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Two Dollars a Year.
Per Square, (10 lines, »less), first inser
tion, $3; euch HnbseqiVfo insertion SOc.
la-gal advertisemerp, (100 words or
less), first insertion, ?! each subsequent
insertion, 80c. [
Liberal discount tofiiose who adver
tise by the year.
Entered a.t the Tost Qfc*. Lake Charles,
La., as second t »ss matter
JILÏ », 1881.
Newspaper Laws 1 ;and Itegnla
1. Subscribers who (t not give express
notice to the eontrar| are considered
wishing to continue th rr Hubscriptions
2. If subscribers ordi the diseontin
uance of their periodic Is, the publisher
mav continue to send icm until all ar
miragea arc paid. ___
8. If subscribers ueaoefoi icrrlW Wj
take t heir periodicals : oui the office to
unbUhev ivem'ttM their
bills and ordered thcirftieeontinued.
4. If subscribers mov t,o another place
without informing tiw publishers, ami
the papers are serit tofhe farmer direr
tion, they arc held rcsjonsible.
fusing to take the peiTctirals from the
titfioe, nr removing an<|leavingthem tin
eailed for, is prima fa* evidence of in
li. Any person who
paper and makes use f
lias ordered it or not, i
be a subscriber.
If subscribers pay
sending it on, and tlie
be responsible until RJ
with payment of all ai ears,
the publisher.
ont Lflci
recta res a news
it, whether he
held in law to
. ________________ « .advance, they
nrr bonne! to give node! to-the publisher
the taid uf their t imfc if they do not
wi«h to continue iukiig it; othenvim*
the. publisher is authnfzed to continue
subscribers «ill
express notice,
nt 111
We take great pi® sure in call
ing the attention ofjhe public to
our advertising coutnnp, feeling
satisfied that the mi e mention of
their names will be 1 guarantee to
our readers that tjeir promises
will be fulfilled : ^ 4
Kaufman & Bloch »ni"'drw ard
in a tlirce-q«aider chimin adver
iisement, «hitb, f . d 1 '
prevents them front doing more
,,,eiriin«4p' the names
than mcieij mentiofd g the nanus,
oftheii' several depart fleuts. They
rd from a
business point of vie », and their
lai-ge building is tillei to repletion
with the choicest stylf, of sunmici'
G o to M. J. Routed f you desire !
l ight treatment ; his
is unsurpassed by t i.y, and his
clerks ]>ut iu practi 1 -
worn aphorism, " sk< ring goods
is no trouble." .
The Cheap Cash
Kaiser & Co., still muitain tlieir
grip on the affection
of our country visitor!
short as has been its
us, has, by untiring -nergy and
le of goods
the time
,ore of K.
(or purses)
this house,
day among
shrewd business tac
iu buiMiug up a trade vliich prom
ises to be as encluriin as it is lu
crative. If you are i a very par
t-icular hiu-ry for son - jnirticular
ariicle you will sa • time and
trouble by going to Kaiser aud
having it weighed ou .
The Drug .Store of ,C. Muuday,
on Ryan street, is f-oc cdl known
to require more tin 1 a casual
mention; his stock ii being con
stantly replenished wi i t|ie purest
drugs and chemicals physicians
prescriptions receive prompt at
tention, and (what is 1 we import
ant to country folk) a I orders are
answered without del His ele
gant Soda Fountain loftens the
business-like appear« ice of the
«■stablisliment, and ma es the most
timid glance at the lo g array of
labelled bottles withot a shudder.
If you are going to e eta dwell
ing, a store, a stable a fence, a
anything constructed *>f ktsilver,
don't forget that O'Bfom & lilaiv
are the bow*, and ofiu pob«t to
tlieir past work, all over town,
which has given satisfaction, ftud
cannot point to a single Uiatauce
r„. ,r 1 ,1 IT U II L
The Haskell House, p. H. Hhb
in which they have failfd to eohw'
to contract i V
keil & Son proprietor^ pi opuses
to make yog more at.iufme than
• if.üMJi-14,
you were really there
we are authorized to charge doufeh
for tlieir advertisement.
King's Restaurant is a pleasant
rt- for visitors to our town sdl
_ _ ._ , ... 111
ce a meal
at- any
at a
i> b. Lyons knows exactly -where j
to buy the choicest beef, pork,
mutton, etc» Knowing this, his
patrons will also know where to
purchase the best, as cheap as the
Summer, they^ay, has arrived,
... , , , , ,
hector until he got hack to ft 1 III -
but, with the patent refrigerators
possessed by Messrs. George,
Costello, Kinder and King & Ly
ons, no one need fear hot weather.
A gentleman from Barnes' Creek,
noted for his staying qualities
when telling the truth, informed
us that he took a thermometer in
liis hand, a dollar in his vest pock
et, and the above saloons in „rota
tion, on one of the warmest days
we have experienced this year, he
drank and walked, and walked ami
drank, until his breath became
frosty, and the thermometer fell
into the gutter; the Boys put back
forty-five- cents in change in his
pocket and placed liini under a re
Tliis may be slightly exag
,, m ttr
1 , , , . ... ,,
gerate d, but we feel confident the
tLiret - T 1 'Opnlation cannot do bet
ter than to give the above gentle
Just before going to church to
in at Frank Maiser's tonsorial sa
, , . „..„„,.,,, 1 , 1 ., ...
*° oa > aucl wUJ be answer*»« to
you if the affable Frank does not
- ,. , , , , _ „
make you tee! and look well.
The professional cards of G. A.
Formet and A. J. Kearney, attor
1)6TS a t l av ,-, and of Dr. J. C. Mail
* _ . . ...
(itt.v, fcWj*£>COn pllTHKluii, Will
a]go he fomid iu tmr advertising
columns, their names are honse
hold words throughout our parish
alid district, and comment is to
The IT. H. Mail steamer, Ramos,
is making regular trips to and from
Calcasieu Pass, thus affording trav
elers a splendid opportunity of
visiting our sister parish, with
small outlay.
Attention is called to the law
card of lion. Geo. H. Wells, which
appeal's in another column. Mr.
W ells is t-oo a ell known to need
any reconuneivdatreu from us.
R , ,, advertisement of Tos
Read the au\ertisement 01 Jos.
V()Uz iu ailot her column.
-—:— » " » ----
Peksoxai,.—H on. A. J. Kear-j
Fso/^iî Ondousas'
attending the Supreme Court. ' 1
Pf , v . jg. Kelly, will lea ve next
ness in connection with the Oatho
Monday for New Orleans, on bnsi
lie church, he will be absent about
ten days.
Hon. S. D. Read and daughter
returned, Thursday evening, from
a trip in the pine woods.
C. If. Moore, Esq., formerly of
Moore & Bwinford, of Orange,
Texas, now of A. J. Perkins & Co.,
of Galveston, is iu town, lie is as
full of business as au egg is of meat.
A. J. Perkins, Esq., returned, a
few (Lays since, from an extended
trip iu the West, visiting, among
other places, Bt.'Louis and Chicago
Sam Watson, the genial repre
sentative of the staunch hard ware
house of J. S. Brow'n & Co., of Gal
veston, is in town.
J. S. Disbrow, Esq., general man
ufacturers agent, of < <al veston, is
around among the mill men.
B. Engelke, Esq,, from the house
of E. Engelke, of Galveston, is at
the Haskell House.
O. T. Schindler and lady return
ed, yesterday, from a short visit
to. Galveston.
J. A. Kinder and family returned
from the Sulphur Mines, where
they have been spending some
D. II. Lyons, our efficient sheriff,
with his young bride, Mrs. M. A.
Hay os and Mrs. M. M. Jessen, all
from town, aie rusticating at the
Sulphur Mines.
Supreme CovR'J.—W e learn
from Thud. Mayo, Esq., who lias
just returned from a firing trip to
Opelousas«, tliat the Supreme
Coiud is iu session there. Monday
being a legal holiday, Court w as
opened Tuesday morning with a
full beuch. There .are apparently
few appeals, not exceeding twenty.
Chief Justice IWinudez announ
ced from the bench, on Tuesday,
---- 'r*'™ r;,
We send a copy of the three
• ' " " ~ - - ,
that no decisions would be ren
dered before Monday next.
first- issues of the CoMMEReu AL to
If!*K*«*! per»««»» i u aud
wljwnu»g.It«n«he»,,.iM»t ^knowuigi»
— «1 »- ..... P
whetiher they wjll all wish to suh
scribe- or not . We hone they wiU,J
.„,1 a.iiiifowi«, Alii
aiidget otheistodo tilu wise, AU|
who iia-ve not already subscribed,
' vho io d,J so ' wi , 11 ,
notify us as soon as possible, aud,
forward the inotu'ÿ with their name«.
Postmasters are authorized to
"Am' he lay six long wakes hi
the hot month of August, an' his
only cry was wather, wwther." It
ha« been more than six weeks since
we had rain enough in this neigh
borhood to wet the hair on the top
a of Chihuahua dog's head. In con
sequence, cisterns are getting
nearly, and in some instances en
tirely, emptyj wells are low and af
ford $ scant supply of water. The
coulees and marshes, in the prai
ries, are entirely dry, and every
evening the streets of our town
are filled with cattle from the prai
rie coming to the Lake for water
W e hear of rain in several sections
of the parish, where there is noth
ing growing to be be ne fitted, butin
those neighborhohds where the
largest farming interests of our
parish lie, there ha« been no rain
to do any good. We fear the crops
of our parish, as well as those of
our sister parishes, will he very
mat erially damaged, if not, in some
instances, entirely lost,
New Newspaper. —Mr. John
McCormick, of our town, will soon
commence the publication of
weekly six column paper, to be
called the "Lake diaries Commer
cial." The press, type and print
ing office furniture, are new, and
Mr. McCormick is an excellent
practical printer, of many years
experience. We are informed that
the initial number of the Commer
cial will be issued early iu July. I 11
the meantime we will he pleased to
furnish our new contemporary with
the use of our exchanges.
The above highly complimentary
notice, written in anticipation of
the publication of the Commer
cial, is from the jx-u of the oblig
ing Editai; of the Lake Charles
Brno. True to his word, he has
generously permitted us to glean
plentifully from the abundance of
bis exchanges, and, if we are able
I« present this week a full sheet
of interesting matter to our read
ers, we owe it largely to bis kind
assista nce. ^ m m _
Read Harris, accused of the mnr
der of Pas<>a] Pujo in the year 1877<
aud ^.jj 0 dag b epn ever since a fti
native from justice was brought
* l u -. ' f ' rought
to ©ur town Tuesday morning in
charge of the sheiiir of Orange
County, Texas. We are informed
<hat ® ^ had 1 " »» tbe
hands of the Texas officials
more than a year and that, if Read
Harris had not been arrested be
fore this, it was not from any want
of due diligence, either on the part
of our State or Parish officials.
We intend to make the Commer
cial the live, ropresentati ve paper
of the parish of Calcasieu. Our
success will depend a great deal
upon the people of the parish. We
only ask to be encouraged as we
shall deserve. If our course suits
you, fellow-citizens, help us by
your subscriptions and advertlse
meets, and effort« to get others to
subscribe and advertise, Corres
poudence solicited from all sec
tions of the country, on local or
general topies, and particularly on
We bad t he pleasure of meeting
Mr. A. Wahlstab, representing the
"W. J. Lemp's Brewery," of St.
Louis. Mr. Wahlstab has made
arrangement« to ship a ear load of
Lem p's beer, oh ice, to our enter
prising townsman, W. V. Fricke.
A former shipment made to this
place proved to be bad beer, but
the next is guaranteed to be O. K.
That most ponderous, obliging
and genial representative of the
popular firm of Schmidt & Ziegler,
wholesale grocers, New Orieaus,
is a frequent visitor of our Lake
City. We have yet to hear of the
first instituée where Mr. lielJoeq
has failed to give complete sat-is
faetionto those w ho favor him w ilh
their orders.
Iu an exchange we find the following
paragraph, which is well worthy of con
sideration :
" No town can get along without the
hell) of Hu- p,i+*o, «ml a liberal feli]>(«jrt
0 r tW paper i* no charity hliwues»«, hut
•jirt.foaÆ capital Investedft>r a hundred
Hut treat- die pros«
Religious.— Breaching to-mar
row at 11 o'clock a. id., and at 8 p.
in., at the First Baptist church, by
Ekler G, IL Scott, of Franklin, h a.
i^ r îv,' »nd'theTesuJt will hu the .other.
wav, hccuHsB «waling people are not
frtfi,; they jiulge a town tuiaUs huninoss
meu from the pqpx that goes out thera
from. V\ hew people heoo&e amistomci
fn |viulj # it is like a family
friend amt vinfior; they frtel a syuipathy
r~ avtili r: iv
patqy «turf
for and Muxport it, aud so do their t*yii
hy aud parti a fit y exteud to the ad
. likara patrons, while they hike it for
anted that those who do not Mipiwrt
Items of Interest to AH.
The heat has swoopwl down like
the Assyrian upon Senaclierib.
New York seems a furnace seven
times heated, in which the tone
and temper of the populace are
sorely tried. External influences
are "terribly infectious, though
Grace was granted to patiently
await the removal of malarious dc
brix. .Y et despite the sanitary con
dition of streets and atmosphere,
the great- mercantile Mogul moves
it« juggernaut of progress ahead
as though no prostrate votaries
were ground to atoms 'neat-h the
grinding pressure.
Business is unusually active; the
streets and stores are alive with
novelties of every quality aud kind.
To begin at the beginning, it
speaks much for the progress of
the age that certain preliminary
garments upon which the health of
the wearer depeuds, are now re
garded solely from a sanitary
standpoint. The days have gone
by in which the human figure was
tortnred by constrictions because
of the false assumptions of style,
which should ever be the synonym
of comfort.
Mrs. A. Fletcher, No.C East 14th
street, New York, will send to any
lady who desires to have it, a small
pasiplriet in which the new system
of uiulerdrcssing is so illustrated
and elucidated as to put its efficacy
beyond all question. She is really
a benefactress to her sex, and one
of woman's heavy burdens falls to
the ground in lifting her intellect
to the comprehension of this new
order of things, and the great re
j lief occasioned by this simple and
! effective method ofuuderdressiug.
j The silks, satins and brocades
! oh exhibition at the well-known
J houses of Lord & Taylor, are ex
[ quisite in color and combination,
j The unique designs resulting from
an experimental test, are the ex
clusive property of this reliable
firm, and their patterns cannot be
! procured anywhere else, either in
i Europe or America.
The garnitures designed to ac
! company them are of the costliest
order, and the fit just simply per
ifect. This, of course, involves a
corset of the host make—light,
durable aud flexible.
The enterprising firm of Warner
Brothers have recently introduced
a new material for boning corsets
called "Coraline." Being more
pliable than whalebone, it bends
more readily with the movements
of the body, so that a corset so
boned is a real 1 uxury to the wearer.
Its principal advantage, however,
consists in its durability, as it is
impossible for it to break from any
ordinary wear in the corset. Iju
dies accustomed to find nearly
every whalebone ia 1-lie'r corset
broken after a few days' wear, can
readily appreciate the advantages
of this substitute. It is meeting
with a very large sale, and is giv
ing excellent sutisfactfon, as the
writer hereof can attest from per
sonal use.
Bharpless & Sons, of Philadel
phia-, have inaugurated a new foa
tiiye in their well-known, reliable
and perfectly organized establish
ment. Iu connection with their
forty department« of dry und fancy
goods, and the manufacturing of
costumes, wraps and undergar
ments, they have created a Mail
Order Department, and an exten
sive Purchasing Agency, through
which they will furnish, a« ordered,
every thing necessary for house
hold comfort or personal use. Cor
respondence is solicited, informa
tion given, and price-lists and sam
ples are sent wlien application is
made for them; all communications
to Shai-plcss & Bons must bo ad
dressed to 801, «Oil, 805 aud 807
Chestnut etreet.
The elegant dinner given by Mr.
Styles to a dozen gentlemen repre
senting leading food firms of New
York, Was an event worthy to be
chronic led, inasmuch us the bill of
fare was made up of edibles pre
pared'entirely after new and im
proved methods by which the qual
ity of all product«, whether of
i earth, sea or air, is greatly im
i proved, and the cost materially di
; minished. The meats employed
I were put up by tire St. Louis Beef
J Canning Company, who comprise
! iu their operations the greatest
i amount of skill a« yet eliminated,
j Operating a« they do from one of
'the great centres of ike American
■ cattle trade, their facilities are jui
limited and their exportations im
! meuse. The commerce in this form
of portable provision is an impor
tant source of revenue to vlw* coun
try at large, yet not the less con
venient to consumers at home are
goods of this brand, because
known to every market iu the
! At No, 8,'tl Broadway may be
i found the orguiuettiyor automatic
j musical cabinet-, which is really one
I of the w onders of the age. That
desirable pleasure in the home or
jib» temple of worship, can be pro
New Orleans Weekly Democrat,
And every old subseriber renewing, will receive, in addition to the Weekly, two
valuable present»—an elegantly illustrated Almanac for 1881, printed on fine tinted
paper, full of most interesting reading matter and selections, and illustrated
throughout with the finest engravings. Thu book will he an ornament to any
one's parlor table. Also, a work valnable to every farmer and stockman, Dr. Ken
dall's "Treatise on the Horse"—a most complete exhaustion of the subject of dis
ease of the horse and their remedies. The work is illustrated with over ONE
HUNDRED ENGRAVINGS. This work is considered tlie most practical anil
valnable work published on the subject. These will he mailed t pontage prepaid, on
receipt of subscription.
These hooks will he furnished only to those whose subscriptions are paid in ad
vance, but every subseriber, whether at full or at club rates, will be entitled to
them. , • . . ,
These books are not offered as premiums to induce subscriptions to the \\ hr.K
LY DEMOCRAT. It can easily stand upon its own merits as
1*2 Tragest Every Week, at SI.50 per Annum,
But are presented to snbsrrilicrs as a mat ter of courtesy. They are hot h valuable
works, and worth int.iiusieally more than half the prieo of the subscription, ami
we want every subscriber to» have them.
In remitting, where yon cannot send orders on merchants or drafts or money
orders, please register letters. Address
THE DEMOCRAT, New Orleans, La.
It is the Latest, Solidest, Rest Tliini* tfoing !
MOCRAT will he sent one year, postage prepaid, for the sum of 88.60, aud ,n ad
dition each subscriber will receive, postage free the valuable books mentioned,
which, from examination, we can vouch for as being hilly as valuable and inter
eBting aw ronrewnted. HeiwJ in vour money ami minion, ami got tl»o ônoioiwt prow
cut, for the icust money, over offered.
through u martyrdom of prelimin
ary practice which, at proportion
ate cost nmy last lor years. Hero
wo have all current music, per
formed with a skill aud accuracy
seldom obtained by the most stren
uous application, at figures very
slightly in advance of an ordinary
instrument. There is the musical
cabinet on which a child may per
forin, rivalling in melody and rytlim
the regular organ performance of
the most accomplished professors.
Then there is the Automatic Piano,
played by operating t he pedals like
a parlor organ, and the grand pipe
organ, wonderful in its orchestral
effects. The paper used for the
music is perforated—the apertures
coming In contact with the small
levers of artificial fingers render
the desired music. It is really
marvelous ! This met hod adopted
by science for ministering to the
finest and purest lesthetic sense,
causes us to exclaim : "Arc there
yet worlds to conquer within the
province of the useful and beauti
ful ?" If so, there are new tongues
for the star-song old as the cen
turies. 8. J. B.
Cura Sugar Crop.— Messrs. I .
Ruiz & Co., publish a tabular state
ment regarding the Inst sugar crop,
which they estimate at 461,01.1
tons, against 539,586 tons last year,
the decrease thus resulting
amounting this year to 65,473
tons, equivalent to 12 .'ipi per
cent. The heavy rains lately fallen
over the greater part of the island
have forcibly put un end to the
erop s, and receipts at all out-ports
are fast diminishing. The crop in
the Trinidad valley is reported to
have resulted smaller than ex
pected, on account of the prolon
ged drouth which has dried the
cane to a point that rendered if al
most ungrimhihle.-{Havana Week
ly Report, June 4tli.
A Welsh parson, ip his sermon
told his congregation, how kind
and respectful we ought to be fo
wards each other, and added that
we were greatly inferior to the
brute iutliis respect. To prove this
he mentioned as an example the
circumstance of two goat«, Which
met one another upon a plank
across a river,so that they eoutd
not pass by without one thrusting
the Other off. "Now, how do you
think they did? Why, i'll toil you.
One laid him down, and let the
other leap over him. Ait, my be
loved, let us live like goat«,"
They say now that the sun is
blue, and some professor is on
his way to some lofty mountain to
get a licaj er view of hie blueness.
We have beard of" blazes," wid
if the earth take« a notion to visit
the sun iu August, as predicted,,
we ««pose some one wilj have an
o.ppoi'tunity to sec "bine blazes.
Be- : •/• L.'a.
Hotel Arrivals.
' HAMKKLL HOVsB-Uhas. Miller, 0.
1 M. Ri«-hnrù, A. .1. Mercier, Went l.ukn
! Ohttrloiu W. H- Onnninshntn, H. Tlamp
[ ton, T. 11. Hampton, Uuyiic Station L.
j W. R. R.j .1. 0. Zimmer, Vurmilioiiville;
G. W. .VriehaA E. M, Davis, Orange,
! Texas; ,1. M. ( 7\k, N.O.;W, A. Jenkins,
Clinton, MiKH.m^jf. Moore, Galveston;
Capt,. Item Mos'" \8. Mail 8tr. Ramos;
i Guilt. W, 11. SmiifL sehr. A. J. Verkins;
I E. Tin .........
I son,
! ton;
Touchy, City: K. A. Lover, N. (>.; G.
I Roger .Scott, Franklin, Lu.; K. Breen,
New Iberia, Lu.
i am. iv. ii. fMoiin, senr. . 1 . ,i. ri-raius;
E. Thompson, M. Nicholson, 8am Wat
son, B. Engelke, B. F. Disbrow, Galves
ton; Frank N. Hammer, N, Y.; I,. V'.
Remaining unclaimed in llm Lake
Charles Most Office, June 31,1881,
Ladles' Hut.
Ewing, JVIeicHsia Mrs. Green, Currln
Mrs. Foreman, Rosalia. Holbrook», M.
Z. Mrs. Hollingsworth, A. Virginies.
Reeves, Ann Mary Mrs. Ileeves, Mary
Miss. Nmd, Marv'Mrs. Winfrey, Lidia.
Mrs. (Owl).
Oeutlenieii's List,
Anderson, A. Andings, Martin. Barres,
W. Illaiiger, Joe. But iso, Deimnonville.
Banj, ('has. J. Rose tell, J. Ballard, W.
Hailey, John. Campbell, B. K. Clark,
J. W, Cooja-r, Alten B. Curb, J. B.
ConpifTan, Lucien. Dugas, Gules. Dono
van, D. II. Dassimhret, .1. Douahon, D
W. Dobhertiu F. A. Cnpt. Krnjc, W. F.
Harris, Alfred. Houston John. Huh
bins, Louis. Harrington, H. it. Hull, E.
Harper, Thus. Has, il. 8. Jackson, Gil.
Kina, I. F. Kirkwood. Win. Krotiwe, 11.
('. Lourie, .1. 8. Lee, W. 8. Lee, Hcnrv.
Sander, George. I.vnmi, C. Moore, P. D.
Mena, Jos, MoHH. Alrunlth (eql). Mould,
Kd. F. .'fore. White Willie. MuCimuion,
1). S. Neal, James F. O'giillvuu, D. Per
kins. W. II. Pendleton, T. M. liiglev, J.
W. Reeves, B. Richards, K. W. fieliiud
ler Charley. Neal, James II, Hluydon, E,
A. Summers Thomas. Twouu'v, Will.
Thomas, Jerry. Thompson, J. 'i'lumin
eoiijJ.A. Thompson, Geo. 1J. Welsh,
Albert. Williams, A. liiram. Williams
& Pharr. Wright, W. II. White, J. 8,
Parlies culling for any of the above
letters wili pieuse say "Advertised."
/«FORGE It. WELLS. Attorney at
'I Law, Luke Charles, Calcasieu Par
ish, Lu. Practices in (Juleasien, Gamer
mi and Vernon parishes, and iu Oruugu
ami Jefferson comities, Texas.
July 0, 1881. Km.
). 1 .
At tort I hair,found III« ri/jhl man in the
ilr/lil iilan for tim'd Dint t'lim/i I Voftl
.............. ...... ... ...... ..... .......
H'> *•' JOS- VOLTZ'S Tin Simp,
U*'* •»» «>'"« **»*"*. between.Hill, and
I F you wind any work dim« in tho lino
of Rooting, Guttering or repairing, or
a good assortment of hi« own npitnpuc
lui'eij Tinware, or any old stoves repair
I'flie si reels, opposite F- A. liallauglici 'a
residence. Sign of the Rig t'offeii Pot.
July !l, J88). IV.
St. IiouIh Type Foundry,
I I/> Ä I IT Finn ML,
JOf.kl.8tiS IS
rtintiiig luks. Brotizes, kt,

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