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. . i ...i .............. V. ! J ?'.
!! J. It. Kimball.
A. P. McCarty.
I Real Estate Agents
' and Brokers.
.' Fiscal .j.'nts 5u nn's KlutI Oil (Joinjmny, Isabella Oil Com-
i, u u y and Zenith Oil Company.
Loral Afonts 510 other CoinjKinio.s.
t. Solicit onhM'K for huyin"; tu.d selling oil Stocks.
Office: lieaumont Oil Exchange
and Board of Trade IJuilding.
Ifr. iii. III iiiiiiiinl Nat. Iljiik
Kir-I Nation il Hunk.
Urauiiiiiiii nil hxtliatiifi anil
II. ..ml ul Trailc
Your Money
Back if We
Don9 1 Strike
lit Cttter Words, Ji Mo Gusher "Cornea In'9
Your Money la Returned.
Here is an excellent opport unity for investors to avail themselves of an invest
ment that has no element of risk attached to it.
CAPITAL STOCK, - $300,000
Offr-rs for Milo to tho ifr-nerul public lis Mock it SI .00 pir ihirt, and with Ita phsinrn to hi-corc
part, owner In u roriHiriition tlml owns oil properly sit initi-d in u district all surrounded hv surai
id thn irn-nti-Nt oil iiriHlucinir wells in the world. EACH SHAKE; WILL lit WORTH SbVLRAL
11-Mfc.S 113 PKICIi WHKIN A U
You will notice on the map the exact locution of this property: in every direction there is
a pusher niukliiK its owners fabulously wealthy. It is atuonu the uushers that huvc been sold
for in 1 1 1 Ions.
this stock will be withdrawn from the market: there
w ill In; only id 10, (KM shares at fl.no each sold. The time
lo wurn tins stock at any price is before the irushcr comes in:" after that it cannot he bought
at any price. It will therefore he necessary to place your orttcr at once for as many shares as
you can a If ord. The directors of the Kim; (ill Co. arc men of the highest statidinn ill their
illip rent communities. Four of the soundest tlnaiiclal institutions in the .South are prepared
to vouch for t he absolute reiiiibilit v of t his company. We refer bv permission to the follow-itm-
IONAL BANK of Beaumont; ROSENBERG BANK of Calveslon.
The sale of this stock Is for development purposes only. 7(z. : to defray the cost of secur
ing the oil: the, land is already secured: tt hen the u usher comes in the well pays for itself every
twenty-four hours. This Is the (list oiler ever made the American people where money is re
turned If oil Is not produced.
send your order for as many shares as you ran afford at the low price of one dollar per share:
do not let this opportunity slip by. Writo for illustrated provictus. Address all communi
cations to
W C. WILLIAMS, Secretary and Gen. Mgr.
'.(. Itox ;i:i:l. Itui in lm lb read needle Motive. Ileauinont. Trxn.
, . . . , . l , , mm.tmv., mrjtmt i jpmih' P
' ' V, " '. .s .' ' ,
. .T '"'.!'! rV.-'V.', Vv,V'V
:.'' ' . '-i '-' l';r'"H'''
.. . . .
SV y?.-'': v.V., --iVv .
The Rachford
! Abstract & Map Company.
,x . ,4.-
'I -t J
.... .vS:
' -
Sam Park Presdt. Beaumont Oil Exchange and Board of Tra
de Pretdt. Industrial Lumber Co.; Oil Operator.
a low coat, to justify the general sub The gross earnings for the year
Ktitution of oil for coal on many il- ended June 30 last are declared to be
visions. The late President Hunting- in the neighborhood of $SO,000.000 as
ton had used oil on many engines in compared with $64,0u0,000 last year,
California and found It cheaper than and they continue to show a large
To all Lands in Jolierson County, including Beaumont, Tort 5
S Arthur and Subino Pass.
I 854 Pearl St., - Beaumont, Texas. J
fraih competing buyers. proposition that means that many
There will doubtless In time be millions must be raised to provide a
many plpo lines diverging from this profitable market and It will bo found
market but there cannot bo too ma- that treasury stocks cannot bo sold
iiy. The more pipe lines built the for a better purpose than to secure
more refineries will be established stock In the vehicle that Is to solva
at various points outsldo of the the questions of freedom or siavery
great corporations, the more markets profit or loss,
will be open for fuel consumption if there is any way out of the dif-
and the more chance each producer Acuity than tho wholesale banding to-
will have to sell his output at fair gether of tho smaller producers and
pikes. the quick construction of ramifying
It has taken many years and tho pipe lines to many markets, you'll
expenditure of many millions of dot- have to show me.
Oflicials of the Union Pacific and
Southern Pacific companies have held
coal before the former was discover
ed in large quantities.
Since the recent strikes the price
of oil has tumbled to such a basis that
an official of the Southern Pacific
company estimates- that there will be
a saving of at least one third in fuel,
where the substitution is made. The
economy may be still greater. The
cost of changing the fire boxes atpl
certain other pan of the engines
will' not 1)0 large.
In addition to the substitution of
oil for coal, the company will make
large expenditures for replacing the
bridges along the main, divisions and
in laying heavier trails. The rails ta
ken up. will not be wasted but will
bo put down on less important divisions.
Plana for financing the new expen.
increase. The officials of the compa
ny hope, as a result of the large ex
penditures to be made during the
curren year, to get much better net
results than were obtained last year.
lars for tho Waters-Pierce company
to bring its vast distributing machin
ery to the present stage of complete
ness and new stations are opened
each year at enormous cost.
There are other companies now In
the field who have immense capital
The Man From Missouri.
The first effort to harness the pow-
Southern Pacific Preparing to
don the Use of Coal
New York, July 31.-It was aniioun
ced today that the Southern Pacific
Ilailroad company had placed an or
der for 500 tank cars and fifty stor
age tanks for immediate delivery.
This is the first step toward substi
Aban- several important conferences since jitm-eg have not yet been fally deter-
the arrival of President Charles M.
Hays in this city, with a view to map
ping out needed improvements on
the two systems.
Immediate atteutiion is to be given
to the Southern Pacific, whose traf-
mincd rtpon, but it is said that the
new bond issue wi21 probably be a
shorb twrm collateral trust 4 1-2 per
cent botds of 1900, of which $30,000,
000 was authorized; aid of which $13
000.000 13 already outstanding. These
lie growth has been very rapid and are enred by the deposit of $7,174;-
tilting oil for coal as fuel on the At- w"" lure lc im-viio mui par value ot vanotis issues
lantie division of the system and it
division of the
is expected that the change will be
completed within sixty days.
The oil burners for the locomotives
have also been ordered and will be
delivered before Septemberl.
The work of changing the furnac
es of the engines from coal to
will require but little time and will
be done in the company's Bhops.
Tho storage tanks will be located
at Beaumont, Houston, Lake Charles
Lafayette and Algiers on the Kastern
The tanks will be distributed at
convenient points on the Texas di
vision between Houston and Kl a
so. The Houston ami Texas tVutral
and Houston, Kast and West Texas
railroads, controlled by the Southern
Pacific, will also substitute nil for
coal mid a portion of the storage
tanks ordered will be assigned !
those two lines.
The eHiiilll--. of the .nl Itelll P:i'i
lie ;i;- --rltits the :rl t i.saltility of
ti nslt.:: ti T a pipe line T. n u tie'
liulit id' v.;ty of the lai'ro.il between
I'l' iston ai.il New Oiliatis and i' is
quite I'f ''le thai Mie proieet wi!!
tn carried nut. pipe line would en
aide the i pany t handle the oil
mill h cheaper than by tail while i:
WO'ild be nl' immense l. -n.-tit ot t!ie
oil companies operating in Hp Tovn
If a ii" line is built th" company
wiil also put on a line of tank Mettn
ers to tiaiisu1 the oil from New
Orlean to I Let ana. em York. Phil
advlphia. Huston and other eastern
it win-re it will l" plarcl in .mi
petition Willi coal.
The Southern Pacific Meamei . it
I re-port t-d. 'andon coal art
lie ii for fuel a i"iii a- tbe tiin
tan N" nil' tiieiit'y Dia l".
TI.e S ei'le in !' itie . ,.ep:y t,
atot to i-sip- 1r,iln f ; .. i,i noil .
A "Missourian" Blazes the Only Fea
sible Trail.
Editor Beaumont Enterprise:
Beaumont, Tex., Aug. 6.
I notice with much interest that a
movement is now on foot to create a
"Producers' Distributing company for
the marketing of fuel oil." Having
visited and investigated the import
ant oil producing fields of America
and studied the methods employed to
distribute the product I can see no.
other way for small producers, eith
er corporation or individual, to real
ize a fair market price and secure a
regular market for their output.
The producer having moderate cap
ital is severely handicapped in com
petition with the corporations with
many millions. The cost of estab
lishing storage tanks at central'
points adjacent to a large consuming.
demand and the plants for distribut-
which control tho company, justifies bonds and $59,487.00 in stocks- of
the expenditure of liberal amounts companies controlled. The mortgage ihg and redistributing the oil to the
for improvements a ox! for rendering provides that other bonds may be is- eventnal consumer, is too great to be
the roadway capable of hauling the sued against the deposit of addition- uiutortaken by the average corpora
traffic at a lower raitio. of expense. al stocks and bonds of companies tioni. not to mention the impossibility
One of the vital weaknesses of the controlled or acquired1 op to 90 per of the individual producers-' entrance
Southern Pacific's operations is the cent of the actnal cost thereof. The to the field.
oil high cost of fnc-8. The company is at Southern Pacific has still other mort-
a great disadvantage as compared gages nnder which bonds may be is
with the Atchison, for example, and sued for Improvements,
if the former could secure its fuel Officials of the Southern Pacific
equally cheap it wotiul mean substan and Union Pacific, who were seen
tint dividend on Southern Pacific about the proposed issue of monds.
stock. declined to speak about the matter, ation and lose his identity complete-
The discovery of oil In paying saying that the details of the new im- y. If he would escape absorption or
quantities in Southern California and provements had not been fully work- confiscation he must of necessity com
Texas was watched with Interest ly ed out. One director said that the bine with others of his class in the
Southern Pacific officials and careful system is so cnodmous that $u0,000,- construction of a pipe line to some
observation convinced them that 1111(1 could easily be spent upon it and' good market so that their outlet may
enough oil could be obtained and at none of it wasted. be enlarged and to a certain extent
He must do one of a few things, all
of which are against his best Inter
ests. He mwst sell to the nearest re
flaer or pipe line buyer at whatever
price they are willing to pay; com
bine with other individuals or corpor-
II '."
: -i
:! I
l r :
( tie
T! A V ; 1
1 !'
I.. .!!!
: t... . ,
T. :i :
...I 1
':- f
-1,. .
n t
- 4 1. I 1 . 11 J -
in cash and are prepared to actively t-1 ul l"e B"uci- auu uiaivc n w
compete with the established order something more than carry the oil
of affairs and it will be a fight of to the surface is being made by the
millions against millions. Lone sta' and Crescent Oil compa-
As many large consuming and dis- ny
tributing centers as possible must Without exception, all the gushers
be reached by pipe lines for the pri- in the field, twenty in number, deliv
ces for which fuel oil must eventual- ers the oil in storage tanks but
ly be sold will not justify any other there the usefulness of the enormous
system of transportation. power stops. The Star and Crescent
As many seaports, gulf ports and Oil company is building a stand pipe
river navigation terminals as possible 60 feet in the air and the gusher3
must be reached in order that a di- will be turned Into the top. This
versified and broad market may .e will give them a column of oil sixty
suit. There is only one way to tolie feet high, which will have sufficient
this problem build pipe lines. force to deliver the oil through their
The J. M. Guffey compuny today pipe line into the city and loading
has a large outlet by ocean tank racks In the railroad yards. Their
steamers and barges as well as a pumping station on the pipe line run
great number of tank cars, has Its ning from the field to Sabine Pass
own pipe line and is quite independ- will be located one mile below the
ent of all outside supply, controlling well and oil will be delivered there
as it does eight gushing wells, to through the same source,
say nothing of contracts for a portion There is nothing impracticable ab
of the output from several wells not ollt the scheme and Manager Greeves
owned by them. believes that they will have oil flow-
The log of Spindle Top shows 8 ing from the stand pipe to the city
wells for the Guffey company, 3 for some time during the coming week,
the Heywood company, 2 for the Na- The Star and Crescent gusher has
tional Oil and Pipe Line company, as much strength as when first
2 for the Higgins company, Ground opened up. and it will easily lift the
Floor 1, Hogg-Swayne 1, Pine 1, Spin- oil sixty feet above the surface. All
die Top company . 1 and the Lone Star other companies who are now produc
and Crescent company 1. ing use pumping stations to handle
Let each of the smaller producers their oil and the success of the Star
figure for himself or his company, and Crescent may cause others to
where he stands in competition with follow their esample. The powerful
the larger producers and what his force of the gushers is spent against
chance is for doing a profitable bust- the walls of tfce- big storage tanks
ness in competition with the millions and is lost. The stand pipe Is a
nnder their control in view of the comparatively inexpensive scheme
fact that they have an abundant sup- and will not require the attention of
ply from their own wells. engineers and expensive pumps. The
It is not merely a question of con- W?'I can be allowed to stand open
tributing a fw thousand dollars and wheti a car of oil is loaded the
each to a company whose capital stand pipe will be replenished instant
shall be a million dollars, but it is a !'
A great many have predicted that
the force of the gushers would dimfn
isli in a short time, which had a ten
dency to discourage anything in the
order of a stand pipe. It has proven
merely guess work on their part
and only whore wells were not ' prop
erly finished has there been the least
variation in the flow. Where the cas
ing did noi properly connect with
the cap rock and allowed to stand
several weeks, the stud In several
cases settled in and made it neces
sary to bail out until the force was
Mimcient to blow out the sand and
rocks. With all the oil that has been
taken out and the numberless
rxH-kcts blowing out until exhaust?!
the flow has not diminished a part:-
Ie and the Star and Crescent
shem will undoubtedly prove a
Tin- Cattlemen'? company hive Cj"
trac: ! for one ? "O barrel tank f
Cody & S Hi-, and .il put in a p ;e I r
!i M o-1i r talk-, an ! d-wi 'p tr.tr
li"'ni" a- ra;i;d v a j.-,s. Mi".-i-Z'T
V.'d-on w 1 .r,-'"n t h - hi"-;
f a w !: V a-d s r-. i-'. e-nx-?' : ;
l . -,:- y "; V .1 " y T W . L!
c 5 -e cuce.
m:w ahovt tht: r;C'-i
'-" r rn. year.
T"e m i Br'c-e T-e Hja

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