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Lake Charles commercial. (Lake Charles, Calcasieu Parish, La.) 1881-1898, November 19, 1881, Image 1

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• i I;i » ■ miii- vi'i bobo >tta off » » nuit :
qnib Mit.
laké charges, caLcasiêii pariai, -la*,' Saturday» NOVEMBER 'i 9 , ;ij$l ; ^:
, .il' .<fwsi«i ituiiniMi m hufMlhiiJ vl!» ■,/■> vii;*»ti jfill un»; lot /tool /mu ' '.,, , ..»/ . «« ,
îlf.t.i! . i l»U>. H 1 ... 1 I, itli.,1 im'.m. ..H.n n ....
: v. f *Tl"l ff* ' Hr: ;.^1 - '*1 ' > A 'VI
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= &itï»ÏTÎ T S71T7 " ;
TT: no. 20.
'ÏNtrtT«fcdS!<>XAl, € '«Hit'S. V
«fai fa* WMMMaMÉl " "
t i Al!*£Æi:i. JL «Oi'iRlfEf,
r «t I...... Wm
Gowrt Hdusp fhiiire
ait Law, Lak* Charles, Lut* 'ittkf
1« Lev«
fnrmerkpi'ûmito by Liaiis Lcvet/u^, oq
'Xmrt Hcuimp Htuir
AtoItJi/ 18M.-ÎV.
C * EUÜtiR fi. M'ELU». A1*ornev at
T Law, Lake Charles, ÇaU indeu rar
' h, La. Practices in Calcanieu, Csmer
and Vernon pariabe*. atid in Oranjre
d Jefferson-countieii, Texas.
.J uly », IBM .-6sH.
17 A. GALLA TCHER, Attorney at
A . Law, Will practice in thin and ad
joining parisliea. and before the tiaipretne
<OnVt, at Ojielouaae.
Sep,., H, 1881 ,-ly.
A J. KKAKXEY. Distract Attorney,
. J 4th Judicial District-; praidioeeni
tiie »ever»! .parishes of Lite District,
Office, in Lake Charles, at the Haskell
Office, in Leesburg, at his residence.
Julr », IHM.-lv. ■ - •
C. MLNliAY. M D ,
igeeii, Physician and Obstetrician,
AOKTlSf'ES to prartidç his profes
/ sion :ths 1 «an la' coniwlled at ins
itnjj Stiwe, «a Kvao street, at all hour«,
jaikc Charly, La-, July », 1881 .-1 y .
L)KN' e riS f rKY.
iR.C. 1).GRAIN «>n4» nues to practice
J hi« profession, *n<i itatt lsjeainsnJtcd
the resident;»; of Mr, r TcJui McCormick.
Gold luifi'Aimdgaui ntlinçs,, af lowest
■es. Artificial teeth inserted, from
to u futlaet. Teeth extracted >kUl
. ily. [ocWHJ.
•' 1« A. ^ J* ' Ä* A- tß. K « . \
grmn Sts, Latke Cliorlen.
AIR äßtitflriR, Ehavin*, Hhampoon- '
iuKtnei Hair }>yeins'-do»e iu the
'eut .........
"uJy 9 , li« 51 .-tf. . r j
- V*A<'*liCAL— )( ,»i
atçluuaker and J nu l er,
Kyat j 8t., Lake Otaries, lia
J '»' 1 * « » ' \ ' ' !
hesaud Jewelry Skillfully 14e)«»i red î
and vy^rr/titted. . J
a« stock of jewelry Always ««
•t. 12, '«i.-tf. ' ■
;auu VflKyui, 44ft#?
atraetors and Bui Idem,
Adv 0, itj*G;-Iy.
8 Si I V U 11 i L D J X <1
OoutrtLctor«, <W
hi South Bank of I.ake CSiarlcs.
ept.8, 1«SL
( / , K A-- N«; ,
U ABM A O I 8» T ,
s^tjet^soit xo
'r. 3. C. Miuiday,
•sicians' preseriptions caK'ful)/ pre
' pared, day or night.
•t. 15, IWl.-tf
urnitu re R epaired.
AVIXG permanently located iu the
town of Lake Charles, I am pre
d to repair all kinds of furniture, at
•rt uottee, and ^t-M*«»gtoaWet*row...
iiankful for past, patronage, I solicit
ontinuanee of tlje saine .
"urniture re varnished at the house m
» owner- , ,
; J hÄ'- VBtree ÄÄr
•'Ct;A). I.*
ro t want anv work don*' in the
iiofing, Guttering or repairing, oi
assortment of Ins «own nuawifltc
of R j
Ä 3 Ste^.*SÄFa|K
»awe. sffln of the Big Coffee Pot.
Ä ÜW y|rof thy Big Coffee
uly», l&MAlv. ,V
, Louis Type foundry,
né s& Vit &iue st.,
ügAJJäJiS tV r ,
UtUtog and tfiifäig Papers, Gird*
j and (Jari liodird, 'fSty*, 1 •
ftgraniuu> CaikUi, W.çÿduijf ituycilopc®/1
[ WedcUng Papers, &6, !
Iule», 188t. 1
Priuting Inks, Bronzes, «c.
ramme CilBÄ** tv,gliding P.nvelc
V.'ctiding Papers, &c.
iy ». 1881.
\ work ..teil Swwriptiour doûêXriÜi
Acss and- dcspaUfli at this M
.ve as a cull.
■> T Etir .ÔBtteÀKs'.j
rilElP ( 1 SH STORI.
AVe are also Agen.ts for the
i ..
, , • *• • i
Xow Iloiao H oavIiiü; Mat'liino

A\";il t} Ktii j AN a ti;l K'ts.
t&rTn bidpr to in/ike room,
far our Foil Stock, wo will
done out our Sirmui(i/' dock
of goo<ln a t ten per cept. lean
tfun our former /wUea.
( 3 oine and see for yourself!
LAKJi CHA-èiÈH, Id -
Aug. 13 , 1881 .-tf.
üyéü 8tfeet, Lake ChafteS; t*.
the above n.ajued
pose" to run it In first
table will he kept on
TTAVJXG leased
I X House, ipropo
clissstyle. 'Hic ta.... ..... -- - -.
W^.I^SSK'-a «syiwii«.
aug«», '8L-M. Lessee. •
Opposite Wre Court »eases
Lake Gharlea, Etui 1
Livery, FeeU Stable anti Sauple R
Ifar Ropth atid' Hild¥fd SaLtbji
'•«. A#aeheid. . .• i
GliJSEüf HAWc,
#«it. id, >#r !. m m^k _
§§[$## RSÄTAIIRXä'Pi
f *■ ^ ''J.', 1 g*!' , s
! Miau
1 ■ ... -—yigL
-I.'pfj hi . v,i; n r . -v .
[Atfcs M« s v ;
VSsSSm :
>«j iJcruj ,io oMi...'ii -iisinni
i.tivi'; </t .f ii »ii!w /.■•ilrt.f
.'in-ii.'ï to , oit (de iil'io no.
î jsiill HI - ' ■ -1,
--E2iLEE IN-...... !..
j» 'î ' lit
«„.•î tir-}',s iurihuti 'jitt io
.V :rnt
i*i; /î f '» foui t»« »] >\ui jit /
t> ÏI ^ g.'0'0.I)!h ,
licit t • f » I.- i i I /!|I'I ' W. - i . '
... ••!... . ...... tun/ /«lit ..If,
, . 1 , <|lll » 11 ■■ . I î -
le O, Inn; .7.1.1, A iîmv •; M ,/uli
■! n» ili.o
■ cai-s:
lo M./I'À
llol o .'l
Ltilfe Clufrlcs, X,n,
■ -, !
July .», («Hls-l.y. .t, ,k
II. * I ». NIX.
mi h ■ "-.l I II ■
Fei'i-y-, Cnloiiwieti
■ ' lltviir, Jfh«t : .
■■ .
I HAVE constantly, on hqnd a htrgo
and varied assonmiint of
!),)■. / . I cl : '. ■ it . ■. •' *i : .1 '
■ ■■■<• ..I é . , , ill .. I If . fftf"'!
WOM, À NE Ilî:Al) Yr v
C II i-, aotr HOrfcoij util-Mifiii! ifh
- i, -c ci.i.d ni lii'iioiiifiK > inhol
I*. il/ *>dt Cf Ih-f'.t/ I lli il Si î.lftl
' • '< lit I, ffij I- f>; I o 1 ntl- IM*J
; .-U,.».. i,:nH i/oVne'I luit dir.. U
•„li a, i ,i»t .dl .litxn'H vu,J
My stoçk of ^iipys and.Hats, js i
not exi elfcd by any ill the country. 1
My stock of Groceries is us complete j
is can lie, and hidngtepleuishcyl weekly,
i. Fti.ni my long expeitelnWill inlvdiSh
dising in this pariah; I feel nonfiflent of
being able to satisfy ail who will do me
the favor to give,me a ' all.
first class,, liarnl made ■
• il /> 1 .. H
^.wayÿtgf hanfl./rj ai/y qpar
, • ......., ■ H > i ■ i n HO if
Prompt gad ,4»sidi4Eis attention Uj thu
\e K iî I? V ,
.< ||».'I .I'fh *«
iff« for taking eil* Ot'them, having just
uouoplrtedi*' " IH list •»«!
ib Whicli utßßtkfiMk, 'hater and
abatte. ,i J >QI iHd Irnl'.'B 1 «»:«
iH*wii>»iI AY At
,j'- /i;.l joo.i'.m ('Ai H'i I Ji'liVCi ''hi.
1 **', tpdkéf itft&Ayfö '$?'**'■>. u
éliS'e call.
n. i». m&i
T!ie Bâiiie LSw»—Prefosed* Awend
«<> n-! • wents'Thereto; l l ', ,<.JifH
|l;d via , f,iil ,UjH L-fffli ii«,f> •fi.um
■ ■ i'f[Parmdr\'ille GaArirtH.3 'hi ' in
- If is high time that'same other
interests besides ■* /"ring',"' «otn»
lirtsed .«if half a 1 'htihéred sports»
mah, had e siB^ T ref?drdîn{r thefttme
la te of tilts' Rtatfe. Game is - sottie
thhi^iii wbiefi all 'are IntSreaffffl
atit! any law off fhktsubject isWbnld
sePre 811 alfke*. ' The next Leptsla
ture will be asked *tW* te.pleiil 'alt
laws atid prbnàions and snfistithte
Any,keeper of,a hotel, resta»;
rant or boardinghettse whosiibsti
tnths mntton foftnfflé 'iA making'
tffrtlfe son^.fehaH^ l^n^'tjti| Tèsk
than, apd ip de.fauH, of' pay
inentsliall stahid obrrtndtted.-tothe.
ooole* for tiie term of»tHirty idhys- 1
Apy, keener 'tit a jinblic eating
hpiipe w ( iin ./ijVyfftifipa,' q u hW on.
triast, and then,substitute« bain on
bibmR, sball be deemed' gniltÿ «fi
misdemeanor aiid punished by a
tiiie pf not ipk'^ than 'f,
it shall upt be lawfjii tup inoj,(v
than five men to pursue theitraek
of one poor, lone rabbit with evil'
intent. j
' $jiy;,(Iuc^ Jmii'teV,Vhn
and liasses tiienu pff on th«i ! boys
as having been» killed by bimseif
Shall fib'deemed'gtrllty of jwraey'
and nunishod aceo^^Ingly. 1
i Afl'y |iergon or per«qii« disuovçr
ed jfiaptming d^pr or.eJk ip. pound
nejp prAoiuoa sltall btbJiabJa
fine of pnt leaf tjian.4l#> ups nipfe,
than (KW- Imu'.ch!,.. >,
If a fox OH hying .rautnd. froUl,
oov/pr and |iaift»«(l, tokna re In g»
under the school house it shall be
lawful for the teacher to dismiss
the srbbol and lend liis assiatkhtie
in tiie capture.
Thisjteetipu.of the amended law
of 1879 requiring all persons to
give 1 coons 4fKI feet the start be
fpre pursuing with the i'ntpnt to
kili is hereby repealed,
Any petsou or portons hiring
liver 20 coiiseeutlve shots into a
drove of decqj p»cks shall be
deemed guilty of misdemeanor
and punished by a hue of not lass
than #5.
1 Aliypfersbii who' after tiie
p.W^i'pf, this, ^t, hnn'ifLb'iy
taisjtiv.Ha .foethe immhor and si««
of ttslitaken.by ! him -at, any • time'
within tlippast two yi*ars shall die
«léej|î/p^' 0 ^ roî ea 1 » or »nol
pnnjglied, by tj^rLv, days ill the
l«uisli iail without relief. • 1 ,
j '»< Ta Test 8 iig«r-i > , , n
■ImiILm/'. . Hfr vljl fffHHiao>l' '1
The.jfvllo'vjfifijg si|;ipie test to . dis.
itPVJ'r wiien sugar has lieeii adulter
ated with glneose was, iu a recent
interview, given to a reporter of
the id^ieago 'Triliuué by a
grocer, Thera is np reason why
anybody could pot detect the baud
at once :
"Take a handful qf tiie mixt ire
apd drop il into a glass of cold
wat«>r : stir it a few munîtes and
you Will aotiee that the ease sugar
is entirely dissolved, leavinjf thd
grape s"gar ùndissb)vcd at tiie bot
tom of t he glass in yiie form of a
White, sticky substance not at ail
mi like starch in looks, and quite
bitter to the taste; Tt won't do to
usé ii oi wat er in yoiir test, li o yf e ver,
far the whole thing , will dissolve.
The test is sosituple that any house
keeper can make it, ahd thpreiS no
mmd fpr'aijyiiody lieibg déeeiy,
ed àfher disyhKHWtg MhB HO
less J»e os site chhBses to be." :
, . rrffi- iw • ■ **------
A young lady of «i% age of seven,
Who, is désferyedfy tjiiè pët of lier
hpii#ihh$i ..ihR ?
and giM«n.tiO;jBt»toap Äwsalfts he
Ag neglected <and >'t»ht apon« in
her fapdN f eirWlB than Other wi#}
thé other day:
s•x^hodye^pi- me&gw,mu w
j^vafl ashen l was born m,y< Blotter
land all my sitters were «way at
the spaBidg". 1 ' \T ,,' , ",1,/
T|ic Ocean. Fcçry. ,
*•« lf ' J " ^.OlDémocikt .'] 71 1 '
''Tll'erH h^s béeu an immense .im
provement in the steamships run
hlbghetwéen îfëw York audLiVér
pööEdnrnig thé " past feW yéttfS,
brought about by the edtnpétifiou
dr fiié'ïivaYlinès. The' Whiffe Stdr*
Lrae is ctedrteiTWith tnati^fiTatib
this ihoVemèhtï VitKthe BHtfftnti
which made ihe trip between EVl'g-'
land and the TTViited StateH in nib'e'
days' wheréaé 'the vO.fage Ü^ä fdfc
nieHy lîèén ope of éieveii, 'or^ hi'
Stormy Weather, Of Iwelvé days]
Tl^e Ciinard, Inrtiäib Onion' .'»tjd
othqf 'lnidS'saw the 'necessity* of
iihlnedlateiy (irderlng vessels to]
con|péfe with the Tlritianiè, and
began toThiild imiiroved Steamers,
The result is the finest,lot ofsteqin
ers'éverseen on the Atlantic, 'it
iS hot only Iu point of speed ihak
these Vessels excel, Put in' every
othér pdlMt. They are larger and
l/htter finished, stronger apd more
durable. The English qfèaniers
that reached New York, last w'eék.
eiiOonniered, in mid-bceah, the
great s'thtin tha) ' wrought sij^fe]
dainajie on thé'Éhglisb ebasi] in'all
its iiite'iisiiy' and fury, bid they
sfbod ft so well that they reached
pbrt Wjtfiln'iiine days'] ilelayed only
a few nouts by pne of th>® wbrçt
storms known for many, yepr s -
Another of these; vèssels, tho A r -
iittina, ran head-foreip.ost lately in
to an linmiese iceberg, tt she hgd
bèen' a Vessel of t he olden times—
we nieah of only half a dozen years,
ago—shfi would hgve gone down]
t<i tïié bottom, as many a steamer
has gone—lmt the shock did^ lltfie
damage, and the Arizona'was in '
port on time.
With the experience of the few
past weeks, it can safely he count
ed that tho transMtiantic stoppi
ers, plying between Liverpool and
New York, can Withstand all the
ordinary dangers of the organ
routé, Including storms, cyclones,
etd. The Voyage between these
two ports has'pow dgcoine nierety
a ferry voy^«. qf pjgUtiflpys, with
a probability that if will soon he
reduced to soyep, and perhaps to
five.da.vs.in the early future, There
lias never heeu so much improve
ments ill 'ocean navigation as in
til'd past few years, liever sue.h 1 a
rivalry qs is ppw iieiiig ahuwn be
tween the various New York liues.i
Reath af a |>isU«ubned Editor.
. 1 ! f I7 TT' TT -• Il I
. ( iTa^.-I'iiyerM' Orguif.]
jlp the death ufDe.fi. <1, RnUavdi
the press of the country 1ms lust
one of its mbst distinguished ortiar
ments. ' lie was d'ijhtlV^AiF Jfds
s^C'hujfett^ and' df^d ill« ègo p f
OBoftiear t disease,!. lie was at op«
time, 1818, a teacher iu Richmdnd,
wliich pOfSitinus he tilled with great
ability and success. He afterwards
returned tp Massachusetts, kud
became editor'of filé Hpiiii 0 jild
Repubjiepth.pbe Pf the ahiest'
moat influeutittl jennials of .ÎRew
England ; and remarkable for its
fairness towards the South. In
187(1 yjflf, Jtmswell Hipitb and fi^as.
Seiïbuer he started Scribner's
iAggazipei HU4 remained editor of
it UP to the period pf his dentlf. Iu
th« mean tame, he wrote meuy
works both of tiction and hisfoty.
Of his »totiirfnty" H. j« 8àid 1 100,
(lik) pç.liies wqfè spjd, . flis ppu ift
deed iwas nevec idle, and his writ;
ings always hart th» ting'of ilia
tihfc métal. He eirtertd 'also khg
îfiH u f Ü é WÎ ^ n i,
imûw\y iftà «Àtl». Wdeçfkt I 1 «
»as aisu e> îroet- and wooed .the
muses Wete kind to him. Tr«
MF -.,ß possessed », tepstitfle _ge
mhmii'dh w
add' liiipsuititis af ait soetsl H«j
was bii iioiiof to the iournhllkm «*i
ttc Çi|ftcd gtatçs,, 1,1 ']]
X Kiss Oh ÜI« SI}.
. [PbiinilelphiÀ Times.] !•!■]' -
Thei - « is t,d,bq foaftid irtnch re
freshraeutsiu a .well .proportioned
kiss; yhi8]]hiti«lh evhrjibody
know ledges though only ». frank
féWh&Ye tEé ' Cotirdgé to acknowl
edge it openly. , And it ism eurious
fact tintlk^Lriéiiiébjî' the
philosopher, that,: tile slyer the
kiss tt 1 the rntVre there is fc if of çe
irf kfWfttiVBÔfofé wtrtJtÖ' l fd'drf
full of people is prosaic, not to
say embarrassing.■ 'Ph« gjftl^ughs,
wïiiçh spoils thfl; xoiuauce, and tho
feUb w, tèru tib' one, bhi shes—peiiher
of,them thiukiflg much of it, and
they both are apt pretty soon to
foxgelall about it.-if». •<, i ■ ■■
1 ULt lèt, ttie sffihe .fellow kilss the
same girl,whem.nobody Is looking
—the sit}iaiidh ift ; as gifferehi ,as
possible. That, sort of » kiss, tired
off in a hur'ry byhiVidM dp,br„ of in
a conservatory, >i«'like a» electric
shoéh» .tejiijipstàgi'as ' eroam.
The taste of it sort, of holds On,
apd epustantly , suggests, the pro
priety—or 'impropri'Ofly, as the case
may. be—of trying it., again. And
the laiighip^ tiud hbishlng.wre ex-'
actly, re versed. Th« faliow laughs,
without spoiling, the tomapee a
bit, and the girl blushes like »
pink carnation. ' It iS quoöf that
the very same tiling should, umlei'
such slightly altered circumstan
ces, he so entirely 1 diflbieüt ; nor
is if. ai^it^ilf»»» «week»-hgofluse
the difference has -existed' from
the earliest 1 tiges (if the World.
,,,l ■ III ■ - V — ' «1 SO U . », .' « »k jui '
lirowiflg.miL.,,, ,, i
... .•. ,:iaÆK»ïA'..i*. *>! f.
It, is a solemn tluiught cynupot*.
with middle life, that life's last
business is begun,iu earnest j and
it, iis tliyu, ,midW;ity ; bytwepu the
crpdjp. und thp Äwve, thflt ma» be
gimfrtumat'veltJwtheiL* thy days
ofhi.s youth, go by so .hajf.epjqyftdt
it is the immdvp aptnmu, fsoHag t 4b
is thfi scimatio», oi haiHaa<iH»*k that
we experimnm. when; .th*.,Wngeat
day of the ycaiMB*pe«t, and every
day 41|ati follows' slierter, «nd the
lightfaiutici', -tiiad tho feeble, shad
ows tell that nature is'hastwsing
with gigantic footstep» , to « her
Winter.giqva.oMH 1 .duep nian)took
back kiigin ldsuyéutlni cYVhets the
first gray, i hauts , boaoine visible;
when the ,unwelcome . U'fidV fast
ens itself up«« tli« mind that a
man is no longer! goitig up■ Hill»
but down, snd that the s«u is al
ways westering) he ldoks back oh
things liehiud. When we were
chtiidreuavu thought as ' children.
Uutiuow thetcl liuti before us uitiu
hoeid, with its earnest' Work-, and
old age and the grave, and then
homo. There is a seeund youtli lor
man, better'and holier than the
first; if he will look on, and not
look back.
Mark Twain tells a good joke of
a, dftetnr who thought tp scare au
apprentice iu a priming office out
of his wits by placing a skeleton in
his .bed, About , ton o'clock the
hpjy peeped to »tie wkut.buto, b»,
cçmp fit the apprentie«. Thwe lie
sat on the side of toe bed, with a
.Icws lmip, , H titit of marbles, a
guml^all end a slflb,Of gingejbrynd
which he w.m* «pdetly dwppsing of.
lie kill sold the sk.eletop fpr thfge
dolly's, Uhd Wh» unjoying thp pro,
. The. skfileton htid post the
dvti/tw ttotü.dHdmtfi i. ,uU , o.r..ii
fet7 "
* } T i," t , r i ». •
{ Recently a clergyman was res
cued from a Watery grave by a boat
j ,^ ftn After hauling him ashore
(jjjj re 8 t i u «r sbvBtelÿ rejiroachëd
MW*fw ; tfot fhtitingfcdÂti effort tff
saltti-frimself; 1 * "Ï pu« mÿ ttust 1 h*
o JB . fub-d , 11 piously explained th»
htfmfd evhiigeb'tit. ! '*WeH; I didn't,'*
. rttl ^ toéê . t he ! boatmdu , 1 : lt fdr tlrti
I tLuR ovidentty iutttuMd to 4 nva
t . n e - e- i w » -m , ..u+ i
TV^, WR IWh» .1# W*
1 ih# put bure to , «M toluiti»-

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