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Lake Charles commercial. (Lake Charles, Calcasieu Parish, La.) 1881-1898, December 31, 1881, Image 2

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Two IDollars a Year.
1 inch iS '2 «*!?•> 00 $7 00 $10 OO
i £1 3 to 5 00 iî O) 10 00 12 00 ,
3 inches 5 00 8 oo; 10 00 12 00 F> 00,
8 00 to 00 12 00 ; it 00 , an on
. « ^ omln on m a.
j io00Kfl0i5 00i«0 00 : *00
«£35 12 «MS 00 30 00 35 00 30 00
«*'«■«*<» cn- m- M I
8 inches' 20 «1 »> «' »' w® «»' ■*' w
10 inches 2-i «I 30 00 35 OO 40 00 45 00
J-, inches 30 00 35 00 40 00 45 00 flO «'
20 inches 40 Ot 50 00 «0 00 70 00 8000
Tramnent advertieementfi ?1 per inch,
first insertion. Kuch snhsequent inser
tion, 50 cents per inch. ,
Least wlvertisements, (100 worfln or
less), first insertion, $l;e»cii subsequent
Newspaper Laws and Régula
1. Subscribers who do not mve exprès*
n<?t iT U L ™i.*m!«.rfi^ir l m.h'^rinn^^ 1
W 2 **îfl»îh»cribers order the dtarontin
nance of their îieriodicaJs. the publisher
may continue to »end them until all ar

wbi«h they directed, they «re hehl ;
miible nntil they have sett , K '»
bills »nil ordered them discontinued
4. If mibucriliers move to another place
without informing tbe publishers, and
the papers are sent to the former direc
tion, tnev are held respoi
5. Tiie court« liave dec
fusing to take the periodicals
office, or removing an«l leaving ...
called for, is prima faeie evidence
tentional fraud."
(j. Any person who receive« a news
paper and makes use of it, whetiier )>e
lias oniered it or not, is held in law to
lux i3 Hiibst-ri Iht
7. If subseriliefs pay in advance, they
are bouiul to give notice to the publia he
at the end of their time, if they do not
wish to continue taking it ; otherwise
the publisher is authorized to continue
sending it o;i, aud the subscribers will
b<- reafsmsibie until an express notice,
witli pavment. of ail arrears, is sent to
the publisher.
Entered at the Post Office, Lake Charles,
La., a« aecoad class matter. |
-T 0~
A choice selection of goods, suit
able for the holidays, just received
at Fasssold's the jeweller.
Acts Passed by the Legislature.
The following are the titles of
, , , , ,,
Acts that have been passed by the i
extra session : j
No. C. — Creating a
Board aud defining its duties; rela-,
a.«*« +k«
tive to tin» Si»** P r u * S'
official journal of the State; f°
regulate and define the prices of
jinblic printing, and to P""f«
U„ n.«„».r m wl, loh Ute »mo oh.1
be done; directing tbe manner and
price at which contracts shall be
made by police juries and munici-.
pal corporations tor public print
. ... - _
iu r , providing for the biiMtoig and
distribution of all public docu
meuts and furnishing stationery
for all the departments of the gov
ernment of the State; and repeal
, -,
iug all laws or parts of laws in con
Riet therewith.
test YVednesday evening Sheriff
Edgar Mouton and deputy Y* m.
Campheli arrested two men charg
ed with murner in St. Mary palish.
It appears that on Tuesday morn
ing, of this week, the body of a
white man was found at a point
between Franklin and Bayou Sale
station ou the Morgan road, not a
great distance from the track, and
bearing signs evident of foul play,
An investigation was had and the
discovery made that laie on Mou
day evening the deceased was
seen with two companions; and
SUeriff Gordy of St. Mary learning
that two suspicions characters
were seeu coining this way, came
up Wednesday by the local train.
With the assistance of Sherifl'i
Mouton aud others, the arrest of
the two meu was made near the
raitroad bridge over tbe Vermilion
Bay on. Upou being questioned
they declared that they were com
jiunious of tbe deceased on Mou
day and were with him the night!
following, but that his death re
suited not from foal means but
-that lie laid down to sleep near
the track and that a blow on the
head from a passing engine had
caused his death. Their story,
however was notconsistentvandin
lition to other suspicions circnm
nees justified Sheriff Gordy in
king them with him on his retpru
\ Tlmfsàç
i Fayette Ad v ertiser, Dee. 0A.
is A?.n orr.
Thp Rtiii-p aetiiiCin WIT
« „f „ «Tnvi'niiK «inen« of
snanee of a p.evions^ «.a _« :
democratic Senators, »«*• »am
day, destituted the Hou. W. A. L
Robertson of Bt. Landry from the
Presidency of the Senate and se-,
* ' t i ' r,. r , w Walton
iecteo the Hou. Geo. W. Walton
.. . „„ . i
of Coucordifl to fill tins important
position. In view of the (act that
the President of the Senate is the j
Democrats of the Senate did well
Mr. Robertson was undoubtedly a
„„a presiding officer, but hie
„„a wtT tilM a f ay
litital «rteeeflents anil part y
his late course 111 .he constitutio la.
convention, had not won for him
the entire confidence of the people
___ _
of the State His democracy was
always of tw doabtfal cbaWctcr
.... , ,, . ,. c
wbich is a fini justification of dem- 1
ocratic Senators iu not exposing
the State to the risk of having him
for Governor. The Hon. Geo. W.
srrr*. :
altou, the new 1res
S«"ate aud Lieutenant-Governor, :
is well known as a gentleman of ;
hi(r ll moral and social standing : he
»true democrat darin «*
U» ItoTtba' KM mob'« «onl«, .b
wa ys strugghng against, dishon-,
eg ^ v oppression and extortion in
office and in favor of the purse,
office, ana m o 1 '
the rights aud the liberties of the
-j.:------Cl.., 01 . 1 « VBÿ ««ailMllr i
The President Shadowed by »«*•«- 1
[N. O. Dally States, Dec 23.]
A Washington telegram ofjthis
morning announces that the Presi- j
dent aud his private secretary left j
that city yesterday for New York,
and were accompanied, without
tbe President's knowledge, by de
tectivcs «out from New York by ;
officious friends to protect him j
from imaginary danger of attack
by cranks. Thc States has hitherto
expressed its opinion as to this
most undemocratic and unrepuh
beau conduct, and, at the time of j
President. Garfleid's death, and it |
was proposed
organise a Presidential body
guard, characterized the proceed
ings as at total variance with the
freedom and liberty guaranteed
every American citizen by tbe ge
nius of our institutions aud the
boasted fearlessness of onr people.
1 "** from alleged "hnagiuaiy
cranks," but to advance our Gov
erninei ,t ( one more step towards
imperialism, despotism, or Cajasar
it by what name you
choose. Such precaution and safe
guard may do tor Russia, whose
Czar is a despot and whose regnmi
jg oppressive aud hateful to a great
number of his subjects, but iu Re
baUotg of itg citizens, although
diametrically opposed to him on
political questions, we see no no
cessity for a measure timt gi ves
the pointed he to our so-called
L ^ and ^ fctae ini .
p reg gjc a g a t home and abroad. We
do not apprehend that President
Arthur is in danger of assassina
The President himself does
not apprehend such a thing. The
' - -
Me make haste, theretore. to de
to^thesTCfflciow Û
«..i, ai. i
is an evidence of nincompoop
toadyism that should be severely
de j i0uuce d and set down as dan
„ erous j u ^ ke extreme.
conduct of these "officious friends" !
Oriae iu St. Mary.
[Morgan City Review, Dec. 24.]
Last Tuesday moruiug, the body
of Air. Melvin Lewis, of Valparaiso,
Indiana, was found In tbe Darnell
field, a quarter of a mile west of
Bayou Sale station, this parish. He
had been murdered. Sheriff Goi
dy has arrested two white men for
the crime, aud they are now con
fined in the Franklin jail. The re
mains of the murdered gentleman
have been forwarded to bis friends
in Indiana.
In a note, Sheriff Gordy informs
us that the arrests were made
Wednesday evening, near Vertnil
ion Bayou; that the prisoners admit
having been iu eompauy with the
mnrdered man ; and that they had
blood upon them,
Mr. Hugh Allard, at his store,
La Teehe, shot and killed Thomas
Stansbury, Tuesday of last week,
We are told that Stansbury was
j under toe iuflueuee of liquor at
the time.
| The murderers of D. Laruiaud,
) The murderers of D. Laruiaud,
Terrense Achille and JSterting
Ben. both colored, will be bung at
Franklin, on Friday, Jan. 6th. The
! exeoatiou will be private- It >s
; b 6 U 0 ¥ 6 d 4hist lllias. mu
tonne will be commuted.
Reorranlzr.ttoii of the Staate.
[^- O. iMity btÄtes.]
ln Ute closing hont» the extra
fle3 ^ on the Senate ; ^
reorgailize d by electiug Hon. Geo.
L Walton, of Concordia, President j
pro tenu, in place of Senator Vv. B
A. Robertson, who bad held t.iai
poet since early in tbe regular ses
^ othCT officers of the '
sion. The otuer mneere <» the
wcre re-elected.
t he groniide upon which the
Senate proceeded in this matter
of the extra session.
— ■■■■■ The reor
ganization was not intended as » a
po-|Teflecäou upon Senator Robertson
who presided amt the*ea*te wnh
consummate skUl and we believe L
^jth impartiality.
But at the time of bis eleetiou ;
the vote was merely« eompiiuieiu
___4hnc fitflT Ilf* ..
ary one (and thus indieited that he
" 1
willing to compliment hun, are on
p< jjBioal grounds opposed to his
control of the committees ot the
senate). Now, however, it is a dit
^ "Î^ÂL P v^v tinm
sir- «-» -s« «g£>*
become Governor. Hr. Robert
goI1 retiree with we behove «» ;
good will of nearly every senator
who voted against him.
CoL Walton, whohasbccn elect
integrity aim honor, a lite-tinie^rte
mocrat. and largely interested in
H»«" uMeriü] weltara of tue State. p
Coi. Walton was tbe Srst^.choice of
^ g teteg f or this position, and g
------,---Jll — 1 — «Kl«
own account, howe^r. that the
triends of beuator hobertson bole
led the caucus resolution and, with
the exception of Senator Augustin,
(attempted to break a quorum of ,
attempted to break a quorum of
the senate by Absenting them
selves when the motion to reor
ganizc came up. The election ol
a presiding ofiieer of the Senate is
a strictly political matter over
which, by all Democratic usages,
(the caucus ha« control. Hence,
the course of Senator Robertson s
friends, with the exception] of Mr.
Augustin, co-operating with f> ie c
Radical members, to defeat a De-;
niocratic measure determined upon
bv a Democratic caucus, must be
regarded os a serious revolt against
party tliseipline aud party i" et '»-:
ods ; and it is not improbable that
iit bas more than a temporary sig
nili canoe.
presides liai Dis.'.imit}
[Chicago Tribune.] j
In regard to the presidential dis
ability questiou now beiup diß
,e Tribune]
u,e ..ec.tiv, de„ K l
i.ionf will novo, ooo.pi.e to o,»l
hi«u from office on a charge of lua
Wlity,; but wöen the question
' ™ dv'su^eested 1 «*« way in !
whioh Congress may dispose of j
tins matter. Tnere may be other
and better ways, but certoiuly so i
important a subject should not be
left as the sport of whim or eir-1
cumstauee. It may be provided j
by law that a majority of tbe presi
dent's cabinet may raise the ques- !
tion of their chiefs "inability" to .
discharge the duties of bis office,
i* i.. ..oc. « inninrif,
It is safe to assume that a majority
of those selected by the president
himself as bis advisers and the
should thus be raised, it should
also be made the duty of the Su
preme Court to institute a judicial
inquiry into the case, aud to de
cide whether or not such inability
exists as to entitle the proper offi
cer to succeed to the office of presi
dent. Tbe Supreme Court should
be further authorized aud required
»P»» Proper information to ascer
tain when the disability has been
removed, and proper provision
should be made to enable the presi
dent, at the termination of disa
bility thus ascertained, to recover
his office. All this is simple enough,
and certainly much less hazardous
than to risk dispute and conten
tion in a period of excitement aud
A Sew Variety of filass.
[Scientific American.]
A Vienna chemist has recently
discovered a new variety of glass
It does not coutain any silica, boric
acid, potash, soda, lime, or lead,
aud is likely to attract the atten
. .
tien of all professional persons ou
aeqonutofits peculiar composition.
Externally it is exactly' similar to J
glass, bnt its luster is higher and it
has a greater refraction, ot cqnal
hardness, perfectly white, clear.
transparent, eau be ground_ and
polished, completely insoluble iu
water, neutral, and it is only at
tacked by hydrochloric er mtnc:
acid, and is uot affected by hydro
flnorio acid. It is easily tustule
in the flame of a candle, and can
be made, ui any color. Its most
important property is that it can
b^readily,fused on to ziue brass,
: and kon- It can aiso be used tor
tbe glazing of articles of glass and
, porcelain. As hydrofluoric acid
j bef no effeot^ou the pew ^gmss it -
aorie a^d
gloss it!
oymeut for;!
XatBl Six'ion
U;:eaus s
[TiniCft-I^worTät.] H
The Pensacola Advance objecte.
^ onr BTficlo urging Congress to ; sta
make New Orléans a naval station.
T R i B0 shows considerable feeling UIU
t, |he action of the Secretary ot ,,i
the Navy in ordering the Kearsage .,
here ^ recruit sailors. V\ e are
to Ree th is jealousy on the ®
Borrv to see this jealousy 011 the nuu
i>art of our sister city, ^Ve have
WVQT nr? ed a word Bpa'met Pen- ^
which, lying as it does, in j
gought to B hnw the many advant- ;
that Kew Orleans possesses,
lwhicll nPe enjoyed by lew other tbe
h, this country, aim dwelt
L )0I1 the necessity of the Lnnod kpo
States having some strong naval 0
sta tj oll ou the Gulf coast, open to w
lhe j arfrMrt vessels. We insist
.. , w- ____ir. +l,oi unillt. *
{hat Orleans is that point ;
where vessels drawing -H> or -8
0 f water can come with ease,
for th j s {„tbe draught that ourbest
molM) f. war rcrpiire. And New ant
i* **
!m> tlioroughlv protected from tor
eigu u« e ts, for. in the event of a
war< p j 6 almost certain that the
foreign power would be navaliy ■
<)|ir Bn]ier j or , An exjiosed point ,
Sold bb^^ÿ'.^S^hoîS
range guns of modern men-of-war, ,
WO uld never do. We must hove]
liava! Bto tiou where, far from the
uugoftiie enemy's fleet, our ves
e!s could be ininroved, récupéra
... . j- * —
ppi, finveou tue
blockadil ,g fleet, and be prepared
to re . es j R blish our prestige on the
gea> g uc j, arc s f ew of the advau
' t his eitv offers. We will say
nnt i.mtr »'„mit the cheapness with I th
|10 ^ hh|g aboHt t be cheapness with
wbicb aH <b e necessary provisions
«au "be*>btaüied here, the feet that
tiier€ m always thousands of sail
org in thc e %. and that- the gov
en „ nen t , ie ver fiud6 tbe least diffi
, t - u obtaining as many able
bodied Jranmn m-H, wante; nor.
<be Jac t timt whou the I '
\-. )ri i 1 L kS!e rn road reaches this
c ft. v , New Orleans will be nearly ]
■ «reat and as cheap r. coal contre ; ü
pjttebarg itself! 1 We will say a
ntiihiug irf all these points, ai
tbe vare important reasons
w hv a n.ivn! station should .bC'es-i
tiihbRbpb bm , fi a b yj now be .
forc oougress proposes to do. 1
val station on tneuuii, oi sunicem ; j
depth of water, and sate from cap
^ ,,re ?. ^ 8 l0U l k 111 v, r f*
P«re *teeh iu j^_for a_ possible
war. particularly as the cost of
this would he a lm ost m fa mtesimal. ,
Nevaua.— Nevada is the fourtls
largest State iu the Union, territo
rially. It has bad the biggest
mines and hopes to have still big
ger. It boasts the fiuest looking
men, tlie greatest chances for mak
iug-aud losing-money ; less re
hgiou and more generosity than
»nr ot 1 1 or of the United btates.
Nevada. 5<6Vftdft,iß the fourth
any other of the United States. .
Its people live high—ou the Com- n
vi.J.b „1 w«t._»nii nimnlv in the
stock, at least—and mainly iu tbe
future. "Farewell the tranquil !
miud- farewell content," is the
motto of every representative Ne
vadean. We 'can drink harder and
work less ; live more extravagant
ly ; run in debt faster ; pay more
assessments; receive less divi
dends ; shoot quicker, stall harder
and escape without punishment
more frequently than any other ;
here cling
known people. We here cling
desperately' to the rocky sides of j
Mount Davidson like a lot of eu
feebled flies, too weak to move
aud too discouraged to try, wait
iug for the reviving effects of old
time bonanza sunshine. When the ]
storm breaks and fair weather ap
pears we will bask in prosperity
for a brief season, again "go bust" j
aud renew our present lamenta
tions of hard times.—^Exchange
Printers Register : HD. James 1
Birtwhistle was recently made the
victim of a practical joke. Some
one advertised that goats were
wanted for a buck beer procession,
apply to J. Birtwhistle, Nort,ii
Sixth street. One morning Mr.
Birtwhistle was surprised to find j
all the approaches to his place of ;
business filled with goats of all
g[j;eg ?a g ß g ) colors and conditions ]
a u d the owners as varied as the aui !
J aia ig themselves. B,y the aid of i
: ^ be police the streets were cleared
after a te W hours hard work, !
; an( j business was resumed. He
| purchased two of the finest aui
ma ] B to take home to the children,
but t . aro ies 8 ly hitched them near !
a tiewAv printed edition of the
| nfiunday School Masher," three,
j.bundles .of which were entirely
jooiignmed before it was discover
etb jj e jg oovv traiuiug cue of the
!g oa ts for a pointer, the other one
having peaeefully euded a some
| wb at checkered career with a teu
, O olock lunch on Jtlirt's uewrnbiier
; bootg . j
- ___" ^ ,i.
! boote.
-y;--- ----- , j
Mauy live wiSismbh anu
I just to die magnificently and rich. ;
Democratic Postmaster# in Per!!, j
[Washington SpcciaL]
Washington. Bee,. 22.-One ira
—----- —
porteut result of tl>e incoming ed
sta , war t administration of the
BoStoffi( , e Department wall, it w
UIU icrKtond, be the wholesale dis
,,i acem ont of Democratic country
., 0BtniaB ters and the substitution
Republicans. There has been
® nc b J con „,iaint among Republican
nuu .j, complaint among Republican
for five or six yeara,
^ lor , rP nartier.k.riY drd in^ t he
j 1htcb
Hatton< the First Assistant Post
maBter .© e iieral, are Sra) warts of
tbe nloBt pronounced type, and
bit|or | oj) ,,osed to putting or I
kpo T)otit ical opponents in
0 {p,, p Their friends say that they
w p] turn their attention as soon as the
iLl) t o the eonntiy post
, ,.n. ...I...... . 41**»
iiaHterB , ' lu the South where the i
P»"»™* 1 «
t it J)as been more from the ne
<!e8git 0 f tlie ease than otherwise
Hac b appointai eutshave made,
ant j t be deimrtnient will tied it
very difficult in many localities of
j-| "s- I
. lin < Democrats. One f the
f ' th irtea8 0 f the Stalwarts is
thftt the Republican party iu the to
can be built up aud strength- !
, H{ ] through the iniluenec of the ; lie
tV,')"™,""!.» «ü ralp*"
, . ,
* _ „ , ,« - :
xihJiist Plot Against the Life of the '
• * j
^ * j
, u *. : v I
i'etersourg says a I""' '^"''^'Ithing
^"crar * " Ä street,
Tue . . "
th ? V™™ d"'" a ' I
on the occasion ol the ic
ee»t f<*te of St. George. JJf I j
& t' e 3 Ä! u e 0 f°the eonepir
testo.l a few
»tore« '■ 1,0 were
da T B at a '
lutiomstAm the ontskirts ot town. I
I ' 1 ' 01 " information wlooli the i»oii< c ^
possess it is autheirticut.y sta.ett, f
J?î. at «oraiug coc.hi nave «« * *•'■
ü . îe ol-he tzar, twit t.e passect cr
a tong tue street- whole he was e>
,* s^dü.Iä»» Firm F.avs liSSNSli!»]
* land*
Orleans, Dec.26.— Philips.
j r0Hl (J , 0 state of 'Mississippi. 7(1»,- ! »
ü0()a( .,. og of wi . icil ig l:ïl owii ae
levee hauls, aud located mostly iu d'
the YaÄO o delta, comprising some !
thiTrrehest. uottou"and'timber liP
, 0Ull j n the South. Their iuUmtlou
is to improve, eolcuwe and culti -1
vate theae bl at i B .
. Tsleeram Gomnanv from
reS^ tat Sôeït m : i
uaxesoiai lesuiue nom the panic
Wis to improve colonize
yutc these
A dispatch t-o
Fatal Pauic 1b a Church.
London. Dee. 2C.
n * tbe P bu ™ b c,f V he ®? a 5' t!l088 !
on Christmas morning. Sixty other
! persons were mjured A dispatch ;
Loin Cracow to the Vienne Presse
etate f that the l'ersons killed were j
most, y women. ]
[East St. Lolli« Herald.]
Nothing makes a man so iu love
a.<uziuoip, 'KUIVV 11 U 1 U(«U ill IU IÇ
with purity as purity. Many a man
has been lifted out of debasing
j sins which lie has vainly struggled
to surmount by coming to know
and love a pure sweet woman.
It is the sight of embodied good
ness that makes us want to be :
] good. Many a mother by the
quiet usefulness of her life tills her
children with a desire to be like
j her that makes them in their turn,
unselfish. There are obscure meu
and women who hardly iu their
lives utter a word of conscious
1 teaching who by their example do ]
more to make people around them |
gentle and truthful and Christi- :
unlike than any preacher can do.
It is not those w ho talk about (
goodness, but those who are good,
(that are the light of the world. I
j --------- * »• • ——-- j
; The postmaster and two physi-i
ciaus of Forrest, ill., are willing to
] swear that a boy named «lohn Man- j
! rer ? living near that place, fell off!
i toe bumpers of a caboose ou which I
|he was stealing a ride last Katar
! day, -'kuocked out a piece of his
skull two inches square, drove
1.'several'fragments of the bone, not, !
to speak of sand and cinders, in }
! upon the brain, picked himself up, i
tied his liaudkerehief about his
head, walked a mile and a half to '
hove his injuries attended to, sub- :
emitted to the insertion of a silver
(date in place of the lost skull, and
,cheerfully asked for something to
nat- His friends hope (bat he wifi
recover and becomeadistiguished
road-agent. ;
j ~ ----"
' * ------
j Gheerfnlncss and temperance I
arc iMÛi^r tii^u evùv \
; came from the drug store.
Dca* Swiffs newspaper
One of the etevereet
ever 1 'wprtratcd was ,»*
- , —v m vp
ed by sod intended f w (
!--public good. In canoed to
printed and circulated some
words o. a robber named Elli
wlneh were snppoaed to bew
shortly betöre Ins ej**-,«ti« B .
which the condemed thief
made to say: ">©w,aslanu
in«; man, I hare done Romcii
place of their abode, with l .
account of the chief crimen
have committed, iu many 0 f wb
have been their accomplice a
heard the umt from their 0
mouths. 1 hP*e likewise set dn>
the names of those we call 0 ,
settlers, of the wicked liounog,
fi.iwmonf «11 ^-T 41._____
frequent, and all of tboflewhoi
ÆtfSlîSt I
have solemnly charged this hor
man, and lur-c received his pmt
upon oath, thnt, whoneverheh
of any rogné to be tried for
S' iÄÄSjäSfA
the name there of the thief
oerued, to send the whole pa
to the govenuneirt. Of this I
give my oorapauions fair and
lie warning, and hope they
Sœ.'ïinselL™'d ".Si 1
street robberies were, for m
years after, few and far lwtw
.A H oman True.
[Last tit. iKiuin Hcruid.j
Place her among flowers,
her as a tender plant, and she ijji
of fancy, waywardness J
folly-annoyed by a dew-toop,5|
powered by the perfumeÄj
bmL Bnt M Kreal ealamKj «
ronsi ^ her affections, etikiudle
«res-ofher heart, and mart
tbeli ; bov her boart Bteeu « il
itself ; how stroug she is !
Piaoe her in the heat of Ml
^ b« a cidld,a b»d,«r»iiytl
^ protect—aud sec her in a
f ive iimtaa(Æ( lifting her
arms as a.shield, as her own 1)1
cr j m-sn , 16 kcr „pturnod foreli
praying i'or life to protect the lie
less. Transplant her iu the
places of earth, call forth lie
ergies into action, and her bn
becomes a healing, her y,mm
blcfiH'iig. Bhe disputes
» W «T- misiortrnue »cmM
»oe wears away a UleufsaeuM
d' tiüuoft, _ d ffoes loiwa*-.
leßB tnnulhY thanji« art bniU!
liP ro *l >ftI? ^Y sbe * 8 0 bn ^
afly arfeitytoseamci , .,;m
pure gold, valuable but UB*p
i Deserts t Vina» «• the
r ' *
the furnaöe.
Iu short, woman is a ffljffli''
mystery—the centre from
radiates the great chariu w
[Aspen (Rot.) Times.]
Soon we reached the wash]
, ,, _
camp of Higlnaud. i '
serves the name applied -o
deserted village. But one
is inhabited. The struct«
weil I
bering hundreds, .are Fulling ®
and look distressed. h |t! i'
which ouoe covered iu»B
stocks of merchandise are
and the doors and winnow^
f — - " « ,1 «Il _.I |4 jtlf
hig yawning holes Witlio a g
hoards. The rude.tngusoi
"Assay Office," etc., s wi ^
crazy manner from the j
doorway s aud in front oi
buildiugs, and end l0 " ,
ov »rgrown with weeds au
buried iu sand tell w " er ®
mountain business ho»»
hopefully reared its for* •
v >hage has a history, i
euoe was due to the two
who camped there iu the si» a
1880, and told of wealth »
t!, e hills behind Ins euhun _
season opened toundrtm»
to The new but wi^«
kogau to produce hue otw
people of Highland
gusted and aiientty •oopo8*'| , '^
'7jii— vn T ' *
j bo»e of Mr« BreM'SW» » 1
. JT~~- n,«w8ö
Beiyaunn po* ' w .'
j new Attorney-Genera »
Charles Jarard -lugerso ^
I lote David Paul BiewU;
eu liar in hip dress- 1
almost in variably lighten
vests are ol velvet, aim
! low«xpoae_a shirt iron.
} ed .cambric raffles. * .
i loons are models ot toe
art. aud his gaiter tops ««
' » l d,V the whitest of to«'
: white fur beaver hato w
i'dike wintd'and sinumcr,
ns bis shoes aud e»'.
mode in Loudon, in -m 8 * ;
wears a blue cloth cirta ..
b ,rt oftener a faneily cm
; jacket, out of the short s '
wldcb nrotrude hm ruffiv«
j'whicb -proteude his
I ----
\ Tin* T» »ad
town arc at Haskell's-

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