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Lake Charles commercial. (Lake Charles, Calcasieu Parish, La.) 1881-1898, September 17, 1881, Image 2

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Two IDollars a. Il or..r.
TrunNeat mlvertisements ;?1 p.-r inch.
to Willi then, mitil ali :u
hens neglect or .Tefiw to
Newspaper Laws and Eistnlit
1. Snliwriliors who do no! gixtiexnmss
untie- to the contrary an. considered
wisliiii" to continue their .ulis.-ription
2. If•olbsrrtlK-r-i rmlcr ti
uaucc of their
tuny continu»
manures are pa
d. If subscribers r.ejilect or refus»
take their periodica!-- from the office
which ttiey are ilirectol, they am held
responsible until they iiav»- «ett teil their
lulls and oniemd them discoiitinueil.
4. If subscribers move to another piste»
without informing the puiiii.-hers, and
tin* papers arc sent to tin- former amr
tioii, they an- in-lit msismsildc.
ô. Tin-Court- have drciibVi that "re
fusing to take the perhnlicals from tin
office, nr renn I Y my ami leaving them un
called for, is prima facie evidence of in
tentional fraud."
(i. Any person who receive a news
paper and makes use of it. whether In*
Inas onlemd it or not, i« held in law to
he a suhscTÜKO .
7. If »ubseribers pay in advance, they
ne» limmd to jrive iwtiee to tile jiiil lisiier
at tlmeiid of tiu ir time, if they »1»
wish to continue taking it ; otherwise
the oubli »her. is anthorixeil to eoutinue
«ending it on, anil the siibseribers will
Im» res|H*nsible until an express not ns-,
with jiavnient of all arrears, is sent to
the publisher.
Entered at the I'ost (Miu-e, Lake< 'liai les
La., as sccon» i ei.issniatter.
sHTRiLU. i^^infFlTTTwsL
Agents tor the Commercial.
.lue. II. .l'un................... Uiigd.nl.
j. IV. Harrison.....West Lake Charles.
( . Jlayo ....................Opelousas.
A. J. Perkins returned from <iul
vest-ou, Sunday niorning.
Our young friend Albert Kell
was over from Orange, this week.
Mr. N. J. Wooster, from ('entre
ville. parish of St. Mary,is visiting
our town and parish.
not !
Thad. Mayo. Esq., our efficient
ami popular Clerk of Court, wen?
to Houston yesterday.
Capt. G. Hall, let. last night for
Galveston, to lay in supplies fai
llis hotel and bar-room.
G. A. Fournct. Esq., went to St.
Martinsville. Sunday movuing. on
a short visit to his latuily.
Rev. Father Kelly went to New
Orleans, Mondai morning, on busi
ness connected with his new
Hou. A.J. Kearney left for home
Thursday morning, in take a little
rest after his two weeks' labor in
G. M. Gossett, Esq., has broken
up house-keeiiiug in town, prepar
atory to moving to the scene of the
log tramway, about being built bv
H. G. Gill, Èsq.
W. C.Ohurehill. Esq., represent
ing tiie house of Fairbrill À Roy,
geueral agente for the Diabold
»Satt- »S; Lock Oo., was here this
week. Mr. Churchill has sold sev
eral safes iu town.
J. G. Gray, Esq., having sold his
store building to Jtessrs. Kualiiiau
A Bloch, lias purehoaeii the Alert ]
V. -t lAstav 'btuwn a* tho t* »
No. 3, better known as tut I». R.,
Alert. We wish him success iu j
tbe hew departure.
Mrs. Mary Hawkins, widow of
'the late J. A. F. Hawkins, who re
moved to Texas after the death of
dorsed BJH
andxia. anil we hope he will meet
with that encoiirugeiueui his eu
terprise deserves.
Oar enterprising friends, Kauf
man »& Bloch, have bought the
Gray property, occupied hy them
»s a «tore ever since their advent
among u«. We congre iniati- them
upon this purchase, which is evi-j*
deuce of their snceoss, among ns.
as business men. aud of'their -de
tenoiiMilion taptmx
A Sexton and Ids enemy Itfld »|
fight tn a churehyurtl at Millsomo.
J>el., and the eextou « r as thrown
into a freshly t1n.tr grave- Than
.tbe «fluff nudertotik t o bury him
alive, mid had almost completed
the job when help came.
West Lake Charles .lotiinjrs.
Tin' sndflen change in the wcath
or has not'proven to be very eon
ditcive to the health of our little
We attended the "ho]>"Tliii™aay
evening at Fricko's Opera House
and noticed that each and every
one seemed to enjoy himself.
Public school was inaugurated
hist Monday morning, at ■« o'clock
under the aus, rices of Miss Mtttt.e
Burt. Thirteen names were enroll
ed the first dor ami several add!
affair only, and
an. All who desiw
fort ' returning for good. Mr. L M •
Kowatz will not leave betöre
Christinas. Success attend you.
i, 0 ys. ..
Messrs. "Felix and Allen T , .'"!titis,
Jr., will soon give Lake Charles
the "G. I»." and enter upon t-licir
several duties at Soule's College.
New Orleans. Both expert to fin
ish their commercial educal
\ AC Nrt).'
A Sfitflce for «he taporintion of 1
ropeati Sa rat E,;ttctrers.
As a matter of general interest
throughout the State,' v< publiait
the following notice. Tin- commis
sioner desires the press generally
to give tin mattei publicity:
tsT.vTi: of LnrisiA.Y.i. |
Buman of Agriculture »V IinmigiMti'in.
New Orleans. Sepiwnbcr 12. lits:. I
Planters who are prepur
furnish good quarters, suiiaide for
white ihtuilies. may seeure tlirough
»lie State Bureau of Immigration
any number of European farm 'la
borers by a guarantee of passage
from New York to New Orleans.
The guarantee of a responsible
New Orleans house will lie accept
ed by tiie Orotnwel! Line of steam
ers at No. 41 Caroudelet street,
and tile passage money— «20 steer
age per head—can he paid ou ar
rival at New Orleans.
The laborer is expected to re
fund this amount out of the first
wages earned by him.
Planters who desire to avail
themselves of this arrangement
should at once write out goueise
contracta for one year, stating
terms, conditions ami vages, as
liberal at possible, and send to a
commission merchant hi New O
leans with order to guarantee pas
sage money to the Cromwell Line.
The contract »»ill he placed in
the hands of our New York agent,
who will cause n to In- signed by
the laborers ordered, and each lot
will In consigned separately '.» tin
party ordering, and tiiey will
accompanied by the agent to New
Our agent will use great core in
the selection of laborers from the
fresh arrivals of Germans. Aus
triaiis, Russians, Swedes and Nor
wegiaus at Castle Garden. H»
will deliver them at New Orleans
or any other point on the river,
south of New Orleans,»fter which
Plautere should order at» once in
order to receive their luliorere by
^*e bureau tuseiamis iartlier
tbe first siiipment about October
Wji. H. Haul is,
IvBlths by the Thuu-nn-i;..
New York. September 8.—Seve
ral thousand members of -the
»»unny from difieicnt parts
] 0 f jtfew Jersey and fron other
.........it"'"- - . ........:...........
states held their annua! reunion
j yesterday at the.old homestead of
Zneharioh Smitii, at Peopack, on
the iburitan branch river. These
Smiths arc the deeeudants pf.îiie
original John Behmidt. ot Heliand,
; mg was to have a pl ftaaanf
address in which many mutters o
interest to the iumily will be treat
ed of.
^ AH of the ehildren
Bchnudt, witn the exi
I Ghmtoplwi' »nil Mary
„ . - .
Jersey, anil ine aggregate oi
D»err recognized cioeenuauts »o-iiay
-Yjiuyontyuii those nn
J.®*' of the original
jfonuder of the ffimily that of a
lamer- hxHtte of them are nnuis
! tors of the gospel, mere tout«, law
yers, physicians and meehauics,
jaud all of them Imveihe repetation
j of being good and industrious eit
. izetw. Intact, there is 110 record
; of any one of the New Jersey
'Hiuith iamily ever Itaviug beou
; convicted af «rime.
The Jury System.
q-,, the Commehciai, :
ls it absolutely necessary thaï
Hiere should l»e a Grand Jury itn
jxnnolied at each session, of the
District Court to inquire into ail
the various grades of «rimes and
misdemeanors . Is not a Grand
Jury an expensive, nnneeessar'..
uncalled for appendage >" < our,
of justice f , ,
lu answer tu the; «ho e qm s
Rons. it is bn. nc..«, ...
inethe duties nndacte o. sn. ! 1 try.
and tlu hea,v_- c.\}»msc
Court sixteen met; are se.lec
•let as Grand Jurors, at a fixen per
^ I ' llld wt . have, when all is added
^ very ] ltavv bill for the pariah
at eaqh session of the court,
Tliô wore* feature of tile case is :
^ ^
+,, S): ,
many persons summoned, iron; all
parts ol ihe partsh, to testity be
fore this Grand Jury, each mu en
lor attendance and.
perhaps, mileage in travelling, then
to litis add officers' fees and mi
l»i . -
The worst feature o, the
the Grand Jury hears bat one side
of tic case.and upon this one-sided
evidence an indictment is made,
the accused is arrested and impris
oned. or put t* trouble to give
bonds, amt when bis ease is tried
by the court, the prosecuting wit
nesses are either gone from the
country, or come forward and tes
tify v erv'differ« nt 1 y from what tiny
did before the -Grand Jury, on
which the accused is avquuied.
and yet then is no retires:- tortile
wrong done him. The Grand Jar;
is a good opportunity to wreak
revenge in secret and is often ve
sorted to. as witness tue numbers
of eases dimissed for want ol evi
duuee. The Grand Jury had plenty
of evidence to do their work, but
tile court had none. I nlly one-halt
of tin-true hills tound iivthe Grand
.jury at- either quashed, ilisutieaed
en nui proxriiitifU. And wi^y is it so '■
Because witnesses swore falsely
before the Grand Jury and were
afraid to appear before tiie court.
This, being often the ease, causes
trouble and expense to many .per
sons. that others may gratify pri
vate spite. All this throws a heavy
t«\ upon tiie parish, and there is
no redress; and this will he the
ease as long as Grand Juries are
used. Hereafter I propose to ex
amine t-lte subject of Grand and
Petit Juries more fully and suggest
a substitute for same.
Ik G mat.
Execution of Five Murderers.
[Special, to the Galveston News.]
Fort Smith. An-,. Sept. 1).—V m.
Brown, Geo. \Y. Padgett and Pat
rick McGowan, white, and Abel
and Amos Manley, Creek Indians.
were imaged here at ll?:.h> o'clock
this morning for murder. The ex
edition was private, the gullows
being erected in ai. enclosure it:
the comer o' tiie old military for»
and about forty persons adamted.
»V gnaru w«.- set on tin wait to
keep baex the people who sur
rounded the place and clamorett
for admission. x\t 3(! o'clock the
doomed men were taken from the
prison. On the way to the seafioid
Brown liiiineii. Imtsoon recovered,
and the march continued. Arriv
ing at the scene of execution die
deatii warrante were read and
„,.„«-,...„,1 „.,,.1, »«-tu,,,,,.,,
pm.ei oficii L. X»trauen» n pusone.
umde a abort aeknowradg
after TO o'clock the priaouert 1 bade
giuU. lint ex pres., ing
benei Win; tac-ir sms nail been tor
iven one font their souls wo-ilo
go siraigiiT io heaven. Sliortiy
the spectators gooffiuy. aueir
etsoucra oaui
- , . - : '"'b.'-• T««j»
arms and legs were boiiudand the
cap and rope adjusted. As tie
wip was placed over l*adgeii : s
head be cried. "We five die on the
ocatibld this morning; we'll meet
again in heaven this evening."
their lrienus
* <!l
. .. .■
mouy to its value as ifti uOiumUi:
^Journalism, ue say i, * tors be
come as much a «qparate nuu»ilis
tinct prmesston m nieihcinc, or
a law T , or eugtneenng- or agricnl»»ire.
or architecture, or miinnc-. and ev
per i
this 1
not alwayi : iMiv>r»jmuiCr»*UH4 »«' wojht
per« un*, sud nt ti price-t hat places
toe« » witliii; tin- reach of the ;poor
a;; v. cil us .the rich."
. ...... Mwc.
Tl.,H„,rU.T.»fr™.»ISl,i l .Ul,l.
serilies » ease in which the pcnalf*
fnr being in had company heats
the firoverliiai hick of poor Tray .
in the tahle : I
oÆ r e,m!S^Hw^î^
nu tier
- thirteen, surrendering with ,
the remnant of his eommand. to .
« «ä
,,u„ W„„. "
U»| vum,^ .
Louis, come forward and
his daily presence on
presence ....
ehiimre fora period covering the
time of The robbery mentioned,
and he was turned loose. He sab
sequenfly became a book-keeper
I. G. Greer & Co., with whom he
renmined two vears. In 3870 he
married his former school and
nlavmnt-e. Miss »Susan L. James, of
i llav eotint.v, Missouri, a sister of ;
,i„ well-known Frank und Jesse
James. 1 Hiring the following year,
Pahuor and ids wife moved to
Texas and settled at Sherman. He
ait ('TWiii'CÎF learned that while there
',7 rmler the constant sur veil
■lue» of detectives. Mr. Palmer
»••um m (liny county, with his fam- ■
!■ in 187(1 and settled on the Big
\vie-hilsi wiieve he now lives. The
train l-oliiierv at Glendale, Mo., oc
eurred on the 8th of September,
! s78. Palmer was arrested at his
Home on the 2d of November, on u
v.mrrnv.t r.vnrnable to the District
bel Mlo-rnmn. whence he was
ti.kei am nut in jail, charged with
being eom erneflin the ahove-inen- '
m d robberv. He sued out a
nit »'A habeas corpus, and proved
• fifteen citizens of Clav county
ms on the day of the robbery lie
in tin -field raking Imv. and on
m-t duv was in Henrietta. In
,e meantime a requisition of the
i over nor of Missouri, ajiproveû
v Governor Robert«, had arrived,
and lie was taken off to Kansas
■ 'i; \ ami thrown into prison. There
in remained nine weeks. The
grand jury at its meeting failed to
find a bill against him. Before he
bad left his prison, however, he
sled bv Foiled States
aut! i » lift ieV im* the eha7g" öfob
BtïiKïiiLig; the nmilß, and in jail
six davs longer. lie was tamed '
loose on examination before Uni
ll States Commissioner on the
United Boites Attorney's state
ment that tliore was no evidence
against him. Returning to Texas
lie found his expenses had nearly
eaten up his email fortune. He was
forced t«> sell iiis cattle and rely
on his farm for
livelihood." The
.Missouri. This took place on the
l_-.jp ,,f jniy of the present year,
on ins iarm lor a nveiuiooa. aue
crop failure of 3880-81 induced him
bek work mi the extension of
tin- uissonvi-Pacifie Railroad be
low Fori Worth,* where he was
v. o'-king at the lime of the Wins
von train* robberv in Northwest
un vue mm minier was nncmeu
at ins work anu taken to Gleiiurni
and thrown into jail. The m-xf
day lie vas liberated on a writ of
liuiieus coipus—proving by the
contractors that lie had not* been
absent a day from work in the last
two months. The detectives were
tmec again foiled of their prey,hut
' »ft v.-iiii threut-s of obtaining a re
.. .. %I ______)>re____ „ ____
On tin Iffiil Ptdmer xvas arrested
countv, huliung the estoem oi ins
. , ; «nd the resneel of «11
toe......— ------
Largest Lasd-owuer on the Ulti
[Reno (Nev.) Wuwrtte.
station. Elko eouïïi V. «une
GoloüCf .....of Hal
iecic's Station. Elko couiii.V, came
to California iu 3844, and may be
said to have mode tbe eomury pay
him well for his time. He is now
probably tin largest private land
owner on this eoutineut. He has
4,f,Hj(i,iîffii, acres of land in one body
Nevada and
IBs Mexican
years ago tor
g2UP.m»o. »U- 7> cents an acre, it is
!>n the Mexican Ceutral. Mr. Miir-
phy rai. es wheat on bi« California
-- *' —■**—*•*- '" r
- m * m —
A_»iady ^eoeutlv departed »in;
;jreai haste fr om Long Brauch ou
a »Stuiirday inovUing. Bhe
sp.cnaenT iu silks, l«eos and dm
mouds, and made the remark
t»v iu ul 1 l *r> uipp 11 iuju . juin
see, there's a rush .of trade ot. Bat
itrday night, and tan'« goto* up to
help friUicr fond ip the store.
«»yj y.
Pi'uri ____ 1 tihe
nnebmati Sent. 12—The follow
' .] 1W , t, eu u telegraphed a
from Port Huron :
ToSîS® SplS^l^
hHUipbt ^ g BU Ito ,, the
the burnt
district of Huron and San
"TÄve seen burnt, disfigured •
aylÄsi ai foil..«
.... .r , _ : ji....
daily discovered. Already more of
than 1500 families are- found to be the
_____________ t
some still wuinrier '
--------------- , , ,
utterly destitute and homeless,
They are huddled in barrn-s, in 11if
sehool-liouses andin then neig i
bors' houses, scorched, hlindeil
and helpless;
lmir-crazed around the ruins oi : to
their habitations vainly seeking
their dead: some m speechless so
agony wringing their hands am.
refusing to lie comforted. More
than 10.000 people, who only a
week ago occupied happy, com
fortable homes, are to-day house
lews and homeless Biifîerere. i
were hungry and almost naked, is
when found, and in such numbers
and so widely scattered that our
best efforts and greatest resources
fail to supply their immediate H
wants. Without speedy aid many
will perish and many will suffer
and become exiles.
Our people will do their utmost
tor their relief, bin all oar re
sources would tail to meet their
necessities. Me apiieni to the
charity ami generosity of the
American people to send help
without delay. as
E. C. Caki.ETON,
Mayor of Port Huron mid Chair
mau of Belief Committee.
Win. Hart ruff. John P. »Sanborn,
(Bias. A. Ward, Omer I).Conger
Clins. 11. Peek. Peter II. »Sanford
Attempt to Kill Guiteau.
Washington, Sept. 12.—At 1
'ciock lust evening an ati-emp
was made to kill Guiteau in his
cell. At that hour Battery B. Sec
oud Artillery, was relieving Capt.
Graves' eoniinand, which had been
ow duty at the jan mi the \ni»i
' hours. . .
The battery arm cd tu .neu "nu
ous, m the first n, whieb was scalei
First Sergeant Mason, .-»s tue
wagon drew up in front of the jail
Mason jumped out, threw his cap
nside. und, with u miiukct on his
Hhotildcr, proceeded to the right
wiug of the jail. A tew seconds
brought him abreast of Jie win
and penetrated his ecat. which was _
hanging on the side oi the cell.
: «»-»»«b*» " ,r" ' . ,
^ow through winch Gintenu but.
1 been often seen. 1 at ting ins gun
to bis shoulder a clear report,
which rang throughout the jail, told
the «tory of his iui-eniiou und act.
'Tbe ball grazed Gniteau's head
------- . -........ surrendered
himself to Ins commanding officer,
Gapt- MeGive.ry. vim inuncdiauily
P'd him uuder arrest. _
Mason is a native of Y irgiuia
and lias been nineteen years iu tin
service. He says he shot for the
pnrpoae of kilhug Guiteau aud is .
«'»».V be missed him. He had be
come tired ol riding ox er cobble
- 1 — — "------ 1 ------- J - -....... 1
Sergeant Maaon
1111 ««»»., «»»• «• "»»»• «» «•«
reached the jail he went to the
wiudow where Guiteau usually
stands waiting mill gaping for the
stands waiting aiffi gaping for the
arrival of the guard; that he fired,
and that is all there is about it.
Guiteau was ovorooiue with fear, j
other, part of the building. His re
quest will probably be granted.
and he pleaded for removal to nn
other part of the building. His re
quest will probably be granted.
------—■ • ' *» ------
A brutal Father limii -i vil by Iris two
Damille, Yn., Seid. 0.—Near
Whit Mill, in this county, y es tor- !
d^v. Robf. Williams aud wife had
y quarrel, whereupon tlu-wife left
home and waul to a aeighhoring
she ob
arrest of
_______________I ^ .»'arraut.
1 On arriving at Williams' house7
with the warrant, his dead Iwdv :
-■ -- -
i whiiffi was Jbiiug .bêaidc it.
! living person was found in thi
j JO( - Lajtjt >^ j earned thattwo
of Williams, who had
! beau MY Witt*, iuiii bv tliöir, mother
j j wear for tht wartaui I
at!. ; " , .. .
■ 1 }.
' Mrn,, w- „ „ , T _.
] Which of the reptiles is « mutli
.eumticiauf T»i>.-,adder.
„„.•ÄtaSrSLw hr
plains of Texas under the eom
niands of his physicians, Lieuteu
pt-Govtmor Samuel I ». MeEnery
sssamed the exeeative. foucttoi*
first few hours after which he
from the fatigue of travel during
ved . His health is shat
te'retl to such an extent as to excite.
:,,f «. M*«
ji.... i.....1... »»evaded upon
duties and
strength by
of the re
with, because.
the loci that
the laws, the pic stiration oi the
and the protection
listens engaged in die
of peaceful avoeaiitms, are
________ upon him wit hin ii f first
horn ofhisincumbency. He luings
public peace., ,
laboring e,itizens eugaged in the
flu- situation a hrmness anil
quiukness oi pmmepttou t.h«t has
so justly made him » leader ni
men. and eonnug m the scene nf
action free of a.l local bias and
pnjudice, the public may rest as
surefl Tlm> lav. and oruei v ill he
enforced firmly trad impartially,
The uoiiditioii in thifi ohj
no longer local. .It efieots the
people of the whole fttate antiI the
Mississipjri valley, and the situs
tion demands a broader consider
tiou than a mere question of
Sable Institution anil its Wonder
ful Progrès».
[('iwrespoiMlent (! in diurne (innrdimu]
A short time since an organi«»
tion was founded by the young per
pie of this t own, and incorporated
as a Beere» Order under the laws
of the State, to be known as the
'-Amem-mi Matrimonial Ahsocm
tion. and though at the first rv
port ol the Order gomg abroad, »
lew of the usual skeptieol smart
heads shook their natural wise ora
without knowing its principles.
niiims in doubl as to its success.
But we are living in too enlighten
ed an age for people to pay any at
tention to u few gossip-mongers,
who would conueuui anything
Bu» no sooner did the actual ole
jects of this Order her o;ne kuown
the out-side world than some of
the leadingjournals, Who, knowing
this organization ha ving adopted
the same mathematical fables gov
erning :J1 secret endowment insti
tutions, with tbe 'exceptions -where
tp»- old ones pay in ease of death
tins one j ays when a marriage ur
»»ms among its members, thus cu
Holing each member who marries
I start out in life with h brighter
inspect, justly advocates its
N»iiwithstanding the fact that
towns and villages «re»actively or
the Order is scarcely a month ola,
it now enjoys a large membership
of some of the best young ladies
and gentlemen of this town ami
parish, and all the neighboring
rcti velyov
gauizing to join the wouderful
crusade of Union, Ghanty and Jus
rice, which heartily invites all good
people, wherever existing, to join
in this noble work, so in a few
short years it may extend from
ocean to ocean,
— * » - tr
Death of ten. 8nrn»Mle.

Pt ovidence, R. L, »Sein, 33.—-Gen.
days, but ue was in the ei*y J** -
terday. .....
The immediate cause of Ids death
was spasms of the heart.
A telephone message from the
GeneraFs house snmmouod Sous
tor Anthony aud l>r. Miller, hnl
before the telephone connectiuu
was broken a message came tiiat
the General was dealt
Gov. Littlefield. Senator Autho
ny, Rupi-eeeirtatives Ghaffe and
Aldrich and other personal -frient»
immediately started for Bristol.
! „„ — ^ —7;—
W* &|Miche 1 roubles*
r . , ,—777" _
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