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. 4
wheat or out. A good crop aa atoy of the north. The climate U warm,
on new breaking. Occasionally no front occur through-
" "" . One and one fourth bubcl of out the whole year, Tbe summer
Cultivation IS AlniOSS LikC heat. -d per are U used and la sowed are Ions, and summer beat extends
any tinie from March to July, Good to November.
Artesian Wells Solve the
fanner um the best press drilU for
9. Levees or dyke are constituted
with a I'low and a V-haptd scraper,
on lin- prelously laid out by nn en-
Tbe uddtn prominence with which
the lieaumont Oil Field, wa brought
to the notice of the world, through
the unexpected burning forth of the
Lucas Giuber, I still fresh In the
memory of every tboughful person,
WUt I there In rhe growing lor sin,.er Thse loJ ,ne WJI,r ot t,,e To tn, stoekholdera of the Manhatan aud It Importance and magnitude
grow upon reflection and Investiga
tion of the far reacblug influence it
U destined to wield in well beaten
I it a sure crop?
U it healthy
How i rice raised? On
la it not?
Past attempt to anwwer smb que
a marsh,
field at an average depth of 'i inchea.
lu. When rice I 6 to 8 Inches high
it I flooded by fresh water by
pump, canal or otherwise. Water I
delivered at tbe highest point on tbe
Oil Company
Since tbe Orat statement of tbe Man- !.,,,.!,, cf commerce, manufacture,
hattan Oil company, made on the 9th BQd ,ran8portation.. to ay nothing of
ilav of Mav last, aome very lmoortant .. - . ...... i- .. -..i.
lion have proven futile because the '" "y ""a J1" .bangea bave taken place In the con- d gan, fleW whk.h u
. .. ... ii. ..j ii.i the level niia level arter level ue- ... ,h. ,., . .hat iim. . ... . . . ..
tween the levees till the whole farm "T" " h-m . w., 7n the 0B l0
- v. ,...,....... - -.. dav tirt.am,,r or me oreaent age.
our lot -a, uiauys uiiy BuuaiviBion
Im flooded at least 3 Inches deep. It
truth I not credited when told.
Come with me to China or to auy
. . .. .. ah,, l.nullinir rl. A milling town
v, " J L i.u ... riir...t l kept ho flooded for about 70 days,
along the Southern Pacific railroad
if. .warm October day. It remind 11. An ample supply of fresh wa-
you vividly of the hustling days of a ter. affording dally from one and n outside that our directory considered reallzatlon tnat ne la standing near
tig wheat crop In a Northwestern half million to two million gallons lt wBer for the time being to tempor- an(J wltne88lng one 0f the greatest
town. See tbe beautiful -boric dot- for 5!ki acres, la absolutely necessary arlly abaniion ot 22, and on the 27th pht.nomena of this age. which, as
ted rice fields coming up to the very for CO to 70 days. This keep the r'eo day of May thoy purchased one quar- tfce M tomeg b,88lng and roaring
edge of the village. Count the smoke flooded 3 inchea deep m l muke.i up ter of an acre on Spindle Top Heights from ,he depthg beloWi chaiiengea
Vet when one visits the great oil
During the two weeks following bo gU8heri of lhe HIGGINS COMPANY,
many 'dusters" were found on the he ,g guddeny awakened to the full
from tim to time as tbe best itter
esta of tbe Company require.
It is tbe intention of the Company
to do a conservative and legimtoda
to do a conservative and legitimate
oil business, and to push the distrib
ution of their product imo all consu
ming center In the I'nited State a
well a In foreign countries.
The officer and directors of the
Kiggln Oil Company are among the
leading lumber men. banker and
business men of lieaumont. The gen
eral manager. Mr. C. L. Walll. a
member of the well known wholesale
grocery bouse of Wallls, l.andes ii
Co. of Galveston is well known
throughout the state and the cotton
markets of the world a a man of
exceptional business ability and Integrity.
the admiration and respect of the
of two five, eight no, fifteen thresh- he dally Iohs from evaporatloln. j wj,at was considered "eure" oil
leg machines in sight. And here are vs. irrlgutlon is sup.inea uy canaia territory, ana at once iei a couimci greate8t pe88im8t of this and tbe
seven long lines of wagons, heavily built upon the highest ridges of the for a well thereon. On the 8th day of old worjd Thl8 flow goe8 on duy af.
laden with Backed rice waiting their prairie from a fresh water bayou or August the contractors brought In a tpr day t,u8 far wlth the 8ame
turn to unload at different rice river from which water Is pumped magnificent gusher, and on the 13th tQKfi an(J vohlme tt8 was t8 wont
mills or warehouses. Come to the into the canal. Or wnter Is had from instant a contract was signed for an- lrom Jlg flrgt jjovej-y. Following
roof of this building, and sweep the deep wells 8 Inches In diuueter and other well on the same property, (so the flrgt flu8h of excltenu.nt occasion
prairie roads wiith the glass In every varying In depth from 135 M d feet, that it Is reasonably certain that with eJ by U)e dgc0VeI.y 0f the Lucas
direction. On each of them the In- From one such well a 10 hor p"v- In forty days the Manhattan Oil compa 0ej.8t.ri a number of the wide awake
coming rice hauling teams are so er englno can pump .moimii wnter ny will have a daily output of from bu8ines8 men 0f thiS dty organized
near together as to appear a continu- ter for 200 acres. 125,000 to 150,000 barrels of oil. themselves into a company for the
t.us procession. Now mingle with the When rice It ripe nil water Is Anticipating the coming in of these ,n1.p01je of buying and developing the
people on the streets. You're nn In- ,irawn off so th(lt linj i.s a8 ,iry for wells, tbe company has closed con- portioa o( the oii hin on Spin
eensate soul, indeed, if you cannot harvesting, as In seeding (One can't tra(-ts with responsible parties for a d,e Top HeightSi of wnch they had
fK-1 the prosperity that permeates dran W)tt.r from a marsh). large amouut of oil, delivery to com- thc,r t.,loU.e or location, and how well
them! Ies it not can you ubck io u(0 g cl(t w,(h H:andll.(! n.,jf '- they selected and bought the land (in
tiie dear old days of the early eighties ,,,,,,., ,1BrVt?,tl. i. ho. ked. thi tslicd sarae t0 be taken from the m0Ulh f fee simple) has been proven by later
our wens wunoui any expense vum- ,ieveiopmentg.
ever to the company, inese saies am
ount to sufficient to warrant us in be
lieving that on or about January 1st,
- ' IIIIKK'I n, I1UI fr-'H' i l)IIU I
way up In the Kcd Jtiver valley in ki wh((it r ()(tF
Minnesota and lmifi;: nen we an
were so busy? -a ' ' ' "
.Cticnd a month or more interview- IUK1GATION 13 Y WELLS.
lug these fanners. Visit their farms. Hvery one who has been sufficiently 1002, the company will commence
Cross question them within an inch Interested In rice culture to read any paying to Its stockholders cash divl-
of their lives. See the merchants, of the pamphlets, newspaper articles (lends of 5 per cent a month. This
See the bankers, millers; farm imple- and advertisements devoted to th means that in one year every 100
ment dealers, rice buyers, doctors, (if rice production during tho pist low shares of stock will receive $00 in
you can find them). Inform yourself years, is already fairly will ,'if i;-nid cash, in two years $120, and so on.
thoroughly about the whole rice situ- as to the essential requirements to Aware of the fact that the market-
ation (and you have not heretofore successful rice raising, and the jng 0f this oil for fuel purposes, es-
been taken for a fool). Now you almost incredible p.ofits realize'l pe(.jaiy if foreign markets were to
may go back to conservative old from To sum up these, essential ie reached, would require a large
afs in the Northwest (as I have we all know that i.o malo a profitable amount of cash, and not deeming it
ie) and tell it all to them. No, crop of rice we mi'st have: f0r the best interests of the stock-
all. Cut what you know to be 1. An ample aup'ily of fresn water holders to increase the capital stock . . . n ,, on
e returns one third, so as to to keep the fields fl Xided Sv.l days. 0f the Manhattan, it was decided to 1and is in course of
2. A warm climate and a long organize a separate company, with a atintlnn nm, ,hprA . n doubt
Buiniiiei, wiieic ..iiK.c .o .. v.. casn rapiu, ol mw,, umi o.iuu.v. abou(. Ug provJng a flowing well, as
'uu even cnining whiuc, i com iiiius, nave entire cnarge 01 me saie uuu
3. Fairly smooth and level lani transportation of the oil from the
n the average yield per with a fall of no: to exceed 3 or 4 Manhattan wells. It is expected that
The first purchase consisted of
33 1-lUih acres composed of lots or
blocks of the Spindle Top Heights
sub-division of the John A. Veatch
survey in Jefferson County, Texas,
about four miles south of Beaumont,
said lots being numbers 27, 2S, 29, 33
34, 35, 20 and west one half of lot
number 25, which is located next to
and immediately adjoining the tract
of land that the Lucas well is located
upon, and in the heart of the proven
oil field, and on which now there are
five large flowing oil wells, conserva
tively estimated to flow 25,000 bar
a respectful hearing tell
average farmer raises
Ms (44) bushels rough inches in 100 teit.
there are flowing wells on every side
of the property.
In addition to above land holdings,
this organization will be completed in thj Company owns ln fee simple 408
3-4 acres of land in the Gilbert-Ste-phenson
league survey in Orange
county, Texas, about three miles east
from the thresher 4. Good drainage to carry av.ny the next thirty days. The new com
barrel. Very many all surplus water. pany will construct pipe lines awl all
15 to 20 barrels 5. Reasonably convenient market tankage necessary for the business
(mill or railroad statioin.) and will own, lease and charter tank . . nf thp Sml
In the vast coast country prairies steamers, barges and all other neces- fl Railwav comDany. and
of Southeast Tew-ln the cv.r ties sary paraphernalia. There is no wa- K&ns&s CUy Southern Raii
of Orange. Jefferjon, Chambers and ter in the stock of this new company, rQad &nd Necheg Riveri a navigable
Ylce fluctuates
trrel, accord-
ordinary Liberty of which Lciuimont the as the entire capital is to be paid in
it costs commercial and railroaod center, the cash. Under our arrangements with
wheat perfection of all -he above conditions this new company the Manhattan will
st. is found. To begin wiith, the last:: receive about two thirds of the price
age Nine divergent lines of railroad radi- 0f the oil at the wells, net to them,
er ate from Ueauniont thro idiout oil without any expense whatever.
. parts of this coast land. ;t is diftl .uU The Manhattan now has under con-
to Mix! a place more than .en i.iius 8,deraUon pans for oil storage tanks pi.oximity t0 the railroads and river
i.ui o. laiuumi mill inn. r.c.vn (n ho mnrlp tlV PXraVBL-
stream, which was selected by Mr.
Pattillo Higgins, who has been the
nestor of the oil industry and stead
fast advocate of its existence in this
field for many years. This land was
carefully selected on account of its
fine natural oil indications and its
Index to the Map Printed In tbe First
Section of This Edition.
Following is a list of tbe producing
wells, wells drilling, rigs up and dry
boles on Spindle Top Heights, Gla
dys City and the Veatch surey, on
July 20th, which date was the latest
the information could be made part
of the map found In section 1 of this
issue. This date was fixed from the
fact that the engravers who made
the map reduced It in size and were
obliged to make another. The depths
of the wells were secured from the
owners, and should be accurate. The
list of abandoned wells with their
depths were secured the same way.
Unusual care was taken to avoid er
ror, and while the Enterprise believes
the map, the location of the wells and
other data to be correct, it is not im
probable that some persons may
question its accuracy. There is no
doubt of it being more nearly correct
than anything of similar information
yet published, and it is valuable to
those interested in the development
of this oil field.
1. Lucas, January 10 1120 feet.
2. Higgins No. 1, June 30, 1004.
Higgins No. 2, April 6, 1044.
Gladys No. 1, April 3, 1070.
Gladys No. 2, April 8, 1092.
Gladys No. 3, April 28, 769.
Gladys No. 4, May 8, 765.
8. Spindle Top, July 31, 940.
9. McFaddin Weiss & Kyle No. 2,
May 27, 976.
10. Heywood No. 1, April 18th, 925
11. Heywood No. 3, June 24, 950.
12. Lone Star and Crescent, May
3, 935.
13. Lone Star and Crescent.
14. Bayou City Oil Co., dry hole,
15. National No. 1, March 26, 970.
16. Heywood No. 2, May 25, 930.
17. McFaddin Wiess & Kyle, May
26, 1028.
18. McFaddin Weiss & Kyle No. 4
leaunwmt's throe larse rice mi'ls
out an aggregate of 330.000
at once makes it a very advantage-
ing the earth, erecting levees and cov oug and valuable location, the Com
erinE with tight roof. The best ex- t.n..ine. hppn offered four or
of .l.n rice a day. Then; Is pertg jn the collntry have passed on five tfmes the amount paii for this
these plans, and the unanimous opin- land Tltes to these lands have all
ion so far is that they are perfectly been abstracted and the validity of
the same passed upon by competent
ir market for the rice plant-
in i,u cusi cuiiiiu-y is pl.a,.tj,.ai. Before final adoption a
he average fall being 2 fhnrmlehiv ractical test will be made.
Such reservoirs will be of enormous
value to tbe Manhattan. Steel storage
tanks cannot be contracted at the
present for less than 25 to 30 cents
per barrel, while one million barrel
earth reservoirs can be contracted for
less than fou rcents per barrel.
The company Is now closing a con
tract for pipe line and loading racks
sit the Gladys City station of the Sou
thern Pacific Railroad and will in a
few days have every facility for the
shipment of oil by rail.
lile-. Numerous natural
vosjh carry away sur
'aurs. . country is as
oral rio us Central
Uiver valley of
attorneys and all paid for in full.
In addition to the land possessed
by this Company they own a large
pipe line from their wells to a con
nection with the Sabine and East
Texas Railroad (a branch of the Sou
then Pacific), where they have erect
ed a large modern tank car loadim;
rack and own two large standard
steel tanks 95 feet in diameter by 30
feet in height, with capacity of 37.
5ou barrels each, which are located
on their property near the wells.
Thpv have contracted for 14 more
( me uireciuiy m in.- .m.aii, Jarge gtwl, tank8 of 537.500 barrels
capacity, to be erected on their pro
perty within the next sixty days, and
the riKht of way from the
ts o fthe stockholder. While the Coimty of Jefferson and tbe City cf
npany ban no stork for sale it notes Boallnlont to lay a pinP iine into and
through the City of Beaumont whkh
been perfectly harmonious in Its man
agrmont. and has left nothing undone
a' hat could be done for the best Inter-
a very limited amount of Manhat-
its per share. Our Mock in six wmplpti(1 ,nd mhl(h will connect
vk has leen selling for 40 to
-r l-ss Hhmild N worth from
"1.00 per sharp, and we be
dvance a coon at thla
exhausted. It Is the aim
"an management to
worth at least $.".oa
with all the railroad lines centering
here and the Nehe river, a naviga
ble stream, bich will fclve outlet to
the sea. It is the intention of this
Company to continue to add to its
quirment. particularly in the matfr
of building Morage tanks ttftr ana
P. L. No. 2, dry
Devel. Co., 1700.
-ry pnwM effort rlaf.mhppp for thfl rpnr distribution
-oompUsh that
Mrnrr Miller.
S retary.
for me a
of oil. and alsn ti buy additional
tank cars of hih 1 are already in
sMi-e. and build tank barce t
racb atr points cfcap'y with oil.
This Company is orran.Z'-l and
.hart' red t.nir lhe cn-ral in-orp--rat:'n
Us of ih- ?? 'f Tin.
with an a -i-T.oriz.-d -ar.''i'1 cf tZ.''""-,-i
,,f mt.i. h fl .'.'t""' f iJ' I
u. Th ' " ru. U b V" -
tl st- - k acd "at ' tb -Sr.2'
-r r.-4 -n 2 '
j-ts t-y '.or ? -tt" ' ' "
Hogg-Swayne, June 26, 1006.
Southern Oil Co.
Mississippi-Texas Oil Co.
McFaddin Weiss & Kyle,
.March 29.
23. Denver Beaumont No. 2.
Denver Beaumont No. 1.
Big Jumbo.
Roby Oil Co.
National 0. &
hole, 1500.
29. Neches Oil &
Ft. Worth.
Gober, dry hole, 1840.
Detroit Beaumont.
M. K. & T.
National No. 3, July 22, 1020.
Beaumont Oil & Ref. Co.
Gladys 5. Aug. 2, 830.
Lone Acre.
San Jacinto.
Chicago Crude.
T. & N. O. ( Keiser-Kelly) dry
hole 2160.
48. Columbia. July 11. 790.
Guffey Petroleum Co.
Trenton Rock.
Federal Crude.
National Oil and P.
National Oil and P.
55. Kaltenbach block 23.
The following are located on blocks
36. 37 and r.v Spindl Top Heights.
Hoeg-Smayne tract.
a. El Paso Oil Co.
b. Alamo City.
c. Hayne k Brown.
d. Ground Floor ame in July 31,
P71 fert.
e. rv.rt Wonh .l Co. ,
;ra' and J - 'a Cr'J'Io.
!ra O. Wye o-l Co.
f :t."t 0 Co.
r -t W.-rh ";! Co.
-. V' C stl- in A c t
Gty.tr 0;l Co.
Quttn 0:1 Co. of Beaumont.
I'arragh Oil Co. A ug.ut jd VTO.
!pantltr Oil Co.
El lltaumont. Augiut 18, 120,
M. K. k T.
lleatty, Augtist 15. S10.
r!hf n.
lU.it aili.
CartwrUhl IVvel. Co.
.Manhattau. A.igust 8, looS.
King Oil Co .
C. M. Elllnwood. '
Saratoga Oil and Pipe Line,
Texas Standard.
Cattlemen's August 10, 933.
Texas Oil and P. L, Co.
Fort Worth.
Lucky Dime.
20th Century.
There are at this writing August
20 thirty one gushers In, they being
given with the dates upon which
they came In.
Lucas, January 10, 1901.
National No. 1, March 26.
McFaddin No. 1, March 29.
Gladys No. 1, April 3.
Higgins No. 1, April 6.
Gladys No. 2, April 8.
Haywood No. 1, April 18.
Gladys No. 3, April 28.
Star and Crescent, May. 3.
Gladys No. 4, May 8.
Heywood No. 2. May 25.
McFaddin No. 3. May 26.
McFaddin No. 2, May 27.
Heywood No. 3, June 24.
Hogg-Swayne, June 26th.
Higgins No. 2, June 30.
Columbia, July 11.
National No. 3, July 22.
Spindle Top, July 31.
Ground Floor, July 31.
Gladys No. 5, August 2.
Yellow Pine, August 2.
Cox-Josey, August 7th.
Manhattan, August 8.
Darragh, August 10.
Cattlemen's, August 10.
Alamo, August 15th.
Beatty, August 15th.
Export, August 16.
El Beaumont, Aug. 18.
National No. 4, August 19.
1. Acme Oil and Fuel Co., VeatcA
survey, at 2160 feet.
2. Bayou City, Bullock, at 1800,
3. Bryan Heard, Jas. Rowe tract,
at 1280.
4. Buffalo, J. Douthit, at 1400.
5. Beaumont Los Angeles at 1200.
6. Chicago Crude at 2100.
7. El Beaumont, Iowa Colony,
8. Gober, block 43, Spindle Top
Heigths, 1840.
9. Garrick, lot 15, Veatch, salt wa
ter, 1135.
10. German American Sabine Pass
Kiser-Kelly, block 6, Veatch,
Maskamp, Bullock, 1200.
McFaddin Oil & Gas Co., lot
144. Humphrey, 1500 feet.
15. McFaddin Oil & Gas Co., lot 31,.
W. L. Carroll. 1600 feet.
10. Mt Cluer No. 1, Guffey Petro
leum Co., 1170 feet.
17. McClner No. 2. Guffey Petro
leum Co., 3 878 feet.
18. Pear Orchard, Bullock, 1300
IP. Spangler. block 10, Spindle Top
Heights. 1300 feet.
20. Sanger, Easley survey, 1100.
21. Stribling. block 47, Spindle
Top Heights. 1510 feet.
22. Texas Western, Iowa Colony,
1513 feet.
23. Texas and Pacific, Iowa Colony
1513 feet.
24. West Texas, block 31, Bullock
survey. 1327.
25. Warren. Bullock, 1200.
26. Vittebo No. 1. 660.
27. Hehait. about 2o00 feet south
east of the Lucas gusher.
There are probably other abandon
ed wells in the field, but the Enter
prise has been unable to gather the
fact necessary to make any statement
regarding them, the trouble being
that the parties at interest either
could not be found or were unwilling
to furnish the information.
In the list of oil companies charter
ed since January loth will be found
the following:
Howe O. Co. of Bmt.. Brat, $1.00,-
This should rrad:
Hon." O:! Co. of B'-aumont, $1,000,-
P O Box 341 Beaumont. Tex.
ltl- ii larte area cf land in the
State cf Tta
f it.! .C T '-'TV'-!' ' ' '
. tad :i- s- .i f
T ' '
-i i
r r ' t V ''. Co.

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