orrn. ; al
trtgen 0; sulfcpur. ; ah .
The commr ial ide of the quwtion
aun b overiookefl a to the rel-t-iv
cot -f n wieht of tal-
crlfi effi in- in I u'
Tb;s ! nlt may 1 dG to
. t. - (ka II i v a -
.r.t rri P-r ton of 1 or f, ,jr B v h,, .... m '1 on
Ar,t rri'-e p-r ba:rl of o.l- Tie I- o- "
-ZzXZ iB Un.. 'T tt- n-Vr T W.r -t of i. than at a
LaO 'ttl ! 0'C " D VI mi.
1. fi ) d fo- i r '! y rp' u
tl jt-rC cf oil -Bt raior re pv--i - '
accidents by fire and flood the total num ti,j8 , ty. there would seem to be a
Iter barrels of crude petroleum pro- pSKji)iijty of disposing of nearly luOO
t'ueed in the United States from 1850 barrels of oil a day for domestic fn
tip to January I, 1901, is the appalling el in this city to say nothins of other
number of 1.000.584.4.-9 bbls. Counting towns in Southern California.
-6t cubic feet for a barrel, this would The state at large should crude oil
domestic fuel con hi
.1f - 1: t ... A'.nntttfr ,1.? Loma n t.t,tll1a-
, . t ..s., .uu 1, ..- n a uuc line a vjvi 111 ui"i" in-. ..m
ine Steam carries 111- iiu.u .u . . , ., . u 1 ... in .!. families for
.. . .. 1 .1 ,n L tt.rnft arn mn inc i imiiiMi u iiiai.vv ...
Lv their creditors have sold their oil at
;my price.
Di-iorgaiiiatiiui in price was the result.
The older, the stronger and better coin
paiiics, earlier on the M:eiie refused to
ciiinbinc with tlie younger and weaker,
and the conwquen'-e was the weaker in
drowning have nearly ilragcrcd nn'lrr Ratio of fuel ! cap.
th.r who niiht lave .avrd th'-m. Ration by imaure ..
Miles run 24 2-M
AveraKe steam pr-ssiiie. . . . 133 13')
tials. of water cvap O60J 5y8o
Gals. Oil burned 755
Lbs fuel burned 6040 H"4J
Miles run per ton 74 '4 557
. I 1.41
..lOBygal. I.T
motive engine is
aWit 25 bbls. a day. common
... 1 r .. . -.i;f. Kem to
Hrlrfc manufacturers thlxnehout the l me enu 01 ine pre.eni ,cr Wn..-
Kart and North are using petroleum nas dfferem railroads will have n;o
as a substitute for ,ft It is en&lnes in use. For 360 days in a year
-mokelefg. for the fine pry of oil f..it wou'J require a total consumption
thich comes from the burner consists l,v the railwavs alone of over loonoooo
of nh m nute particles of the liquid J,t 0f pe roleum yearly.
Ibcre are t-n refinerit in Cal.fornii
Ui iig two m I! cm barrels of crude an
nuillr. The ,-reet ra.Uays, 15 river
and is o tboronahly m:x-d with oy
geB that wbea it burns th otobii?tlon
ia compete, and only tam and ar
bonir a'id gas fo out tbro'ieb the top
of th kiln. O l f'i-1 wbn rr-'rr;y ap
pi ! i aWj'ii'ely ran. "ne mn ty
urn tz a va've ma? vtn.if - b Jt
of a kn rtitaitiTig i tn i'ion i-ik.
itvmrs, two ifc-amsh ps. the Union ,)r,.frable fuel, at approximately
Ir jn w.-. t'.e 1 u.tn lryn Uots. tne
Fer es and f -ur cit tea:iitr consum;
inothtr rn.ll.on. One hundred manufac-
Tlie oil sharks of the cast with their Thin it will lie son that :ilont 170 gal-
.. ... . . r ... . r .. t. . .r...i.,. 1 . ... .1.. ..... .H . f
from l.OoO.lMMI to 3.UW.IMMJ iiarrM 01 w ducat metliols lor tne faic 01 men v ions 01 iui on cjn.j out .
mhen brought Into tiifi dev lopiurnt stock have adverti-ed bituminous cual. I be gravity ol tlie o.l
dividends and profits and made state- as about lO d'grtc s fiatime, flash point
nients in g'aring lines no:hing short of .-40 I'., fire .mt f I". Mr. Stilllman.
wholesale line-. The wildcat methods the riiR iier .f the t' -ts ftrtind that Tex-
f,r the; sale of mi-h companies as the i ,,. ,as .,vral alv ani:igs over rle
Diamond Star, the Santa Maria, the California p rod int.
Central Star, the HawVeye, the Fjstrrn Tr id'i t K .ky of the Santa I'e g vei
-tar. Old .lory. the Kastern Cortsoli- otit the follow. rig far-j r,it f'iel o:l te-s
da'ed. the R Pan'X h. and a do?n cm that railway :
1-af oil cor-KTa'ion-. and a vore of "T'-nv fr e 'J"'t pt "d fre si t
to called oil invr-t tr.er.t c-.mpan'e- have fg tie on a -0 'lay rm e-4 2177
resulted in a ..r? ,! '-rr d Si'J V7 t,f -,al atM .,v-re4 974. m: tit aboit
from mhich it will tale :!n'e r"r- 4j m . j- r -n. 1 1 is m ;.ns - -00 irtil
f-u a I'lTiR true ' r-r-fy ai-d i-oer. jr n'n-h f-r a 11 ' i' n. at fl ?,
llM-re no do-l.t n t'-e tn.nd of r birr-' w iH ! '.. lent ro-t
... , 1.1
use l.u) a oarrei
be a maximum prif-e to be
nai.l at anv n, nt on tne naiini
for oil delivered in barrel lots, the
present valae on loard cars in Oak
land in carload lots now being but
To cents, while the margin left for
the retailers i very high at ll.sO.
It would seem, however, that petro-l-um
gas. tven under the most fa
vorable method of using oil. would ie
the fame roi. and the claim is made
that fuel pas . an e produ'ed and
-",ld at a eoid profit for SO cents a
1 ! !
in a
r.ir. d 1 In a Urr5. If lf
or ng inJjitre .n San Franctco, fac- thousand f4. at which rate the cost
:n o-her cjast c.ties. pump ng ta- for ib av-arre family would be !
fwl f-cra ttrolrum. e'e and t--n tl and II.
r. ,-,g .t wou'd male a to a! con- atsm.yai.ee or a greasy fwl "
. -1- .ffi-a je.s.'ble t e cf aV-tt 15.- r.-4 with. aLd h maximum of
, KaTiim- ait th J.lt'I.-n is as-
ifj'fj u ..i. ;"! a .
i- w'yu d 'a s OHH't Vi. -J fu.I
, , .r tr.-r .v. -.i. t, ,v.. itrarwi 1" I Anrej-s (,4 mo-i -ltt. II
' 1 ' t t . . . a ... ... .
iflyj j'ltr.'ii ane ra- o 1 - - '
ho-,e who tinder-lard 'he sifi "0 tl.at
t ie j,r-nt d-pres.j.i ; v.rjr .--t
With eas all the iVft that ".''d ha.';- n o t'
14 4 10 '-.! -f-"
I:ii'"e '
r.'r'if-m o.l T
l,r w Id
j-r; 1!"
J4 .E
Ur 3 5
rs -n
t- -lie wa.
.!! r--n.
T1'-S. It W.'l T.-1
--.r j,-r.-rr-. d w,..
r't.p w il a-'m --r
ral of ti e fi."-1
r ;nt'! rrit fr""'"e
'--r ?id f--'rT:t
r'od 1 " In g
i)1 in
t r fii"T erfri
- 1 a ?2 rr bif-'l
' -j'l:t4,i.-ri! - ;t aV" A f-T -oil.
KTT'f P-p'T.
: r'.- J J 'O '-. "
T-,!;.V.,f y y,.y
v - fri"d :I i
' i

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