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54 Takb^chaelesTla^
S UTRllAI. FEBRUARY 18, 1882,
Choice Cream Cheese, at A. H,
M oss'._ _
See change in the law card of
A. J. Kearney, Esq.
Thants to Hon. C. B. Darrall,
M. C., from this district, for im
portant public documents.
Fbesh Eggs. —One hundre cfttnd
seventy-one dozen fresh eggs, just
received and for sale, by Kaufman
& Blo ch. _
Services at First Baptist Church
to morrow at 11 o'clock a. m., and
o'clock p. m., by Elder B. F.
Fan c her. _
Sash and Blinds. —Kaufman &
Bloch are agents for the Roberts
& Co- Sash and Blind Factory of
1 New Orleans, _
Jacob Ryan & Sons' rice mill is
doing a good business. They have
their mill full of cleaned rice, and
are pounding away still.
Thanks to Messrs. A. J. Black
and J. C. Valverde, of this parish,
and Mr. Robt. Wetherill, of Grand
Cheniere, Cameron parish, for sub
scriptions to the Commercial.
The saw-mills at Orange and
Beaumont, we are informed, have
all stopped on account of high wa
ter, but every one of our eleven
mills is driving ahead at full speed.
We invite the particular atten
tion of the Town Council to the
deplorable condition of our streets,
particularly the Lake front, Hod
pes street, Mary street aud Pithou's
; alley._ _ _
Plate & Moss have removed their
; stock of goods from Bagdad, aud
are opening up in their new store
house, recently built on Ryan
street, near the residence of Peter
Platz, Esq.
Geo. W. Stem, the genial aud
energetic agent for the Singer
Sewing Machine, is a live man aud
agent and is working with a vim.
If he don't succeed in selliug a
large number of machines to our
people, it will be no fault of his.
Hope Revived.— We notice sev
era! of our fellow-townsmen trim
ming up their orange trees. The
scale-bug having failed to make
much, if any, impression last year,
has revived the hopes of our peo
ple in makiug the cultivation of
the orange a success.
Messrs. Sheriff Lyons, S. Black,
Geo. Cagle aud A. P. Pujo, took a
little hunting excursion iu the
fontIs last Saturday, returning
Tuesday. They bagged thirty-four
prairie-chickens, besides some
other game, and it Was not a good
time for hunting either ; too warm
uud rainy. _
Momus will land, from his Royal
yacht, at the ferry-boat landing,
about 3 o'clock p. m., on Tuesday
next, from which point the proces
sion will start, and parade through
such of the principal streets as are
in a proper condition.
All parties intending to take part
iu the procession, are requested to
be on hand promptly.
-- — ■ »— -
A Proposed Lyceum.— By ref
erence to another column our read
'rs will see that initiatory steps
have been taken by several gen
lernen of this town, towards the
organization of a Lyceum or liter
' ry society iu our midst. A pre
liminary meeting was held last
hursday night ; another meeting
1 be held next Thursday night,
heu it is proposed to perfect the
igau izatioH. _
lest Wednesday evening our
met little city was aroused by the
ounds of music on our streets,
<1 everyone looked out to see
what was comiug, when they be
eid the R.K.R. Quintette Baud
; the invitation committee,
u their rounds, distributing their
"vitations to the Grand Ball, to
given next Tuesday evening,
wdi Gras, at Fricke's Opera
°«u»e, in honor of his Royal High
ees Momus, King of the Carnival,
ud all those who were so fortu
te as to receive an invitation
hould not fail to attend, as the
ttair promises to be a grand one.
in our midst
Improvements.— Rev. Father
Kelly has been at work for some
time leveling the yard aronnd the
Catholic church. He has moved
the building used by him for a resi
dence to the north side of the new
church, and will shortly move the
old church building to the south
side of the church lot, fronting on
Kirby street, and convert it into a
school house.
Haskell's Variety Store is under
going very material improvements.
The popular proprietor of this es
tablishment, Capt. W. H. Haskell,
is determined to make it first-class,
both in outside appearance and in
the exoellence of the goods he
deals out to the public. He has
juBt added to the front a large
show-window, eight by ten feet.
J. Meyers & Co., have had the
building on the corner of Ryan and
Broad streets, adjoining their
store, whitewashed, and it is quite
an improvement to their corner.
Henry Bendixen's new house, on
Hodges street, looks very neat
with its fresh coat of paint.
Charles Prater is building an ad
dition to his store bouse, to be
nsed as a dwelling.
Our young friend O. T. Schindler
is making rapid progress in the
erection of his new residence, on
Clarence street.
The Town Council, through our
efficient constable, *J. A. Byan, is
having the bridges repaired aud
streets put in order for the grand
parade next Tuesday.
S. R. Lyons, Esq., from Edgerly
Station, was in town yesterday.
Mr. Phillip Meyers and wife left
for New Orleans, last Tuesday,
where Mrs. Meyers goes for med
ical treatment.
Mr. A. M. Wolfe, from Opelou
sas, arrived here Wednesday night.
Mr. Wolfe comes here to clerk for
J. Meyers & Co.
Misses E. E. and Annie Beiden,
from New Orleans, arrived last
night. They are visting their rela
tives iu Lake Charles.
Dr. Win. H. KirkmaD and daugli
ter, Mrs. Capt. J. G. Gray, left for
New Orleans this morning. They
go for the Mardi Gras celebration.
M. D. Kearney, Esq., sou of our
efficient District Attorney, arrived
from Cameron las' Wednesday
evening, and will probably remain
Messrs. Scott Hooper and Robt.
Draughn, two young gentlemeu
from Clinton, La., are visiting Lake
Charles, seeking employment. We
wish them success.
Capt. Thos. R Reynolds, propri
etor of the "Haskell House," and
Robt. Landry, Esq., our live Ryan
street merchant, made a flying visit
to New Orleans this week.
Prof. A. E. O'Brien and Mr. W.
W. Barnes, from Terry, Miss., are
visiting our town and parish, we
understand they intend to remain
if they get suitable employment.
We hope they will be successful.
Mr. Robt. Wetherill and wife,
Mr. J. W. Sweeny, 8r., and Miss
Sue McCall, from Grand Cheniere,
Cameron parish, who were visiting
friends and relatives in and near
Lake Charles, left for home last
Monday morning, on the U. S. Mail
steam er Ramos. _
Lake Charles Literary Society.
The Lake Charles Literary Society met
Thursday night at the Court House, and
formed only a temporary organization.
The object'in forming a temporary or
ganization . was to give others of our citi
zens an opportunity to be present and
aid in forming a permanent organization.
The Society adjourned till next Thurs
day night, at 7:30 p. m., to convene at
Miss Mollie Burt's school room.
We sincerely hope that all citizens in
terested in the promotion of literary cul
ture in our midst, will meet with us at
the time specified, giving not only coun
tenance but their aid to this Society.
G. A. FOURNET, Pres, pro tern.
M. M Sinolbton, Sec. pro tern.
Mass Meeting.
Pursuant to a call by the Hon.
James P. Geary, C h air m an of the
Democratic Executive Committee
of the Parish of Calcasieu, a mass
meeting of the democratic voters
of the 3d Ward was held at the
Court House at Lake Charles,
February 11,1882, at which meetr
ing James P. Geary was elected
Chairman, and S. O. Shattuck Sec
retary, thereof.
On motion, Hon. James P. Geary
was unanimously elected to repre
sent the 3d Ward of Calcasieu Par
ish at the approaching Congres
sional Convention, to be held at
New Orleans, on February 20,1882.
On motion, the Lake Charles
Echo aud liake Charles Commer
cial were requested to publish
these proceedings.
On motion, this meeting adjourn
s. o. SHATTUCK. Secretary.
> DIED :
GALLESPY—At the residence of his
son, T. Y. Gallespy, in the town of Lake
Charles, Friday, February 17, 1882, Mr.
James W. Gallespy, aged 72 years a:
New Orleans, Mansfield, La., Mobile
and Montgomery, Ala., papers please
copy- _ _
The Rev. Geo. H. Thayer, of Bourbon,
Ind., says : "Both mvself and wife owe
our lives to Shiloh't Consumption Cure.
Sold by Wm. Meyer.
Are you made miserable by indiges
tion, constipation, dizziness, loss of ap
petite, yellow skin 7 Shiloh's Vitalizer is
a positive cure. Sold by Wm. Meyer.
Why will you cough when Shiloh's
Cure will give immediate relief. Price 10
cts. 50 cts. and $1. Sold by Wm. Meyer
Shiloh's catarrh remedy —a positive
cure for catarrh, diptheria and canker
mouth. Sold by Wm. Meyer.
"H ACKMETACE," a lasting and fragrant
perfume. Price 25 and 50 cents. Sold
by Wm. Meyer.
Shiloh's cure will immediately relieve
croup, whooping cough and bronchitis.
Sold py Wm. Meyer.
Fob dyspepsia aud liver complaint, you
have a printed guarantee on every bot
tle of Shiloh's Vitalizer. It never fails
to cure. Sold by Wm. Meyer.
A NASAL injector free with each bottle
of Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 50
cents. Sold by Wm. Meyer.
Calcasieu Lumber Market.
1st class pine flooring, drs'd, M.; $20.00
" " " ceiling, " " 15.00
" " " rough, " 15.00
2d " " " " 10.00
Log round, " 12.00
1st class cypress, rough, " 20.00
" " " dressed, nominal.
Pine logs, per thousand feet, 8.00
Cypress shingleB, heart, per 1000, 3.50
" " sap, " 2.50
To all our loving subjects in this
our Royal Domain of Calcasieu :
The year has flown swiftly by,
another pearl on the necklace of
Time ; the hard cold hand of daily
toil has been busy iu scattering
gray hairs among you ; sorrows of
divers kinds and quantities have
oppressed you, and the rosy face
of joy has held aloof: observing
these things with grief, now there
fore, we,
The Merry Monarch ! The loved
of the wise! The worshiped of
fools! The promoter of friend
ship, and consequently the
do hereby command and strietly
enjoin that on the twenty-first day
of February, eighteen hundred and
eighty-two, (thus known to men,)
you do, with one accord, lay aside
your cares and troubles, your traf
ics aud trades, and prepare to
meet ur on our entrance into our
Royal City of Lake Charles, with
the firing of guns, the waving of
banners, the look of delight, and
the shout of joy.
During the Royal Parade, let the
business houses remain closed,
aud the machinery of trade stand
idle, that the pleasure of our visit
may be unalloyed by the cares of
To this aud future commands,
we require strict obedience.
By the King. MOMUS.
Fidus Achates, Sec'y.
(THE N. O. BEE.)
A Daily Newspaper, established on
the 1st of September, 1827, nearly 66 years
ago, aud universally known throughout
Louisiana and the neighboring States.
The "Bee" is now published exclusively
in French, and is the acknowledged or
S an of the Franco-American population.
very valuable family paper and spe
cially' recommended to (nose of our
American readers, ladies and gentlemen,
who wish to enhance their knowledge
of the French language.
Subscription Terms :
By Mail—Payable in advance, pottage
Per annum, $12; six months, $8; three
months, $3; one month, $1.
Weekly (8 doable payee) published Satur
day Morning :
Per annum, $8; six months, $1.50; four
months, $1; three months, 75 cents.
Address: Editors "N. O. Bee,"
New Orleans.
To the Editor of the'CoMMKBCiAL:
Thos. J. Parker has undertaken
through your columns to denounce me
as a liar, "as far as regards the reports
put in circulation about him." He is
very careful not to specify what reports
he has reference to for fear, no doubt,
that they are matters of such public no
toriety that the truth of them would be
enerally recognized in his neighbor
He is so contemptible and low that I
would take no notice of his card were it
not that your paper is read by persons
who are unacquaiuted with either of us.
I will say, however, that I have said
nothing concerning said Parker but
what can he very easily substantiated
whenever he calls upon mein the proper
manner and specifies what particular
reports he obj Ä . THiEi EMAKjf
Jan. l*th 1882. __
A. Card.
H AVING publicly branded George
Thieloniauu as a willful aud ma
licious liar, I will take no further notice
of him or anything he may publish iu
the papers. I leave him with the dis
agreeable brand on bis faoc.
Jan. 21, 1882.-1». _
J. JVEjAIuIN lb I , AHHIIirv,
. 14th Judicial District, practices in
the several parishes of the District. -
Office, upstairs in the C ourt House,
i 'te Chiuics. (July », 81.-1 y .
General Merchandise.
Ten per cent, saved by buying
your goods from
Jas. A. Lyons
Cash Merchant,
Country Produce.
Dec. 17, '81.-ly.
Ryan St., next door to Post Office,
Lake Charles, La.,
Fashionable Millinery,
Constantly in receipt of freeh novelties,
in the millinery line, from New York
and New Orleans.
Wedding Outfits » Specialty.
Agent far Madam« DatratT
Magnzine and Patterns.
Nov. 6,'8I.-tf.
HAVE re-established the Old Bra
shear Ferry, on the Calcasieu River.
New bridges over the gullies, good roads
and accommodation for travellers; also,
a Warehouse, for storing freight.
I respectfully solicit a share of the
public patronage. JOSEPH CARR.
January 7,1882.-2m.
f pHE undersigned respectfully informs
L the people of Lake Charles and vi
cinity, that he will run a hack, regularly,
to and from the Railroad depot, between
the hours of 7 a. m. and (i p. m.
Fare, for the round trip, 25 cents.
Dec. 17,1881.-tf.
N. E. Corner of Third and Vine Street».
Plain and Ornamental Type, Print
ing Preste», Oates, Chases,
Priitiag HlKkliery Generally,
Electrotyping and Stereotyping done to
July », 1881.
Calcasieu and Vernon Railway
State or Louisiana, \
Parish of Calcasieu, f
B E it known that on the (14th) Four
teenth day of January, A. D., eight
een hundred and eighty-two (1882), be
fore me, Thaddeus Mayo, Clerk District
Court and ex-officio Notary Public, in
and for the parish of Calcasieu, State of
Louisiana, duly commissioned and
sworn, personally came and appeared
Allen J. ' ' * "
ish, La., |_
Goodman and Harrison C. Drew, of Gal
veston, Texas, said C. H. Moore and H.
B. Goodman being herein represented
by said Harrison C. Drew, by special
procuration herewith filed, who sever
ally declared, that they, for themselves
and in their representative capacity,
availing themselves of the powers, rights
and privileges conferred by the Statutes
of the State of Louisiana, relative to the
"Organization of Corporations in this
State," do, by these presents, form, or
ganize, constitute and found a corpora
Uon for the object s and purposes as here
inafter set forth and enumerated, and to
that end they do hereby covenant sad
agree to form, and by this act and
and these presents, do form and consti
tute themselves, and all such persons as
may hereafter be associated with them,
whether by subscription, purchase,
transfer, succession or otherwise, into a
"Body Corporate," aud thereunder bind
themselves, end «11 who may hereafter
become associated with them, or who
may succeed them, to be hound and gov
erned by the following stipulations and
regulations, as articles of charter of said
corporation :
The name and title of said corporation
ahull be the "Catrasieu and Vernum Rail
way Company," and by that name shall
have succession sud corporate existence
for and during the full term and period
of twenty-five years, from the date of the
execution of this act, unless sooner dis
solved in the manner hereinafter pro
vided for, and its domicil is hereby es
tablished at, and shall be at the point
said corporation may select on Hickory
Brauch, in this said parish of Calcasieu,
to commence operations, to carry out
the objects of this organization, and all
citations and process shall be served
there, on ti*e president of the company,
or, in his abseuce, on the secretary.
Said corporation may sue and be sued,
mav hold real aud personal property,
may make contracts, may receive, pur
chase, expropriate, or otherwise acquire
all manner of lauds and personal prop
erty, and shall possess all the powers
aud privileges which corporations are or
may be by any general law of this States
authorized to possess, and said com
pany may exercise its corporate powers
in any other State of the United States,
that shall aqthorize or permit the same.
The objects and purposes for which
this company is formed, authorised and
empowered, are : to locate, own, main
tain, manage and use, by running there
on its engines and ears, a railroad with
one or more tracks, and suitable turn
outs of such gauge jmd construction,
and upon such a course or route as may
be deemed, by a majority of the direc
tors of said company, most proper, ex
pedient or necessary, aud most for the
interest of said company and best adapt
ed for the public accommodation ; be
tween any point on tide water on the
Hickory Branch, in Calcasieu parish, to
any point in the parish of Vernon, they
may select, to connect with the Louisi
ana Midway Railroad now projected,
should said Louisiana Midway Railroad
run through the parish of Vernon, and
if not, then to connect with it at any
other point or with any other railroad
that may hereafter be built. To con
struct, establish or purchase in thiB
State, and thereafter to own, maintain
and use suitable wharves, piers, ware
houses, yards, steamboats, depots, sta
tions and other works and appurtenances
connected with and incidental to said
railroad and the business of said com
pany, and by the directors of said com
pany deemed necessary and expedient
for said company to own and manage.
To obtain and receive by purchase,
pant, gift, devise and bequest, and to
nave and to hold real and personal es
tate, in this State, for the objects, pur
poses, interests and business of said com
pany; with the right of expropriation,
according toprovision of Section No. 6,
of Act No. 125, of the General Assembly
of 1880, for the State of Louisiana.
That the business and corporate pow
ers of said company shall be conducted
and exercised by aboard of not less than
five directors, (of whom three shall con
stitute a quorum for the transaction of
business), and such officers and agents
as such board shall appoint or anthorize
to be appointed, and empower or author
ize to be empowered, to conduct any part
of said business or exercise any of said
powers in accordance with its by-laws.
No person shall be a director who is not
the actnsl owner of at least (5) five shares
of the capital stock of said company.
The directors may be elected annually
by the stock-holaera, personally or by
proxy, at such time and place as shall
be designated by the by-laws of the com
pany, and shall continue in office until
others are elected or appointed to fill
their places, and shall have power to fill
vacancies in their number, caused by
death, resignation or otherwise. The
persons herein named as corporators
shall be the directors for the first year,
and until others are elected or appointed
to fill tlieir places. The directors shall
elect one or their nnmber president of
said company, and shall appoint or elect
such other officers and employees as may
be required, and shall have power to
make and prescribe such by-laws, rules
and regulations, and, from time to time,
to alter, amend and revoke the same as
they shall see fit, touching the govern
ment of said company. AÏ) elections for
directors shall lie by ballot, and every
stock-holder shall be entitled to one vote,
in person or by proxy, for each Bhare of
stock held by him, for thirty days pre
vious to such election.
That the directors of said company, at
tlieir firet meeting shall determine the
amount of capital stock of said company,
which stock shall be deemed to be per
sonal property and to be transferable as
such, ami shall be in shares of one hun
dred dollars each. The capital stock of
said company may at any time be in
creased. by a vote of a majority in inter
est of the stock-holders, voting in per
son or by proxy at a meeting duly held
and not otherwise. No stock-holqer in
said company shall be individually liable
for any debt or liability of said company;
but each stock-holder shall be liable to
the company for the payment of the
shares of stock subscribed for by him, in
accordance with the terms of his sub
scription therefor, and not otherwise.
ject shall have been published for {flirty
days in some newspaper published in
said parish of Calcasieu, with the assent
of (I) three-fourths of the stock of the
company and ()) two-thirds of the stock
represented at such meeting; and in case
or such dissolution the liquidation shall
be conducted by (8) three commissioners
elected by ballot at such meeting. At the
termination of this charter the liquida
tiou shall be conducted by a similar
board of (3) three commissioners to be
elected in tiie same way at a general
meeting of the stock-holders couvened
for that purpose.
The said company shall have power
and authority to make and use a com
mon seal, with such devise and inscrip
tion as it may deem proper, and the same
to alter, break and amend at pleasure;
until further or otherwise provided for,
the seal of said company shall be an im
>ress seal, circular in form, which shall
lave for its devise a locomotive within
a circle, and encircling the same shall be
the words, "Calcasieu and Vernon Rail
way Co."
The said company shall be authorized
to commence business as soon as one
hundred and fifty shares, making the
sum of fifteen thousand dollars, shall
have Inten subscribed.
Thus done, read aud passed at my of
fice, in the town pf Lake Charles, la., in
iresence of Messrs. Lemuel C. Dees aud
Julien Richard, witnesses of legal com.
patency, who hereunto aign together
with sold parties and me, Clerk District
Coujt. Ac., on the day, month and year
first above written.
Interlineation and erasures approved
before signing,
per H. Ç. Drew.
i>er H. C. Drew.
H. C. DREW, for self.
Attest :
Julien Ran a mo,
L. C. Djcjbh.
Before me, THAO. MAYO,
Clerk Dist. Court & ex-officio Not. Pub.
Filed January 14, 1882, Recorded in
Book O, of Miscellaneous Acts, pp. 502
to 508, inclusive, January^,^882.^ ^
Pep, Clerk Dist. Court.
Clerk Dist. Court.
Jan. 21, 1882.-5t.
Stationer, Printer, Lithographer,
—«%ND 5,1
Blank Book Manufacturer,
73 Camp Street,
Agent for J. H. WILSON,
Philadelphia, Pa.,
--dealer in
Military Goods, Masonic aud Odd
Fellows' Regalia, Lodge Jewel»,
and Paraphernalia, Books,
Odes, Blanks, Etc.
Agent for Johnson » Philadelphia
Type Faandry.
Agent for Chan. Encu Johnson's Cele
brated Printing Ink«.
Book, News, Job and Colored Inks,
always on hand.
Clerks of Court, Recorders, Sheriffs,
and other Parish Officers supplied with
Printed Blanks, Blank Books, etc., at
short notice and on reasonable terms.
Oct. 8, 1881.-ly. j.
Schmidt & Ziegler,
No», 49, tl A 55 Poton Si, 89, 41, 49 ft 45
Pult» St., N»w Orisons.
July 9,1881.-ly.
Lager Beer Saloon,
Ryan Street, Lake Charles, La,
Give us a call and be aattofled.
July 9,1881 ,-ly.
Lake Ghax-leis Saloon,
AMEDE FARQUE, Proprietor.
A CHOICE stock of the finest Wines,
. Liquors and Cigars, that the market
affords, always on hand.
By assiduous attention to the wants of
my customers, I hope to merit a share of
the public patronage..
July 10, 1881.-ly.
0b Ryu Ejtmt, next door to Munday'i Drug
SAM. KINDER, Proprietor.
rjiHIH new and popular resort is always
J. supplied with every variety of li
quors to be found in any first elass bar
room. They also keep lee cold Lager
Beer the year round, and a full supply
of liqiiorsof choice brands.
Their bar-keepers are polite and at
tentive, and their customers receive ev
ery attention.
July », 1881 ,-ly ._______ ____ _
Ryan Street, Lake Charles,
H AVING purchased the Lake Oitij
Saloon from Joseph George, wit re
spectfully ask a continuance or the very
liberal patronage always enjoyed by thn
house, and will do our utmost to merit
the same, and to that end, will always
have an assortment of choice Liquors,
and the best brands of Segars.
Oct. 2», '81,-ly. _
Rail Road Exchange.
Near the L. W. Railroad Depot, Luke
C 1AN he found everything (hat is gen
/ orally kept in a first-class Bar-Room,
Call and be refreshed.
JOS. GEORGE, Propietor.
July », 1881.-tf.
Corner of Mobs and Lawrence St«.,
The Beat Sewing Machine
They ora Standard Singer Btyla aaA
only |X to |30.
A full stock on hand, and for sale by
L. COOPER i CO., Bagdad.
Dec. 81,1881 .-tf.
Lake Charley Academy.
Opposite Judge Ferren '* Residence.
Lake Charles, Calcasieu Parish.
Day school, from » A- M. to 12 M,, snd
from 1J to 4 P. M.
French, English, Latin, Greek and
Mathematics will be taught.
T*bhs.—T wo Dollars, per month.
N. B.-r-Having made the necessary ar
augemeuts, I am now prepared to re
ceive boarders.
uug2U'81. Principal.

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